tagNovels and NovellasRider Ch. 10-13

Rider Ch. 10-13


Chapter 10

Afternoon Delight

Once outside Ros took my hand and led me back towards Moira's shop. "Where is this flat?" I asked.

"Above the shop, so we don't have far to go. Isn't that handy."

"Very. But Moira's not likely to pop up and see how we're getting on, is she?"

"No of course not, but would it worry you if she did?"

"No, I suppose not. It's just, oh, I don't know. Let's forget it." I muttered, quickening my steps in order to avoid having to try to explain the irrational thoughts I was having.

We almost ran along the rest of the street and were both a bit out of breath by the time we got to a door a short way away from the front of the shop. Immediately inside was a flight of stairs and when we went up them I was surprised by how big the flat seemed to be but, given Moira's flair for attractive things, not by how beautifully decorated and appointed it was.

"Have a quick look around while I go to the bath-room, I'll show you the place properly later."

A few minutes later she reappeared and we stood for a moment, hand in hand in the door-way to what I presumed was the spare bed-room, each of us with a tense grin on our face, for all the world like two guilty kids.

Even though we were unlikely to be disturbed I closed the door behind us, turned and pulled her, almost roughly against myself and our lips clamped hard together, our tongues probing as our hands roamed frantically over each other's body. Mine grasped her buttocks, my fingers digging through her skirt and into her flesh. Hers pulled my lips down even harder against her mouth as she slowly ground her pelvis against the hardness of my cock.

After a minute or two of that I broke from her, panting, tearing off my jacket and tie as I said.

"I want you Ros - I want you right now!"

I saw that her face was as flushed as mine must have been, her eyes gleaming wildly and without any hesitation she too began to get out of her clothes. It was as though we were having a race to see who could strip first, each watching the other with an increasing hunger.

Ros was far quicker than I, her skirt and blouse were on the floor in a trice and I felt my still confined cock throbbing and jerking at merely the sight of her and when she took off her bra I saw that her superb breasts were already swollen, her nipples hard. Then, as I stripped off shoes, socks and trousers she slid her panties down over her hips and stood waiting for me, her eyes fixed on the hard bulge in my pants. As I pulled them down, my cock sprang free and when she saw how strongly it quivered and jerked her eyes widened and she said in a throaty voice. "Oh yes! You weren't kidding when you said you wanted me! I can't wait to feel it inside me again. Don't waste time with preliminaries, just fuck me with it, fuck me hard Rob!"

Her words matched my mood precisely and once inside her, my already blazing need was heightened even further as she lifted and wrapped her legs around me, using them to grip me tightly, pulling me even deeper into herself.

We were both so wound up that it must have been only a few short minutes before the force of our shared need and my physical hammering of her, brought the onset of her climax, and, as that began I felt her pussy gripping me almost as tightly as her legs were and that triggered mine. The fact that Moira and perhaps customers were below us couldn't stop the exultant shout that forced its way up through my throat as I felt myself pumping into her, my shout mingling with her own cries of ecstasy as we both mindlessly reacted to the overpowering sensations as we climaxed together.

But brief though it may have been it was still several minutes before either of us could find either the breath or the energy to speak, and her first words described exactly how I felt.

"We both needed that!" she gasped. "That's what I call a fuck! And I like it!"

I couldn't help myself chuckling at her earthy sense of reality.

"You certainly couldn't call it making love, and though I don't think I'd want it like that every time, right then it was just what I needed. You are fantastic Ros!"

"I'll only take half the credit Rob. As I said, apart from anything else about you, just the way you are built makes it wonderful for me, you get so deep, it feels as though I'm being split wide open. I like that, and I can take it as often as you like, please!"

I found the way she talked exciting, I had never known a woman who could talk about her needs and reactions in such an honest way, and I liked that.

"But right now I'd better go and clean myself up a bit, I don't want to soak the mattress as well as the sheet. Then we'll make some coffee, we were in such a rush to get out of the restaurant I never did get to drink mine." adding as she pushed me to one side and slid out of the bed. "And I've been very silly, knowing what happens when I'm with you I should have thought to bring a spare pair of panties with me."

