tagMatureRiding First-Class

Riding First-Class


Chapter 1

Martin and I have been married for twenty-five years now and we've been about as happy as you would expect. Like many couples, we've had our ups and downs, none really too serious and we've raised our daughter, Pamela, who, today, is a wonderful woman, married to Adam, our son-in-law, for five years now.

Pam is a middle-school science teacher and Adam has his own computer consultancy business which he, luckily in our view, can operate from their home.

My husband, Martin, has had several businesses during our marriage, mostly rather successful, we've done better than most in our years together and Martin is in the throes of developing a new business after selling the former one earlier in the year. He's one of those who may never really retire.

So, we decided that before he became super-busy with the new business, we would drive our camper van down to visit Pam and Adam for a week, then head back up so Martin could get to work setting things up. He is an excellent entrepreneur in most ways but when it comes to computers and setting up a network, he knows his limitations. So, he had hired Adam to come back with us to Madison to spend a week or so helping Martin get the computer systems up and running.

We had a fun time even though I knew Martin was eager to get back and begin the new venture, so after a splendid week in South Florida enjoying the sun and ocean, we got in our van and headed back, Martin, myself and Adam.

Now, I know you're reading this because the story is about sex, well, it is so let me tell you about one change in our relationship over the last few years.

I just turned forty-seven, Martin is fifty-four. His libido has taken a downward turn while mine has skyrocketed. I'm honestly the horniest I've ever been, even more than when I was thirteen and masturbated several times a day. And, yes, I'm now masturbating several times a day. I even ordered some toys for the first time in my life and quickly get them out as soon as Martin leaves the house for whatever reason or other.

I know I'm attractive enough to attract men and, yes, I do get hit on at times, sometimes subtly, sometimes rather direct. I had a young man in the grocery store parking lot recently ask me if I'd follow him back to his apartment as he was getting into his BMW. I almost did. I went home and masturbated through two orgasms instead. I've kind of wondered since why I didn't visit his apartment.

My specs are five-five, one-eighteen pounds, 34, 24, 36, B-cup and they look good. Not quite like when I was sixteen but almost. I wear a bikini that gets lots of looks when we're at the club pool or the beach in Florida at Pam and Adam's place. I think if I'd been C- or D-cup all these years, they might not now look so good so I'm happy.

We loaded back up at the end of our stay, except this time, we had Adam with us along with his things to get by for a week with us. Our van can sleep three but only when we're parked; there's a small one-person bed up above the driver's compartment and at night, the driver area and part of the back converts into a double bed. A small kitchen area and bathroom complete the rear of the van. Cozy is a nice way to put it.

I'm sure you've thought ahead about what might happen in a story like this on this kind of website and, well, you wouldn't be far off.

I had always admired my son-in-law, he's handsome and intelligent, just an all-around nice guy. We never really flirted like I know happens. In fact, I have a friend who tries to let her son-in-law see her naked as often as she can. No, so far we've kept our hands off each other and our clothes on.

We drove about eight hours the first day, stopping in a small town where we had supper then found a campground and set up for the night. Now, sleeping is never very restful in one of these campers so we all got some sleep but not quite enough.

The next day, Martin started out driving, went about four hours, then went back to nap in the single bed while Adam drove and I sat with him. As I've said, I was horny and aroused all the time and this was no different. As we talked about this and that as he drove, I began to fancy what my daughter's husband might be like in bed.

The more I thought, the hornier I got, of course, and I was soon trying to rub myself without him being any the wiser; we women are better at that than most men are, thank goodness, and the miles went by as the time went on.

About two-fifteen, we pulled over and Martin came forward to drive again as Adam got back up in the bunk to nap. We drove along for a while, me sitting there, lost in lascivious thoughts of my son-in-law just a few feet away, drowsing away, and just made the decision to go back and get in the bunk with him. I made sure to yawn several times, then told Martin that I was going back for a nap as well.

I went back and leaned up, Adam was awake and I asked him if there was room for me to kip out next to him. He said it would be easier for me if I was up next to the front bulkhead so I climbed over him and was soon wedged between the wall and Adam. I had noticed, of course, that all he had on were boxers which did little to cool my ardor.

