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Right Women,Wrong Room


On a scale of one to ten, she was a twelve. At about 5'8", long blonde hair, and a perfect body; she was something to behold. She was working the booth next to mine, handing out literature to potential customers. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, wanted a piece of literature from her.

My name is Dean; I'm twenty-nine, single, and a heavy equipment salesman for John Deere. I've been doing this for about eight years, and make a pretty nice living for myself.

As I said, that girl was hot. I even went next door to check her out myself. Even though a good-looking woman can bring in a crowd into your booth, the lowest sales price still rules, when trying to close a deal.

After the show was over, I broke down the display and decided to go to the bar for a quiet drink; to wind down before heading for home. The blonde from the sales floor was there, and was getting hassled by one of the top equipment buyers in the country. I'd normally not get involved, but she looked like she was getting ready to deck him, and I couldn't let that happen. Even if he was out of line, and he probably was, J.D. buys way too much equipment from me, and by the looks of her, I think she could kick his ass.

I casually walked over and winked at the blonde. "Sorry I'm late honey, I got hung up at the booth," I said as I kissed her on the cheek. "Evening J.D., I see you've met my fiancée." J.D. turned a light shade of red and the blonde looked like she was ready to spit tacks.

"Dean, I was just telling your sweetheart that she looks exactly like someone I used to know. Sorry about the misunderstandings miss," J.D. said as he tipped his hat and walked away.

"That son of a bitch offered me money to sleep with him," she spewed watching J.D. walking away. "When I told him I was just modeling and handing out literature, he said he would double what I was making. I was getting ready to smack the little creep when you showed up," she said.

"Don't you think we should be properly introduced, since we're already engaged?" I said with a smile, hoping to defuse the situation.

She laughed, extended her hand, and said her name was Linda.

"My names Dean," I said holding her hand, "So, where are we going on our honeymoon anyway?"

"How about dinner first," Linda replied.

Linda had just gotten out of college, and couldn't find a decent paying job. "A good friend turned me onto the guy running the conventions, and he hooked me up with a local vendor. Most of the guys only look, but there are always some assholes that want to touch. I've got five brothers, and can take care of myself, but this is the first time I was ready to haul off and smack one of them. That is, until my knight in shinning armor showed up."

"Anything for my lady," I replied.

We had dinner and spent the next three hours talking and getting to know one another. I was have a fantastic time with her.

"Don't look now, but that little creep is coming back," Linda bent over and whispered in my ear.

I turned around to see J.D. walking to the table with a tall blonde on his arm.

"Dean, this is my friend Marcy," he said as she waved to the two of us. "I still feel sorry about the misunderstanding and would like to make up for it. I want the two of you, to be my guests on my boat in the Keys this weekend, and I won't take no for an answer. My driver will pick you up Friday, and then fly you down to my boat in Key West."

I was about to make an excuse on why we could accept, when Linda spoke up, "that would be lovely, say 1:00 on Friday?"

"It's a date then, see you then," J.D. said as the two of them walked away.

As I watched him walk away, I turned to Linda. "Are you nuts?"

"I just thought it might be fun. I've never been to Key West, and he probably does have a cute little boat. Come on, it'll be fun," she pleaded with me.

"Just a few quick items," I started. "If the government needs to borrow money, they go to J.D. Second, his little boat is the largest luxury liner in Florida. And finally, if he finds out we're jerking his chain, he'll blacklist me and I'll never work in this country again."

Linda look shocked. "I didn't know," she replied. "Hell, let's go anyway. I've got nothing going on this weekend and if he's such a good customer, then you don't want to piss him off, do you? Besides, we have three days, and nights, to get acquainted before Friday," she said with a smile. I paid the check, and left for my place.

Linda and I were having a glass of wine, on my couch, when she leaned over and kissed me. "I've wanted to do that all night," she said. I kissed her back and she slipped her tongue deep into my mouth. "I know you must have a more comfortable place, than this hard couch, and we really do need to get acquainted don't we?" she said opening the top two buttons on her dress.

As we entered my bedroom, I took her into my arms and kissed her deeply, letting my hands roam over her back and butt. I reached up, pulled the zipper down and let her dress drop to the floor. Her bra, what there was of it, was next to go, as the puppies fell on her chest. Linda had already unbuttoned my shirt and was now working on my pants. Reaching in, she grabbed my dick.

