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Riding the National Forest


There is a special place in our local National Forest where I like to camp. I usually go up early on a Friday afternoon, park my truck at a friend's house, load my gear on the four-wheeler, and ride in.

A couple of miles down the highway from my friend's house is a logging and forestry service road that is, for most of the year, passable with any kind of vehicle. This is especially true in the dry part of the summer.

About four miles down this road is a place that four partially overgrown narrow tracks branch off. I usually turn off early and cut through a creek bottom to avoid leaving a clear trail as to which trail I take. Camping is not prohibited in this area but it's not sanctioned either.

The trail winds through tall pines along a ridge top for about three miles and then turns down into a creek bottom. Then it's up another hill, to dead end in a large clearing. This is an old log loading area from a timber cut years ago.

If you cross this grass and scrub covered area, you will find the road continuing on the other side. Following it down the hill is a little tricky as the old road is badly washed out in places. Past this point, you hardly ever see anything but four-wheelers and dirt bikes.

Once at the bottom, I make a sharp right onto a good sand track leading through a large stand of oaks to a pond with a creek leading into and out of it. This will be home for the next couple of days. I have been coming here for years and have never seen anyone other than the two people I brought here. One was my wife, who had passed away years ago, and the other was an ex-girlfriend.

At the head of the pond near where the creek flows in, there is a shallow cave carved in the high bluff bank by high water. I usually pitch my tent here and build my fire in a pit I had dug in the base of the bluff. Several large cedars scattered along the edge of the pond make an excellent windbreak and the bluff and overhanging trees dissipate any smoke from my fire.

The creek and pond have a gravel and sand bottom and the water is always clear and cold. There are dozens of springs farther along the bluff that feed the creek and provide good drinking water but I always boil it anyway. Better safe than sorry, as the old saying goes.

I set up camp and stripped off nude to walk down to the pond to wash off the sweat and dust from the ride in and the work of setting up camp in the early spring heat. Isolation is one of the main reasons I come here, as it allows me to run around nude and get some sun without too much worry about other people.

Even with the heat of the late afternoon, the water was almost cold. Once out of the water, I spread my large beach towel on the coarse grass in the sun, and lay down to catch up on my tanning.

As I lay there, I caught the faint buzz of another four-wheeler but could not get a fix on the direction. It wasn't getting any louder so I assumed it was not coming my way. After a few minutes, I lost the sound in the wind and forgot about it.

When the sun fell behind the trees, I went back to camp, laid my fire out for later, and dragged up more wood. I hung my lantern on a piece of steel rod that I had driven into the hard clay wall years before and set about making a light meal.

During my meal, I again heard the motorcycle engine for a few moments. When I finished eating, I carried my utensils down to the creek below the pond and used the fine sand to wash them.

Back in camp, I thought more about the motorcycle motor I had heard and decided to hike around to where I could climb the bluff and see if I could hear better up there. Just for a little peace of mind, I carried a pair of nylon shorts with me.

The hike and climb took more time than I remembered and it was getting late by the time I reached the top of the bluff. I listened for as long as I dared wait before starting the climb back down. Once, as I scrambled over a rough area, I thought I heard a motor again but I could not be sure. It was almost dark by the time I reached camp.

I hurried to the pond to clean up again and got back to camp as the last red of the western sky started to fade. I lit the lantern and started my fire before going into my tent to put on a pair of sweats. Now that the sun was down the wind would get cool quickly. I put a pot of water on near the back of the fire to boil so I could make myself tea later and have water for coffee in the morning.

The wind had come up as darkness fell but I felt very little of it in my camp. I could hear it sighing through the treetops far above me on the bluff. I turned the lantern off and sat down near the fire to drink my tea. It was a beautiful night with bright stars blinking down through the trees. I had checked the weather before I left home and it was supposed to be clear all weekend.

I finished my tea, covered the water pot, and let the fire die down. When it was down to coals, I went into the tent, stripped off the sweats, and lay down on my bed. The light sleeping bag would feel good later in the night and the air mattress felt good now. It wasn't long before I was asleep.


