tagMatureRipe Fruits Ch. 01

Ripe Fruits Ch. 01


I was on vacation then and had all the time in the world to be spending anywhere I liked. In the mornings, I often went to my uncle's house to meet my aunt and her daughter in law Suman bhabi (sister in law), Suman bhabi was also my cousin who is married to my cousin.

Suman bhabi was a TV addict, and many afternoons she spent her time before the TV set. Her husband was a serious and religious type, who looked old enough to be her father. About their conjugal relations, I, of course, knew nothing, but judging from body language I should say it was very little. To see the couple, one could easily say that he didn't look like he could keep a woman like her happy in bed. But he had polite, courtly manners, and the lifestyle he had kept his family quite comfortable, in an upper middle-class way. He was a very busy man and had little time for Suman bhabi.

They were my favorite relatives, and the one and only reason was Suman bhabi. She always gave me special attention, so I fell in love with her. Suman bhabi had been the object of my fantasy ever since I had hit puberty, and now that I was 18, she had ultimately become my obsession. Every woman and girl I was with I compared to Suman bhabi and every woman and girl came up short. More importantly, I fell in love with her breasts and her shapely bottom.

She always gave me great hugs, which allowed her great breasts to be against my chest. She usually asked me to do some domestic chores or work around the house. She was always so grateful for that. Many times, she had asked me to go across the street to buy some groceries or medicine for her. So many times she had asked me to go help her with some heavy lifting or other tasks that needed a young man's strength.

Suman bhabi was not an extremely pretty woman, but had a petite frame, fair-skinned, and attractive, an average Indian woman—about 5'1", medium jet-black hair, piercing hazel eyes, amazing breasts and a solid body that showed curves in all the right places. Suman bhabi was really a sex goddess and was definitely hot. She knew this and it showed in the way she talked and walked. I couldn't be sure but I think she was flirting with me, the way she hugged me, holding on just that extra bit longer than one should and the way her eyes looked at mine, there was some attraction between the both of us.

I paid frequently visits to their home and always spent lots of time there. Suman bhabi had had a baby only a few months ago. Once, when I was there, Suman Bhabi's little baby started crying. She revealed her breast to feed the baby. She didn't bother hiding it in my presence.

The first time I saw her breast was too exciting for a twenty-year-old guy. My eyes locked on it. Her breasts were even whiter than her body, and there were large pink protrusions in the middle of the lovely breast. Areola rings surrounded the nipple, the size of a large coin, dark pink in color. My breathing became instantly heavy. I could sense my penis spring into action and become big. I didn't want the kid to finish feeding. I was trying to steal glances at the magnificent breast of my dream woman. Her eyes seemed to be on me each and every time I looked.

After a while she hid her breast. Just as she did, her eyes looked back towards me and she smiled that killer look. It was as though she knew what I was thinking. Seeing her breast aroused me in a way I had never felt before. She looked at me and smiled at me so sweetly. And the way she looked at me made it even worse. For some reason I was embarrassed at being caught checking her out. Having been caught, I immediately turned beet red. Subconsciously though, I must admit I was secretly pleased.

As usual, she was my fantasy at night, but that night I specially used Suman bhabi as the object of my fantasies for my nightly jack-off session and her breast was the focus of it.

I had often fantasized about having sex with Suman bhabi. Every woman on Earth seemed like a goddess because my hormones were going crazy at that age. My cock was always hard and all I could think of was sex. I had an urge to touch Suman bhabi's breast. I had an urge to massage her breasts, to feel her breasts, and to suck her breasts like her kid was sucking. But how could I? Suman bhabi Bhabhi was known to be a very reserved person. She was widely respected amongst our entire family, and other relatives, and even ladies in our neighborhood.

One day, I went to see them and no was there except Suman bhabi. She greeted me and gave me a hug, and it seemed she held on a little longer than a normal hug would. Her full breasts were pressed into my chest, giving me ammunition for my late night jack off session. I had a great fantasy all ready for my use, having had her on my mind all the time. She asked me to sit and said,

"Now let me get you tea." Suman bhabi's loose hair was flowing loosely over her back, in all its shiny glory. She had beautiful hair.