"Someone's happy to see me," she said, as she dropped to her knees.

Linda licked the under side, and stroked the boys. "Lets see just how hard we can get it, shall we?" she said as she sucked my entire length down, in one gulp. Licking and sucking, she used the right amount of spit and lip action to get me rock hard.

"Keep that up lady, and your going to get a mouthful," I informed her.

"I didn't get desert tonight, so let's see just what you taste like."

She went back to work in earnest pumping, and sucking my dick. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. So grabbing her shoulders, I let go of my wad. I must have shot four or five loads, but she never stopped sucking, and never lost a drop.

When I went limp, she jumped on the bed and announced, it was her turn now.

Removing the rest of my clothes I moved up to kiss her. Linda was a real beauty. She had a set of 35D's, a small waist, and a tight ass to boot. Lying down next to her, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. We kissed and probed each other's tongues before I moved to her neck and breasts. Her breasts were perfect, and had the smallest nipples I'd ever seen. But they were erect and I guess overly sensitive.

Brushing my lips across them brought a cry of anticipation from Linda. "Easy honey, nibble but please don't bite," she cooed. I work on them for about ten minutes, until they were a beautiful shade of deep brown.

As I moved to her stomach, I felt a pair of hands pushing me lower. "I have a honey pot that needs a good talking to," she whispered.

Her pussy was almost totally shaved. She had a little landing strip at the top, but was freshly shaved below. I moved to the end of the bed and pulled her down to me. Propping her legs up and spreading them wide, I could see her pussy was already wet. I lightly licked her outside lips, which made her ass rise off the bed, and push her cunt to my awaiting lips.

I spread her outer lips and started to dine. I licked her from her clit to her asshole as she cried out biting on the edge of my pillow. She had thick lips, and a long clit I only found, after pulling back its hood. However, it didn't take more than a couple of minutes of tongue action, and sucking before it was sticking straight out. I licked and sucked that sweet pussy, as she ground it on to my face. Putting her legs over my shoulders, I found Linda was the perfect size. I could feast on her pussy, reach up and play with her baby nipples. That technique drove her fucking wild, as she screamed for me to get her off.

I flipped her over on her stomach, and lifted her ass up in the air. Looking at this lovely glistening snatch, in front of my face, I decided to see just how kinky this girl was, and how far she'd let me go. Wetting two fingers I eased them into her pussy. Her muscles clamped down onto them, as I worked them in and out.

She was getting real close when I drove her over the top. Licking her starfish, I drove my tongue in, as far as it would go.

Linda gasped for a second and then started climaxing. "Oh my God," she screamed "I need you inside me now," She demanded.

I lubed up my dick, with her pussy juices, and shoved in my full seven inches as she instinctively pushed back. I was now, totally buried in her pussy. After a few easy strokes, I started pounding her ass hard. I could feel my balls slapping against her backside, as she met my every stroke. She was a perfect fit, good and tight. We fucked like that for about ten minutes, before I flipped her over on her back. I lifted her legs and drove my dick home.

I loved looking at her as I pumped away. She used her arms on the headboard, to push back at me, so I was in her to the max. I didn't last long after that. I shot deep inside her, not once, but twice. I don't think she ever stopped climaxing, as I continued to pound away. I kept it up until I went limp, and fell out of her pussy, along with globs of cum. I lay on top of her, and kissed her lips and licked the salty sweat from her neck. She licked my lips, and said that she could taste herself on me. I finally rolled over on the bed next to her, and pulled Linda on top of me.

"That was nice, that was really nice," she said. "I've never done any ass play before, I could get use to that real fast, but I think you're a little large to go inside just yet."

"We'll see," is all I said.

We screwed for the next three days. I went into work in the mornings, and spent the afternoons and evenings making love to Linda. We went out to dinner at night, and talked until we both fell asleep, in each other's arms. I was in heaven. By Friday noon, Linda was back with her clothes, and right on time J.D's driver picked us up.

His plane flew us to the small Key West airport. As we walked down the long dock to his boat Linda gasped. "Holy shit you were right, it's huge."

