tagMatureRippling Water Ch. 03

Rippling Water Ch. 03


Teri (aka Janice) awoke with a start. Throwing off the covers she dashed into the bathroom. Shedding the robe Teri sat on the toilet just in time. After relieving herself she took a refreshing shower. Awake and alert she realized that there was no twitching. Dressing in the clothes she had worn on the trip down last night Teri went in search of her mystery man.

She found him after she found the coffee and cinnamon buns. Bill was asleep on the couch but not flat out like most nappers. He lay on his side and his back. 'So that's how he does it', Teri said to herself. Sitting on the floor Teri assumed a lotus position, slowly drank her coffee and watched the man who had become her lover.

When Bill lay down he set his internal alarm clock. It went off and he awoke slowly. He didn't stretch but Teri watched as each muscle group flexed and relaxed. Bill slowly opened his eyes. Then he got a big smile on his face. "Such a beautiful sight to wake up to," he said looking directly at Teri.

Teri blushed, right up to the roots of her auburn hair. She was still unaccustomed to receiving such open compliments.

"How long have you been sitting there watching me?" Bill continued.

Looking down at her empty cup Teri said, "A full cup of coffee."

"And a sticky bun," Bill add pointing to the right side of his mouth.

"I'm hungry. Are you going to fix some breakfast for me?"

"Will brunch at Harry's be alright? I don't want to burn the house down."

"I accept!" Teri chirped.

Bill sat up and then stood up. Extending a hand to Teri he said, "May I help you?"

"Testing me?"

"No, just trying to be a gentleman to the woman I am in love with."

Teri accepted the offered hand and allowed Bill to pull her to her feet. "I apologize."

"None needed. So, do we throw open the front door wide open or sneak out the back?"

"Let's be crafty and sneak out the back." Teri replied with a sly smile.

Bill went to the entry closet and extracted their coats. After shrugging into his Bill assisted Teri with hers. When they got to the garage the door was already open. Bill disabled the alarm and opened the passenger door for Teri. Bill had backed and was pointed toward the fence when he realized that he wouldn't be able to open the gate.

Teri came to his rescue by saying, "You don't need the card to get out. There is an imbedded strip that will activate the gate."

"But the gate closed last night." Bill questioned.

"Had you rolled forward the gate would have stayed open. The same type strip is on the outside of the fence." Teri replied. They drove off to get food.

Walking into the restaurant they were greeted by Harry. "You two here for my morning after special?"

"Yes, you old goat. I'll have tomato juice for me. How about you Bill, orange or tomato?" Teri answered.

"Tomato juice, please." Bill said.

"Mind if I join you?" Harry asked.

"I'm not giving you the option." Teri replied tartly.

"Did I do something to offend you?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

"That is something I'm going to find out." was Teri's curt answer.

Harry started towards his favorite booth when Bill said, "Yes Admiral, you will join us at table."

Harry did an abrupt 180 and stared at Bill. "Where did I screw up?"

Teri stood by Bill and was laughing her head off.

"Harold K. Whitman, Admiral, United States Navy, Retired. Harry, that's you."

"How did you get that information, Bill?" Harry asked in a command voice.

Bill didn't answer but turned to fix a stare on Teri. "And you Janice Teresa Whitman are sneaky. An old family friend indeed. What you left out was the minor detail of this old sea goat being your father."

Teri, still laughing approached Harry and gave him a healthy hug and kiss.

"You didn't NIS me, did you girl?"

"No dad, Bill gets these special G-grams now and again. He sank my rubber ducky just as he did yours."

Harry stood there searching Bill's figure, face, and then his eyes. He started laughing. "I'll bet that you're one of those GD Yeoman. Yeah, you got the cut of one."

"Guilty, Admiral." was Bill's answer.

"Dad, Bill," Teri interrupted, "Andy has given the high sign twice. Our brunch is getting cold."

Andy appeared in the doorway with a heavy tray. As he got closer he said, "Hello Janice." and kissed her on the cheek.

So they sat and had porridge, toast, juice and coffee. Andy was drinking tea. "Don't know how you Yanks can drink that bilge water. Tastes like dirty socks.

Harry was silent for a moment. "Bill, give me a brief account of you military history. Something doesn't add up."

"Okay Harry, Andrew and especially you Teri, my love. USNR 63-69, US Army 75-80, and US Navy 81-88.

"So they added insult to injury!"

"My God, Bill." Teri squeaked, "You told me about your injuries and disabilities but I never put two and two together."

Harry blurted out, "You weren't a yeoman in the sixties. What was your rating?"

"I was a Radarman in CIC."

"And in the Army?"

"Infantryman, 11B."

"So it wasn't until the 80's that you became a yeoman?"


"You retired?"

"No, medical discharge."

"So they threw the baby out with the bath water."

"That's the polite way of saying it."

Teri chose to enter the lop-sided conversation at that point, "Dad, what's going on in that Admiral mind of yours?"

Harry scanned the faces of the other people at the table. "Teri, honey, right now I don't know myself."

Looking at Bill Harry said, "Bill, I would like your permission to do some snooping on both sides of the fence. You got any paperwork?"

