I was 19 and pretty much failing out of college. I mean, what can I say, I loved the parties. I loved the booze. Most of all, I loved the attention I was getting from ALL the guys. I mean, I was popular in high school, but not like this. Guys knew I put out and I was always the life of the party because of it. And I can understand why! Not to sound overly confident, but I knew I was (and still am) attractive as hell. I'm 5'6", blonde hair, blue eyes, with size 30C boobs and a pretty decent ass.

Maybe it was the fact that I was sleeping in a different dorm room almost every night, but I just never found myself studying. I knew that given my grades my parents were not going to allow me to go back to college. That was fine. I just needed to find a job so I wouldn't have to live at home. Honestly, all I wanted to do was continue my life of slutty indulgence.

My "redemption" came in the form of a flier posted in the university dining hall. It called for "live-in maids for a brand-new, never before seen style of tropical get-away." I've always been a fan of the tropics (I made the trip to both Hawaii and the Bahamas plenty of times with my family when I was younger), so this seemed to be a god-send. I immediately called the number listed on the flier and was called in for an interview the next day.

I arrived the next day wearing a slim fitting black dress that showed my cleavage rather nicely, and, even better, showed off my lack of panties if I crossed my legs right. As expected, the interviewer (male of course) was rather taken in by me. "Well, you certainly fit the bill," he said. "Unfortunately we have a very limited number of positions available. I'm only allowed to hire one, MAYBE two girls from each site. I'd love to hire you but you're going to have to give me a really good reason to."

"I understand completely," I said as I got off out of my chair and down on all fours. I crawled towards him while saying, "Maybe this will help convince you." He said nothing as I unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers off. I slowly began stroking his cock as I pulled the top of my dress down revealing my boobs. His cock quickly stiffened to attention as I began licking the had and playing with his balls. As he got harder, I took more of his cock into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and forced more of his cock into my mouth. I obliged and began to deep throat him. He took his hand off as he leaned back and groaned in ecstasy. Before long I felt him begin to stiffen and I knew he would cum soon. I immediately took his cock out of my mouth and said, "If you hire me I will swallow every last drop of your hot load. If not, I leave right now and blue ball the hell out of you."

"Yes! Yes!! The job is yours!" he said somewhat urgently.

"Mmmm good boy," I replied as i took his cock back into my mouth. I began to flick my tongue around the head making him moan. I soon had him back at the edge, although this time I forced him over. He grabbed the back of my head keeping his cock in my mouth as he began to spurt a heavy load into my mouth. I swallowed a little but kept as much in my mouth as possible. Once he finished and pulled his cock out, I opened my mouth and showed him his big load. I then swallowed the entire thing as sexily as possible.

"There is one thing, however, that you should know," He breathlessly as he pulled his pants back up, "this isn't actually for a tropical getaway. It's for a "micro-country". The people I work for, and who you will be working for, are conducting an experiment. They have converted an oil rig into what is basically a small town, able to support around 250 people for months at a time. This rig is in international waters and is a small country in every sense of the word. This means that it has its own laws. I just need you to understand that before you agree to join."

Two weeks later, I left college without even telling my roommates goodbye. They knew I was leaving, just not when. I wrote to my parents to tell them I would be leaving the country for a while and not to worry. Both of these were mistakes.

I arrived at the rig more excited than I could remember being in a long time. I was nervous, of course, but also looking forward to new experiences. I was shown to my room (which I got to myself!) then told to change out of my street clothes and into the outfit in the closet. The outfit I found in the closet seemed a tad revealing, although I figured I should not have been surprised. It was the classic "french maid" outfit. While I found it a little odd, I acknowledged that it was their right as my new employers to ask me to wear whatever they wanted. That and the pay was amazing.

After days of "introductory training" during which I learned more than I did the entire time I was at college, I began my real job. For the first few weeks everything went amazingly. I was enjoying the position, and all the free time I had. I made a few friends, mostly the girls in the hall I was in. We all had our own rooms, but regularly had "sleepovers" like we were kids again. All were just as attractive as myself, so it was easy to see what the company was looking for in the women they hired.The only thing I was missing was guys. All of the guys on the boat were older and definitely NOT my type.

The next week, however, everything took a turn for the worse. Up until this point the laws in our little country had been based strictly upon US law. Unfortunately for me and the other girls on the rig, after 3 weeks the laws were allowed to change based purely on a majority vote. And, of course, there were far more men on board as women. The first change that was made was that women became property of the company, not citizens.

I was not informed of this and went to work as usual the next day. As I walked into the first room I had to clean, the door swung shut behind me. I turned, surprised, and saw the owner of the room standing there naked, massaging a rather large, erect, cock. "Oh my!" I yelled, "Sir let me get out of your way, I thought you weren't home."

"That won't be necessary," he replied, "I want you here. Or more specifically, I want you."

"No doubt, but I DO NOT want you!"

"Hmmm, you must not have heard. You are now the property of the company. Because I am a shareholder in the company, you are my property. You are the property of every male on this rig. Now, please bend over."

