tagNovels and NovellasRising Tide: CATU Book 3 Ch. 02

Rising Tide: CATU Book 3 Ch. 02


Mapholaneng, Lesotho

Sergey Stalockavich rolls over and begins kissing Talilith's back. She moans but continues to lie there. "You keep that up and we'll have to go another round," she says with a small giggle.

"I've got all the time in the world," comes Sergey's reply.

"Aren't you expected back in Morhotlong today?"

"Maltaus can wait on me for a change."

Talilith turns around pushing Sergey off. "Don't piss him off or blow this," she says, anger flared on her face.

It is Sergey's turn to get angry. "Like I told him before, I don't take orders. I agreed to have the Black Dragon help, but only in return for my share. So I'll show up when I want to," he states in a stern voice.

Talilith nearly loses her anger, but caught herself. She needs Stalockavich to stay loyal, otherwise her plans would just be harder to accomplish. "I know you take pride in your accomplishments, but I need your help," she purrs.

Before he can respond, she pulls him in for a long hard kiss. Suddenly she breaks away and slides down beneath the covers to take his hardened cock into her mouth. Her mouth is wet and warm and so incredibly soft. Exquisite strokes of her tongue leave him breathless; he feels every titillating touch. She slows and simply holds him there for a while, allowing her tongue to dance softly against his shaft eliciting a groan from him.

Talilith moves one hand to the base of his cock and wraps it around. She presses down and squeezes at the same time. She slides her fist up until she is holding him just under the mushroom head of his cock. Her cool fingers squeeze and she gives it a few experimental pumps, letting her fingers spread his juice around his head. His reaction pleases her as he moans again.

"Suck it baby," he whispers. Suck my cock."

She continues to pump her hand as she flicks out her tongue to sweep up newly formed drops of precum. Sergey groans low and thrashes a bit. He reaches down and places his hand on her head to force her onto his cock. Her wet, hot mouth encompasses his cock and he begins pumping his hips, working his cock deeper into her warm mouth.

He shoves it in as deep as she can physically take it. "Ahhh, yes," he moans. "Take it deep bitch."

Talilith's hand grips tightly around the base. Her hand moves up and down while her head bobs in synchronization. Sergey can feel her tongue lick his cock head with every stroke. He reaches down to stroke her hair, then her face. His fingers move to her mouth, brushing his cock, feeling it move in and out of her wet, hot mouth.

Talilith keeps a steady pace. Her free hand moves to encompass his balls. She begins massaging them and within moments she feels them tightening. He is getting ready to cum and she lets out a apprehensive moan.

"Ungh!" he groans and he pumps his hips furiously into her mouth. Then he feels himself erupting into her mouth. Streams of hot cum fly from his cock. Sergey writhes in pleasure, barely breathing. He lets it wash through him. Her lips are locked and she hangs on frantically as he empties his cum into her mouth.

He looks down watching her throat work to swallow. Two thin trails of cum seep from around his cock to flow down her chin. He thrusts once again, shoving his cock deeper into her mouth and sprays another stream of cum down her throat.

Talilith parted from his cock, leaning back. She takes her hand and brushes it along her mouth to collect the escaped cum onto her finger and back into her awaiting mouth, smiling afterward.

Sergey sits up and repositions his body, lowering his head between her thighs. Her scent filters into his nose and his softening cock instantly springs back to life. He eases a finger into her wet pussy, working it slowly so that he can feel the contours of her.

Talilith withers in pleasure. Her gasps are hot and loud, her trembling violent. His hands flow across her skin to her breasts. They are full and firm with nipples that extend a full inch. He strokes her nipples, stimulating them into hardness then hungrily, he dives into her pussy.

His tongue strokes deep, slipping up between her delectably soft lips. Her juices fill his mouth as they pour onto his tongue. He slips up to her clit and twirls his tongue in circles before finally taking it into his mouth where he softly, but firmly nibbles on it. Talilith growls deep and she begins to pump her hips against his mouth in sharp bursts. Sergey's cock starts to throb hard, almost painfully.

He pulls away and his mouth is replaced by her hand. She starts rubbing her swelling clit rapidly. He takes a moment to watch then he lowers his head and thrusts his tongue in once more through her lips and deep into the liquid heat of her wet, hot pussy.

