Riding the Storm


"Sorry, Love," a low voice came from the recently destroyed cabin doorway.

"Jack?" I peered through the smoke and darkness. A rush of relief swept over me, I almost smiled upon seeing him. He marched toward me into the cabin.

He didn't answer; instead he began wrapping a sheet around me and threw me over his shoulder.

"Jack! Put me down!" I yelped and pounding his back with my fists.

"Wait" I continued, "Miss Fernandez! Jack wait, you must save her, she's in the cabin too." I wailed.

We came out on deck – it was covered in blood and scattered bodies, men still flighting and screaming, thunderous cannons firing. The smell and sight was nearly too much and my stomach heaved. Jack flung me back to my feet and crushed his arm around my waist.

"Hold on to me" he commanded, dragging me to the edge of the foreign ship.

He swung us across to the Black Pearl by rope, flying through commotion, smoke and wayward bullets. We landed with a thud, my knees giving way as I landed. Jack thrust a sword into my hands, pushed me beside some crates and jumped away to fight for his ship.

I sat for a moment trying to get my head around what was happening. This was a long way from what I had imagined my life would be. How on earth did I think I could cope with this life!? Staring at the sword, I noticed the reflection of horizon began to lighten with the approaching dawn. My heart leapt again in panic – Miss Fernandez?

A voice boomed closely overhead startling me, "Hard to starboard! Full canvas!"

Pirates appeared out of the woodwork, the call echoed by fellow pirates, and like a team of ants scurried around the ship following the command. The ship swayed in the seas, slowly turning away from the enemy ship. There were still other pirates on board the Black Pearl. I knew I had to try fight, but every muscle ached and suddenly became lethargic.

I stood up against the crates, the sword feeling like a ton of lead in my hand. This was certainly unfamiliar territory for me. I narrowly dodged two swipes from the lieutenant who had knocked me unconscious on our first meeting, before summoning the power to swipe my own sword which drew across his throat. He fell with a thud, no other sounds but gurgling. The ship swayed and lurched as it changed direction in the growing seas.

I couldn't help but stare at the man who I had just taken his life from. It was surreal.

Suddenly Jack was in front of me again, eyes intense with concern, "You alright love?"

I blinked at him blankly, only to realise that he had in his arms, an unconscious yet unhurt Miss Fernandez.


I woke in Jacks dimly lit cabin; the seas were huge, tossing the ship like a little paper boat on a wild river, wind howling through the ship like a tornado. How long had I been asleep I wondered? The ship lurched down a wave, nearly rolling me from the shabby bed. Must be night - Lightning lit the room, the thunder almost on top of me.

I staggered to get up and out of the bed, realising I had been put in a cotton under dress.

"Some clothes finally!" I said, smiling to myself.

I grabbed a long coat that was crumpled on the floor next to the cabin door, and went to the deck, grabbing the walls as the ship rocked and rolled from side to side.

The rain was almost horizontal, and wind still howling. Jack was at the wheel, and others stationed around the deck. I clambered up to Jack, feeling useless and annoyed at being such a damsel.

"What are you doing up here?" he yelled through the stinging rain, "Get back inside before you go overboard!"

My pigheadedness and naivety took over.

"What can I do to help?" I yelled back at him, my hair whipping wildly in the wind and rain.

"Get inside that bloody cabin woman!" he bellowed.

"No, I can help, just tell me what to do!" I screamed back.

A huge wave crashed over the deck, and I was swept off my feet, washing up against the rail of the ship along with another deckhand.

"Whoa, that was close! Better hang onto something Esperanza," I told myself.

"Mr Gibbs!" Jack yelled, "on the wheel!"

Bedraggled, I glared back at Jack, determined to show him I could help.

"Aye aye sir!" came the reply, as Jack stormed over and scooped me from the deck, dragging me back to the cabin, his eyes nearly as wild as the storm.

