Riding First-Class


So, by the time the sun started down in the late afternoon, we had pulled into a small motel and rented two adjoining rooms for the night.

We demurely unloaded our bags into our own room, when we each opened the adjoining doors and fell into each other's arms, kissing passionately after all the sexual play between us for hundreds and hundreds of miles. We let go of each other momentarily and stripped ourselves to fall back together again, kissing, feeling, groping.

I have never, ever been so turned-on, so aroused, so sexually stimulated in my life. We were both in a passionate frenzy by this time as I led my son-in-law to his bed by his hard, expectant cock. I got up on my hands and knees presenting my dripping wet, swollen pussy lips for him to ravish as his cell phone began to ring.

"Shit!" we said in unison as he picked it up off the dresser. It was Pamela.

"Oh, hi, hon," he answered trying to calm his breathing as I sat down on the bed.

"Yeah, we just stopped for the night.

"Yeah, driving was good, did pretty well so far.

"Um, she's in the next room. We've been here for just a bit. She's probably taking a little nap, I suppose."

As he said that he was standing in front of me, his cock just a foot or so away so I leaned with my lips ajar and slid them over his cock and began sucking him.

"Um, uh, no, I'm here alone, like I said, your mom's next door.

"Now? You're horny? I thought you'd broken your ankle. How is it?"

He listened for a minute or two as I softly sucked his cock.

"Um, so you were lonely and wanted to call me? Your vibrator? You what?

"Geez, hon, we haven't done phone sex in a long time."

I was smiling up at him as he struggled to keep his two worlds separate, an increasingly difficult task as I sucked him further.

"Um, yeah, I guess we could. I've got some time before we go have supper. Uh, yeah, I'll take them off, just a sec," and he held the phone out giving me a puzzled look as I sucked him on.

"Okay, yeah, I'm naked. Sure, okay, I'm stroking it back and forth, yeah, feels really good. I'm dreaming that you're right in front of me, sitting on the bed naked, sucking my cock. Yeah, I wish I was there, too."

I had my legs open, fingering myself as Adam talked with my daughter, telling her how he would like to lick her pussy and fuck her so hard, she'd scream while I sucked softly on his cock.

"Mmm, yeah, play with your clit, baby, I wish I could lick it right now. Or rub the tip of my cock on it. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good, too.

"Yeah, I wish you were here sucking it, too. I can almost feel it being sucked," he said as I took long sucks up and down.

"Mmm, I'm feeling close, too. I can almost feel you sucking me. Mmm, just a little more, mmm, oh, yeah, I...uh, UH, UH, UNH, UNH, uh, mmm, oh, man, that's so good," he groaned as his warm, salty cum pulsed into my mouth. I pulled back leaving the tip in my mouth as I gently sucked and licked the oozing cum as it came out.

"Yeah, it was great for me, too. Just like it was really being sucked," he told Pam as he smiled down at me.

"Oh, me, too, it was great. Sure maybe tomorrow night, too. Can't wait to fuck you in person, hon. Just be thinking of a good position so we don't hurt your ankle. Yeah, love you, too. Talk to you tomorrow night."

He clicked the phone off and took me in his arms, his hard cock pushing eagerly at me as we kissed.

"You've got to lick my pussy, Adam, god, after that I am so horny, I just can't stand it," and I sat down on the bed and spread open for him. He knelt down between my trembling legs and began. Oh, I had masturbated three times on the way down today as the miles ticked off but it wasn't near enough. He had fingered me for miles and miles and that wasn't enough.

He was spreading my labia open and driving his tongue into me as I writhed and twisted, wanting more release, it just wasn't enough. I had spent my whole day in sexual play as we drove south, I was being driven sexually-mad. I have never, ever been so highly aroused in my life, not even close. Now I wanted more and more and more.

It took little time to bring me to orgasm, I was so sensitized by then that my pussy was right at the brink. Not only was it strong, it went on and on, oh, it was glorious.

