tagGay MaleRide Me Cowboy!

Ride Me Cowboy!


Three of us had just finished working on a very important presentation at the agency and after we finally snared the client's account, our boss rewarded us by giving us an all-expenses paid week at a fancy Wyoming dude ranch. Even though I ride, I'm pretty much of a city slicker and this was my first time out at a ranch. My colleagues were a couple who were starting up a little fling, so I was pretty much on my own.

My first night at the ranch there was a full moon and so I decided to go for a little walk under the brilliant, starry sky. I was leaning against a post, looking up at the moon and the stars when a guy walked up to me.

"Hiya," he said, a deep, warm tone to his voice.

"Hi," I said, turning to look at him. He was a real good-looking dude, probably a few years younger than me -- twenty-two, twenty-three I'd guess -- dressed like a cowboy and speaking with a twang. Tall and broad-shouldered, he had thick sandy hair and rugged classic features. He didn't seem like a guest, though I'd heard lots of the city folks who came up here were real good at dressing up and acting the part of cowboys.

"Name's Jimmy," he said. "You a guest here?"

"Yeah, just got here today. I'm Dave."

Jimmy told me that his job at the ranch was to teach city dudes how to ride on backcountry trails and to lead them on those trails so they wouldn't get lost. He asked whether I might want to have him take me out on a trail tomorrow. Naturally I loved the idea, and not just because I wanted to get out into the wilderness, but because I relished spending some time with this stud out in the backcountry, just him and me.

That night I could hardly sleep. Somehow cowboy Jimmy had really pressed my button and all I could do was fantasize about him. And that's what I did, stretched out on my bed, fist wrapped around my rigid cock, stroking away, as I thought of some of the very raunchy, vigorous things I'd love to do with Jimmy. After I blasted a nice, big load I finally said goodnight to my fantasies and got myself some shuteye.

I woke up all refreshed and after breakfast Jimmy picked me up to go riding. For a few minutes I felt awkward on horseback, but pretty soon I was used to it. And there was something very arousing about being on my horse, following Jimmy on his, through spectacular high country trails.

When we got to the top of a bluff, we dismounted and had something to drink.

As Jimmy swigged from his water bottle I couldn't help eyeing the bulge in the crotch of his worn denims. He sure looked like he was packing a lot of meat down there. I liked this dude's looks from the moment I first checked him out, with his lanky, sinewy body and his rough-hewn features. And now my eyes just couldn't help returning to that bulge of his, a bulge I first noticed when I sat on a fence and watched him saddle up the horses earlier that morning.

Again I was staring so intently, I suppose, that after a while he couldn't help noticing how my eyes were glued that worn patch of denim.

"Somethin' down there you find intriguin'?" he asked with a sexy grin.

His boldness cracked me up and I couldn't help laughing.

"Could be," I said, with a wink.

"Check it out if you want," he said nonchalantly.

"Can I?" I purred.

"Be my guest," he urged, leaning back against a tree, calmly putting a toothpick in his mouth and planting his feet wide apart.

"Looking down I was thinking you might have something nice and big for me," I said, approaching him.

"You ain't gonna find out by talking about it," he said smugly, an intensely masculine vibe rising from every pore. This dude was sure a nice change of pace from the more refined guys I tend to see back in Manhattan. So I unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zipper. Then I took hold of his briefs and tugged them down. Suddenly a truly immense cock came into view. A sight for sore eyes, I'll tell you!

"Wow!" was all I could say.

It took him all of ten seconds to thicken and stiffen until it was standing up at full mast. I gazed at the beautifully proportioned cock, now rigid as a length of steel.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked.

"What do you think I think? I'm liking what I see, liking it a lot."

I grabbed it and realized I couldn't really get my hand around it. It had that much girth. This dude gave new meaning to the word 'hung'.

"That feels mighty good," he moaned, as I massaged his shaft.

"And this is going to feel even better."

Like a zombie in a trance, I dropped to my knees in front of him and wrapped my lips around the huge knob of his erect penis while cupping his big balls in my hand. I had to stretch my lips to the limit to get that immense cockhead in my mouth.

