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Ripe For The Picking


Sitting on her bed after her morning shower, Hannah brushed her long golden blonde hair. Wrapped around herself was her favorite soft white cotton towel which clung to her sensual, soft curves like a second skin. After she was satisfied she had gotten out all the tangles, she got up from the bed and made her way to her closet to find something cute to wear. Today was the day she had been waiting so long for, her 18th birthday.

Every since she could remember she had waited for this day. Even though she had always felt more mature than her peers, she had often longed for the officialness of being considered an adult by the law and everyone else around her. The independence that comes with being of age also excited her, as her parents had often sheltered her for most of her life. She now could finally move out and make her own way in the world.

Caught up in her dreams she found herself startled by the sound of the doorbell downstairs. Frowning to herself she debated on whether or not to quickly change or just answer the door in the towel. Assuming whoever was downstairs would probably have left by the time she got dressed, she decided to make her way down to see who had rudely interrupted her reverie.

It was probably just the delivery guy bringing Aunt Emmy's yearly birthday gift of ugly plaid socks anyway. She had never understood why she never got the hint, even though Aunt Emmy had witnessed her throwing them away on several occasions.

Opening the door with a nostalgic smirk, she was quickly taken by surprise to find her dad's long time friend standing on her doorstep. Throwing her arms around herself to make sure the towel was still securely around her she stuttered. "R-r-roger??..What are you doing here?" Roger smiled that same boyish grin that he always had, making him look much younger than his 39 years. "Yep, it's me. You don't seem too happy to see me birthday girl." His smile faded a bit. "Is everything alright?" Hannah felt herself blushing suddenly from embarrassment, her face noticeably flushed. "Oh um..Yeah of course! I just..I didn't expect to see you..I thought you were still in New York working on The Marzini case..."

Roger was a lawyer who had spent the past 6 months on a high profile case that was all over the tabloids and afternoon news. She wasn't exactly sure of all the details except it had something to do with his client being a drug cartel for the mafia. Her or her father hadn't heard a word from Roger since then, until now. "I couldn't miss your 18th birthday could I? Besides, I needed a break from all the hustle and bustle of the big city." Only noticing just then that Hannah was in a towel, he found himself looking her up and down slowly, his eyes seeming to fixate on her pert supple breasts.

"Roger?" Hannah's sweet soft tone seemed to do the trick of snapping him back into reality. "Sorry..Uh..Is Mike around? I haven't seen him in ages, and it would be nice to catch up on old times." Hannah shook her head and sighed. "Nope, you know daddy. He's been at the bar since 9 and said he won't be back until this afternoon. Roger nodded solemnly knowing all too well about Michael's drinking problem. Not wanting to ruin her day he quickly changes the subject. "Well, can I come in? I have something for you." Hannah's eyes lit up as she moves out of the way to allow Roger inside. He gave her a playful winks before walking over to the couch and helping himself to a seat. Hannah eagerly rushed over and sat down beside him feeling a bit giddy at the thought of a gift from Roger. She had always had a crush on him, and the thought of him having something for her excited her greatly.

After a few moments of anticipation she giggled. "Weeell, what is it?" Roger seemed to be lost in another world, the world that was situated right under her towel. Prying his eyes away from her perfectly smooth waxed pussy, he found himself relieved that in Hannah's excitement, she was oblivious to the fact her sweet moist cunt was in plain view.

Roger smiled. "Close your eyes.." Hannah did as she was told and shut her eyes tightly. "And no peaking!" he added swiftly. Roger Reached into his pocket and pulled out a small blue box with the words "Tiffany and Co." elegantly printed across it's top. Hoping it would be enough to distract her from his very obvious erection he handed it to her. "Ok now you can open it." Hannah opened her eyes and looked down at the box. Gasping she quickly unravelled the bow and plied open the box with her delicate fingers. Squealing in delight she pulled out a gorgeously flawless diamond necklace. "Oh my god! This must have cost a fortune!" she panted as her trembling fingers placed the necklace back into the box, not wanting to damage it in any way. Roger was grinning from ear to ear now, his hand brushing against hers to take the necklace out of the box. "Yeah, but it was worth it just to see the look on your face. Turn around and I'll help you put it on. These small clasps are always a pain to do yourself."

