tagLoving WivesRiley's Bar Ch. 04

Riley's Bar Ch. 04

byJust Plain Bob©

Some changes took place while Betsy and I were dating. Riley's was still Riley's, but Joe no longer owned it. The divorce that happened following Joe's wife catching him buried in Karen had caused it to be sold. The new owner left things pretty much as they were, but he enlarged a storage area and made a kitchen out of it. The new name was Riley's Bar and Grill and the grill had a limited menu. Half pound ground rounds, steak sandwiches, Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, onion rings and French fries were all that were offered.

Murray, the new owner, hired a German girl to work in the kitchen and she became an instant object of lust for most of the guys who came into the bar. Tall, about five ten, built like a brick shit-house and long blond hair. She was the living image of what the Nordic Valkyries were thought to be. She was hit on constantly, but no one seemed to get anywhere with her. Probably because her English wasn't that all that good. Freda had trouble not only understanding what was being said to her, but she couldn't make herself understood either.

Murray spoke German and I assumed he probably gave her the job as a favor to a friend. Or maybe she was a relative. She had no problem in the kitchen because the order pad for food had the German name of the product just under the English name. If you ordered the onion rings for instance the waitress put a check mark in the little box in front of the item and all Freda had to do was read the German associated with the box. I was probably the only guy who stopped in regularly who didn't try his luck with her. I was just coming off my relationship with Betsy and wasn't in all that much of a hurry to get back in another one especially one that I would have had to work hard on. Maybe if I spoke German, but I didn't so I didn't try.

Betsy and I were sociable and we danced at least one dance every time we were in there together. The only other girl that I might have been interested in was Valerie, but she had just recently become engaged so outside of dancing with her occasionally I behaved myself.

Just because I wasn't interested in jumping into a new relationship didn't mean that I wasn't interested in the ladies so I did look around and evaluate the possibilities. Tina, the waitress, was a sexy little thing and both Marva and Gloria were hard on generators. Marva was Karen's replacement and Gloria was the girl who covered for Marva on her days off. There were also a few other regulars who drew my attention even though they never sat at our table with us. Like I said, in no hurry, but making a list and checking it twice and wondering who was naughty AND nice.

It was a Friday night and I was sitting at the tables listening to the conversations when Vern, one of he guys I worked with, leaned over and said:

"I need a favor Rob."


"I need a wing man."

"For what?"

"See those two broads in the booth over by the jukebox?"

I looked over and saw who he was talking about.

I want to move in on the brunette, but I need someone to occupy the other one. You know how hard it is for one guy to hustle a chick when there are two of them sitting together."

I took a closer look at the two in the booth. The one that Vern wanted me to cover was a cute looking redhead and I always have been partial to redheads so I told Vern to lead the way. I was surprised at the ease of it all. Vern asked, "May I have this dance?" and the woman (Nancy) said "I'd like that" and she slid out of the booth and they moved out onto the dance floor.

I looked at the redhead and said, "He brought me along to keep you company while he abducted your friend."

She looked at me with the clearest emerald green eyes and said, "What's the matter? You don't dance?"

"I have two left feet, but I have been known to try."

She slid out of the booth and said, "Let's go."

As she stood up I saw that she was about 5'2'' and maybe 100 or 105 pounds and had a damned sexy body and as she moved into my arms she told me that her name was Candy and then she said:

"Why did you lie to me?"

"When did I lie and what was it?"

"When you told me that you had two left feet. I've been in here before and I've seen you out there dancing and you do not have two left feet. In fact, you are one of the better dancers out there."

"Well thank you for the compliment, but I don't really think that I told you a fib. Regardless of what you may think I don't think that I'm all that good."

When the song was over I walked her back to her booth. Vern and Nancy weren't back yet and she pointed at the seat across from her.

"The deal is you are supposed to keep me company while your friend is off with Nancy so sit."

I joined her and we sat there and sipped our drinks and talked. It turned out that Vern and Nancy had never physically met each other, but had talked on the phone several times and had set up sort of a blind date for the night. Nancy was afraid that Vern might not show so she talked Candy into coming along to keep her company in case Vern didn't turn up. Vern did show up and so I got elected to keep Candy busy while Vern and Nancy did 'whatever' it was they were going to do.