After tasting his knob, I pulled my mouth away to have another look. Then I lowered my mouth to his balls, licking them, slowly dragging my tongue up the length of his shaft to the tip. It was a long, tasty journey as I ran my tongue along the underside of his rigid muscle. I wondered just how many inches this stud was carrying? If I had a ruler I think he'd be just a couple of inches short of a foot.

"Big enough for you, Dave?" he drawled, in that sexy, husky whisper of his. "You seem like the sort of dude who appreciates a big dick."

"I'm glad you can tell," I said sassily.

Now I was all business, wrapping my lips greedily around his knob and taking inch after inch of his shaft down my throat, working my slippery tongue all over the thick inches between my lips.

I pulled away and looked up at him, giving him a lewd smile and a wink.

"Yeah, I'd say you were just about big enough," I said.

He held on to the back of my head and force-fed me his cock. I liked this stud's aggressive style. It seemed appropriate for the circumstances. If I was going to suck a hung and sweaty cowboy out in the wild, I wouldn't want him to be too much of a gentleman. Far from it. I'd want him rough. I'd want him hard. And I'd want him horny!

As I ate his cock I reached under his balls and fingered his asshole. Looking up, I could see his eyes were closed, his face grimacing in pleasure. If there's one thing I know, it's how to suck a cock right. As Jimmy was now learning for himself.

I could feel him breathing faster and faster as he held on to the back of my neck and pressed me against him. I sensed his body, below me, rising to my mouth. I knew his whole being was concentrated in that luscious space where my mouth met his dick. I took my time with him, again savoring every inch of that oversized reamer. Until I knew he could take it no more. And I could sense that when the base of his cock started throbbing, signaling to me that he was seconds away from cumming.

I was hoping he wouldn't mind, but I was going to pull my mouth away now that he was about to climax. I wanted to watch him shoot it.

So, pulling back, I wrapped a second fist around his dick, thinking I'd bring him to the brink with two hands massaging him. A moment later spurt after spurt of milky spunk began erupting from the raging volcano of his massive penis.

I opened my mouth, letting it splatter all over my face, swallowing the jets that managed to shoot between my lips. This cowboy was a very, very heavy cummer and that dick kept throbbing and throbbing as the semen kept spurting and spurting. I didn't let up until I knew I brought forth every last drop he had inside him.

Later, when we were done riding for the afternoon, I suggested he come up to my room and shower. He said that was a bad idea since it was touchy for him to be seen going into a guest's room. So he suggested we head for his bunk instead. It was a cozy cabin with an outdoor shower which I thought was quaint.

We stripped off our clothes and headed for the narrow shower enclosure. There we were now, naked together, Jimmy's lanky, muscled body, I knew, feeling nice and mellow. Me, I was feeling frisky and my cock was sticking straight up, He chuckled, hesitating a moment, but then he reached down to give it a little feel. I could tell this dude was a top and so I knew if we were going to enjoy any more action here, I'd have to get him all aroused again. And that I was prepared to do. So I started soaping him up, reaching down and working a nice lather around his cock and balls. Even though he had shot a heavy load not too long ago, I could feel him swelling up in my hand again as I soaped him. That's just what I was hoping for!

Then we returned to his room and I dried him off.

Looking around the room I noticed a photo of a cute babe by his bed.

"Who's that? Your girlfriend?" I said, pointing to it.

He shuffled a little uncomfortably and told me that the photo was indeed of his girlfriend, Cheryl. Jimmy was from Texas, and Cheryl was down there. He hadn't seen her for a couple of months. I smiled to myself, getting an extra kick out of the fact that I had just sucked off this cowboy while his chick pined for him back in Texas.

"She's real cute," I said, feeling. "Is she a good fuck?"

Jimmy laughed, handing me a beer.

"She ain't bad."

I couldn't help but feel a twinge of competition seeing that framed photo of Jimmy's cutie pie sitting there.

"Well, all I can say is that she's a lucky girl to have a stud like you and to get to enjoy that big dick of yours on a regular basis," I said. "Does she take it in the ass?"

Jimmy was left momentarily speechless by my question, then smiled.

"No way!" he chuckled. "Any time I come knockin' around her back door she gets all weird on me. That's one thing she just won't do."

I sure liked hearing that. And maybe it had something to do with why Jimmy was being so extra 'friendly' with me.