"The only official paperwork I have left is four bad copies of my DD214's."

"Can you fax them to me Monday morning?"

"Yes, but I'll have to find a place to fax them from."

"Bill," Teri said, "I could fax them from my office."

The slight hunch of Bill's shoulder's told Harry and Andy that this was a minefield waiting to blow up in Bill's face. Before Bill could step on one Harry said, "Sweetheart, daughter of mine, I think Bill needs to make this particular step in person."

Bill picked up on the save and added, "Teri, you know my body, mind, and soul. Now I ask you for your trust in letting me take this step alone."

Teri turned to the man that had captured her heart and every other part of her. "Bill, you know my body, mind, and soul. I willingly withdraw my offer of assistance with no regrets. I do trust you completely and when you are ready you will provide the explanation I can understand."

"Janice," said Andy, "can I have your permission to call you by my favorite name for you?"

"Andy, you may call me Teri until the end of time without restriction or qualification."

"Bless you, lassie! Bless you! Now scoot, the both of you. Your Da and I have a dinner rush coming. Stop out back before you disappear. I have some meals to tide you over until you must return to civilization."

Rising from the table Andy extended a hand to Bill. "William Haggen, it is an honor to meet you."

Bill stood up and grasped Andy's hand. "It is an honor to meet you Sir Andrew Ian Smythe-Jones, Admiral, Her Majesty's Royal Navy, Retired."

Andy walked to the kitchen shaking his head. Harry had gotten up from the table and was waiting for Teri. "Give me a hug and a kiss, girl. Then go get Andy's gift. Oh, you both are invited to 1000 hours brunch. The 'gang' will be here and you can nail us all."

Turning to Bill Harry said, "It is a pleasure to meet you formally and informally."

"Thank you, Harry." Bill replied, "I'll have those papers to you early Monday."

Teri and Bill had received Andy's gift and departed for the house. Harry and Andy prepared for the dinner rush. While they did the questions flowed back and forth.

Harry asked Andy, "What did you hear Andrew? How bad is Bill?"

Andy replied, "Classic case of PTSD. The Army didn't or couldn't do something so Bill got out. The Navy screwed up and gave him a medical discharge. Bill has one strong spirit to withstand blows like that."

Harry looked at Andy and said, "Do you feel that this is the case to present to all our networks? Do we go for the jugular or just pull a lot of short hairs?"

Andy replied as he rubbed his chin replied, "Alert the three primaries. They can call an APB if needed. We go for both the short hairs and the jugular this time. If Bill's case is typical and not atypical then we put in on the top of the stack. We can't bring the system down but we have the evidence to make them change it."

"I feel you're wrong on one point Andrew." Harry said, "I keep getting the image of suicide but it is not connected to the military directly."

"Okay Harry," Andy said, "After we close tonight I'll call my three in the UK. If that man doesn't have blood on my side of the pond then I'm not the judge of men I thought I was."

"Andy, I got to sit for a minute." Harry said, "The name Haggen is false. There is a French feel and Welsh/Scottish overtones to the image I'm getting. Griffith is the Welsh side but the Scottish is too murky. Ah, Picard in Normandy. One more — Alsace-Lorraine and yes, there it is Bouchet."

"I've watched it happen hundreds of times but I still don't know how you do it." Andy said indicating the manner in which Harry received such vital information.

Harry rose from his seat saying, "Make the alert to the primaries code red. This is the one we have been waiting for. The results will be very good and Bill and Teri will have much to be happy about. I'm calling my three primaries now. This can't wait until tomorrow. I know Andrew, the time. Not the middle of the night but damn early in the morning."

Teri and Bill were back at the house and had put Andy's food gift away. "Bill," Teri said, "you look kind of tense. Why don't you take a nice relaxing swim? I've got to check out a few things."

Bill turned to Teri and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tip of her nose. Thank you, sweetheart. Please join me for a swim when you finish up." Bill turned away and began to strip off his clothes as he made his way to the bedroom. "Teri, is there a washer and dryer here? The thought crossed my mind that we could do our laundry here since the time is free."

"That's an excellent idea, love." Teri replied, "There is a utility room off to the side of the pool. I'll strip down so you can start the load before you take your swim. There should be soap and fabric sheets on the shelf." Teri sat down at the table so she could remove her shoes.

Bill had finished undressing and put on the robe he was using. Picking up his dirty clothes Bill entered the living room just as Teri removed her shirt. Bill leaned up against the doorframe to watch.

Grasping the front panels of the shirt Teri peeled them back over her shoulders and let the shirt slide down slender well-toned arms to land in a puddle on the floor. Hands reached up between Teri's breasts and unsnapped the front closing bra. Slender fingers hooked the inside edge of the cups and drew them away from her breasts before pulling them apart. The motion continued until the straps slipped off her shoulders. Teri let go of the cups allowing the bra to join the shirt on the floor.