"I hope it isn't hard duty for you" Candy said.

"I'll do my best to tough it out."

Somebody pushed the button for "Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress" by the Hollies and I offered Candy my hand and asked "Shall we" and we got up and danced. We stayed out on the floor for the next three tunes and as we danced I glanced around and didn't see Vern or Nancy. The last of the three was a slow number and Candy moved in real close. I had an erection and she bumped into it once. She gave no indication that she noticed. When the song was over we went back to the booth and when we sat down she said:

"Don't get your hopes up. I have a fiancé and I don't play around."

"I wasn't looking for anything. I'm just here as a favor for Vern and speaking of Vern I haven't seen him or Nancy for the last hour or so."

"If I know Nancy she is on her back by now and I'm betting that we won't see either one of them again tonight."

"You don't sound like it comes as much of a surprise to you."

"It isn't. She's a good friend, but she is also a bit of a slut. When she asked me along to keep her company I knew that if the guy showed up I was going to be abandoned."

"I hope she wasn't your ride."

"She was, but knowing what was likely to happen I made her give me cab fare before we left her place."

I asked her where she lived and when she told me I told her I had to go right by there on my way home and I offered her a ride. She thought about it for a second or so and then said she would take me up on the offer. We finished our drinks and I drove her home. I started to get out of the truck to walk her to the door, but she told me that it wasn't necessary, thanked me for the ride and keeping her company and then said goodnight.

Saturday I had dinner with my brother and Sunday my cousin Tom and I went to a ball game. I worked late Monday and when I got off I didn't feel like doing anything so I went home.

When I got to Riley's after work on Tuesday I found out changes had been made. Murray had caught Marla stealing from the register and had fired her. Tina was moved from waitress to barmaid and a new girl had been hired to take Tina's place. Jane was a good looking blond, but I noticed that she was wearing a wedding ring and that stopped all the thoughts I'd started having about her. I noticed that there were no girls sitting at the tables when I joined the guys so for the first time in ages it was nothing but drink beer and talk sports.

Vern was there and he asked me how I'd made out with Candy and I told him that I hadn't. Then he told me about his time with Nancy. It seems that they spent the weekend together.

"Best pussy I've ever had and believe me bud, that is saying something. I think I'm in love."

I wondered if I should fill him in on what Candy had told me, but decided to keep my mouth shut. If Nancy was a slut Vern would find out soon enough.

While we were sitting there two women came in and sat down in a booth. They were both regulars, but not regulars who joined us at the tables. They were there maybe twenty minutes before one of them got up and went over and fed some coins into the jukebox. She went back to her booth and sat through two songs before getting up and heading for our table. I'd seen her a dozen times, but I had never talked with her or danced with her. I didn't even know her name, but she walked right up to me and said:

"Let's dance."

Five foot five and maybe 125 pounds and long black hair that hung down to just below her shoulders. I guessed that those 125 pounds were distributed about 36-23-35 and as I looked into her hazel eyes I was going to say no? I stood up and she took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor. As we danced I found out that her name was Marge and that the girl she was with was Susan. She told me where she worked and what she did and I told her the same about me.

We danced for two numbers and I asked her if she and Susan would like to join us at our table and she declined.

"Why not? You obviously want to dance or you wouldn't have come over to get me. There are five other guys sitting there with me and that should be enough to keep you out on the floor until you are ready to leave."

"No offense, but the girls who sit at your table have a reputation and it is not a reputation that Susan and I wish to acquire."

"Then why did you come over and get me?"

"Because you are the only one at that table who doesn't get up and make trips out to the parking lot with the girls that sit there with you."

"So you think I'm safe; is that it?"

"Can we just say that dancing with you will not get me a sullied reputation?"

I walked her back to her booth and she asked me to join her and Susan. I went back to my table and got my beer and then went back and joined them in their booth. I spent the next hour talking with the two of them and taking turns dancing with them. Then Susan looked at her watch and told Marge that it was time to go. I stood up, thanked them for their company, but before I could walk away Marge asked me if I would like to join them for coffee at the Town and Country and I told them I would like that.