She moves faster. Her hips search for and find the thing that will take her all the way. He feels her pussy clutch at his tongue, pulling it in and tightening around it. Talilith's quivers are constant and strong, jerking her body up to slide her sweet slippery pussy over and over across his mouth. His cock lurches again and trembles.

Once more, he puts his tongue inside her as she abandons her clit and locks her legs around his face. With her fingers tight in his hair, she grinds into him again and again, moaning her orgasm out loud.

She releases her grip as the orgasm subsides. Sergey eases up beside her. Her eyes are closed, her body still jerking as her orgasmic convulsions taper away. Tenderly, he leans in until she could smell herself. Her eyes open and he offers her his tongue, coated with her creamy cum. She accepts opening her mouth, lying still allowing Sergey to probe deeply, smearing her juices along her tongue. With a loud moan, she finally closes her mouth around him and returns the pressure of his tongue with her own. She is animal-like, sucking, licking and nearly consuming him with her mouth.

At last, she slips free and in her eagerness, she catches his lower lip between her teeth and bites down gently, her voice a constant moan of need.

"Fuck me Sergey," she commands.

He does as commanded. He positions his cock between her lips and with no tenderness, he plunges inside her soft, warm, clasping pussy. He thrust hard forward as Talilith grips him with her thighs, pulling him in further as far as his cock can go. Sergey lifts himself to his knees; he lets his head fall back as groans slip from his mouth. He rolls his hips, moving deeply in and out of her. His balls tingle as he lifts her ass and thrusts deeply into her.

The pressure of her thighs is exquisite. She clamps down, tightening her ass and fucks him back. He obliges by lifting her legs into the crook of his arms, getting up on his toes and fucking her sweet pussy with everything in him.

Underneath him, she is a crazed thing driven only by her lust and she answers each of his thrusts with equal intensity. Through his half closed eyes, he sees small beads of perspiration break on her brow. Her face is twisted in a sexy grimace of pleasure as the muscles inside her that had grasped his fingers now milk the cum from his balls.

Her head flies from side to side and just as her moans became wails, he feels it, the rise of cum from his tight, heavy balls. She wraps her arms tightly around his neck and lifts her body on, then off of his throbbing cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screams. And then she starts to cum. Each thrust sends her juices splattering out between his legs and in every other direction. He continues to brutally and relentlessly fuck her until he falls onto her. His body jerks as shot after shot is released from his balls and squirted deep into her pussy.

She tenses as the last of her waves wash through her. She clutches him tightly. They continue to lay entwined for awhile after. Talilith knows she has full control of the man. He would do anything for her.


You wished to see me?" Natalya Rhinheart asks. She wears a long battle dress that is both fashionable and practical. Her hair is short and frayed, which gives her a sexy look.

Yes. I'm sure you are aware of our current tensions with China.

Maltaus sat in his throne that sat upon a large dais. The city of Androka is slowly being turned into a base and slowly troops are being brought in from Russia daily. The Madagascar locals are forced to join or face death.

The majority of them join, very few refuse and die. Maltaus' army is expanding and so he had a throne constructed to command from. It won't be long before he reveals his true form to the world, once the Council gives the approval. Until then only the few loyal to him know what he truly is.

"Of course. Rumors say there's a Djinn persuading General Wei, turning him against us."

A Djinn? Very interesting.

"Yes, it is. My guess it is your old lover," she says with a smirk.

Talilith? Possible, but she wouldn't be so bold as to go against the Council's plans.

"Are you certain? She has been scorn on more than one occasion."

Certain?!? You dare question my logic? Maltaus says outraged. He knows Natalya could be right, but Talilith was a council member herself and even though she isn't as near in power as he, she was still very formidable.

"I'm sorry master," Natalya says as she bows before Maltaus. Maltaus' anger quickly fades. He stands as two figures appear in the chambers.

Castourus, a Greater Demon and Gravlis, a Lesser Demon, both bow upon entering the chamber. Natalya continues to look at Maltaus, never turning to look at the two newly arrived demons. She, like any demon, can sense their power and differentiate between the two.

Rise Castourus, Gravlis. I have a task for each of you to carry out. Because Winter is so close to revealing itself to the lowly human world, we cannot risk it all falling apart now.