"Mmm, thank you, Adam, I love your tongue in my pussy, but you've just got to fuck me now, I'm so hot for you, just fuck me," and I got him up on the bed, told him I had to fuck him I was so horny and mounted him and rocked up and down in a fever of passion.

I had two orgasms before I got him off and we held each other and kissed like high school sweethearts. We did order a pizza and ate it almost as hungrily as we felt sexually for one another.

Chapter 3

We slept entwined in each other's arms and had a lovely middle-of-the-night fuck as well. Then, a shower together and back on the road as I teased and pleasured and taunted the whole day again, getting myself off three times and Adam once.

The next afternoon, we were headed through a fairly large city and Adam took an exit which dropped us into the parking lot of a sizable hotel. He went in and, in a few minutes, came back to drive us around back where we went in and up to the top floor. We walked down the hall where he put the key card in the slot, opened the door a bit, then turned to me and swept me up in his arms and carried me in a beautiful suite, went right into the bedroom and placed me on the bed.

"Stay right there, I want you in bed right now," and went to pull our cases inside and close the door. As he came back in the room, he was undressing so I did the same.

"We have the honeymoon suite, Louise, just what we need after a long day's driving," and he lowered down between my knees and sent me to heaven with his tongue. After that, we toured the suite and decided to use the spa tub as our first place to fully enjoy one another's bodies.

We got in the warm, bubbly water, sitting next to each other, kissing, feeling, enjoying and I just wanted more. The day of teasing and play had me so wet and ready, I stood up, got on my knees and presented myself to him as he knelt between my legs and pushed inside me. I lay my head on the edge of the tub as he began slowly, deliberately fucking me nice and slow, taking his cock out each time and reinserting it with each stroke inward. It was delicious.

He fucked me so beautifully and languidly, the feelings were just magnified that way and we both had stunning orgasms right before our room service meal was delivered. He had ordered champagne and a lovely meal for us to be delivered at seven and we were barely post-coital by the time our food arrived. He slipped on his pants as I hid under the covers in the bedroom and soon we were alone again and toasting each other in the nude.

A nice dinner ensued as we played with each other and we were soon back in bed fucking once again. I was on top, where I love to be when I reached over and picked up Adam's cell phone and called home (his) and handed it to him as he looked rather surprised when he heard Pamela's voice answer. I continued to fuck him up and down as he sputtered a hello.

"Yeah, hi, babe. Uh, oh, nothing much, um, how are you doing?

"Good, we should be there in the early afternoon so things can get back to more normal.

"Yeah, driving was fine. Your mom kept me entertained," he said grinning at me as I slowly rocked back and forth.

"Um, no, not much. Um, just, uh, in bed, thinking about you.

"Oh, you are. Like last night? Well, sure, okay. Um, well, I've got my cock in my hand now, back and forth, yeah, feels good. I'd be licking your pussy, oh, you are. The little one with the two heads. Can't hear it but it's the quiet one."

I was scissoring straight up and down over my son-in-law, moving his cock in and out of me, going up until he was outside me, then slowly dropping down until I felt his cock touch my slit, then pressing down, parting me open, taking him all the way in, then twisting quietly back and forth as I pushed down.

"So, I'd start sucking your little clitty, putting my tongue around it over and over, sliding two fingers inside you, fucking back and forth as I sucked your clit."

I stretched up to wipe a nipple across his face as he talked with my daughter.

"Yeah, it's feeling really good. You too? I'm getting close. Yeah, I'm going fast tonight, maybe I'm missing you, huh?"

Every time I pulled up, I squeezed my pussy tight like I was trying to lift him off the bed each time. I knew it was feeling good to him, it sure was to me.

"Mmm, yeah, close, can't believe how incredible it feels. Yeah, I'd flick my tongue up and down, just keep after your pussy and your clit until I made you cum really big.

"Oh, you would, oh, I'd love that. Right on the tip like I love. Mmm, baby, you're gonna make me cum. Yeah, ooooh, here I go...uuh, UUH, UUH, UNH, UNH, UGGH, UGGH, UH, uh, oh, oh, mmm, oh, that was so good, so good. Yeah it really felt like I was getting the best fuck of my life."