I awoke shortly after daylight with a fuzzy memory of a dream about motorcycles. I shrugged it off as a hold over from yesterday, got dressed in the sweats, and went to stir the fire. In a few minutes, I had a good fire going and the coffee pot sitting on the old grate I used for a cook top. I fried half the bacon I had brought and scrambled a couple of eggs for breakfast.

I was loading my plate, when someone clearing his or her throat behind me, startling me. I whirled around, almost spilling my plate, to see a young woman standing a few yards away near one of the cedars.

I looked around to see if there was anyone else in sight before I said, "Good morning. Where the hell did you come from? You almost scared me to death."

She made a grimace and said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to spook you. I've been here for several minutes trying to figure out how to get your attention without startling you. Do you know this area well?"

I'd been looking her over and liked what I saw. She was a tall, willowy, good-looking blond in cut-off Levi's, hiking boots, and a long-sleeved shirt. There was a jacket in her hands and a pack at her feet.

"Pretty well, since I've been coming here for a number of years. Are you lost?"

She made a face again then with a chuckle, she answered, "Well, yes and no. I know which direction to go to get out of here but I don't know exactly where my four-wheeler is."

She took a deep breath and went on in a rush. "My friend and I were riding in to camp and explore at an old Indian campground I found several years ago but we made a wrong turn and instead of going back and taking the right one, we tried to cut across and ended up in a deep creek. We could not get the bike out so we set up camp late last night and I decided to hike out for help before daylight. I know that the main road is just south of east, but there don't seem to be many roads running that way. There are some really thick woods in here and the open areas don't want to go where I do either."

I slowly nodded my head to agree with her. "Can you find your way back to the bike and your friend?"

"Sure. I'm not a total greenhorn. I've kept track and marked my trail pretty well."

"Would you like some coffee and some food?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask. I left all the food except for some trail bars with my friend. I wasn't sure how long it would take me to walk out and get help."

I went to my trail box on my bike to get another cup and plate as she carried her pack over and sat it down near the fire. I handed her my plate and poured her a cup of coffee.

"Eat this and I'll fix me some more eggs. I have more bacon already cooked. There's sugar on the table over there," I said indicating a large flat rock sticking out from the side of the bluff.

She stirred a teaspoon of sugar into her coffee as she said, "You seem to be an old hand at this wilderness camping thing. This was to be our first try and so far it's been a disaster." She finished with a chuckle that did not have a lot of humor in it.

I glanced at her over the skillet. "Don't worry, it will get better. I've made my share of goof ups over the years. Let's eat then we'll go see if we can find your friend and get the bike up on dry ground and running."

She looked at me over her plate and smiled shyly. "You are too kind. I was somewhat worried about walking into a stranger's camp and asking for help by myself. There are so many weird people in the world today."

I laughed and nodded. "That is so true but I don't think there are many mass murders this deep in the woods. Outdoors people overall, are good, honest, helpful people. It takes a different type of person to take care of themselves in the woods, someone who can be alone with themselves without being bored or depressed. I'm talking too much; anyway my eggs are ready."

As we ate, we talked and I learned that her name was Dee and that her friend was her girlfriend. They lived together in town and worked together in the city. They spent four days a week in the city and the weekends in a small town not too far, from where I lived.

After we finished eating, I carried the dishes down to the lower creek to wash them. She found it very interesting that fine sand made such a good cleaning agent.

Back in camp, I changed into my shorts, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes before unloading everything off my four-wheeler except the things I thought I might need to retrieve hers.

I climbed on my bike and started it as she climbed on behind me. I asked which direction and she pointed over my shoulder toward the creek flowing into the pond. I moved off in that direction and she pointed out her trail markers and gave me course changes. She sat tight up against my back with one arm around my waist and gave me directions by talking into my ear over my shoulder.

At the head of the creek, there was a steep climb up a saddle in the bluff. We got off and I walked the bike up. At the top, I shut it off and sat down on the carrier to rest.

"We're not far from my friend; just over that hill is the creek we fell into," she said pointing to the left.

"Oh, I know the creek you're in. A friend of mine hunted deer in that area a couple of years ago and fell into it walking across a log."

