tagNovels and NovellasRider Ch. 18-21

Rider Ch. 18-21


Chapter 18

And Plans

The next hour or so was spent making final preparations to the meal and then sitting down to eat it. To an onlooker we must have at first seemed like a couple of love-struck teen-agers, spending a lot of the time touching, staring into each other's eyes or simply grinning like idiots. But after a while we both brought our emotions under a little more control and, as Ros had originally suggested, when we sat down to eat we began to talk.

Although it wasn't what I wanted to talk about, at first she insisted on me bringing her up to date with what had happened with Mandy, so I did just that, but did so somewhat selectively, ignoring or skipping past a few of what seemed like too intimately personal details.

For instance, I decided not to mention what had happened in the bath-room, what I'd felt when Mandy held my cock while I pissed, saying only that we'd showered together. I also withheld the fantasy Mandy and I had shared early the following morning. But apart from a few things like that I gave her as full a description of the events as she wanted, and that was pretty detailed, not only wanting to know what we had done, but also how Mandy had reacted.

Other than knowing that they were fine I hardly tasted either the food or the wine, but I did notice that in spite of the feelings I had just declared to Ros, and the somewhat cold-blooded way I was describing the events, just recalling them seemed to bring my cock back to life.

'But, as I said before, although at the time it was pretty fantastic, I still wish it had been you with me Ros.' I said when I'd come to the end of my account.

'And of course I do too Rob, but then we are here now aren't we. And let's face it, you're not going to get too many more chances of being with her before you go home again. It would have been a pity to miss out on what's probably the one and only chance you'd have of that much time together. And I'm sure the experience will prove invaluable to Mandy, give her a completely different outlook on sex. It should make her more choosy, and will certainly help to make her a better partner for some lucky guy.' she added with a grin.

'That's fair enough, but...'

'No but's Rob, life's too short, enjoy whatever happens to come your way, that's been my motto. But now, more serious things.'

She fell silent, there was an expectant look on her face, and she was obviously waiting for me to say something. What should that be? What did I want to say to her? What conclusions had I reached during the time I'd spent thinking about us?

'Look, I'm not sure just what, or how to say some of this, so I'll just charge ahead. If I'm wrong, or stupid, so be it, that'll be my problem. But what I think, what I really want, goes something like this.

I've never met a woman like you, as best I can tell, I've fallen in love with you. Too quickly, yes. Forever, I don't know. But I want to be with you, want you to be with me.

But - my work, my income, is in the city. Don't get me wrong, I love the country, love being here, I always have, even as a kid. But I couldn't make a living here.

And regardless of what the poets say, you can't live on love alone, at least not in the world as I know it. So, if you feel the way I do, want to give us a serious try together, you would have to come to me.

But.' I said, holding back the interruption I could see she was about to make. 'My suggestion is this. If you think we could make a go of it together, let's give ourselves a chance to see if it works. You must be able to take some holidays, so why not spend them with me.'

Having got all that off my chest I found I needed a drink, so reached for my glass and took several mouthfuls of wine as I waited for her response.

She said nothing for a few moments, her eyes looking deep into mine, as though searching for some further piece of information that might be hidden there. Then she spoke, quite quietly, and very seriously, but with just a hint of perhaps an underlying excitement.

'In addition to everything else about you Rob, and there's plenty, that has to be one of the most level-headed propositions I've ever heard. Maybe not especially romantic, but I think I can tell you're serious about it. And luckily I already know there's a much more passionate side of you than that little speech might indicate to someone else.

So, let me answer you - in two ways. One, yes! I think it's a great idea, and I'll have no trouble fixing to get a couple of weeks off. That should be long enough. And two.' she said, stopping my immediately excited reaction. 'Two, come here and give me a kiss!' she added as she pushed herself back from the table and stood up.

Although it began as just a kiss, albeit a passionately excited one, things quickly escalated and it wasn't long before we were in her bed-room. Once we were both stripped she sat on the edge of the bed said that before we did anything else she wanted to return part of the favour I had given her before dinner.