His cock was getting bigger and meatier and I reached down to caress it.

"Well you can sure come knocking around my back door, stud."

Though he'd shot a massive load a couple of hours ago, now Jimmy was suddenly fully rigid again, his cock so hard it in my hand it felt like it could burst.

"Time for some more fun," I purred, gently pushing him down on his bed.

I lowered my face and he expected me to take his cock in my mouth again, but instead I helped him turn over on his stomach.

"Mmmmmh, first I feel like eating me some of this," I said, spreading apart his smooth, muscular buttocks, staring at it. And then i just dug in, lapping away at his butthole as he moaned, eagerly pushing his bottom back against my probing tongue. This cowboy sure seemed to like getting rimmed! Then I turned him over and made another meal of his luscious penis, a gourmet treat if there ever was one.

"Got any Vaseline or something like that?" I asked, finally coming up for air.

He pointed to his dresser where I saw a big jar sitting on top.

With all the chafing and soreness a cowboy like him is apt to experience I figured he'd have some petroleum jelly around.

I went to get the lubricant. Coming back, I looked at Jimmy stretched out there, excited as hell, mindlessly stroking his shaft as he watched me. I turned around and waved my trim butt in his face, spreading myself open so that he could see my hole.

"This butthole's for you, Jimmy," I purred seductively, looking back over my shoulder at him. Then I dug into the jar of Vaseline and slapped a big dab of it into my crack. I made a real nasty show of it, waving my bottom in front of his face, and reaching back to spread them so he could clearly see the tight little hole that was eagerly waiting to accommodate his big, big dick! Then I slowly lubed up, lewdly sliding a finger or two inside and reaming myself.

"Why don't you grease me up just a touch more," I said, handing him the jar. Dazed, spellbound with renewed lust, Jimmy slapped another dab between my cheeks and worked it around, driving first one, then a second finger inside me.

"Oh yeah," I hissed. "Get me ready!"

Pretty soon my butthole was nice and reamed. So now, getting down on elbows and knees and sticking it out for him, I reached back to take hold of his cock, bringing the tip against my greased hole and then pushing back. I looked over my shoulder at him as he worked his thick cock inside. His eyes were wide open with amazement as he realized he was now fucking my ass, something he couldn't do to his Texas cutie, Cheryl.

"Oh shit!" I groaned. "You are huge!"

He took hold of my hips with his big hands and slowly worked it in, inch by thick inch, until every inch of his thick shaft was buried in my bottom, his big balls slapping against my buttocks. I hadn't expected this! It was my first day out on the dude ranch and here I was, a city slicker, getting fucked by a rugged cowboy who had first showed me the back country and now had me showing him my back door!

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck my ass!" I hissed at him, highlighting that I was offering him a tight, warm hole unavailable from little Cheryl. My urging prodded him on as he now screwed me in earnest, slamming it into me with deep, smooth, powerful strokes.

"Oh man! I can't believe how fuckin' thick you are," I hollered.

"You seem to be lovin' every thick inch," he said gruffly.

"You sure got that right, stud," I said, looking back at him with a raunchy smile.

He had cum just a few hours ago so now Jimmy was proving long lasting, real long lasting! Which was fine by me since there's nothing I love more than a hard, solid, drawn-out fuck from a stud who's got it and knows how to use it. After tearing me up from behind, he pulled out, turned me over, jackknifed my legs and slammed it back inside, the two of us face to face this time. Next he had me ride him, rocking up and down on his massive pole, pressing down hard, desperate to get every inch deep. Finally he pushed me off the bed, had me stand up and bend over and then stood behind me, taking hold of my hips again and ramming it back inside my insatiable bottom. Naturally, through all this I had my own fist wrapped around my cock, beating it. But now Jimmy reached around and slapped my hand away, taking hold of the rigid rod himself. Jimmy sure had the touch, making me feel real good with that hand action of his. So good that finally I couldn't help going over the edge, my cock throbbing in his hand as I spilled my spunk all over the cheap carpet of his bunk. And at that moment I felt something else throbbing, his beautiful rigid dick literally exploding in the dark, humid depths of my bottom.

"Thanks for the 'ride,' stud," I said, turning to smile at him.

"No problem, tomorrow -- if you want -- I'll take you riding again."

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