She laughed. "There's an old rotten log not twenty feet from where the bike is. Somebody needs to put up warning signs around that spot."

I chuckled before getting us back on the bike and heading up the slope at an angle. When I reached the top, I turned back to the right and ran along the top of the ridge for a hundred yards before following an old road cut down to come out less than fifty feet from their camp. Her friend was jumping up and down, waving her arms like crazy.

I stopped and killed the motor to hear her friend yell, "All right, Dee, I knew I could count on you to find the only man in two thousand square miles of woods when we needed him."

Dee laughed and I chuckled as I shook my head. "There's not quite that much area here and I'm probably not the only man but we get the idea."

Dee's friend, Missy, was a complete opposite. She was short, curvaceous, dark-headed, and talking a mile a minute. Once Missy calmed down, we decided that the first order of business was to get the four-wheeler back up onto dry land.

It took the better part of two hours to get the four-wheeler out of the creek. We ended up dragging it down stream about two hundred yards to a place with a shallower bank before we were able to get it free.

By that time, we were all wet, muddy, and sweaty, not to mention being a buffet for the mosquitoes. Once it was out, we towed it to the top of the ridge to get away from the bugs and to rest.

Missy and Dee went to pack up their camp while I tried to start the motor. I got it to hit a couple of times but it was entirely too wet to run. The girls carried their gear up and loaded it onto the racks and I tied my rope to the front bumper.

Once they were loaded, Dee looked at the bike and then down toward the bluff where we had walked my bike up. "We'll never get this thing down that steep bank."

"We aren't going that way. I know another way that's flatter even if it is longer. Who's going to steer this bike while I pull it?"

Missy said hurriedly, "We'll both ride on ours."

"No, one of you needs to ride with me so I have enough weight to get traction to pull that one. The two bikes are about the same size but you have all your stuff on it plus a rider." I chuckled and said, "You two figure out who's lighter, and the other gets on with me."

Dee laughed as she threw her leg over their bike and sat down. "I'll have to do it; Missy doesn't know a foot peg from a lollipop."

"I guess that's settled so let's get a move on."

I climbed on my bike and waited for Missy to get on. She did not seem any too happy about the idea and wanted to know why I had my shirt off.

"One, I'm hot and two, it's covered with mud, so get on and let's get back to my camp so I can clean up."

She climbed on but sat well back from me and held onto the back rack. I started off slow and easy until Dee got used to the idea of riding without power then I sped up to about half of my normal speed. Even then, it was nearly noon by the time we got back to my camp.


Once in camp, Dee had started to unload their stuff when Missy asked, "Aren't we going to go on back to the highway? We're not staying here, are we?"

"Yes, Missy, we're going to stay here if our host doesn't mind and hopefully he will help us get out of here when he leaves. So far, we have made a big mess of half a day of his time and I have not heard a word of thanks from you, only bitchiness. So, either get over here and help me set up camp or start walking. I think he will provide you with a good set of directions on how to get out of here or at least where to go." Saying that, she went back to unloading.

I had gone into my tent to get a towel and a change of clothes but waited until Dee finished her say before I came back out.

"I'm going down to the pond to clean up. Yes, you're both welcome to stay. I suggest you put your tent over under the edge of that cedar as most bugs don't care for the smell and it will shelter you from the dew. I'll leave a little earlier tomorrow than I intended so we can get you to the road. Once we get up that ridge over there and passed the clear cut, it will be an easy run." I turned and walked away.

At the pond, I took off my dirty shorts and shoes and waded out to scrub off the sweat and mud. Once I was clean, I came back to the shore, got my muddy clothes, and rinsed them out. I dried off with the towel then lay down on it to warm up for a minute.

I glanced toward camp to see Dee walking toward where I lay. I quickly sat up and tried to wrap the towel around me while I still sat on it.

Dee laughed as she saw what I was doing and started unbuttoning her shirt as she continued to walk toward me. She slipped the shirt off her shoulders to reveal a smallish pair of breasts. She stopped next to me and sat down to take off her boots and socks.