She sat close enough to me, keeping the stuff at the small table before me, then made two-cups and handed one to me to sip, as we carried on our conversation. I shifted my bottom on the cushion, and reaching between my legs pulled my cock to a more comfortable position. She looked at me and then lowered her eyes.

I thought, smiling, "I never thought she would be like this."

I felt a hard on coming on, so I shifted my position to conceal the impending bulge that might form in front of my pants. After the usual conversation was over, she caught a glimpse of the tent under my shilwar and gave me a naughty smile. So I crossed my legs to conceal my raging hard on.

"Zeshan, I heard from someone that you are good with a TV; well I have a problem with the TV in my bedroom."

"Can I take a look at it, maybe I can fix it." I told her.

She stood up and went to lock the main door. After locking the door of the house, she guided me to her bedroom. She was walking before me towards the bedroom, moving her ass that extra bit more than usual.

Suman bhabi sat by the TV and turned it on, then I went around Suman bhabi and positioned myself at her back looking over her, by now my hard on had subsided due to the embarrassment of being seen by Suman bhabi. As she was explaining her problem her elbow would inadvertently brush against my cock, slowly reviving my hard on, but to my surprise there was no reaction coming from her. So feeling confidant enough I pushed my raging hard on closer into Suman bhabi's elbow. Still no reaction from her and I noticed that her elbow lingered for a while in its position, touching my cock. This went on for a few minutes, then Suman bhabi said to come sit next to her.

She sat close to me, her arm touching mine. The sensations that ran through my body titillated and electrified me while I was tuning the TV and Suman bhabi was talking with me. It was pretty hard on my part trying to concentrate on the job while sitting next to her.

Then I asked her "Suman bhabi you don't care for your health, and you got rid of a lot of weight"

"You're right."

"Especially your stomach."

"Yes it's became too heavy."

"Is it soft or hard?"

"Soft like a silk."

"Suman bhabi, can I touch your pretty belly?" I pleaded, and she could barely nod her acquiescence. She said, "Why not?"

I put my hand on her belly and felt her belly from above her qameez. As soon as I touched her with my palm, my penis sprang to life. Suman bhabi was smiling softly all the while. Encouraged, I palmed her tummy and moved my hand near to, and just touching her breasts. She let out a soft moan. Her upper treasures were really soft.

Suman bhabi then smiled and said, "That's all you wanted to touch?"

I mustered up courage to ask if I could kiss her?

" No...", she replied smilingly.

I was disappointed. Our discussion and actions so far had made me bold as never before. Not getting the voluntary offer from Suman bhabi, I asked her again if she would let me kiss her.

I looked askance at her again, hoping that she would offer me a kiss.

Suman bhabi was reluctant.

"It won't be right", she said.

I did not insist any further, but fell silent. No matter how much Suman bhabi tried to get me talking again, I could not break my silence.

"Well, you certainly have grown. You really are a young man now, aren't you?" She said smiling.

...Then a soft "Okay! But only once."

"Thank you Suman bhabi" and holding her head in my hands, I brought my lips to her, and kissed her softly on her check and then lips. The kiss was soft but prolonged. I rejoiced in inhaling her scent deep and long.

"I think somebody here is really getting excited!!!"

My heart began to beat a mile a minute, as my greatest fantasy was about to happen. I was in a trance at that time, she took me by surprise by placing her hand on my crotch. I started to moving back, when she put her finger on my lips, and gently grabbed my cock and slowly stroked it from the outside of my shilwar. She stroked it gently at first, and then, as the heat inside her rose, more purposefully. Suman bhabi looked up at me with a loving smile.

"Oh is that for me?" Suman bhabi giggled and she licked her lips. Oh! My . . .!" She almost yelled, "You have got a huge cock for such a small guy."

"You think I have a big cock?" I asked.

"For someone of your stature, your cock is gigantic!" She assured me, "Hell, for any guy, it would be huge."

"Thank you." I said, the whole time blushing.

"You are so much bigger than my husband." Suman bhabi replied, "He is only 5 inches, but this fucking thing must be over 8 inches!" she announced as she grabbed the base of mine and looked at it from all angles." "I always thought yours would be a small one. This is so big, Zeshan!" said Suman bhabi.

"It's yours if you like it." I said.

She gently wrapped her fingers around my fully erect cock, stroking it very slowly. The feeling of her soft hands on my cock was heavenly, sending me groaning in pleasure.