Hannah turned around as instructed but continued to babble on and gush about how thankful she was of such a beautiful gift.

Roger reached around and draped the necklace around her neck before using his hands to sensually move her hair to one side. Fastening the ends, he admired how soft her skin was, and tried to name the scent of her hair in his mind. It smelled like wild jasmine and warm fragrant vanilla. His erection was now throbbing painfully against his pants begging to be unleashed. Against better judgement and now only driven by primal lust, Roger found his hands moving over Hannah's back. Caressing her shoulders he felt her stiffen at his touch. For a moment he thought he had made a grave mistake by touching her in such a way, but as if to reassure him, Hannah relaxed her body and pressed herself into his palms. Undoubtedly relieved by this he decided to test his luck further, moving his hands to untuck the towel he slowly let it fall from her body. His heart began to race at the sight of her perfectly toned back and firm round ass. Hannah, as if on cue, turned around to face Roger. As she stood up, he felt his heart fall at the thought of her leaving and branding him an old pervert, banishing him, but instead she reached down between her legs and began to rub herself.

Sighing with pleasure she found herself gazing into Roger's eyes, willing him out of his clothes. Returning her gaze, she didn't have to utter a single word for him to know what she wanted. Unzipping his pants he slid them off with ease before standing up himself to press his body to hers. Hannah's hands trembled as she precariously began to unbutton his shirt, a long seemingly endless tease. Unfastening the last button she eagerly slid it off of him to reveal a pleasant surprise of a muscular and well toned body. Looking up at him with her sensual fuck me eyes, she got down on her knees and began to stroke his cock over his boxers, his erection leaving an outline of his manhood beneath the thin fabric.

No longer being able to take any more of her teasing, he pulled his underwear down allowing his cock to be released from it's constraints.

Smiling softly, Hannah took Roger's stiff cock in her hand and began to lick up and down it's length, her other hand softly massaging his balls.

Roger gasped and moaned as he placed his hand on her head, gently stroking her hair as she worked his pole. Wanting to feel Roger's entire length in her mouth, she eagerly slid his cock between her soft pouty lips and began to bob her head up and down rhythmically. Pumping in and out of her soft wet mouth he reached down to gently cup a breast in his hand, gently rolling and plying her soft now erect nipple. Knowing he wouldn't be unable to control himself if he allowed her to continue sucking him off, he hesitantly withdrew himself from the warmth and wetness.

Lying down on the couch he took her by the hand and had her straddle him with those long sensual legs. Holding her hips with his hands, he teased her pussy lips open slowly before pushing himself as deeply as he could inside of her. Moaning simultaneously, Hannah leaned into him and began kissing him with feverish passion, her lips parting his to explore the unfound wonders that lie just beyond. Moving his hips, thrusting slowly inside her velvet walls, Roger felt as if he could explode at any moment. He had never felt such tightness or wetness as he was feeling now with Hannah. Her pussy seemed to be squeezing and milking him, eager to fill itself with his hot white liquid life. Not ready for this blissful moment to end, he pulled his cock out and began to rub his shaft between Hannah's soft smooth pussy lips. He gave himself just enough time to allow the inevitable orgasm to wane, before plunging himself back inside of her. Now with more stamina than ever before, he began pumping quickly in and out of her, fully appreciating the texture and curves surrounding his member. Reaching up to Hannah's luscious tits he held onto them, massaging them as he pounded her deep and hard, building up speed and keeping it until he felt her tremble from somewhere deep inside, her body quivering and convulsing in his arms as she was in the throws of a powerful orgasm. The sensation of her juices flowing down his rod made it impossible to hold out anylonger. Moaning loudly he pushed himself so deeply inside her that he was sure that for an instance, they were one. It felt as if he were having 5 orgasms at once as he unloaded a steady stream of cum into her womb, his strong arms pulling her close to cradle her body against his own. Exhausted, he looks her over and smiles, looking deeply into her eyes he whispers into her ear "If I knew you'd liked the necklace this much I would have bought two."

Laughing softly she sighs. "There's always next year.."

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