tagMatureRiley Seduces Elderly Couple

Riley Seduces Elderly Couple


Volunteering at a nursing home was something Riley enjoyed most about her internship during college.

She often thought of how she enjoyed helping older women find how to love other women as a way to be loved themselves.

While job hunting, Riley was staying at home to save money. Her parents had moved and lived in a new town.

One morning she told her mom she was going for a walk.

Riley was a natural redhead, with curly hair down to her shoulders and was very fair skinned. She had freckles all over her shoulders and in between her breasts.

Before heading outside she applied sunblock lotion and wore an oversized Sun hat.

She was walking around the neighborhood when she caught the eye of another woman out for a walk.

Jennette was a grandmother of two boys, who's mother, her daughter, lived a few states away and didn't have as close as a relationship as they did in the past.

Jennette was waking as she had every day. Her husband, Roger, was often out hunting or fishing with his friends.

This sunny cool day, Jennette was surprised by a vision of beauty. While she had feelings for women in the past, she never acted on it during her marriage, however the redhead walking ahead of her made her feel warm all over. She looked so cute.

Jennette really liked what she saw, and sped up to get close enough to her new vision of beauty to say hello.

Riley walked at a fast pace, and Jennette hustled to get close. Riley was startled at first when she heard hello, but when she turned around she felt at ease.

"Hello, my name is Jennette. You look simply darling. I live just a few houses from here and I've never seen you before," she said.

Riley blushed at Jennette's comment about her. "Hello, I'm Riley. I just moved with my parents to this area."

"Tell me something about yourself, Jennette said.

Thinking what to say, "Well, I'm 23 years old, just graduated from college and am seeking a position at a nursing home.

"That's nice," Jen said, touching Riley on her left shoulder. "You seem warm, would you like to cool off with some iced tea?"

Riley agreed, and they walked to Jennette's home.

After arriving, they sipped their tea, and Jennette offered Riley her jacket as she saw her almost shivering.

"You seem like such a sweet little girl. How tall are you?"

Riley said she was 4' 9", and her running shoes add another inch. I used to do gymnastics and cheerleading in school.

"You look like you are still in great shape."

"I continue doing my daily stretches and strength training exercises at home."

Jennette asked if Riley would like to stay for lunch, she agreed. Before doing anything she asked Riley if she might want to try some of her daughter's clothes when she was a teen that she left behind. Riley agreed and they walked in a small bedroom, Jennette shut the door with a full length mirror on the back.

The closet was opened and Riley pulled out a pair of white pants.

"Those should fit you. Try them on," Jennette suggested.

Riley bit her lower lip thinking what to do. She looked at Jennette for any response, and she pointed and nodded, indicating to try them on here.

Jennette helped remove Riley's running shoes, and Riley removed her running shorts, revealing a white string bikini. Jennette liked what she saw, whispering under her breath, "That is one yummy butt."

Riley shimmied into the pants, which were tight.

Jennette then looked for a warmer top, and found a long sleeve whit shirt and a flannel shirt. "These will look good on you."

Riley looked down, then up, as she took off her runners top, leaving her topless.

"Oh my, those freckles are to die for. Come here and let me see them closer."

Riley took a few steps and was standing next to Jennette, who grabbed her arms and got up close to her small breasts, and breathed in her lovely floral based scent.

Then she inspected her shoulders, and whispered in Riley's ear. "You look good enough to eat my little darling."

Riley felt her heart start beating fast at those comments. She had been with women before, and found she like older domineering girlfriends the best. Her last relationship was with a woman 10 years older. She envisioned Jennette was at least 40 years older.

"Is there a larger room to dress for you?" Riley inquired.

Jennette grabbed her hand, opened the door and led Riley, still not wearing a top, into her bedroom, and locked the door behind her.

Riley instinctively removed her pants and panties. She went to hug Jennette who opened her arms.

"If this is your first time with a woman, I can help lead you, tell you what I like, and make it special for you," Riley whispered in Jennette's ear.

Jennette kissed Riley, a couple short pecks, then said, "It is my first time, I'm a little apprehensive. I wanted to see you in the au natural since we first met. You are a vision of beauty."

Riley whispered, "We could have fun if you remain dressed or if you are naked."

Jennette leaned back and said she was 61 years old, and the only people who have seen her naked the past 40 years was her husband and her gynecologists she seen.

"Don't worry, I really have an obsession for being with older women," Riley said.

That relaxed Jennette enough to sit down and remove her orthopedic running shoes and her diabetes socks.

She stood up and removed her top and then undid her bra, with a pair of large breasts hanging down to her belly button. She slipped of her running pants, then slipped out of her "granny panties." Riley's eyes opened wide at the sight of Jennette's hanging breasts and her gray puffs of pubic hair surrounding her vagina.

"Do you think I should get waxed?"

"No. Maybe a little trim to keep your lovely hair, just less."

Riley led Jennette to her bed and got on top.

They kissed, with Riley planting soft lingering kisses that moved into more kisses where they pressed their mouths together.

This always got Riley aroused, with her pale pink nipples getting erect and her pussy getting wet. Jennette noticed Riley leaking her natural lubricants on her thigh and her nipples poking at her chest.

"Do you want to do something?"Riley asked in a demure voice.

"I would like to taste your, uh, how should I call it?"

"My vagina? Or you could say pussy," Riley said.