"Oohh that's it, Zeshan, jerk it slowly"

We were sitting on the couch close to each other. And then it took us no time at all to start hugging. She gave me a passionate kiss at the same time she quickly placed her hand on my crotch. She made a comment on how I was hard. I told her your hand has magic, unparalleled magic that made stone from flesh. And she laughed. We once again kissed and this time the kiss quickly became more intense and more passionate. Electric currents ran across my body when Suman bhabi gave a quick and soft twitch to my cock.

She took my hands and placed them on her breast. Her hands were guiding my hands, showing how to caress and squeeze. She had me pinch her nipples. She pulled up her qameez up with bra reveling her succulent breasts. She pulled my head down to her breasts. I felt the softness against my cheeks, then I kissed and licked and finally bit gently. She asked me to put the nipples in my mouth to suck on. "Suck them."

As I was sucking her breasts, one by one, she again asked me, "Bite them, honey. That's it. Harder." She was moaning and swooning. I held her up and continued to devour her tits.

She simply pulled out my cock, took it in her hand and started stroking it slowly. It felt like hours later when she pushed my hands downward over her belly to her pussy, hidden under her dress. She took my hand and placed it in her shilwar knot, but I didn't understand and was only caressing her belly.

She took my fingers again to bring them to the top of her shilwar; this time I unknotted the string of her shilwar and gradually pushed it down, revealing her fleshy thighs and cunt. There before me was what I had fantasized about since I was fifteen years old.

" Suman bhabi, I have never done this before" I said to her.

"Oh! Really?"


"Don't worry, that's not problem," she laid on her back on the carpeted floor, and said throatily, "Now, kneel between my legs, I will guide you."

I positioned myself as directed, between her legs. She put out her hands and took hold of my hips when I knelt down. She spread her thighs and raised her legs even more, but kept her feet on the ground. She pulled my hips against her and suddenly I felt my cock head touch her soft hair.

She took my cock in her hand and pushed me back a little. She pushed my cock slightly down and I felt her wetness. She let my cock slide up and down her slit a few times. Then she held it still against her pussy.

"Now push, push slowly," she said.

No lubrication was required. I pushed forward. She wriggled her hips and I felt how my cock-head slipped inside her pussy. When I felt my cock in her hot cunt I shouted "Oh, fuck! I have wanted to do that for a long time."

"I know you have." She replied, "I have too."

I slid my cock slowly in and then withdrew it equally slowly, in and out, in and out. Each time I went in, I could feel the tightness of her orifice. I gradually enhanced the vigor of my movements. Faster and faster I went. Gradually, I pounded my cock deep within her. I got all my cock of me inside her and she writhed with pleasure and satisfaction! She put her legs around my thighs and held me tight.

"Don't move. Feel and enjoy my pussy for a while," she said and released her grip on my thighs. She lowered her legs and raised her hips up against me.

The feeling of her pussy was incredible. Her cunt was warm like an oven, she held me in a tight grip. Her pussy pulsated along my cock. She was a very experienced woman who could play with her pussy.

"Now fuck me. Thrust hard into me."

I started to thrust. She met me and started to moan again. Each thrust into her made us both moan in pleasure. I wanted to last a long time, but I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself. Suman bhabi had now wrapped both her legs around me.

She started to moan and suddenly she cried out and her body shook. I became startled and withdrew. I was afraid that I somehow had hurt her.

"Did I hurt you?"

"No! That was something good that you should be proud of. Don't be afraid. You can't hurt me with your cock Zeshan. My pussy is made for it," she said.

"Are all pussies this tight, or is it just your pussy that is so tight." I mentioned.

"No! That's because your cock is so big!" She replied. "It hurts and feels good at the same time."

Each time I'd crash my cock into her, she moaned out aloud and called my name. She was not passive by any means, for she would, in turn, thrust her pelvis harder against mine, so my cock would touch her innermost core all the way deep inside her. The bed sheet bore the brunt of her ecstatic fury, as she held on to it, clutched at it and tore it at several places. I had been fucking her hard, missionary style, and she loved it.

I pulled out and pushed in again.

"Yes, that's good. Use long strokes in the beginning," she panted. "Oh, your cock feels so good in there. Go on, Zeshan." Her moans started again.