I had to keep from laughing but I did know I'd just given him a great fuck. What he told Pam was true, he had a great cum.

I was slowly rocking up and down, keeping my pussy on a simmer, waiting until he was off the phone so I could properly enjoy myself.

"Yeah, me, too. Tomorrow night. I'm hard just thinking about it. Uh, oh, she's fine. In the room next door, we'll be on our way in the morning."

"Me, too, see you tomorrow," and he clicked-off.

"God, that's a first. I've never had anyone fuck me until I cummed while I was on the phone with my wife. God, until her own mother did it. Oh, Louise, you are something else. And you're still fucking me."

"You bet I'm still fucking you, Adam, my pussy can't get enough of you," I said as I moved up and down on him. I reached again for Adam's phone and pressed my home number.

"Hi, honey, just wanted to let you know we're fine. How's the office coming?"

My husband filled me in on the latest as I slowly fucked my son-in-law under me.

"Uh, huh, good, yeah, that sounds really good, you want to tell Adam, he's right here," and I hand my lover the phone.

He and Adam discussed the office for a few minutes as I rocked up and down, then Adam handed me the phone back. I listened as Martin asked me about our trip so far.

"Oh, long, as you well know. I'm trying to keep Adam entertained as we drive along, it's a hard drive but we're making-out okay. We've been getting to know each other better, he gets kind of stiff behind the wheel but we take some breaks and work that out."

I almost choked when I said it but I was feeling so naughty and sassy rocking up and down on a nice hard cock as I talked to my husband over a thousand miles away as Adam's hands massaged my breasts and softly kneaded my excited nipples.

"No, it's been fine. Glad everything's going well on your end. I'll call you tomorrow night from Pam's. Yes, me, too," and I clicked the phone off and lay it on the table to resume concentrating on my next orgasm.

"God, Louise, you are a naughty, naughty woman. So hot, I just never knew you were like this."

"Well, I'm having fun, I can tell you that."

"All day yesterday and today, masturbating for me all day, doing me once or twice. God, that trucker you flashed...he sure liked your boobs. Then with the phone. God, giving it to me to talk to Martin as you fuck me on and on. What a mother-in-law, you're the greatest."

"And a helluva great fuck, too, Adam, don't forget that," I said as I squeezed his cock extra hard with my pussy.

"Oh, how could I ever, ever forget that. You're the best fuck I've ever had, Louise, the best."

I kissed him over and over as we fucked on through two more orgasms for me and one for Adam. We did have an early morning coupling which was slow and quiet and quite lovely, then a shower, breakfast then the remaining journey as I played and teased him all the way home where only a block away did he put his cock away and I pulled up my panties.

Pamela went back to teaching half-days and Adam would take her to school, then come home to his mother-in-law, naked in bed waiting for him, then fuck until it was time to go pick her up. I stayed as long as I could, enjoying the wonderful lovemaking we were having until I just had to break off and drive back home.

Things have changed some since I've gotten back home. For one, Adam and I now instant message each other some rather explicit missives most days along with some picture attachments that are keeping us interested in our next time together, really together, physically.

But, nice as that is, it doesn't do enough for my ever-increasing libido. My affair with my son-in-law, currently on-hold, has left me with an empty pussy, one I yearn to fill with another young, hard cock.

That dream was answered about two months after I got back home as I pulled into the grocery parking lot and saw the BMW. I decided to wait in my car rather than shop, I could always do that later and, yes, here came the same young man as months earlier pushing a cart.

I started my car, pulled over to his and asked, "I was wondering if your kind offer to show me your apartment was still open?"

I've seen his apartment many times now, especially the ceiling of his bedroom, and can report that he has a great deal of stamina, something that this woman certainly appreciates three or four times each week. Like Adam, Justin is under thirty and in full control of his sexual energies. That's a nice way of saying he fucks me crazy.

So now, I can still dream about my next coupling with Adam while Justin holds his place so well and so fully. Ah, life is wonderful.

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