Then, having turned my already rising cock to a full, throbbingly engorged erection, spent the next ten or fifteen minutes doing everything but take me to a climax.

Not that I was complaining, standing there, my hands busily fondling the heavy fullness of her breasts while she stroked, licked and sucked my cock was, I decided, the next best thing to being in heaven. Then, when she encouraged me to lift and press them together while pushing it back and forth between them, I knew where I actually preferred to be.

So, when she decided we had both had enough of that and pushed herself further up on to the bed, I was not just ready for her, I was almost desperately so.

But in spite of the intensity of all that physical stimulation when I looked down at her waiting body, I saw more than just the most voluptuously sensual woman I'd ever met, I saw a woman I knew I wanted to make happy. And that internal confirmation of the words I'd spoken to her just and hour or two earlier, moderated the baser feelings that had been blazing inside me.

So I was able to at least partially ignore them, and that gave me the time to get Ros to the same level of excitement. But as that really wasn't very long at all I was then able to hold on even once we had started fucking in earnest, which obviously both surprised and delighted her.

Having enjoyed at least two pretty dramatic orgasms she wriggled herself out from underneath me, turned, and got up on her hands and knees. I instantly knew what she was offering, what she wanted, she wanted me to fuck her arse.

And I didn't need any encouragement!

Ever since we had done it that way I had from time to time found myself remembering what it had felt like, the incredible strength of the sensations I had experienced, the unbelievable force behind my climax.

So, reaching down under her I wiped my fingers over her sopping pussy and, using my thumb and her own juices as lubricant, found I could quite easily open her up. When I tried to replace my thumb with the far bigger mass of my cock-head I felt her tense momentarily, but then I felt her relaxing and with a firm push, eased it in through those clamping muscles.

Once I had the head inside it was relatively easy to get the rest of my cock into that slick tunnel, and it was only when I felt my balls jammed, almost painfully up against the back of her buttocks that I felt her muscles locking again. The sensations triggered by having her anus gripping my rock-hard cock were simply indescribable! So strong that I had to pause for a moment to give myself a chance of fully savouring them.

And that pause was all the time Ros needed to let me know exactly what she had in mind.

Turning her head to look back at me, she said. 'Hold quite still Rob, let me do it for you.' Then began rocking herself slowly back and forth.

It was wonderful, excruciatingly intense, almost too much to bear, but just almost.

With one part of my brain I looked down, watching her hips and buttocks moving, seeing her tightly wrinkled anus stretched wide open by the massive size of my cock, watching it disappearing up that dark, impossibly tight entrance.

With another I tried unsuccessfully to register the feelings I was getting, but they were just too strong, they simply swamped and over-loaded those pleasure centres. And as wave after wave of them continued surging through me, racing up my spine and exploding inside my head, I became dizzily disoriented.

But even so, and although at first it was almost imperceptible, I knew that Ros was gradually moving quicker. And that she was not only speeding up but also using a little more energy each time she pushed herself back on to me, forcing my cock ever deeper.

Although I was doing my best to do as she asked, hold myself still, it was almost impossible, what she was doing had awoken the most primal urges, and they were even stronger than the combined will of both of us. I had no control, I felt my hips thrusting in time with hers.

But any worry I might have had about losing control was immediately relieved when I heard Ros cry in a choking voice. 'Yes Rob, now! Fuck it, fuck my arse, hard!'

So, taking a firm grip of her hips I began to do just that, fuck her, fuck her arse, as she wanted me too, hard!

I could hear myself making loud, guttural grunts as I forced my cock deeper, the hot tube-like tightness of her arse triggering more of those incredibly intense shocks of pleasure-pain. Feeling another, less intense, but additional source of similar feelings each time my achingly swollen balls slapped hard up against her bum-cheeks. Feeling sweat spurting from me as I thrust harder and faster.

But then, all to quickly I felt the ache in my balls suddenly tightening, and then felt the first powerful surge rising up from the pit of my stomach. And that made me thrust even more urgently, forcing myself to move faster, force my throbbingly straining cock even deeper.