My cotton dress was almost see through from the rain, the jacket I pilfered proved quite useless. I stood in the doorway dripping, feeling like a child in trouble.

Jack stood at the other end of the cabin, turned to face me, staring at me with dark eyes,

"I give an order love, you take it, savvy?"

I stared down at the hem down my sopping dress. A cold shiver shuddered its way down my spine. Jack paced right in front of me, with a an equally cold look,

"Understand?" he repeated.

My tired and naïve mind started rambling. I started to fear he would use me for ransom, just like he used me in return for his freedom before. I stared at my feet, feeling more than sheepish. The voice in my head started,

"Great idea Esperanza, run away from palace life, to live an adventure that will end with you 6 feet under! Or worse, in the bellies of sharks...This man doesn't have a heart, he's a pirate..."

As if he read my mind, Jack's voice warmed,

"It was the only way to get you back love. I had to trade you so I could save you myself. I couldn't get you out if I were captured too. I'm just sorry I took so long."

The voice in my head replied to him, "Hmm, maybe he does have a heart..."

He stepped back to look at me, my breasts outlined in the wet fabric, it clung to my hips and thighs. I shivered uncontrollably with the cold.

"Take it off," Jack ordered softly, "...Esperanza."

I challenged him with a glare, "No," I mumbled with quivering lips.

His jaw tensed, eyes glimmering. "I'll be back in moment, wait here."

I didn't really have a better option; I was shivering so hard I could hardly grip the fabric of the dress to take it off anyway. Jack walked out of the cabin, locking the door behind him as the storm continued to thrash the ship.

I shuffled slowly over to the dusty and musty bed, and crumpled down beside it. Before I could think, hot tears spilled out and down my face. After a few minutes of sobbing, I made a resolution. I had one chance at life and if wanted it I'd have to take it. I wasn't a princess, maybe my title was, but I didn't fit the title. I didn't fit in with that way of life.

Jack returned, opening the cabin door slowly, and looked over to me with troubled eyes. Slowly he walked over to me, placing a strange pottery piece, like a bottle, down next to me and took both my arms to drag me to my feet.

"Be gentle" I hushed at him, my back wounds tearing with pain.

He stepped aside and turned the blankets and cotton sheets over to form a softer bed. He swiftly took off his hat and coat, placing it and an assortment of weaponry on the chart table, and lit more candles.

I went to ask Jack about Miss Fernandez, but a stab of fear for the chance of jealousy stopped me. With his back still turned he softly murmured,

"She's fine, sleeping like a baby and her innocence still very much in tact, love."

I flushed at his words, surprised at my own possessiveness of Jack. He wasn't mine to own.

The ship rolled and creaked, but the storm seemed to subside, the rain still heavy but little wind or lightning. Jack walked back over to me, taking a dagger to my soaked cotton dress. He sliced it away at my breast, then peeled it slowly down my shivering body, letting it pool at my feet. I started to feel very insecure about being naked, again, inches from of a pirate.

"Do you have to ruin every piece of clothing I wear?" I asked him tiredly.

Jack just glanced to meet my gaze, and then looked away with no response.

"Maybe I'll start a new trend and not wear clothes anymore," I jested at myself.

I slowly sat down on the edge of the makeshift bed as Jack pulled a soft cloth around my shoulders, kneeling on the cabin floor in front of me. He looked up at me, his emotion different to last time I was this close to him.

I became focused on his incredible eyes, as his lashes lifted to meet my gaze. It was like a spell he would cast over me, no matter my state of mind or determination not to go his way. Beautiful dark, dangerous, spell casting eyes.

Like a match being lit, I instantly felt warm in my belly, spreading all through my body, tingling sensations sparking flames of desire.

"Lie face down on the bed." Jack commanded, his eyes not leaving mine.

I blinked at him with reservation. It wasn't what I had expected but I wearily shifted into the bed lying with my face turned toward him, arms curled tight by my sides. He pulled the sheet over my hips and across my legs leaving my back bare.