"I might be able to help there." I said, getting up and fishing the small package out of my jacket pocket. "I'm assured these will fit, and I think you'll like them."

She ripped the tissue paper off and when she found what was inside she looked up and I saw a look of sheer disbelief in her eyes. "You darling! You absolute darling! What a lovely surprise Rob! Thank you, thank you very, very much. I nearly bought these myself, I felt sure you'd like them too, but I didn't have enough money for these as well as the other things, and I thought they might be a bit, well, a bit too strong for what we have planned for tomorrow, with Mandy.

I'll thank you properly in a minute. I must dash, I'll start dribbling on the carpet if I stand here any longer."

I found that the mention of Mandy's name gave me a strange mixture of feelings. On the one hand excitement, at the thought of her lithe, supple body, her eagerness to both learn and excite - and the thought of seeing she and Ros, making it together, would be another fantasy brought to life. On the other hand was an odd, inexplicable uncertainty, a note of caution that left me puzzled.

But I didn't have enough time to work through the odd thoughts because just then Ros appeared in the door-way, wearing the russet coloured set.

"They fit perfectly Rob. I'll keep the others for one evening, they'll look even better in softer light."

It was hard to imagine how anything could look better than the way she did right then. The colour was absolutely right for her, making her pale skin look even whiter, at the same time somehow bringing out highlights in both her hair and her sparkling eyes. As she'd said, they fitted her perfectly, if anything, too perfectly! Although the bra firmly supported the weight of her breasts, its design enhanced their natural shape rather than artificially moulding them. It left the deep valley between them fully exposed and the delicate fabric was so sheer that I could see the peaks made by her obviously still partially swollen nipples. The matching panties were cut to fit high on her hips, making her legs appear even longer, fitting snugly over her belly and the fleshy mound beneath and, as she slowly turned around for me, made an equally tantalising display of the twin cheeks of her bottom.

"Beautiful Ros, you look absolutely stunning!"

"I thought you'd like them, and the feel of them against my skin is lovely too. Thank you again, you're really very sweet." she said as she bent and gave me a kiss. "Now, coffee?"

"Yes please, but I'll nip into the bath-room first, even though I haven't any sexy gear to change into."

"You're quite sexy enough as you are, I'm not sure I could cope with sexy gear too."

After a quick wash and freshen-up, as I had nothing else to choose from and just in case we had an unexpected visit from Moira I pulled my trousers on, then went looking for the kitchen.

We must have made an odd sight as we sat quietly sipping our coffee, Ros in her gorgeously sexy underwear, me in nothing but a pair of trousers. She told me about her long friendship with Moira, a friendship that had been no more than that for quite some time, only blossoming into a sexual relationship a couple of years previously, when both happened to be going through rocky periods in their lives, Moira in her marriage to Bill and Ros with some man she'd been seeing on a regular basis.

"Bill was away, on business he'd said, Moira didn't believe him, felt sure he was seeing another woman, I don't remember why she was convinced of that, but she was. We arranged to meet for dinner, in the restaurant we had lunch at. We were there for ages, I think we were about the last to leave. We were both pretty emotional - and by then we'd both drunk a bit too much. As I sometimes did, I was sleeping here that night, driving back home in the morning and when we got back we had a night-cap as we sat and talked some more. The combination of emotion and booze obviously got to us and at some stage we both started crying, then hanging on to each other, just for comfort at that stage.

But then, well, one thing just led to another I suppose - and when I felt her reactions change, I simply led the way - it was her first time with another woman you see."

"But not yours."

"No, not mine. Anyway, after thrashing about on the settee for a while we decided we might as well be comfortable, so went to bed and carried on from there. God knows how many times we came that night, it was as though she'd never had sex before, I suppose in that sense, sex with a woman I mean, she hadn't, she took to it like the proverbial duck to water!"

"And since then?"

"Oh, occasionally. Her problem with Bill was all in her mind, maybe the discovery that she didn't have to rely on him for sexual satisfaction gave her a bit more strength to have it out with him. It turned out that what he said was the truth, he wasn't seeing anyone, he had a lot of business pressure just then, was too worried about that to be able to think about much else. And of course once her eyes were opened to other possibilities she realised that her shop gave her the ideal opportunity to meet other women with the same inclination. That took the pressure off Bill while he sorted out his business problems and it wasn't long before he was back to normal again, so then she had the best of both worlds going for her."