"Do us a favor then and leave first. We will meet you at the Town and Country in about ten minutes."

She saw the look on my face and knew what I was thinking.

"It's that reputation thing again. We don't want it to look like we are leaving with anyone."

I got to the restaurant and took the only booth that was empty and maybe fifteen minutes later Marge and Susan walked in and joined me. I had pie and coffee and the girls just had coffee. As soon as the waitress had taken their order and had gone Susan turned to Marge and asked:

"What do you think?"

"I'm fine with it if you are."

"I am. Go ahead and ask him."

"Me? It is your idea; you ask him."

Susan turned to me and asked, "Do you have any sexual fantasies?"

"Doesn't everybody?"

"Have you ever had a fantasy about having a threesome with two women?"

"Hasn't every man?"

"Would you like to follow us to my place?"

"This is a joke, right? Someone put you up to this?"

"No joke honey. It is something that we have always wanted to try and tonight we decided to go for it."

"But why me?"

"Because you are a guy who won't talk about it. We want to do it, but we don't want it to get around. We know about you and Leslie, but you have never said a word about it to anyone so we feel we can trust you. How about it? Are you game?"

"I'd have to be a complete idiot to say no."

"Good. Let's finish our coffee and then you can follow us."

As I followed along behind them I wondered how they knew about Leslie and me. I know that I'd never told another living soul about us so it must have been Leslie who told them, but why would she do that? What was the tie between them? I wasn't going to ask and maybe queer the deal, but I was curious.

They pulled up in front of a large Colonial just outside the city limits and Marge got out of the car and came over to me and asked me to pull my truck around the corner and park.

"Susan has some very nosey neighbors and we don't want them to see a strange truck in the drive and give them something to talk about."

I parked around the corner and walked back to the house where Susan was standing at the door waiting for me. She shut the door behind me and giggled as she said:

"Marge is already in the bedroom getting naked. She can't wait to get started. Come on."

I followed Susan up the stairs and down the hallway to a bedroom and when we walked in Marge was already naked and lying on the bed with her legs spread wide. Susan laughed and said:

"I told you the greedy little slut was in a hurry."

She started undressing so I quickly got out of my clothes and joined the two of them on the bed.

"We have never done anything like this before" Marge said, "So what do we do?"

"Don't ask me. I've never done it before either."

"I can only see a couple of ways" Susan said, "He can eat one of us while the other sucks his cock and the one being eaten can suck on the tits of the cocksucker. Or he can fuck one of us doggie while the one being fucked munches on the pussy of the one not being fucked."

"Maybe one of us rides him cowgirl while the other sits on his face and the two of us play with each other's tits."

"Or he can lie on his back and one of us can suck his cock while the other sits on his face" Marge said and then she asked me, "What do you think?"

"Anyone of them sounds good to me."

"I like the last one" Susan said.

"Okay" Marge said, "And after a while we can switch."

I laid down on my back and said "Okay ladies, let's do it."

Marge said, "It was your idea and it's your house so you choose."

"I want his cock" Susan said and she moved down the bed and took my cock in her hand and licked it a couple of times and then she took me in her mouth. Marge swung over me and lowered her pussy to my face. I found out quickly that Marge's clit was super sensitive and in only minutes I gave her an orgasm. Susan's work on my cock was marvelous and she was making me feel pretty damned good. Marge got off my face and told Susan that it was her turn to taste my cock and Susan moved and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Marge took my cock in her hot mouth and I started munching on Susan's Taco. Marge was an excellent cocksucker and she had me pretty close to coming when she pulled her mouth of off me and said:

"What's that?"

"What's what?" Susan asked.

"That noise."

Susan lifted her head and listened and then her face turned pale and she jumped off me saying:

"Oh shit! That's the garage door opener. Gary's home."

"Who is Gary?"

"My fucking husband. He isn't supposed to be home until tomorrow night."

"Husband? I didn't see any rings."