I watched curiously as Jack took the bottle like piece of pottery and pulled the cork. The aroma of soft herbs similar to the rosemary we grew at home, wafted through the room, and he took the corner of the sheet to pat in the herbed oil and softly dabbed it on my sore and swollen back.

The tenderness in his touch was a contradiction to what I had seen and heard of this man, this... Pirate.

"Don't believe everything you here..." he murmured, still focused on treating my shredded back.

Startled by his comment, I started to wonder if I had spoken the words or I was dreaming. What felt like hours of silence passed between us before I decided to ask him,

"How did you know it was me, back at the tavern, how did you know who I was?"

"Don't you mean who you still are?" he quickly replied, placing the bottle down again.

I frowned at him, not sure where this was going.

He kneeled back away from the bed and me, looking around the room before looking at me again,

"Granted I may not be the most educated man in the world, I've been to Spain once or twice, but I know my way around this world, these oceans, and I know who should be out there on them and who shouldn't."

Jack slowly stood up to stroll around the cabin, running his hand along the wood panels,

"You want your freedom; I want the same thing Esperanza. It doesn't take much to recognise you're wild spirit, rare in a noble lady like yourself, but a spirit like yours shouldn't be tamed."

Uncertainty got the better of me, was he jesting at me?

"And what do you get out of it Captain Sparrow?" I replied sourly, twisting in the sheets in an attempt to sit up.

Jack turned steadily around to face me, his eyes glowing with heat. I swung my legs down over the edge of the bed, flicking my still damp, curling hair from my face.

His expression changed, his head tilting back as he spoke,

"You know, most Spaniards are dark. Dark hair dark eyes, and yet you my dear have neither..."

As I stood up from the bed he took two lazy steps and stopped impossibly close to me.

"What has that got to do with anything?" I wildly replied, crossing my arms defensively.

Jack's mouth slightly smiled, his eyes lighting up while his hands skimmed around my waist.

Jack just continued to gaze at me, no answer, and no reaction.

I shoved his chest in irritation, and went to charge out of the cabin not realising I was still in a sheet. As I got to the door, Jack grabbed the sheet firmly and it fell from my body, his smile triumphant as I spun around with an irate gasp. Before I had a chance to say anything to him, his mouth was on mine, possessing my lips.

My resolve crumbled, my temper melted into desire and for the first time in a long time, I wanted to be right where I was. Thoughts that had started to explode in my mind, questions that were pouring in, faded away in to the darkness.

As if reading my mind, Jack pulled away slightly, lips slightly bee stung and red, his simmering eyes burning a stare almost through me,

"We can talk later, but for now..." he finished with intense passionate kisses.

Shivers of excitement snaked their way down my spine, skin tingling again, I could feel the rush of heat and wetness form in my now almost craving pussy. I wanted to feel him deep inside, have him groan my name, have him take me anyway he wanted.

I broke free from his kisses, and whispered in his ear,

"Jack, take me,"

I pulled back to see in his eyes he already was screaming my name. The feeling sent me into a head spin of emotions. Knowing he wanted me as badly as I wanted him was incredible, and dangerous.

He pinned me against the cabin wall, kissing my neck, shoulders, and slowly nipping and licking his way to my tight nipple. Each nip and bite sent small electric shocks through my aching body, I couldn't help but raise my leg to wrap around his thigh and pull him closer to me, sliding and grinding against his pelvis.

Jack growled deep in his throat, and slowly rocked against me. I could feel his hard shaft straining, and I begged him hoarsely,


In a swift move he picked me up and we landed on the layers of cotton sheets on the bed. His eyes surveyed my body with hunger, but this time, he wanted to take it slower. He quickly but smoothly took off his scraggy shirt and fabric sashes, returning to kiss me again, this time more deeply, almost with affection.