"Does Bill know?"

"Oh yes, though it was some time before he found out. I don't think he was too keen at first, saw it as a threat to his masculinity I suppose, probably thought that one day Moira would up and leave him for some woman."

"Well, mightn't she?"

"God no! Neither of us is like that, we both like men too much, well the right man. And Bill is her man, there's no doubt about that. The other thing is just a nice extra, the garnish, not the main course itself, if you understand what I mean."

"I think so."

"As I said, it took Bill a while, but once he accepted that her female friends were no threat I think he got quite a buzz out of it. He likes her to tell him all about it, when they're in bed together, Moira says it really gets him going, he always gets a hard-on and is much more vigorous than at other times. So she gets a double benefit.

That's another difference between men and women."

"What's that?"

"Most men like the idea of seeing or hearing about two women together, don't they?"

"I guess so, it turns on most of the men I've known."

"Yet I've never met a woman who reacted that way to the idea of two men together. Odd isn't it."

"Yes, that's true, and I'm not sure I know the reason for it either. Would you like some more coffee?"

"Mmm, please." I replied.

Although I'd been interested in what she'd been saying and found the idea of she and Moira together stirring, it was nowhere near as stirring as simply sitting opposite Ros. Although for some reason I'd tried not to be too blatant about it there was no way I could stop my gaze from drifting back to the display of her breasts. The flimsy bra not only added spice to what was already a quite delectable feast for the eyes and although it was nothing like it, it reminded me of the strange harness she'd worn, and that brought back memories of the electrifying sensations I'd got from having my cock rubbing up and down that gorgeous valley.

When she stood and went to refill our cups the feelings that had been stimulated by those thoughts were strengthened by the sight of the rest of her, the jiggle of her bottom as she crossed the kitchen, the way her panties clung to the generous curve of its cheeks. So, even though we continued chatting as we sipped the second cup, my thoughts were elsewhere, and it wasn't long before I became acutely conscious of the fact that my body was responding to those thoughts, responding strongly.

Ros couldn't have missed the way my eyes stared at her more and more hungrily, nor the way the conversation gradually became more and more one sided so perhaps she was half expecting what happened when she later got up to clear away our empty cups.

Again my eyes followed her as she moved across to the sink but although she must have heard me getting up from the table she gave no sign of it. Even when I stood close behind her, close enough to pick up the fragrant smell of her, she made no move, simply carried on slowly washing the cups.

Quite unable to resist any longer I slipped my arms around her, my hands cupping the heavy fullness of her breasts then bent and kissed her neck and as my fingers squeezed and fondled her I felt both our bodies responding as she pressed herself back against me.

"I want you again!" I whispered gruffly, pressing myself closer, and, hearing the urgency in my voice, she replied.

"I guessed as much." Adding with a low chuckle as she turned herself to face me. "I'm glad I didn't get around to re-making the bed."

Slipping my hands up her back I ran the fingers of one hand through her hair, pulling her tight with the other as I kissed her, our tongues intertwining as our mouths and bodies jammed together. Although we were both acutely aware of our need we weren't driven by quite the same desperate urgency we had been when we first arrived and savoured the growing pressure that built as we continued kissing and caressing each other. But in time even those pleasures paled by comparison with the thought of what others lay in store and I broke from her encircling arms, took her hand and led her to the bed-room.

The bed was as we'd left it, the covers thrown off and the sheets tangled but we gave it only a passing glance as we hurriedly stripped, came together for another kiss then literally fell on to it, our bodies becoming as entangled as the sheets. As I used one hand to grip the fleshy swell of her bottom and the fingers of the other closed more gently around one full breast I felt her hand snake down between us to find the hardening length of my cock. Then my low groan of pleasure mingled with her soft sighs as we lay there fondling, caressing and thrilling each other.

