tagLoving WivesRiley's Bar Ch. 05

Riley's Bar Ch. 05

byJust Plain Bob©

It was three days before I saw Marge again. It was a Friday night and I was out on the dance floor with Betsy when Marge and Susan came in. They sat down in a booth and as soon as the song ended I walked Betsy back to the table and then headed for the booth where Marge and Susan were sitting.

As I walked up Marge slid over and patted the spot next to her. I slid in next to her and looked over at Susan. I already knew from what Marge had told me that as far as Susan was concerned our threesome wasn't likely to happen, but I wanted to get a dig in. I was just a little pissed that Susan had hidden from me the fact that she was married. If she and Leslie were as tight as Marge had led me to believe then Susan would have known how I felt about that. So I said:

"Ready for it tonight? I've been looking forward to this since Tuesday night."

Susan looked away and Marge jabbed an elbow into my side and when I looked at her she nodded her head "no." I shrugged and asked Marge to dance. As we moved onto the dance floor I said:

"I guess the elbow in the ribs means that the three of us aren't going to have any fun together?"

"I was lucky I could even talk her into stopping in tonight. She is really feeling guilty over the fact that she was going to cheat on Gary."

"I guess I need to make nice to her."

"It might help if you could find some way to make her think you don't consider her a slut."

"But I like sluts."

"That's why I'm available for you sweetie. I'm all the slut you need."


"You know where I live. No need to knock."

I did two numbers with Marge and then walked her back to the booth. When Jane came by I ordered a round for the three of us and after it had arrived and we'd all had a sip I offered my hand to Susan.

"Come on sweetie, your turn."

She was reluctant, but she followed me out onto the floor. She was a little stiff in my arms and I said:

"Relax sweetie, we're cool. Marge explained it to me. I know about your relationship and I know how our little farce on Tuesday came about. I'm just sorry it didn't work out. You are one hell of a sexy lady and as much as I wish otherwise I understand that it isn't going to happen and I'll never bring it up again."

She had been relaxing as I talked, but she stiffened up again when I said:

"But there is a price." I chuckled and said, "You have to let me buy you drinks and dance with me every time you come in. Can you handle that?"

She relaxed and said, "I can do that."

"Good. Now I don't want you to tense up on me again, but I want to bring the threesome idea up again. Why don't you ask Gary about it?"

"He would go nuts."

"You don't know that. You just think that because of the way he feels about Marge. Approach him and go at it from the angle that you want him to be on better terms with your best friend. The worst that can happen is that he will say no and even then you will have planted the thought and it may flower later. Just make sure that he understands that you are only interested in girl boy girl and not you and two guys and you should be fine even if he opts not to do it."

"You think?"

"Hey sweetie, if he says no you haven't lost a thing and he just might surprise you."

I kept here on the floor for three numbers and then walked her back to her seat and said:

"Thank you for the dances ladies. Maybe we can do it again."

I went back to the tables and the first thing I was asked was did I think there was any chance of getting either one of them out to the parking lot.

"Not a prayer. They both made it plain that a dance or two is all they would ever get off of."

"Then why don't they just come over and join us" Bill asked.

"Yeah" George piped in, "They stuck up or something?"

"You want the truth or do you want me to sugar coat it?"

"Let it out bud."

"Because of all the trips you guys make out to the parking lot with the girls who do sit here the girls who sit here are looked on as "easy sluts" and Marge and Susan won't sit here because people may think that they are the same way. They don't want to be "tarred with the same brush" so to speak."

"Well fuck 'em then" Vern said.

"You ain't kidding no one Ace. You spend more time with those two than any of the other girls. You've got to be hustling them."

"Not so. I dance more with them than the others because the others make me uncomfortable."

"How's that?"

"You guys know that I don't the parking lot shit. There seems to be an unofficial contest among the girls who do sit at this table to see who can be the one to get me to go. They rub up against me, rub my dick, say suggestive things to me and in general make me feel uncomfortable."

"Poor picked on baby" Phil said and they all laughed.