I tried to run past him, but he slapped me in the face and I fell back onto the floor, stunned. He wasted now time as he got on stood over me and forced his cock into my mouth. "I swear to god, if you bite I will make you wish you never had," he said threateningly. I submitted to him and began to suck on his cock. He refused to be sated with just a blow job and quickly picked me up and threw me onto the bed.

I was on my hands and knees trying to crawl away when he grabbed my ass and pulled me back. He quickly pulled my panties down to around my knees, then completely off. Likewise, he pulled down the top of my dress exposing my boobs. I slowly began to realize that, in spite of myself, I was wet. The old man quickly realized this and called me on it.

"Damn, you little slut! You get off on this, don't you!?" He said forcefully as he began to rub my pussy with his cock. "I'm gonna fuck that pussy of yours so hard. Then you know what? I'm gonna fuck that ass too." With that he forced his cock (probably around 7") deep into my pussy.

"FUCK! UGHHH NO!" I moaned/screamed. It had been a while since I'd had sex, the longest I'd gone in years, and my pussy was TIGHT. "Please sir, stop!"

"Not a chance in hell, girly." He replied, "I'm gonna stretch this tight pussy out, and that ass of yours is next. Hell, that looks even tighter!" Before I could reply, the door burst open and one of the security officers walked in.

"Oh thank god!" I yelled as the old man continued to drill my pussy, "Sir get this man the fuck off of me!!"

The security officer pretended not to hear me, addressing the old man instead. "That's a fine piece of ass you've got yourself, George. Mind if I join in?

"Not at all Frank!" The old man replied as he pulled out of my pussy. "I was just about to give her ass a workout anyways, so you're just in time." To stifle any more of my objections, and possibly to avoid attracting anyone else, George picked up my panties and shoved them into my mouth. He began to finger my asshole and apply lube that he pulled out of his nightstand as Frank stroked his cock to life. I'd only ever done anal a few times so it took plenty of coaxing and lube to open me up.

Before too long, however, I was up to George's standards. He had Frank lay down on the bed with his 8" cock sticking proudly up into the air. George made me mount Frank and take him inside my pussy with I did with little struggle. Once Frank was all the way in, George positioned his cock at my ass and began to slowly force his way in.

I took his cock in my ass gradually, inch by inch. After what seemed like forever, he finally fit his whole cock in my ass. I felt fuller than I ever had before with two fairly large cocks inside of me. After giving me a few seconds to get used to it, George began to fuck in and out making me moan around the panties that he had stuffed into my mouth. As George increased his pace, Franke began thrusting into me as well. With two cocks fucking me I knew I wouldn't last long and I soon began to cum.

As my pussy and ass tightened around Frank and George's cocks I felt them begin to stiffen. Both began to cum at the same time, filling me with their seed. "Finally, it's over," I thought. I was wrong.

"Wanna switch?" Frank asked. "I wanna get at that fine ass of hers. And now that you've loosened it and lubed it more with your cum, I know I'll fit."

"Why sure thing Frank!" George replied as he pulled out of my ass. "Turn your slutty ass over, lower it onto Frank's cock before my cum starts dripping out." I did as he commanded, positioning my ass over Frank's cock and beginning to sit down onto it. Immediately after my asshole made contact with the head of his cock, Frank forced himself the whole way in as I tried to scream around my panties. Frank grabbed my hips and began to force me up and down on his cock, making me ride it with my ass. His cock was definitely bigger than George's and oh boy did I notice.

George stepped up onto the bed in front of me and pulled the panties out of my mouth. Before I had a chance to scream for help George forced his cock, fresh out of my ass, into my mouth. "Suck your ass juices off my cock you fuckin slut," George commanded me, "You better get it nice and clean cause it's goin in your pussy next and you wouldn't want your nasty ass juices in there, would you?" As I continued to suck his cock, George began to slap my boobs and twist my nipples, making me scream around his cock.

After a few minutes of this, George fucking my face and Frank forcing my ass onto his cock, George decided his cock was clean enough and forced it back into my pussy. I screamed loudly, half in pleasure, half in panic, before he stuffed my panties back into my mouth. I could feel the two cocks slamming into me at different speeds, it was insane, amazing, and although I hate to admit it, I loved it.

I could tell that both Frank and George were getting close to cumming again. Sure enough, George got off of me, and Frank pushed me off. George pushed me to my knees and pulled the panties out of my mouth while saying, "Let's cum all over this bitches face, I want her to leave here marked." Almost immediately after he said that, almost in agreement, Frank began to cum on my face and boobs, covering me. I don't know how he came so much again after cumming not so long before but he did. George managed the same, and before I knew it I was covered in cum.

"Get the fuck outta here," Frank said as he opened the door and pushed me out, "Your work here is done." As I stumbled out the door I knew my day was not going to get much better. My face was covered in cum and I knew I had more in both my ass and pussy. If what Gorge had told me was true, the guys on the rig were going to be all over me before I knew it.

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Hope this is the start of a series. If it is you're off to a good start. Lots of possibilities on your "Micro Country". Will be watching for the next chapter.

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