"Oh fuck! Hand me my purse Marge."

While Marge was getting her purse Susan told me to grab my clothes and get under the bed.

"You're shitting me!"

"Not unless you want to jump out of a second floor window. You can't get in the closet because that is the first place he will go to hang up his suit coat."

She fished her rings out of her purse and was putting them on and I saw Marge getting dressed.

"What about her?"

"She can be here. You can't! For God's sake get under the fucking bed! He will take a shower before he comes to bed. When you hear the shower running get the hell out of here."

I heard a man holler out, "Honey, I'm home" and I grabbed my stuff and wiggled under the bed. I'd no sooner gotten there when Gary walked into the room. He saw Marge getting dressed and said:

"What's going on?"

"Marge was going to spend the night with me, but when we heard you come in she decided not to."

"What's the matter Maggie? We too noisy for you?"

"Something like that. I remember how long it took me to fall asleep the last time I slept over. Or the embarrassment I felt looking at you two the next morning. Call you tomorrow Suze" and Marge walked out of the room.

I know that under the circumstances my dick should have wilted, but Marge had me seconds from getting my rocks off and I was still hard.

"You out running around with her tonight?" Gary asked.

"We had dinner and a few drinks before we came home."

"You sure that you weren't out on 'the pull' as our English cousins would say?"

"Oh come on Gary. In the first place I would never do anything like that and in the second place no guy is going to give me a second look after he sees my rings."

"I can't help but worry when you go out with that slut. You might not be looking, but I'll bet she is and she could put you in a situation where bad things might happen."

"She is not a slut."

"Any woman divorced three times over cheating is a slut in my book."

"She never cheated Gary. It was her husbands that did the running around."

"So she says."

"I don't pick your friends Gary so I'll thank you not to try and pick mine."

"How did we get on this? I'm home, I'm horny and you are naked. Let me hang up my jacket and maybe we can rattle the bed springs for a while."

I heard him walk over and open the closet door and then walk back to the bed. I could see his feet from where I was and I saw his trousers drop down around his ankles.

"Aren't you going to take a shower first?"

"Not tonight my love. I'm super horny and seeing you naked on the bed and ready has me going."

All I could do was hope that he was one of those two minute kind of guys so he could get done and get into the shower and give me my chance to get out of Dodge. Not my lucky night. First he had to go down on her and in heard her squeal as she had an orgasm. Then he made love to her for a good ten minutes before cumming and then he said:

"I want more baby doll. Work your magic."

I heard the sounds of a sloppy blow job and then he was off to the races for another fifteen minutes or so.

"I'm going to take a quick shower and we can cuddle up. I've missed the snuggling and cuddling."

"I'll join you and do your back" Susan said and I hoped that was her way of telling me that she would keep him in the shower long enough for me to get clear. I heard the shower start running and I gave it a couple of minutes in case he forgot something and came back into the room and then I slid out from under the bed and hurried downstairs. I quickly dressed and got out of the house.

When I got to my truck I found Marge sitting in it.

"What took you so long?"

"Hubby was horny."

"Oh my God! You mean they did it right on top of you?"

"That they did."

"Oh you poor baby. You had to go through that after I left you hanging? I'll try to make it up to you."

"Why are you here? I mean why are you in my truck?"

"I need a ride home. Susan drove tonight and she swung by my place and picked me up and while you might be a little pissed right now I'm hoping that you aren't so pissed that you will make me walk eleven miles in these heels."

I started the truck and she gave me directions and as I pulled away from the curb I asked:

"So. Do you girls do this often?"

"God no. Tonight was the first time. We have talked about it for months, but tonight was the first time."

"Again I have to ask an earlier question -- why me?"

"Luck of the draw. Like I said, we have talked about it for months and with Gary out of town on business we decided this would be the night to go for it. We hadn't intended it to be anyone from Riley's. We just stopped in to get some liquid courage before going to a lounge on the other side of town. When we saw you we decided that you would be perfect for what we wanted. We needed someone who wouldn't talk about it and Susan knew from Leslie that you didn't talk about what you did so here we are."

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