It was cozy as we rocked along and I was soon asleep, then, after a half-hour or so, we hit a large bump or pothole which threw us some and I woke up. I woke up to a rather stiff object pressing in between my butt cheeks, an unmistakeable stiff object.

We rocked along a little longer and I began to move against the pressing as the miles went on. The pressing from Adam's end seemed also to be deliberate but I couldn't be sure.

A few more miles went by and I slowly reached my hand back and, there it was, outside of his boxers. I quickly pulled my hand back, then, several minutes later, just let my hand return to hold his cock. I was breathing heavily, of course, by then and my heart was racing.

Even though Adam had left my hand gripping him, I couldn't be sure that this was what he wanted though I knew it was certainly what I wanted. I ran my fingers along the entire length and my heart raced even faster. Oh, I wanted what I was touching, I wanted it so badly. He still let me hold him, he was still going along.

Then, the pressure against me was stronger and I decided to pull my shorts down and work one leg out of them which took some contorting to pull off. I reached back and, yes, there it was, long, thick, hard, as I eased my panties aside and pushed back as I held him.

Adam slowly pressed forward as I felt his cock tip slide under my panties and past my labia. I could have almost cummed right then it was so erotic. Just below us, Martin was driving along as I was above, over his head, accepting my son-in-law's penis sliding along the outer lips of my pussy.

He began moving back and forth sliding his cock along my wet and engorged pussy lips going slowly back and forth. My panties were holding the upper surface of his cock tight against my lips as he slid back and forth; the feeling was wonderful.

Adam's hands moved around me and under my blouse as he pulled his cock back and repositioned it, then pressed it up into me. He was fucking me. Then he pushed further inside and began taking short strokes in and out of me. I pulled my bra up as his hands cupped each breast and squeezed gently as the miles rolled by.

His cock was so hard, not at all like Martin's on the rare occasion when he wanted sex with me, Adam was hard and swollen and throbbing inside me. I moved as much as I could in the tight space we had but most of the fucking was up to Adam and he was doing me the best I'd had in years.

"Oh, Louise, god, I've wanted this ever since I first met you. You feel so good, oh, I can't believe we're doing this."

I turned my head and whispered back, "Well, we can't get too noisy can we? But we can enjoy being together right now. You really feel wonderful."

"Mmm, you feel wonderful, too, so tight, I'm not going to last long doing this, Louise, I hope we can do this more than just this once."

"Yes, I do too, of course, we have to be careful, but this is just so wonderful. You're making me very happy, Adam."

He just kept going really slowly but it added to the erotic feeling of our elicit coupling just inches away from my husband. Then, my heart started feeling like it was skipping a beat and I could feel perspiration along my brow as I welt warm all over. Little shudders and trembles ran through me as his cock slowly went back and forth. He was pulling back each time so far that he came out of my body. So, each stroke back inside me parted my labia as his shaft went deep.

"Oh, it feels incredible, Adam, oh, fuck me just like that, it's so good," I whispered.

We had gone so slowly that it took quite a while to come up to an orgasm but, oh, my, when it happened, it released inside me like a bomb. I shook and shuddered as wave after wave of ecstasy broke over me. It was the most magnificent orgasm of my life, no doubt because of the slowness of our union and the taboo spiciness that it added with him being my daughter's husband and us doing it right above my husband's head.

Then, Adam pushed hard into me as I tried to move my hips around and I was concentrating on using my pelvic muscles in such a cramped space; I just squeezed and squeezed until I heard him moan and the warm throbs of his semen hitting deeply inside for the first time but I hoped not for the last.

"Oh, Louise, that was incredible. You are so good, even better than I'd imagined," he said as he kissed the back of my neck. He kept moving inside me, I just never wanted it to end. We slowly fucked for over an hour more.

We knew we just couldn't keep at it, so Adam finally pulled out of me as I wiped his cum and my juices with the sheet which I would have to carefully and lovingly launder when we got home. I gingerly turned over and we kissed for several minutes as I rubbed his cock, still hard, still ready to please me more but our time had ended, at least for now.

So, we got up, kissed a few more times and straightened ourselves and Adam went up front to take over driving, hopefully, reinvigorated by a nice fuck from his mother-in-law. I wadded up some toilet tissue and lined my panties with it to soak up some of the lovely reminder of our coupling up over the driver's seat. We drove a few more hours then ate and got to our campground and set up for the night.