"I know that you come up here to sun bathe and such nude. With your shirt off and those loose shorts, I could not see any tan lines. If you notice, I don't have any either. So relax, I won't be afraid of you if you won't be afraid of me. Is that water as cold as I think it is?"

I chuckled. "You think I was born this short. It'll make your nipples hurt."

She slipped the cut-off Levi's down over her hips and dropped them to the ground. Stepping out of them, she did a slow turn showing her body to me from all sides.

With a giggle, she said, "Ok, I've shown you mine so show me yours."

I laughed and spread the towel back out and lay down flat on my back. "You can see the flip side when I turn over in a little while and no, I'm not afraid of you in the least."

"Hmmmm, is that just noses that grow when people lie? Don't look now but you're not as short as you were a moment ago." With a chuckle, she waded out into the pond. "Oh shit, that's cold. More than my nipples will be hurting. Maybe if I get all of me wet at once it won't be so bad."

I heard a splash then she came up cussing. I chuckled and rolled over to watch her hurriedly bathe and get out. She got her clothes and rinsed them out before spreading her towel near mine and lying down.

"You weren't just whistling Dixie that it was cold. Come on sun, warm up my buns," she finished with a laugh.

We lay there talking until we heard Missy yelling from the camp. Dee sat up and yelled back at her, "Get your sweet little ass down here and clean up. He isn't going to bother you; he is as much of a nudist as I am. I only gave him a semi-hard-on, so you're safe."

Softly, she said under her breath, "Cunt lapping little bitch. If she didn't eat pussy so well I'd run her off sometimes."

She looked around at me quickly and then said, "Oh sorry, I hope I didn't shock you."

When I shook my head and chuckled, she went on, "Yes, she's a full blown, card-carrying lesbian and I'm bisexual." She laughed. "Being Bi means I've got twice as many chances of getting my jollies as a girl who's not."

I laughed. "I hate to be the one to tell you but I'm also gay. I came out of the closet a long time ago."

I paused for effect. "As a lesbian and I love it."

Dee laughed and rolled on the ground. I had been looking at her as we talked and did not realize that Missy was right behind me.

"Dee, you told him and now he's making fun of me."

Dee looked up at Missy and frowned before saying, "Actually, he was making fun of himself. I think he likes to eat pussy as much as you or I do, so lighten up or we'll both eat you until your head explodes. Now get in the pond and get the dirt off that cute little body of yours. When you've finished your bath, rinse your clothes out and come lie by me in the sun. I'll rub some oil on you if you want me to."

Missy frowned and said softly, "I forgot my suntan oil."

She was carrying her dirty clothes and had a towel wrapped around her waist. She had a beautiful set of breasts, large and round, set high on her chest. The dark areas around the long, thick nipples were the size of a silver dollar.

Missy dropped the towel and walked toward the pond. She had a very cute ass, as the slow swelling of my manhood would attest. High and round with a deep crack and a large, dark brown asshole that looked very fuckable as she bent over to check the water temperature.

"Damn!" was all I had to say under my breath.

Dee glanced over and grinned at me. Her eyes wandered down to rest on my hardening member. "Ah, an ass man I see."

She paused in thought for a moment and then said, "It might be interesting to work on that. It might take some of that lesbo starch out of her."

I gave her a quizzical look and she grinned. "It would be most interesting to see what would happen if she was fucked in the ass and had her pussy eaten at the same time. I know her ass is very sensitive, as she likes for me to play with it when we make love."

She paused to grin and then added, "See what kind of information you can get if you have a Bi friend."

She looked down again as I rolled over onto my back and chuckled as my shaft slapped against my belly and stayed there. "Nice, I might want to try that in several places of my own."

Missy had rinsed out her clothes first then waded further out into the pond only to stumble and fall. She came up yelling and screaming about the cold water. She hurriedly washed up and almost ran out of the water.

Once she was on the bank, Dee said, "Come here, baby, I'll warm you up."

I glanced over as she walked toward us. Her breasts rolled around on her chest and the outer lips of her perfectly smooth pussy worked against each other as her hips swiveled and swayed. I swear this girl could probably have an orgasm just walking down the street. Even the short walk from the bank of the pond had her clit peeking out.

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