tagErotic HorrorRiding with the Immortal

Riding with the Immortal


I left from the shop after a long, brutal day that went hours after I was expecting to get away. Machinery problems, tooling issues, phone calls (damn solicitors). I zipped up my leather, set the alarm and locked the door. Fuck! At last! Whatever I didn't' get to will have to wait until tomorrow! Now, I am on my time! I unlock the wheel of my Harley and kick start it, blasting exhaust off of the brick wall of the shop. I throw a leg over and stomp it into gear. Time to unwind! I roll past the gates and onto the quiet industrial back road, heading for the old route through the hills to take the long way home.

I'm starting to get into my ride, leaving stress, chaos and dilemma far behind, safely behind locked doors. Now, it's me, my thundering pleasure machine, a good old stretch of road and the cool night air. Feeling good, I jam up to around 100 mph, screaming down the road past wide open fields. I pull the clutch and downshift, as I see the turn ahead that will take me through some dense and curvy roads.

I'm climbing the hill and feeling the pressure in my stomach like a wild carnival ride, knowing that I'm gonna take the downhill like a bat out of Hell in minutes.

I come around a corner by an old farm and in a flash a woman appears in front of me in the road, standing in a red dress with her arms outstretched to her sides, long black hair dancing in the wind.

I pull the clutch and start to brake, but somehow it seems that she's comin' at me as fast as I am coming to her! Shit! I swerve to the oncoming lane and she shifts in front of me. I swerve back quick and just as I am about to race by her side, she leaps in front of my handlebars, laughing.

My sight goes for a second, probably from the shock, and I don't feel any impact. Nothing! I skid to the side of the road and look around in all directions for her. I can't see a sign of her anywhere.

I walk from the bike and search the roadway and the field, scanning for her, wanting to know if she is alright. She's nowhere to be found.

Fuck, maybe I'm working too hard! Too many hard days and late nights. I'm seeing things! I better call it a night and go home and get a good night sleep.

I get back on the bike and fire it up, taking one last look around, only to see dark solitude in every direction.

I move slowly back to the road and begin down the route carefully, cautiously, knowing that I must be sleep deprived.

I get to the peak of the hill and start to ascend down into the long, downhill straightaway. Damn, I just can't help myself! Road's all clear so I get on the throttle a little bit, soaring down with the wind crackling around my body.

Shit! My headlight goes out! I try my high beams, then low again. Nothing! Fuck! With the new moon above, I get no help from natural lighting. It's just dark, black, cold and open. I let my eyes adjust and figure I can at least get to the bottom of the hill, then pull beneath the first street light and see what wire went loose. I take a deep breath and cruise down the hill, scanning busily at the dark road ahead.

All of a sudden, every inch of my skin feels hot, burning hot like I was leaning against a roaring, cast iron stove with every part of me. I tighten up and feel a hand grip my shoulder. I look at my shoulder and see a woman's hand. She pulls herself to my back and wraps her legs around my waist, settling behind me on the fender.

"Don't look back and keep riding!!" she commands to me. "You're my ride home, just do what I tell you and I'll make sure it will be worth your while, now ride!"

With a lucky stroke, my headlight beams back on, so at least I can see the road. I look in my mirror, but see nothing but dark sky. What the fuck!?! I gotta get home!

"Relax. Just relax and ride, I'll let you know where to go. We'll be there soon and then you can go home." she says into my ear. "Turn right just past this sign and go to the driveway that leads to the barn, that's where I'm staying for now."

I find myself somehow eased and decide to just take this nut home and then go either sleep or check myself in. All of a sudden, this woman has her lips around my earlobe and is slipping her fingernails up my jacket, scratching my stomach lightly and suckling my earlobe into her mouth. Okay, maybe things are looking up.

"That's better, isn't it? We're almost there, go just a little further and then you can stop and warm yourself a little before your ride home."

I ride to the first driveway I see and there is an old red barn up the way. I pull onto the property and proceed to the lot in front of the barn.

She's unzipped my jacket and is running her hands beneath my clothing, caressing my skin.

I pull to a stop and shut the bike off.

She sets a booted foot on the gravel and swings to my side, taking my face in her hands.

"Get off the bike and come with me." she tells me as she looks straight into my eyes. She turns away and I stall for a second, just trying to take this all in. She turns and points to me. "NOW!" she calls, smiling.

I climb down from the bike and catch up to her side and she takes my arm, leading me into the barn. "You should warm up a little before your ride home. Come with me and I'll light a fire." She moves to an area in the barn where there is a small living quarters set up.

Simple, just an old iron bed, a wooden rocking chair and a table. By the wall, there is a pot-belly stove and a bench before it with a wool blanket covering it. She crouches by the stove and strikes a match, throwing it into the paper and kindling. In seconds, the kindling is starting fire to the logs atop them and I begin to feel the warmth emitting from the vents.