A half hour later Marge and Susan left and I gave them another twenty minutes and then I got up, said my "goodnights" and headed for Marge's place. I didn't knock and when I walked in I found her waiting for me wearing only high heels and a smile. By the time she was done with me I was too tired to drag myself out of bed and drive home. Luckily, Marge let me stay.


For the next three weeks I danced with Marge and Susan every time they stopped in and then stopped by Marge's after they left. Plus I dated Marge on the weekends. Then came the Monday when Marge said to me:

"You will never guess what happened this weekend."

"Not without at least a clue."

"It was something that almost happened."

"Obviously I'm not going to get it so go ahead and tell me."

"Susan called me and asked me to stop by yesterday afternoon."

"So what? She's your best friend and you are always going over to her place to see her or she is going to your place."

"Gary was there."

"Again, so what?"

"Gary said yes to a threesome! It was awesome. I don't think he hates me anymore. I just wish it could have been you instead of Gary."

"I'll second that wish."

"He wants to do it again. Is that okay with you?"

"Why would it need to be okay with me?"

"We are seeing each other and you might not be all that eager to share me with another man."

"Sweetie, we just date. You are free to do what you please."

She got a look on her face that told me that I had just said something wrong so I quickly tried to cover my ass.

"What I mean baby is that you did it yesterday without calling me for permission so why ask me now? You wanted to do it and you did it and you say it was awesome. Do you really think that after you telling me that that I'm going to stand in your way? I would just hope that you set it up so that you do it on nights when I'm not around. I don't mind sharing in this special case, but I don't want to give up my quality time either."

"You mean that? It really is okay with you?"

"Of course it is."

"I guess I'll have to be especially nice to you tonight then."

She was.


Things got a little more confusing for me around the middle of the week. Jane, the girl hired to take Tina's place when Tina moved behind the bar, had to quit. Her husband came in one evening and saw the way most of the guys looked at and acted toward his honey and he decided that even though she was a good girl she didn't need to be in a place where a good girl with good intentions had ample opportunity to go bad.

Her replacement was Candy, the hot little redhead I'd met the night I was Vern's wingman. For some reason known only to God and Candy she semi attached herself to me. Maybe it was because I was the only one in the place that she already knew, but whatever the reason whenever I was there Candy took extra pains to make sure that I was taken care of. When things were slow she sat with me or stood next to me if I was sitting at the bar. The guys noticed and started ribbing me about my 'stalker' and all I could do was shrug. The night we had met she had put me on notice that she had a fiancé and was off limits so I minded my manners and treated her as just another girl that I knew and liked.

About the same time Freda, the German girl who ran the kitchen, started casting nasty glances at me and I wondered what was up with that. While Candy was hanging close and Freda was making faces at me I was rolling along as I always had. I'd come in after work, join the guys at the tables and dance with the girls who sat with us while I nursed my PBR. I had early on realized that I could easily become an alcoholic if I stopped in every night and pounded down the beers so I limited myself to no more than three a night and on most nights I actually held it to two.

I was seeing Marge about two nights a week and usually took her out on a date on at least one of the weekend days. I was still sending money to my grandmother in Florida for her to send back to Elaine and she was still getting letters from Elaine's attorney which I told her to toss without opening. Work was going fine, my love life was great and I was fairly content.

As everyone knows it is when you are thinking that all is right with your world that things tend to get FUBARED (that's military slang for "fucked up beyond all recognition'). It started one night at Riley's when Marge told me that Susan wanted to talk to me.

"Fine. Where is she?"

"It needs to be private. Can you stop by my place around noon on Saturday?"

"I suppose. What is it about?"

"I'd rather let Susan tell you."

"Give me a hint."

"I can't. All I can say is that it is an interesting development."

And indeed it was.

Saturday I joined Marge and Susan at Marge's kitchen table and Marge put a cold PBR on the table in front of me. And then Susan said:

"Marge has told you about our threesomes with Gary?"

"She mentioned that you were having them, but I didn't press for any details."

"Well, Gary likes them. He likes them so much that he wants to try a threesome with another man."