Bill continued watching as Teri brought her hands up to caress her now nude miniature mountains. It was obvious to Bill that Teri enjoyed the task of undressing. After giving a gentle tweak to her nipples Teri slid hands down over her abdomen to loosen the belt at her waist. That done she gave a practiced flick to the button securing the waistband of the wool slacks covering her bottom half. While one hand slid the zipper down the other hand pulled the waistband away from her side and began edging it down over a shapely hip. With the zipper completely down that hand began the same motion to the other side of Teri's waistband. Using a seesaw motion Teri soon had the wool slacks below her hips. She stopped the seesaw motion and with a little wiggle sent the slacks sliding down long lean legs to join the other garments on the floor.

Just as her hands slid under the waistband of her panties Bill said, "Do you always undress with such simple elegance?"

Startled Teri thumped down to the chair behind her. "I enjoy being naked."

"Ah, our first difference of opinion." Bill replied.

"Oh, and that is?" Teri asked looking at Bill.

"Naked implies to me the turning over of a rock to expose the insects and grubs underneath. While nude implies the revealing of form and beauty."

"Oh my!" Teri squealed as she felt her pussy convulse. Without looking Teri knew there was a big wet spot forming in the crotch of her panties.

"Thank you, Teri." Bill said as he watched the color of Teri's panties change.

"For what, you evil man." Teri replied.

"I was about to compliment your choice of that shade of green when you subtlety added a darker shade further enhancing your auburn hair."

The flow of nectar increased with Bill's comments. "Get out of here before I ruin the carpet. Oh, you warlock! The timbre of your voice and the word pictures you create are how you seduce me. Oh God! Bill, leave!"

"Give me your clothes and I shall remove myself from your presence, dear lady."

Teri bent down to scoop up her clothing. As she did her scent made itself obvious. Sitting Teri threw the clothing at Bill. "Leave!"

"But your socks and panties?"

Instantly Teri bent over and removed her socks. Holding them in her hands she stood and quickly drew the now wet panties down her legs. Throwing the socks at Bill Teri then flicked the panties at him using her foot. "Now go!"

Bill caught the panties and brought them to his nose. Inhaling deeply and then exhaling he said, "True ambrosia!"

Teri stared at Bill her eyes filled with tears of joy. "You are impossible!" Then her whole body shook as the orgasm struck her core. "AAIIYYEE!" Teri sank on to the chair. "I just had a wonderful orgasm and you didn't touch me."

"Shall I go have my swim now?"


Bill walked to the door, slid it open and after stepping out closed it behind him. Turning around Bill witnessed Teri massaging her nectar into every part that she could reach. She shook with ecstasy.

Teri finally gained some control over her body. Standing up she walked into the bathroom and took a long refreshing shower. Dressed in her robe Teri went to the closet and looked for the items she wanted to give to her devil man.

Opening a drawer Teri found what she sought. Mag card for the gate, garage door opener, and two sets of keys to all the various outbuildings and the house. Closing the closet Teri took the items and walking back to the dining table she set them down in a neat row.

A big smile crossed her face as Teri said aloud to no one, "Let's see what kind of deviltry I can get into with Bill." Stepping towards the door to the pool Teri untied her robe allowing it to flow out behind her as she walked.

Bill by swimming the length of the pool several times was able to reduce his level of anxiety over giving Harry and Andy permission to snoop into his past. He now felt at ease. His inner self realized that to progress the cleansing was necessary regardless of the outcome. Bill wanted to be as complete a man as he could be not only for himself but also for the lady that had captured his entire body.

The erection gained as he watched Teri undress was not reduced by his thoughts or the warm, soothing water of the pool. Ending a down lap Bill saw Teri come into the pool building. Instead of starting a new lap he stood by the wall shielding his erection.

Teri took the two steps down onto the pool deck. Seeing Bill watching her Teri slowly removed her robe. Instead of dropping it she let it trail out behind her as she walked towards the man.

Bill seeing Teri's tender smile moved to the steps and climbed out to meet Teri. His man hood preceded him waving up and down as if greeting Teri in its own right.

"I'm glad to see that you are not impervious to my many charms."

"The level of my stress nor the warm, soothing water could reduce the hard-on gained while watching you disrobe in the dining area."

"You hid the man in you quite well."

"The clothes I was holding was the only reason you didn't see my obvious interest."

"Yet you chose not to share."

"What I saw as I closed the door verified my choice. You were sharing something special and personal with someone not there."

"Let us attend to the washer and then have our swim."

"Do not rush your explanation. Let it happen in its own time."

"Thank you, my dear friend."

"Bill, how do you know about Dad and Andy?"

"Andy and your Dad fought lots of battles in their respective services." Bill said, "They were attempting to get better equality for all men and women in the service and for all veterans. They had too much political clout for the big wigs to fire them so they tried to minimize the changes they sought. Word gets around in any branch of service especially when it affects morale, pay, and benefits."

By the time Bill had answered Teri's question their clothes had been transferred from the washer to the dryer. After pushing the start button on the dryer Bill said, "Shall we take our swim now?"

"Yes!" Teri said extending a hand toward Bill. Bill took the offered hand and led Teri to the pool steps. Teri dropped her robe as they neared the steps. Still holding hands Teri and Bill descended into the warm water and floated toward the far end of the pool.

Some thirty minutes later the silence was broken by the sound of the dryer buzzer going off.

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