Deftly Jack removed his boots, and I reached to take off his constraining pants. After tearing them away my hands skimmed over his arms, shoulders, traced the scars on his torso. Jack climbed on top of me, finally his skin burning against mine. I could feel his shaft against my thigh, strong and hard the thought of it near sent me off the Richter scale. I reached for it, and gently I dragged my fingernails slowly up and down. Jack bucked with the touch, groaning and mumbling incoherently.

His knee pressed on my inner thigh, coaxing me to spread my legs, and he continued to kiss randomly across my body while softly touching my sultry pussy. His fingers dipped inside, touching the molten heat. Gently but with intent he started to rub my wet, pulsing clit in soft circles, which sent repeating shockwaves though me. I writhed and arched beneath him, the feeling was nearly too much at the same time not enough, I wanted to let go, wanted to feel the rush, but I needed something more.

Jack pulled away, shifting down between my legs, breathing heavily, and grabbed my ankles locking them over his shoulders. My whole body was on fire, aching and craving to feel him fill and stretch me. Jack bent to taste me, his tongue savouring my wet heat. Teasing he dragged his tongue slowly up, then flicker down only to come up again, then moving his way up my body he stopped at my breasts, licking and suckling them till they were red hot, only to blow cold air across them. Thrilling chills rippled down my body and I firmly pulled his head to mine, kissing with obsession.

Jack slid his hard and hot cock up and down my saturated pussy lips, just touching my teased and tortured clit before savagely entering me in a hard thrust. I yelped and moaned as he slowly started to withdraw almost fully before plunging deep again.

I lifted my hips, wanting more of him, pushing against his thrust, feeling his balls slap me each time and he responded with harder deeper strokes while his thumb stroked my swollen clit rapidly. He grabbed my hand and planted it on my own breast, his eyes devouring me, and I started to twist and pull on my nipples softly.

I was mesmerised on his gorgeous body glowing in the candle light, the sensation of him in me, I couldn't help but moan in bliss. As Jack entered me over and over he groaned my name, along with cries of pleasure and yearning. With his rough fingers torturing my body, his gorgeous cock inside me, it started to build.

Like a trail of gunpowder lit by a spark, it burnt its way to my core with intense and fervent fireworks firing throughout my searing pussy, then through my belly and my legs, turning my body into jelly.

Instinctively I wrapped my legs tighter around Jack, pulling him further on top of me as he lost control. I could feel him spill, lava hot inside me while crying my name again. My near dripping wet pussy was still throbbing intensely, gripping his hard cock inside again sending ripples of pleasure through the both of us. He kissed me between breaths; I could feel his heart thumping against mine.

Lighting lit the cabin again, abruptly reminding us of the storms, bringing us both back to reality. Jack gently rolled beside me, his arms encircling me in a tight embrace. I nestled my head in the nook of his arm, while my heart and breathing slowed.

Lightening flashed through the room; the seas seemed to grow more violent again. The niggling questions started to creep back into my mind.

"What did you mean when you said Spaniards only have dark hair and eyes, Jack, what are you getting at?" I hesitantly asked.

Jack's eyes darkened, he shifted almost uncomfortably from our embrace.

He sat up, and swung his legs over the side of our makeshift bunk. Head turned away he stared out the small glass windows, eyes far away in memory. I didn't know what to say; sacred of what was going on. His head flopped down and he spoke to his knees in a soft but growly voice.

"I was young, round 15 I think, when you were rescued from a shipwreck on the southern coast of Spain; you were but three or four years old as I remember..."

My eyes were incredulous, "Rescued? Shipwrecked? Jack what are you talking about..." I interrupted.

Jack turned to look directly at me, serious eyes glowing with a deep burning fire.

The splitting and deafening sound of lighting struck the mainsail, shattering the wood, and sending a shockwave through the ship. A yard post from the mast shattered its way through the decking.

The cabin door flew open with crack; all I could see was lightening, fire and an enraged storm about to swallow us all.

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