"I told you it wasn't a damn row boat," I chuckled.

J.D. was on board and greeted us. "Welcome, welcome. You'll have the forward cabin, and anything you need, just ask Jose here, and he'll get it for you."

We went forward and walked into a huge cabin, with a bed that went on forever. "I could get use to this," she said. After changing, we went on deck, just as we pulled away from the dock.

"We'll go out to one of the bays, and anchor there, where it's more private." J.D. said.

We had dinner on deck, with the crew of twenty waiting on us hand and foot. It was like eating in the finest restaurant. Whatever we wanted, he had on board. And if there were something he didn't have, J.D. would send someone to shore to get it for us. J.D. had also invited a few female guests for himself. With his money, he could attract the most beautiful women anywhere. There was Marcy, the blonde we'd met at the show, and then there was Carla, a stunning and tall dark haired beauty from Cuba and finally Ann, an Italian bombshell who's dress left nothing to the imagination.

As I looked them over, Linda jabbed me in the ribs. "You can put your tongue back in your mouth, remember who your with."

"Babes, these girls have nothing on you," I said kissing her.

"Ah the love birds. You will have all the privacy you want here, and if you like to go for a nude midnight swim, go for it, I won't watch. I'll be very busy myself tonight, if you know what I mean," J.D. snickered.

We stayed on deck until the sun went down, and then made our way to our cabin. "I wonder if he has any wine topside?" Linda asked me.

"I'll just ring Jose."

"Forget that, let's go exploring," she said grabbing my arm.

"I don't know," was all I got out of my mouth as she pulled me from the cabin. At first glance, everyone was gone off the deck. We walked into the lounge, and behind the bar, and found fully stocked liquor and wine cabinet

"Bingo. I've got just what we need," she said as she pulled a bottle out of the cooler.

As we started heading back to our cabin, we heard a woman screaming, so off Linda went exploring again. Looking down on the lower deck, there was another party going on. As I approached, she put a finger to her lips, motioning me to be quiet. On the deck below, were J.D. and Jose with the three women. J.D. had two, and Jose was banging Ann.

"Let's go before someone see's us," I whispered.

"Just a minute, and then we'll leave," she replied.

J.D. had the tall Cuban girl straddling his face, while Marcy was giving him a blowjob.

Linda however couldn't take her eye's off Jose. His dick must have been ten to twelve inches long and very thick. He was pounding Ann from behind, as she was screaming from either pain or pleasure, I wasn't sure which. He wasn't in her pussy though; he was deep in her ass.

"You son of a bitch, you're ripping me apart," she screamed. And then in the next breath, it was, "don't stop, fuck me harder," Ann was instructing him.

Linda's eyes were glued to what was going on. I could see, she had a hand between her legs and was rubbing her own pussy. Jose erupted, and sent a spray all over Ann's back. She then turned around, and started sucking him off and rubbing what was left of his cum all over her face. J.D. was now plowing Carla from behind, as Marcy had a finger up his ass, and was playing with his balls. I grabbed Linda and pulled her away, as we hurried back to our cabin.

As soon as the door was closed, she was all over me. She ripped her clothes off and pushed me onto the bed. "I need you to fuck me now," she screamed.

Touching her pussy, she was soaked and on fire. Her lips were all over mine as she climbed on top. I don't think I was even fully hard before she started riding me, moaning and screaming to, "fuck me, good and hard." I flipped her over and entered her from behind.

I pounded her so hard, it started to hurt my nuts, but I knew what she really wanted. I pulled out of her pussy, and with a gob of spit, forced the head of my dick into her starfish. I didn't move for a few seconds and then started moving slowly in and out. She went wild, screaming for me to give it all to her. With another gob of spit for lubrication, I pushed in the last 2 inches.

I was now stroking all seven inches, in and out of her ass. She was screaming so loud, I was sure everyone in Key West could hear her. Linda was so damn hot and tight; I knew I wasn't going to last long, especially at this pace. After about five minutes we both erupted.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming, don't stop," Linda yelled as I dropped my load in her ass. I kept pumping even after rolling us both over on our sides. Linda reached back and pulled my ass in tight and I could feel her ass muscles squeeze the last drop of cum from my dick.