She moves to me and loosens my jacket, sliding it down my arms. She turns, walks to the rocking chair and hangs it up against the back of the chair. Returning to me, she walks slowly and takes my hand as she approaches.

I am led to the bench and she sits, patting the seat by her side. I begin to speak, but she hushes me. She starts to hum a lovely tune softly. A song that sounds like an old religious, classical, emotional hymn in a sad, minor key. I sit by her side and can't help but notice the unique scent of her hair. It bears the scent of fresh spice cake. I breathe deeply as she hums by firelight, taking in her unusual fragrance.

She lays her head on my shoulder and starts to rub my arm, softly with her slender fingers, sending warm tingles through my nerves. Her fingertips move upward and caress my neck, then to the back of my head. I look to her and she closes her eyes, tilting her head and softly parting her lips. I wrap my arm around her waist and pull her closer to me as we share the warmth of the fire on this crisp, dark evening together.

I gaze down to her timeless face and am mesmerized by her exotic charisma. She opens her eyes, smiles to me, moves her lips closer, still humming and closes her captivating eyes once more. I begin to feel my lips buzzing and the sweet feel of her breath as she moves so close to my mouth. She's so close now that I can feel electricity arcing between our mouths and I brush the tip of her nose with mine. Her hand moves to my shoulder and she leans into me, parting her lips on mine and taking me into a deep, sensuous kiss like I had never experienced, far past intoxicating.

I hold her firmly as her fingertips dance over my neck and the back of my head, then down to my shoulder. I hear the bench creaking a bit as she shifts herself upward and soon she is sitting on my lap, her feminine legs wrapped around me and I am lost in her powerful kiss. She surprises me by taking my lower lip in her teeth and biting gently on it, pulling it.

I begin to open my eyes for a second in reaction and she smiles at me with her eyes. The kissing becomes very wild, erotic and animalistic. She reaches up to the cut in the collar of my t-shirt and grasps it in her hand, pulling it down and soon I hear the fabric of my shirt tearing. She slowly tears my shirt until it separates completely, leaving my chest and stomach exposed to her. Her nails move up my stomach and to my chest, then she sticks them firmly against my pecs, pushing me back and laying me down on the wool covered bench.

I gaze upward and she moves above me like a huntress with her entrapped prey, looking fiercely into my eyes. I stretch my legs out beneath her and she straddles my body, with her fragrant hair brushing softly on my chest.

Lowering herself slowly, she places a soft kiss on my brow and runs her fingernails gently down my face. She moves down my face with petal soft kisses and leans into my neck with her cheek as I begin to feel the pressure of her bosoms against my bare chest. Her warm breath on my neck is driving me crazy and I start to writhe between her limbs.

She lifts her torso upwards and with her arms crossed, grabs the ends of her long red dress and raises it up her body, unveiling soft curves and supple skin. As she lifts it above her head, her tresses fall through the neckline and on to her bare skin and black lace lingerie.

I am enchanted by her as I watch her in the soft, flickering glow of the fire. She leans downward to me again and lays her lace covered breasts softly on my wanting lips, brushing them softly back and forth. I reach for the fabric with my lips and she presses in to me.

Taking the perfumed fabric in my mouth, I begin to pull it from her flesh and she leans back until her soft breasts fall from the constrictions of her brassiere. She reaches behind her and undoes the hooks, freeing her bra and tossing it aside on the rug. She then reaches down, arching her back and as she begins to grind at my pelvis, she clutches the waist of her panties at both sides and pulls upwards, exposing her lovely hips. She takes one side at a time and tears the fabric apart, then slips it between her legs. She looks down at me, completely nude atop me and smiles devilishly.

She takes the torn panties and lays them on my chest, teasing me with her scent as she moves down my legs and starts to sensuously kiss my chest and stomach.

I breathe in deeply, becoming familiar with the musk from her undergarment that teases me from my chest. I begin to taste her by her scent and I grow with extreme hunger for her womanhood. She slides down atop my calves and as she covers my lower stomach with wet, passionate kisses, her fingers very adeptly undo the buckle of my belt, the buttons of my jeans and she slides them past my hips as I lift my ass for her.

I feel her hair dancing over my thighs and she opens her mouth beside my groin, laying it open and wet on my flesh. I have grown incredibly erect and I feel her cheek on my swollen shaft as her hand moves towards it along my inner thigh.

Her fingertips grace the length of my cock and slowly move down beneath my balls. She forms a claw and cradles them in a slightly sharp and lightly firm grip and takes my navel in her front teeth, biting it softly. She moves down and removes my boots, throwing them aside and then moves my jeans over my feet, tossing them where my boots lie.