We had a pretty full day of driving the next day and Martin and Adam switched off the time behind the wheel, his downtime spent napping with his cock inside me. I really didn't think Martin would ever suspect anything, as far as he was concerned, he thought my sex drive was about where his was and the last thing he needed to worry about was his wife fucking her daughter's husband. Which, of course, we did for hundreds of miles the second day.

Adam gave me three lovely orgasms that second day on the road, we now knew what we wanted and wasted no time getting to fucking. It was still easier to do me spooning from behind in that cramped space, not that I have ever found anything wrong with spooning. It's one of my favorite positions. (Cowgirl, reversed cowgirl, doggie and spooning, just so you know.)

While we were on the road the next morning, I did daydream about trying the other three with Adam if we had the chance. We got home late morning and Martin, as I expected, was eager to get back to his start-up business and wanted to check on how things were going. So, he left Adam and me to unload the van. I asked him how long he would be, just so I could plan supper and he said it would be several hours. As soon as he said that, I felt my pussy become flooded with juices anticipating Adam's wonderful cock yet again.

Martin had soon driven off in our car as I told Adam the good news.

Chapter 2

"Looks like Martin has gone to his office for several hours, Adam, so the faster we can unload the van the more time we have to fuck."

Yes, I said, 'fuck.' That's exactly what I wanted to do. I could make love some other time. My pussy was revved-up and ready.

Adam and I were almost a blur, we unloaded the van so quickly. I showed him to the guest room and immediately showed him his naked mother-in-law, my clothes were in a pile at my feet.

"I sure see where Pam gets her beautiful body from. You're so hot, I just can't believe it," he said as he was pulling off his boxers. It was really the first time I'd properly seen his cock. It was wonderful, the most handsome penis I'd ever seen.

I reached out and took him by the cock with one hand and whipped back the covers with the other, then got up on my hands and knees presenting him with my wet, eager pussy.

"How long do we have, Louise?"

"A couple of hours, why?"

"Mmm, then first," and he rolled me on my back and crouched down between my legs and began licking and tonguing me.

It had been about fifteen years since Martin had tongued me, I had really forgotten, well, maybe repressed, how wonderful a woman's labia feel when licked and tongued. Each swipe of his tongue sent shivers through me.

"Oh, Adam, my god, that's so good, oh, my pussy, you're making me feel so wonderful, mmm."

He licked a while longer, then moved to my clit as he pressed two fingers up into me. It was all I could take, I burst into an orgasm that shook me to my roots.

"UHHNH, UHHNH, AYYYE, AYYYE, UUH, UUH, mmm, mmm, oh, mmm, so good, Adam, you make me feel so good. Mmm, come fuck me, I want you inside me," and I pulled him up and he shoved into me, I would get my doggie-fuck another time, I thought, right now, I just wanted him.

As slow and deliberate and as quiet as we had been in the van, we were just the opposite in the house. He fucked me relentlessly, just the way I wanted. I moved under him adding to the feelings we were giving one another as he kissed me over and over.

"God, I love fucking you, Louise. You are so good, so tight."

"Mmm, I love it, too. Oh, I wish we could do this all the time. Your cock is wonderful, it really goes deeper than anyone before. When you push in hard, I feel like I might explode."

"Mmm, I can't get over how hot and sexy you are, and what a beautiful body you have. I love looking at you, I couldn't really see how pretty you looked when we were up there in the van all squished together. But I love looking at your naked body."

"It was close quarters but it was sure good fucking, Adam. I think I had my strongest-ever orgasm. Doing it so slowly and so quiet, well, that was just wonderful. But this is great, too," I said as he stroked in and out of me with his long, thick cock.

He took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs up high, spreading them apart as he dipped his long, hard cock deep into me over and over, just fucking me so wonderfully. It was so much better than the cramped quarters in the van where we couldn't move much and couldn't see each other's nakedness. I was enthralled watching his cock disappear then reappear each time, wanting to burn the image into my memory for the times I would masturbate dreaming back to this wonderful moment.