"Wow, that was amazing" she sighed. "I got so hot watching those two, I almost took you out there on the deck."

"Well at least I now know your not a prude, a voyeur maybe, but not a prude," I said laughing.

"You should feel honored, I just gave you my virgin ass tonight. That is one thing I thought I'd never do, but I was so hot, I couldn't control myself," she replied. We opened the wine, and had a few glasses before falling asleep.

Linda slept in the next morning, and I hit the deck for some much needed coffee. J.D. was already up, sitting at the table, with coffee and a newspaper.

"Good morning," I said.

"Here have some breakfast," he said as he motioned to a server. "Is Linda sleeping in?"

"We had a late night," I responded.

"Yes, I know. We could all hear you two last night. I hope you two enjoyed the show on deck," he said with a snicker.

Shit caught. "We came up for some wine, and Linda heard voices and went to investigate. We didn't mean to eavesdrop on you," I cautiously said.

"No big deal, I'm not modest and usually have two or three women to have sex with, every night, kind of an addiction." J.D said.

"I suppose Linda already told you that I hit on her? She's a fox, and if you didn't have dibs on her, I'd keep trying until I nailed her. Money works on 95% of the women," he told me. "Like I said, I never would have hit on her if I knew, but I have a way of making up for it. I've got a surprise for the two of you tonight. Maybe not as sexual as last night, but I think you'll both like it."

He wouldn't tell me any more but after dinner tonight we were in for a special treat. After last night I shuttered to think what he had up his sleeve.

We had a wonderful day. We swam, ate, drank and lounged around the deck. The other women went topless, but Linda said no way she was going to parade naked in front of the whole crew. Dinner was fresh lobster and steak with some type of oriental rice and tropical fruit. Desert was a chocolate cheesecake with a rum glaze. As we sipped on after dinner drinks, J.D. dropped the bomb.

"Linda I know we didn't start off on the right foot and Dean, you know I respect and trust you, so I wanted to do something special for you both. Gentlemen the blindfolds." he commanded. With that, we were both blindfolded and led up to the top deck. We were positioned, and J.D. told them to remove our blindfolds.

As my eyes adjusted, all I could say was, "Oh my God." The entire upper deck was a blasé with candles and a make shift wedding chapel of lace was all around us.

"A captain can marry anyone at sea, and since we're at sea, that is exactly what he's going to do tonight."

I looked at Linda, she looked at me, and then she came over and kissed me. Talk about a whirlwind romance. That night, Linda became my wife. Our wedding night was spent seeing which one of us could be the most kinky and daring. I won by fucking the shit out of her, and eating my own cum out of her pussy. She came twice before I finished cleaning her up. We stayed an extra day on the boat and by Tuesday we were home and setting up our new life. Our parents and friends were shocked to say the least, and within six months, we had settled in as a happy married couple.

Linda worked the shows with me for the first two years, but became bored with being the literature girl. I made enough money so she didn't have to work, and Linda became your typical suburban housewife. We did the neighborhood BBQ things, and had a small group of friends we hung with. Sex was great at first, but started to taper off after two years for some reason. I tried spicing it up, but I knew something was wrong, even though Linda swore everything was ok.

I did five shows per year, and was gone Thursday through Sunday morning. I had a presentation to do Friday night, for a new customer, and to my horror, I realized that I'd forgotten my slides in my office at home. I rushed home and was going up the steps when I tripped and twisted my knee. I called out to Linda and she opened the door. She helped me into the dining room and got me some ice for my knee.

"I need the slides off my desk," I told her. As she retrieved them, Bob my next-door neighbor, came through the garage door.

"I was moving some boxes, for Linda, when I heard you fall, are you all right?" he inquired.

"Yes, but I'm going to have a hard time walking, much less driving." I replied. "Bob, I've got a huge favor to ask. If you drive me back to the resort, and get me to my meeting, I'll get you and Nancy a suite, and the two of you can have a getaway weekend on me. I'll have Linda come up, and we'll all have a great time there.

Bob looked at me, then Linda and said, "why not. Let me change and I'll be right back."

When we got there, I got the last available room, which was on the first floor. Bob got me to my meeting, and when it was finished, he took me to my room. We called the girls and gave them the room numbers and settled down for a drink.

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