"You mean..."

"Yes. He wants another man to join him and me."

"That's what he wants. What do you want?"

"I don't know. Part of me of me wants to do it and part of me is scared about how it might turn out."

"What has you scared?"

"That I might like it too much."

"Why does that scare you?"

"If I like it too much I'll want to keep doing it."

"What's scary about that?"

"What if Gary doesn't like it after he tries it and I do. He will want to stop and I won't and I know me well enough to know that if I really like it I'm going to keep wanting to do it with or without Gary. Sooner or later I will talk myself into doing it and that is what scares me. I love Gary and I know what will happen if I get caught doing it without him."

"I guess you will just have to hope that Gary likes it. Your only other option is not to do it at all so that he never finds out that he doesn't like it and you don't find out that you really do."

"That isn't really an option. Gary wants to do it and he is pushing for it to happen."

"Well I guess that's that. Good luck."

"I want you to be the other man."

That sure enough surprised me. "I'm sorry sweetie, but I don't think I can help you there."

"Why not? You were willing enough when Marge and I took you home with us that night."

"I make it a habit to stay away from married women."

"You didn't have a problem that first time."

"I didn't know you were married either. If you will remember you were not wearing your rings that night. You had them in your purse. The other thing is that I'm not even sure that I could perform with another man in the room."

"The 'married thing' shouldn't matter because you won't be cheating with me. It can't be cheating if my husband is there and is a part of it. As far as performance is concerned I'm sure that you will manage. You seemed to like what you saw that first time."

"I'm not as confident of that as you are."

"Please Rob, I need you to do this for me."

"Why me Susan? The must be a hundred guys you know who would love to join you."

"I need you for the same reason Marge and I picked you the last time. I need someone I know and can trust not to blab about it. I also need someone I know that I feel comfortable with. It can't be anyone else that Gary and I know because if it doesn't work out I don't want to have to face them day to day. Please Rob, I need you for this."

I looked at Marge and she said, "Don't look at me sweetie; you are on your own on this."

Susan was still the sexy lady and turn on she had been on the night that she, Marge and I had gotten together and I should have been jumping at the chance she was offering me, but I was hesitant. Maybe if the second man was someone I knew I would have been more willing to take the leap, but to do what Susan wanted with someone who was a total stranger to me was a problem. I honestly did not know if I would be able to get it up and perform. And the fact that it was the stranger's wife we would be doing it with also caused me pause. Could he really handle it? Could I handle him if he couldn't?"

"Please Rob, help me out here."

I looked at her for several seconds and then thought, "What the hell. I'd never done a MMF before (and only one aborted MFF) so I decided to go for it. If it didn't work out I didn't socialize with Gary so we wouldn't likely see each other again.

"Okay Suze. I'll do it. When?"

"Some time in the next two weeks. Gary has to go out of town, but I'm not sure of the dates. Let me check out his calendar and I'll get back to you."

She leaned across the table and kissed me and then she got up and told Marge that she would talk to her later and she left. Once she was gone I said to Marge:

"Okay lover, give me your thoughts on this."

"I'm thinking that if it works out the four of us can get together and play. If that happens it will give me the chance to do the MFF thing with you and Susan."

"Now that's a thought."

"I think we should go to the bedroom and practice. What do you think about that?"

"It sounds like a damned fine idea."


Monday I had a doctor's appointment so I took the afternoon off from work. Appointment out of the way I headed for Riley's. It was early and none of the businesses had let out yet so I had the place pretty much alone. I pushed our usual tables together and then sat down to nurse my Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Several minutes after I sat down Freda walked over and sat down across from me. Her English had gotten a little better and I was able to understand her.

"Hey! Are you sissy boy?"

"Am I what?"

"A sissy boy. How you say it -- a queek?"

"A queek?"

"Yes. You smoke a log no?"

Then it hit me what she was saying and I said, "No Freda, I am not a homosexual."

"Why you no like me then? Why you no watch me like other mens?"