"Suman bhabi, I hope it is okay and I am not hurting you in any way".

She answered by clutching at me even harder and urging me to go deeper, faster. I was pleasured beyond my own belief but what made me really happy was that this sexual union made my Suman bhabi even happier.

"Oh! Yes!" She cried, "Ravage my pussy with your huge dick, Zeshan!"

"I have wanted to fuck you ever since I was kid," I told her.

"You are doing a hell of a job of it!" She complimented.

"You are so amazing," I said. "You're so fucking beautiful." I squeezed her hips and fucked her like mad.

"Uhhh, Ooo!! Suman bhabi, I'm going come in your --"

"Come in your bhabi cunt that's been dying for it for so long, Zeshan." her nails raked the flesh of my ass as I slipped inside of her deep, and deeper still, until I could push no more.

I yelled in pleasure! With a sudden burst, I unloaded all my semen into her sweet mature pussy. I came into her, and she loved it, it felt like magic! Load after load of cum went into her, it was the most intense orgasm I ever had in my life.

She held me tight until her moans trailed off. She hugged me with her arms and legs and held me for a long time.

"We should have done this years ago; who knew you were this good? That was the most amazing thing I've ever felt Zeshan, first time in my married life. I came about three times when you were in me", she giggled. "Tell me, how was that. Was my pussy as sweet and pleasant as you imagined? Are you happy now?" She said in a very soft voice.

"You own me Suman bhabi bhabi you are great, I waited for you so long" I hugged her and smiled broadly, a big happy smile.

"Damn, that was a huge load." She spoke, "Now I know what I have been missing with my old man. Are you glad now Zeshan, I let you fuck me?" she asked.

"I am, I am too happy, thank you very much, I love you" I said.

"You're welcome. I, too, am happy for the pleasure you gave me."

"You are so hot." I squeezed her hard. "Tell me when we can do it again." I asked her.

"I wish we could spend the whole day together fucking." She replied.

"I really wish we could, too." I told her, "Will your kids or husband be coming by soon?"

"I'm sure they will be calling shortly." Suman bhabi said.

Suman bhabi and I lay there holding one another and kissing gently.

I told Suman bhabi how beautiful she looked today and then I kissed her softly on the lips and we lay there naked, feeling on our bodies each other's wetness and rejoicing in each other's warmth and presence.

"What has happened was great... But it has to stay between you and me. You mustn't tell anybody else about it. Not even your friends. Do you understand?" she said.

"Yes, yes of course," I stammered. I would have promised anything at that time.

"If you stand on your promise, I will be all you want me to be. You can have me whenever and as many times as you want. You must be discreet about it, for instance when we together with the others. We will behave and act normally.''

"When will we meet again?"

"I'll wait for you tomorrow, early morning."

She helped me dress and told me she would be waiting very impatiently next day, and said to come early. Then, she licked my lips and kissed me while her hand slid down to grab my cock through my shilwar.

"I think I can't wait till morning." I told her.

"Don't come at midnight." She laughed and said. "I guess we'll be seeing a lot more of each other?'

"Yes." I replied. "I'll come around more often."

Suman bhabi walked me to the door and we said good bye one last time. We promised again to see each other next day and kissed one last time. I made it to my home.

I can't explain how I spent the restless night. I never believed that I'd just had the most incredible afternoon of my life with an amazing woman. It was hard to believe that I had spent the time with the woman of my dreams. I had only one thought on my mind all night, and that was Suman bhabi.

Next morning, around 10 am, I went to her house. Even though nobody else was home, Suman bhabi shut the door to her room after she'd pulled me in, pushed me against the door, and flung herself against me. I kept my eyes open as wide as I could manage, and saw her close her eyes, and felt her wrap her right leg around my left leg. My arms wrapped around Suman bhabi, holding her tightly against me, my fingers gliding up and down her back, just stopping at the small of her back before running back up toward her hair.

She pulled away from me, reached her arms out to me, as if beckoning me to follow her. She then turned away, sauntered over to her bed, sat down, gave me that look again, and patted the bed next to her. I walked over to her, sitting down next to her. She turned to me, put her arms around me, and put her lips up to my ear.

"I want to be with you, Zeshan. Right now," she whispered, almost unintelligibly. Yet, she still managed to get her point across, as my arms made their way behind her.

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