And that must have been more than enough to trigger Ros's reactions. She gave a hoarse, but still piercing shriek, then her entire body seemed to be wracked by truly incredibly powerful convulsions, convulsions that seemed to involve every single muscle.

Her flexing and twisting added just too much additional stimulation and with a force and power that felt even greater than any of those I had already experienced that week, my cock finally exploded, blasting the first gout of churning semen deep inside her. I continued frantically ramming myself into her, feeling my cock pumping again, and again, and again, as though determined to drain every single drop of fluid from my body. And then, when I was sure I was totally spent, I felt Ros, still rocking back and forth, as though her still tightly gripping arse needed to urge just a few more spurts out of me.

Later, much later, we showered, as Mandy and I had, together, but more tenderly and with much less dramatic results. Then we sat and talked through what plans we needed to make.

Ros was certain she could get time off from her job virtually immediately, and I suggested that if that was so, she should drive back with me. That obviously pleased her and although she knew I would have to return to work, said that apart from the main reason for the trip, she would enjoy the opportunity of revisiting the city, and especially the shopping.

So then she wanted to know all about my life there, my work, my apartment, my friends, and my interests. To our surprise and delight we found there were many things we actually had in common and although I kept the thought to myself, the more we talked the more confident I felt about the outcome of the proposition I had put to her.

In fact by the time we had got close to talking ourselves out, and drunk the second bottle of wine in the process, I was feeling positively exuberant. Then Ros raised a question I had, to be honest, all but forgotten.

'Now about Mandy? She'll expect to see us, well you, some time during the rest of the week.'

Shit, I'd forgotten Mandy!'

Ros laughed. 'I don't believe that Rob!'

'Well, you know what I mean.'

'I understand.' she said in a softer voice. 'But we, you can't just leave her dangling. You'll have to tell her what's happened. And you'll have to be very careful and gentle about how you approach it, she's at a vulnerable age Rob.'

'I understand that.'

'And it's quite possible that she'll expect a farewell performance.'

'Do you think so? I mean after I tell her about us?'

'It's possible. She may want to remember you that way.'

'I don't know if I could, not now.'

'Oh come off it Rob. Ten minutes with her and you'll feel quite differently.'

'But how about you? I mean, if what you say is correct, how would you feel about that?'

'I'll survive Rob. If all goes well I'll be leaving here on Saturday, with you. Knowing you've had a couple of fucks between now and then will be a small price to pay. And after all, I've got some very fond memories of Mandy too, I owe her something for giving me those.'

We talked a little more about our shared experiences with Mandy and it seemed that just doing that was enough to re-fire our more immediate interest in sharing with each other. So we returned to her bed, and after a slow and much more emotional love-making, eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.


Chapter 19

Breaking the News

As Tuesday was the other day Ros didn't have to work we made the most of it and slept in, well at least stayed in bed until nearly lunch time. After an early fuck, or a 'morning glory' as Ros called it, we went back to sleep for a bit, then she got up to make us some coffee and toast, then we had another, much longer and somewhat messier second session.

We walked, did some more talking, made lunch, then even before we had really finished that, decided we needed each other again.

'It's not going to be like this all the time is it Rob?' she asked when we lay quietly recovering from what had turned out to be an even more exhausting bout.

'I sincerely hope not Ros. If it is I'll simply fade away to a shadow. But it's funny, Mandy asked me a very similar question. I answered her by saying she was feeling the way she was because it was all so new to her. I can't use the same rationale with you and I, so who knows how long we'll feel this way. Let's just make the most of it!' I added as I rolled over and grabbed her again.

She laughingly pushed me away. 'We have plenty of time, and apart from the rest of today and tonight, don't forget you also need to keep a bit in reserve in case Mandy reacts the way I predicted. And now I need to wash my hair and do a few other things, so while I'm doing that and then getting something started for dinner, why don't you go down for a swim.'

I did as she suggested and then lost track of how many more times we made love before we left to drive separately back to the motel early the following morning.