I'm over run with racing nerves and heightened senses. She moves up my legs with her wildly flicking tongue and returns to my swollen cock. Running her nails softly over the tender flesh of my genitals, she again takes my balls in a clawed cradle. I feel her hair moving over my hips like thick smoke, then her hot breath at the tip of my cock as she parts her lips before it. A very wet and hot tongue plays with the crown and then the urethra, driving me wild. She parts her lips wider and slowly takes me inside her mouth, stroking me with her lips and dancing tongue.

She moves a hand to the base and circles her thumb and forefinger tightly around it, pumping it up until it becomes intensely vascular, veins full of blood rising up and my head swelling and inflated with the pressure. She sucks my engorged head hungrily and then moves her lips around the shaft, taking the full length of my manhood in her wet, sucking mouth to its base, massaging my head at the back of her throat. She increases the pressure in both her grip and the suction in her mouth and very slowly she moves her lips up the length of my cock until she releases the head from her mouth with a pop.

Releasing her hands, her long nails scratch their way up my stomach and chest and she gazes down at me almost proudly as she mounts me. Grasping my shoulders hard, she grinds her clit against the muscles on my stomach, then lifts her hips, angling her parted pussy to my cock. She finds the head with her open lips and pushes back on it as I feel the first hot, wet inch of her vulva taking me inside. She blows on my chest as she takes me in slow, steady strokes, small increments at a time, deeper inside her.

After several teasing and mind shattering minutes, she has me fully inside her, flicking her erect clit at the base of my wet cock. She starts to ride me harder and with longer strokes. Her fingertips make their way to my nipples and she pinches them softly and then fiercely pulls them, pinching them so hard that my whole chest feels hot.

Leaning over me she takes my earlobe in her teeth and pulls it hard while she rides my cock, her juices flooding over my shaft and starting to cover my balls beneath her. Her full, supple breasts with their firm, erect nipples are pressed against my chest.

I wrap my arms around her and pull our bodies together as she fucks me faster and harder. The sweat of our bodies grows and she slides atop me, giving me the feeling that she is fucking my entire body as she strokes me. I run my hands down her back and ribcage, then to her incredible hips. I hold her buttocks in my grip, feeling her muscles moving in my fingers as she controls my entire body with hers. She rises her torso up and with her nails dug into my chest, begins to moan loudly, biting her lip and leaning her head back, face to the sky. The feeling of her approaching orgasm makes me so hot and I feel my thighs begin to tighten, my feet grow almost numb and my head rushing with blood.

She writhes with her hips at my sex and I feel her thighs tighten around me. Suddenly, she looks down to me and with her long nails, tears across my chest, breaking the flesh deeply. The shock races through my body and every nerve is screaming with intensity. She caresses my open flesh with her fingertips and lifts them to her lips, taking in my juices.

She rides me harder and I feel her body quivering atop mine. She tears again upwards from my stomach to my collarbones, again taking her bloodstained fingers to her mouth. My head is rushing with thunder and shock from something like I've never experienced before. She leans down to kiss me and I taste my blood in her mouth.

Grinding at the base of my cock with her swollen clit, She leans her head on my wounded chest and moans loudly, riding me faster and growing incredibly wet. I slide deep inside her and feel her inner muscles gripping my cock and stroking me as she moves atop me. Oh, my body is pounding and my vision starts to go to just flashes of light. My breath tightens and the pitch of my breath rises higher. I feel her hot breath as she whispers in my ear, "Yes, give it all to me. Cum for me."

At this, I release my will to hold back any longer and penetrate her deeply, locking my hips at full depth, erupting inside her. She sucks on my neck while I pour myself deep inside her inner pleasure zones and my neck begins to feel hot.

I feel an incredible amount of pressure at her mouth and soon my shoulder is wet with the flow of warm liquid and I instantly realize that it isn't sweat or saliva. She has bitten into my flesh and is drinking me in hungrily. My head gets light and I feel dizzy, vertigo overcoming me. My vision fades and I fall into darkness with the sound of her laughter echoing in my head. Then, all is silent.

I awaken in what must be the next sunset and feel extremely cold. She has gone and the door to the barn is left open. I reach my shaking hand up to my neck and feel for the damage. My wounds have been cauterized, burned and sealed shut. I am weak, but feel my heart beating hard.

I gaze towards the door to check for the bike, my exit and my way home. I move my eyes to the edge of the door and the light burns my eyes like an acid. I lay back and wait for the setting sun to travel behind the hills. Soon, darkness comes and I feel strength coming back to me, only stronger than ever before, I rise to my feet in the darkness and fog and am feeling more alive than ever. I look out in to the night sky and it seems that I can see forever, every detail in my view. And I grow with thirst...

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