It is true that we were cramped in the van but the limited movement we had and the slowness and quiet we kept so added to the slow, slow fucking we did that it was just about the best sex I'd ever had. But, being in a larger bed, Adam hoisting my feet up high, driving his big, fat cock into me over and over, well, that was heavenly.

He soon had me cumming and I began focussing on his orgasm as I swept my hips around in a circle hungry for his cum. I was soon rewarded as he dove deep into me as I felt the throbbing pulses of his cum, the cum I so wanted. He fucked me a few minutes longer, then pulled out, his cock glistening with our juices.

I got up and took his happy cock and slowly licked our sexual juices off the shaft and tip as I looked up into his smiling face. Then, I took him in my mouth to suck him as hard as I could, trying to get one more fuck before we had to get dressed and resume our roles as mother- and son-in-law. I got my wish, he hardened nicely and I got my doggie fuck which was everything I was hoping for. At the end, Adam drove me down onto the mattress as he unloaded more of his cum into me.

He lay on top of me, kissing my back as I flexed my vaginal muscles around his cock.

"That was the best sex I think I've ever had, Louise, you are incredible. I just want to fuck you as much as I can."

"Well, we've got to be careful. I think if we are, we can probably do this forever or as long as you want," I told him.

"I want us to do this forever, Louise, I don't ever want to stop."

We moved to be in each other's arms as we kissed a few more minutes then quickly got dressed and tried to readjust our mental and emotional state back to what it had been before Adam's cock first slid inside my panty bottoms and began to rub along my labia. Just the thought flooded my pussy as we remade the bed and straightened things up.

We were having a glass of iced tea when Martin came in. He soon told Adam that the office was ready for network cabling and that they needed to get an early start and they decided to get up at six, have a good breakfast, then work straight through lunch.

So, I was recruited to provide breakfast which I was preparing when Adam came into the kitchen the next morning. He looked around and asked, "Where's Martin?" and I told him he was in the shower as Adam's hands slipped inside my robe to fondle my breasts as he leaned in to softly kiss me good morning. My hand was down on the large bulge in his pants, squeezing it lovingly, remembering the feel as it entered through my pussy lips and down into my deepest love nest.

I had him sit so I could serve him his breakfast and soon Martin joined us, then they were off to work. I spent my day mostly naked from the waist down with several of my toys getting myself off in that less-than-satisfactory way vibrators substitute for a warm, hard, motivated cock.

I spent most of the week being fucked by battery-powered devices, dreaming back to the slow screwing up in the bed above the driver's seat in the van or the fast, frantic coupling when we first got here days ago. It was all I had and it had to do.

Then, near the end of the week, Martin called me and told me that Adam had just gotten off the phone with Pam and that she had broken her ankle at school and it had been set and that she was now home and a fellow teacher was coming back to their house after school to cook, help her out and spend the night until Adam could get home.

As soon as Martin told me, I knew I wanted to be with my daughter to help her through this and also to help myself to a few more helpings of her husband's wonderful cock. I know, sex was making me crazy but my pussy just took over my thinking.

So, we pow-wowed over the situation and decided that Adam and I would take our car and drive back to Florida so I could stay and help out. Martin, too busy at this point, would stay in Madison and keep working on the new business.

We left early the next day and we were hardly out of town on the interstate when I had my panties off and my skirt up while Adam had opened his pants and hauled out his cock for me to fondle as his arm crossed mine to finger me mile after mile as we drove south.

We were in our sedan which had a bench seat in front. I started out the journey next to the passenger-side door and as soon as we were out of the driveway, I pulled off my panties, turned in my seatbelt toward Adam, lifted my left leg onto the seat and spread open for him to take occasional glances as I masturbated for him while I told him how much my pussy was hungering for him.

Soon, I unbuttoned my blouse, keeping it still closed and pulled my bra up, exposing a breast which I flashed at him whenever we didn't have a car or truck nearby. After a few hours of taunting him, I moved to the center seatbelt, reached over and teased his cock for miles and miles as I told him everything I wanted to do to him when we stopped for the night. Oh, I was a dirty girl. Just before we stopped for lunch, I jacked him off holding a few tissues over his cock to catch the cum. But, as a treat for the driver, I did lick away the few drops which oozed out as I squeezed.

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