Our kisses gradually became more feverish, our caresses more demanding and sensing that her need was at least as great as mine, I rolled over on to my back, pulling her over on top of me. Realising what I wanted she got up on her knees, straddling my legs then, steadying the shaft with one hand and spreading her pussy-lips with the other she guided the head between them and pushed herself slowly down on to it. I lay quite still, moaning softly as I felt my cock being drawn up inside her.

Having taken it all she paused, kneading my belly and stomach with one hand while the fingers of the other teased the sensitively swollen nub of her clit, squirming with delight as she pressed herself more tightly down against me and I heard the growing tension in her voice as she said. "That feels lovely Rob, stay still, don't move just yet."

Although I was able to resist the urge to start thrusting I couldn't control my cock reacting to the feel of the warm tightness of the lining of her cunt and she gave me a half smile as she felt its throbbing surges. "Aah, that's nice. It's giving me a lovely, full feeling, and the way it's throbbing is very exciting too. If you could hang on long enough I'm sure I could come this way."

That idea intrigued me and although the pressure inside was growing the thought of being able to give her so much pleasure with so little effort was sufficient incentive to try control it, so I replied. "I'm in no rush Ros, you're in charge, take your time."

So for several minutes she just sat there, fingering herself as my cock twitched inside her. At first I lay quite still, just watching the effects of the increasingly intense stimulation being reflected on her face. But the way her breasts were gently swaying became more and more tempting and when I saw the nipples stiffening from her growing excitement I couldn't resist reaching up and lightly running the tips of my fingers over them.

My caresses were the additional stimulus she needed and I saw her face and neck redden as she wriggled herself hard down against me. Then, as my cock pulsed even more strongly in response, she arched herself backwards and gave a series of rising moans as she felt her climax approaching. By then her nipples were jutting stiffly and taking them between my fingers and thumbs I pinched and rolled them, she gasped, then gave a series of deep grunts as the orgasm finally shuddered up through her.

The feel of her cunt's rhythmic contractions very nearly took me over the top too. I felt my achingly full balls tightening, their contents churning and it was only the fact that I knew that if I could hold on a little longer there would be an even stronger one to come that enabled me to stop myself climaxing with her.

"Oh Rob, that was fantastic!" she said once the crisis had peaked. "And even though they're nowhere near as strong, there's still a series of waves rolling through me. I know it's selfish of me but, can you hold on a bit longer?"

"I think so, I'll try." I muttered through gritted teeth.

"It'll be worth it, I promise." With that she cautiously lifted herself until she had just the bulging head of my cock inside her. Then she began to slowly move up and down. At first, just tiny little movements, letting her pussy-lips graze over the sharp rim and part way up over the head. Down again until it was just inside her. Pause. Then up again - pause - down, pause - up, pause. Over and over and over again. It was sensational.

I could tell from the changes to the expression on her face that the friction of my cock-head rubbing against the most sensitive part of her was having a powerful effect and saw she was having increasingly difficulty in maintaining those very controlled movements. At the same time I was doing everything I could to fight back the rising urge inside myself, but the stimulation was so intense I was finding it almost impossible to stop myself from thrusting upwards. As I fought back that impulse I felt my body tensing, arching, muscles locking, and my cock straining jerkily as a series of powerfully throbbing pulses surged up through it.

At first I thought she was going to take herself all the way to her climax with those subtly tantalising movements and very much doubted I could hold on for that long. But, just as I was about to give up trying to control myself, she began to drive herself up and down, faster and faster. I heard the bed creak protestingly beneath us as her pounding grew wilder and, picking up her rhythm, I finally began to ram my cock up into her as hard as I could.

Our combined actions forced my spearing cock right up into the very deepest parts of her cunt and it wasn"t long before she gave a loud screech as a climax far more powerful than the first began to rip through her.

Knowing that my own wasn"t far off I continued thrusting up into her long after her peak had passed, but, just as I felt the seething mass in my balls starting to come to the boil, she found the strength to stop me. "Let me do it for you lover." she managed to say between rasping gasps as she slowed the speed of her previously frenzied ride and pushed herself right down the full, throbbing length. By then my cock had become truly massive and although Ros must have felt as though it was splitting her wide open she took every inch of it.

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