Riley's Bar Ch. 05

byJust Plain Bob©

"Gary is out of town right now, but he is supposed to be back on Thursday. He really, really wants to do the two guy one girl thing. It is set for Friday. Make sure that you load up with vitamins lover; I plan on reducing both of you to quivering wrecks."

"This Friday? The 23rd?"

"Yes. Its okay isn't it?"

"Yeah, sure. I just didn't think it would happen this soon."

I danced twice with Susan and three times with Marge and Marge asked me if I was up to follow her home. I told her that I had offered Bill a ride home, but I would stop by her place as soon as I had dropped him off.

"The door will be open lover, and you know the way to the bedroom."

When I walked into the bedroom I found Marge on the bed with her legs spread wide and working a dildo in and out of her pussy.

"Thinking about what you are going to be doing Friday has me so damned hot that I couldn't wait for you." She tossed the dildo to the floor and said, "Hurry lover, give me the real thing."


As I drove home my mind was wrestling with the problem. Freda was expecting to go out with me on the Friday and I knew what would happen with her. There was only one way to prove that I wasn't gay and that was to fuck her and she knew it. Candy was sure that she had warned me off from Freda and was expecting me to say yes to her offer to 'save me' and whether or not that 'saving' would include sex was not clear. Susan was expecting me to join with her and her husband for fun and games. All three of them were expecting whatever it was they were expecting on Friday, the 23rd. To quote a very famous philosopher -- "Fuck me!"

The thought process over the next two days went something like this. The thing with Freda wasn't going to go anywhere. She could be the most fantastic piece of ass I'd ever had, but it wasn't going anywhere long term. The thing with Susan and Gary wasn't going to go long term either. I had no idea if anything would happen with Candy, but would it go anywhere? It could because I had a soft spot for sexy redheads. So there I was, wanting to dip my wick in all three of them and knowing that whichever one I chose would make the other two history.

And then I got to thinking about Marge. Marge wasn't long term either. Not really, really long term anyway. We had already discussed where our relationship might go and Marge was quite up front that she had no intention of getting married again for many, many years, but she had also led me to believe that I could be her bed buddy for as long as I was interested. But Marge was Susan's best friend and had been for many, many moons and how would she take it if I turned my back on Susan and went with either Freda or Candy? Would I still be welcome?

All of that was rolling around in my head for two days and I still hadn't decided what to do when the shop loudspeaker squawked:

"Rob McKeean please report to the front office."

I shut off my Miller 251, put my welding helmet on the work bench and headed for the office. I went over to Cheri, the receptionist, and said:

"You rang?"

She pointed to the boss's office and I walked in and found two cops standing there. "Rob McKeean?" one of them asked and I nodded my head yes.

"We have a warrant for your arrest on a charge of failure to appear."

To be continued...

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