Jennette smiled, and Riley rolled over on her back and led Jennette to sit up and lean forward with Riley's pussy in her lap.

Jennette reaches down and traced an outline on her outer labia, and then pushed a finger inside and gasped at how wonderful Riley felt inside, all warm and cushy. She put the finger to her lips and tasted it. Riley smiled at Jennette's smile.

She then lifted Riley by her ass up to her face. Jennette breathed in and closed her eyes and smiled at her sweet darling's pleasurable natural aroma.

"You smell so divine Riley."

Then Jennette pressed her lips and fat tongue against Riley's pussy, and entered her easily. Jennette tasted her new baby and she couldn't stop, bringing Riley to a series of multiple orgasms.

Nearly wiped out, Riley asked in halted breathes if they could take a break. Jennette suggested they have lunch, and that she wanted to get dressed, and asked Riley to wear her panties.

Jennette served a tuna salad over crisp lettuce, with sliced tomatoes and hard boiled eggs on the side. And poured each of them a glass of iced tea with a side of lemon.

When they finished, Jennette led Riley to her all seasons porch and they sat next to each other in a double swing seat. Riley thanked her for lunch.

Then she reached under Jennette's shirt, undid her front bra clasp which let her breasts hang down. Jennette removed her shirt and Riley kissed her right areola, and slipped her large nipple into her mouth and rubbed her tongue over it to make it erect. She did the same with Jennette's other nipple.

She slipped her left hand under Jennette's panties and started toying with her clit. Not feeling any wetness, she stopped.

Jennette was enjoying the attention, but let Riley know she wasn't so much interested in physical attention yet. She asked Riley to help her with her bra and to help put her shirt on.

Then she motioned for Riley to sit in her lap and hugged her.

"You are a special girl, very caring, understanding and someone I would like to spend more time with."

Riley agreed, and they made plans for Riley to return next week. They kissed, and Riley got dressed and walked home.

During the week, Jennette kept thinking about her new friend. Next week Riley felt adventurous and walked over to Jennette's home. She started running so she could be sweaty and in need of a bath.

She saw a man there and introduced herself.

"Oh, are you Jennette's husband, Roger?"

"You must be little Riley. Come in. You're all my wife can talk about this past week. I'm so glad you are helping her. She's like a whole new person," said Roger, a 71 year old retired auto mechanic.

Next week Riley felt adventurous and walked over to Jennette's home. She started running so she could be sweaty and in need of a bath.

She walked in the backyard and found Jennette gardening. She looked up from her oversized Sun hat and smiled.

"Why look who it is, such a wonderful surprise to see you darling," she said.

"Hi there! I was just out running and thought I would stop by to say hello," Riley said.

Jennette told Riley to take a rest and she would bring her a cold lemonade.

Eyeing her from inside was Roger, who liked hearing his wife talk about her new friend so much, he was hoping to bang her little ass.

They talked and she brought out the glass of lemonade, Riley placed it on her forehead and neck to cool off, and tasted it.

"Oh my, this is so sweet and sugary,"she said.

Jennette leaned forward and whispered to Riley, "I was wondering if we could could continue our lovemaking."

Riley's eyes widened and she hugged her elderly friend. She took a few sips of her drink, and stripped out of her sweaty clothes and underwear.

She reached out to kiss Jennette, who undid her gardening smock, and unzipped her top. Riley pressed her sweaty body against Jennette, who undid her pants and slid them down and removed her gardening clogs.

Riley reached down and found wet panties and suggested they move to the outside couch. Riley found a seat cushion to kneel on. Jennette removed her panties and sat on the edge with her legs spread. Riley placed her face into Jennette's crotch, inhaled her natural scent, then placed her mouth on her pussy and licked in a mixed fashion to keep Jennette getting warmer.

Just as Riley's tongue pressed inside the inner labia, she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and it was Roger, naked and holding his large penis.

She gasped and turned back to Jennette who pushed her head down, grabbed her arms and said continue. Roger put a condom on and grabbed Riley's legs up and entered her wet pussy with ease.

Riley was unable to move.

She kept licking and rubbing Jennette's clit, when Roger put his condom covered penis into Riley's wet pussy. He held her legs up, using them for stability. He lunged forward and pulled back in a slow rhythm for several minutes before shooting his cum out. He stayed inside and started fingering Riley's which was all sweaty and easily open.

Riley felt warm and and her breathing was heavy and she had a huge orgasm.

Jennette and Roger smiled at each other. He got hard again and started up to pound Riley's sweet pussy. Suddenly he felt like shooting off and he did

Roger pulled his dick out and put Riley down on the seat cushion, and he left to go inside the house.

Soon Jennette was feeling warm and had a massive orgasm that filled her pussy and into Riley's mouth.

She looked at her friend and smiled, with Jennette's cum dribbling on her chin.

"I could really use that bath now," Riley said. They both laughed.

They went inside and Jennette washed her friend in a bubble bath, using a washcloth to clean Riley's body.

When Riley was done, Jennette dried her off with a towel, then got in the hot water to clean herself, and when they left Roger got in the water.

Jennette gave Riley some of her grandsons clothes that were left there, a Spider-Man T-shirt and shorts, both which fit her easily. Jennette said she would clean her sweaty items and bring them over the next day.

Walking home, Riley felt good, and weird, but a good weird. She was happy to have helped two elderly people achieve orgasms.

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