While I was down at the beach Ros had made a few phone calls, organising a couple of women to take over her job for the two weeks she would be away, then telling her boss what she had arranged. Letting Moira and a few other close friends know what she was doing, and no doubt going into some of the steamier details as to the actual reason for the sudden trip away.

For my part the frequency and intensity of the unusual amount of sex I'd been having seemed to have drained me, not just physically but also mentally. I felt the way I imagined people on massive doses of anti-depressants might, somewhat disoriented and slightly removed from things going on around me, with time seeming to pass in a gentle blur.

But even so I was still able to worry about Mandy, about her reaction to the news. So much so that for a time I considered whether it was actually necessary to say anything to her at all. But of course that was the coward's way out, and it just wasn't in my nature to do that. So in my head I rehearsed several little speeches I might use to break it to her. None of which really sounded any good when I tried saying them out loud.

So by Wednesday afternoon I still had no clear idea of just what I would say to her, but had decided where and how to do so. Knowing where she lived, and the approximate time she normally arrived at the stable-yard enabled me to estimate the time I needed to leave the motel so I could meet her on her way there. And luckily that worked, I'd been walking for no more than five minutes when I saw her coming down the opposite side of the street towards me.

She saw me, glanced around behind herself, then crossed over and hurried towards me.

'Where are you going Rob? I missed you yesterday evening.' she said a little breathlessly.

'I was with Ros last night, and I was coming to meet you, so we could talk a bit.' I explained.

'Oh good, my friend will be at the yard so I'll be stuck with her again afterwards. But this is the last time, she's going back tomorrow, so I'll be able to stage another of Champ's temper tantrums.' she added with a tinge of excitement in her voice.

All the carefully worded explanations I'd practised seemed to suddenly desert me, I found myself just blurting out. 'I wanted to tell you that Ros is coming back to the city with me.'

She said nothing for a few moments but I could see from the slowly changing expression on her face that she seemed to understood the underlying implication of what I'd said. Then to my absolute amazement, when she replied it was with excitement and apparently genuine happiness.

'You're getting together, permanently?'

'I hope so.' I said dumbly.

'But that's marvellous Rob! Oh I'm so pleased, for you both I mean!'

'I thought you might be a bit, well I don't know, well upset I suppose.' I said.

'You mean jealous? Oh I suppose there's a little bit of that, well no, maybe envy. But I'm not stupid Rob, all this has been absolutely marvellous, but it was never going to go anywhere was it. It's like a party, fantastic while it going on, but you know it's going to come to an end.'

'That's a remarkably mature way of putting it.'

'But I knew from the start that you were only here for two weeks, and let's face it even if either of us had wanted to we'd have a pretty hard time trying to develop a relationship. I mean apart from where you live and what you do, well you are a lot older.'

That little phrase really put me in my place, and although I had been so immensely relieved to find her taking the news so easily, hearing her say that took just a little of the gloss off my reactions. But then she restored some of my suddenly reduced self-esteem by adding. 'But that doesn't mean we can't have at least a little time together, at least once more, does it? I mean, for us to say good-bye properly.' she added with a twinkling grin.

It was only when she said that that I remembered what Ros had said once we had found out how we felt about each other, when she'd raised the issue of me needing to see Mandy again and I had expressed doubts as to my ability to respond to her - 'Oh come off it Rob, ten minutes with her and you'll feel quite differently.'

It was only then that I realised that from the moment I had first caught sight of her coming down the other side of the street, I had in fact been responding. Although it was a different colour the light-weight jumper she had on was the same style as the one she'd worn that first evening, tight fitting. And although I could tell that this time she was wearing a bra it did nothing to stop me picturing her as she was beneath it. Did nothing to stop her youthfully firm, sweetly upcurving breasts from swaying as she walked beside me. And although Ros's were a true miracle of nature, if nothing else, I wanted just one more chance to see, hold and caress Mandy's.

'I suppose not.' I heard myself mumbling. 'Can you come back tomorrow evening?'

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