Riding Lessons


I leaned back and kept riding his cock, which still felt hot in my cool cunt, but I knew I'd warm up soon. I reached behind me and felt under his balls until I found his asshole. I shoved my middle finger in his ass all the way to the knuckle. I ground my pussy against his cock trunk and stopped riding with his cockhead buried as deep as it could go up my cunt I massaged his sperm pumping muscle at the root of his cock trunk. This did the trick. His muscle flexed against my fingertip and I felt his first shot of cum pulse through his cock tube.

As he ejaculated, his muscle contracted powerfully, siphoning his seed from the tubes behind his balls, propelling it back into his abdomen through the tubes to his cock pump while mixing it with juice from the male sex glands in his crotch, and finally shooting this virile yogurt up the tube on the bottom of his big, hard cock exiting through the little lips in the middle of his engorged cockhead, flooding the pool at the end of my cunt. After his pump had contracted three times, I felt the first shot of hot semen squirt into my still chilly cunt.

Even after two previous orgasms, Carl was still full of cum. His cock root kept spasming powerfully as he pumped and pumped his hot sperm cream up my cunt. I felt him pump thirty times as he emptied his balls. In my earlier encounters with boys, I'd learned what it was like to have cum squirted in me, but the volume of Carl's ejaculate and the way it felt so hot because of the ice treatment, made me feel like I'd been a virgin before. For the first time I felt truly inseminated and full of hot, thick, sperm rich cum. If not for my daily pill, I had no doubt that I was not minutes, but seconds away from being well knocked up.

Amber and Shannon had finished pumping Roy out, so Miss Chambers dismissed the men and tracked down Angie and Jennifer, who joined us, smiling and holding hands. Miss Chambers summarized what we had learned today and asked if there were any questions. Heather raised her hand and the teacher pointed at her. Heather asked, "I wonder if we could repeat this lesson tomorrow, Miss Chambers, I think I could use more instruction." Understanding what she meant, the teacher smiled and answered her.

"Well, no Heather, we can't exactly repeat the same lesson, but if you feel you need more 'instruction', Mr. Beauchamp is teaching his senior boys a class in advanced cunnilingus, and I understand he needs women volunteers for the boys to practice on. In fact here comes Mr. Beauchamp now, looking for volunteers. A dark complected man with a mustache came and stood beside Miss Chambers. He wore only flip-flops and tight fitting swim shorts. Where his muscular legs met at his crotch he sported a huge bulge. She noticed where we all were looking and said teasingly, "Why, Mr. Beauchamp, I believe the ladies would like to see what is causing that bulge in your shorts."

He pulled off his shorts and displayed a flaccid, uncut cock about seven inches long, and very thick even at rest. "Would anyone like to volunteer to make Mr. Beauchamp's penis erect?", asked Miss Chambers. My hand shot up before Heather's and I knelt in front of him to give him fellatio. I pushed the skin back off his cockhead with my lips and took it in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his cockhead while I stroked his shaft in my right fist. I knew seven inches of soft cock hadn't created the bulge in his shorts, so I checked out his balls with my left hand. He was hung with a pair even bigger than Carl's.

They felt hard and virile. I moved them around in his bag and checked his epididymides for size and firmness. His tubes felt firm and full of mature sperm. It never occurred to me that, like Roy and Carl, he had been saving it up, for by now, I'd fellated him to a full hard on. Miss Chambers had me move to the side so the other girls could admire his massive cock. His shaft and pouch were brown, like Carl's. His erection throbbed up past his navel aiming the little piss and sperm hole at his chin. His curved like Carl's, but it was thicker, longer, and had an even bigger purple head, made shiny by the juice running down it.

Miss Chambers proudly announced, "Mr. Beauchamp's erect phallus is ten inches long from bush to mouth, eleven inches form his bag to the tip, almost three inches across, and nearly eight inches around." And that's why I didn't think he'd been building up his sperm supply. I'd be willing to bet that he'd creamed every legal cunt on both campuses, and maybe some who weren't legal! He likely got pussy at least twice a day.

."Now that you've seen his erection, I know we'll have no problem getting volunteers for his cunnilingus class, but for now we need just one volunteer to get his penis reduced to fit back in his shorts. Heather, since you have the biggest vagina, will you do the honors? Even though my hole is a little bigger, Mr. Beauchamp already filled me with his seed this morning and I think we should all share such a magnificent specimen."

Heather got on her hands and knees on the hay bales and the teacher pushed the head of his big cock into her pussy hole. Even the well endowed Heather took a little stretching before she could accept his seven to eight inch girth. He fucked her slowly and firmly until she was taking all ten inches and his massive balls were touching her pussy. Another sign that he was getting a lot of pussy: he was in no hurry to come. Long after he'd given Heather three orgasms, he was still fucking away. Mind you, he wasn't pounding her, just stroking her steadily, nine inches out, ten inches in.

The smile had disappeared from Heather's lips and I knew she was starting to get sore. I decided to move things along. I got behind him and began to knead his balls with my left hand. He liked this. I felt the cock root where his balls hung get harder. Using my other hand, I felt behind his balls until I found his asshole, then shoved my right thumb up his ass as far as it would go and started massaging his prostate and semen pump. He climaxed and I felt his muscle contract as it started to siphon sperm from behind his balls. He was out of control now, and not knowing whether or not Heather's cunt was fertile, and not wanting to knock her up, he pushed me back as he pulled out just before the first small shot of cum flew out. He thrust back and forth in her butt crack as he ejaculated.

His big cock already reached halfway up her back and as his breeding muscle flexed under my thumb, about a dozen thick spumes rocketed through his tube, erupting out of his cockhead in long ,white streams of semen, landing between her shoulder blades creating a sperm lake of impressive size, considering this was at least his second, and maybe his third or even fourth cum shot of the day. After his stud had receded to seven inches, he tucked it back in his shorts and left.

Naturally, we all volunteered to help teach the boys cunnilingus. We even talked Angie and Jennifer into giving it a try. They finally said yes, reasoning that they sure liked to have their pussies licked, and taking it as a challenge to teach the boys how to ling cunny as well as a girl.

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