What do you say to something like that? Freda certainly was a walking wet dream and the only reasons I hadn't done anything were because of seeing her shoot every one else down and of not wanting to fight the language barrier, but how do you tell a girl that you haven't had anything to do with her because she couldn't speak decent English? I decided to take the easy way out.

"I have stayed away from you Freda because I've seen how you treated the other men who have come after you. I decided that you weren't interested in the men who come in here and so I've stayed away from you."

"Of course I do nothing with those foolish mens. All the time with whores in the parking lot. Why I have anything to do with them? You no do this, but you no come to me so I think you sissy boy."

"Well I'm not a sissy boy Freda."

"You prove this to me."

"How do I do that?"

"We go date together."

"And when do we do this?"

"I off on 23rd. We do then."

I looked at the calendar behind the bar and saw that the 23rd was a Friday. There was still the language barrier that I really didn't want to fight, but on the other hand I had a stone fox after me to take her out. Maybe the 'language of love' would work in my favor.

"Okay Freda, the 23rd it is."

"Is good" she said and she got up and went back into the kitchen.

Freda was no sooner out of sight when Candy came over. "I heard most of that. You aren't really going to go out with that slut are you?"

"I've never seen her with a man so how did she all of a sudden become a slut?"

"I know a bit about her and trust me on this Rob, she isn't any good. You need to steer clear of her."

"You have to give me more than that."

"I was in the pantry filling salt and pepper shakers and she was talking with a woman who had stopped by to pick up some money that Freda owed her. The woman asked Freda how she was coming along with her plan. From what I overheard it seems like Freda is looking for an American to marry so she can legally stay in this country. The plan is to marry him, get citizenship and then take the man for all he has and then leave him. Looks like she figures that you could be her sucker."

"You are making all this up right? Trying to scare me away from Freda so you will have a clear field?"

"Why would I want a clear field?"

"You lust for me and you want me and you feel you must save me from the clutches of the evil Freda."

"Yeah, right" she said and then walked away.

The crew started coming in about that time, money was put in the jukebox and I started dancing with a couple of the girls and forgot about Freda and what Candy had told had told me. Until it was time for me to leave. Candy caught me as I was heading for the door.

"I've decided to save you from yourself providing of course that you want to be saved."

"How are you going to do that?"

"Simple. On the 23rd you will take me out instead of Freda. She will be so pissed at you for standing her up that she will never speak to you again."

"You know what you are letting yourself in for? There is only one way to prove to Freda that I'm not a homosexual. Freda is a sure thing. Why would I give that up just to have dinner with you?"

"I'll make sure that you don't suffer."

"What will your fiancé think about that?"

"He is history."

"What happened?"

"We got in an argument about religion. He thought he was God and I didn't. Think about my offer" she said and then she got back to work.

I did think about it as I drove over to Marge's place. I'd heard about how some women married Americans just so they could stay in the United States and I even knew a guy who had married a German girl when he was in the Army and stationed in Germany. She left him just over a year after he brought her home with him. I didn't know whether she was still here or had been sent back to Germany. Was Freda a girl like that? I didn't know, but we were only talking 'date' here and not marriage.

What all the thinking boiled down to was which one would I rather have? Both Candy and Freda were walking wet dreams and which ever one I went with would almost certainly mean I'd never have a shot at the other. I needed to decide which one I'd rather have and being the cock hound I'd turned into since separating from Elaine "having" meant picking out the best chance to get laid and to continue getting laid. Talk about your no win situation.


The rest of the week slid by and I spent the night with Marge on Tuesday and Thursday and we went out for dinner and a show on Saturday. The show was followed by Marge spending the night and most of the next day at my apartment. Monday Marge and Susan came into the bar about an hour after I got there. I was dancing with one of the girls from our table when they came in and Susan nodded at me and then gave me s slight nod toward the booth they were headed for. When the song was over I walked Nancy back to the table and then hit the men's room. On the way back I stopped and asked Marge if she wanted to dance.

"Maybe later. Right now you need to dance with Suze."

I offered Susan my arm and we moved out onto the dance floor. The juke box was playing a slow tune and as we swayed across the floor Susan said:

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