Our coalition with China will not last long. Gravlis, Maltaus points a finger in Gravlis' direction; you will be responsible for keeping an eye on General Wei. The moment he turns on us, you will dispose of him.

As you request master. Gravlis bows, then turns slowly and dissolves into nothing.

Castourus will work under you Natalya. I want you to gather evidence to prove it truly is Talilith. Because we are under orders by the Council, I cannot dispose of her. But once this is over, I will personally finish her off like I should have long ago. Go and do not report back with anything short of news I want to hear.

"Of course master," Natalya says with a bow.

Castourus fades out and before Natalya can. Maltaus bides her to stay. He changes into his human form of Chernoff. He moves down from the dais toward Natalya with a crooked smile. Natalya returns the smile as her dress drops to the floor.

Chernoff's lips lock with hers as his hands move instantly to her breasts. He gently rubs his hands over her breasts feeling how hard her nipples are then he gently squeezes and pulls on her nipples a bit causing her to moan against his lips.

"It's been awhile," she moans against his lips. It has been some time since they were last together. The council's agenda had taken much of both their time. "I want you."

Chernoff smiles and lean down, kissing her breasts. With a flicker in his eyes the ground rises creating a flat surface waist high. Natalya moves back and falls gracefully onto the slab. Chernoff follows closely. He continues kissing her softly on her neck. His hands caress her breasts then slide up and down her naked body before one finally drops down between her legs.

Natalya gasps when his fingertips gently rub over the top of her clit. He gently presses his fingers against it and slowly starts rubbing it.

"Mmmm," she moans softly.

Chernoff smiles and continues kissing her neck as his fingers rub against her clit. She moans softly again and leans her head back to kiss him softly. He slowly kisses her back and her hand slides down to gently grasp his cock. She starts to slowly stroke it.

Suddenly she breaks the kiss and pushes his off. Confusion mixed with a bit of anger seeps onto his face. Natalya smirks as she turns onto all fours with her ass high in the air. She looks over her shoulder and says, "Well, what are you waiting for?"

Chernoff's expression quickly fades to be replaced by a smile. He moves up behind her, taking hold of his cock and slowly presses his cock head between her pussy lips. She moans softly as his cock head slowly slides in. He gently grabs onto her hips as he presses his cock deep inside her. Slowly he slides his cock almost completely out of her pussy and then slowly back deeper inside her.

"Mmmm," Natalya moans softly moving back against him. Chernoff smiles and holds onto her hips as he slowly starts to thrust. "Mmmm."

He grabs her hips again starting to thrust a little faster. Natalya moves her hands up and grabs the edge of the slab. "Harder!" she moans, keeping her eyes closed.

Chernoff holds onto her hips as he thrusts faster. She moans again moving back against him as she starts breathing heavier. He picks up more speed. His cock slides in and out of her pussy faster and deeper. Natalya gasps with every deep thrust. He wraps my arms around her waist continuing to thrust as his hand moves down to slowly rub her clit. She gasps loudly as her back arches. "Ohhh, I so fucking close," she moans loudly as her body shakes.

Chernoff slows down not wanting her to orgasm quite yet. She groans feeling him slow down. He pulls his cock out of her pussy and gently turns her around. She looks into his eyes as he gently lifts her up. She puts her hands on his shoulders as he lets her slowly slide down onto his cock.

He slowly moves his arms down and slides them under her legs holding her up. She wraps her arms around his neck as he slowly starts thrusting. He kisses Natalya's neck softly slowly building up more speed. She moans softly into his ear as his cock thrusts quickly in and out of her pussy.

"Fuck me with that fucking cock," she moans, breathing heavily. Chernoff keeps thrusting in and out of her tight pussy as she grips him tightly about to go over the edge. "Ooooh," she moans, her eyes tightly closed. "I'm going to fucking cum.

Natalya holds onto him, tightly clenching her pussy muscles around his cock trying to pull him in deeper. Natalya nearly screams out as she starts to orgasm hard around his cock. He keeps thrusting making her body shake. She moans uncontrollably as he thrusts deep inside her and start cumming. Natalya moans feeling his warm cum inside her pussy. He closes his eyes as Natalya's pussy gently milks the cum from his cock. Chernoff holds his arms around her as they both try to catch their breath. He leans down kissing her neck softly.


So let's get down to business," Sam says ready to get started looking for Spencer.

"You're all business, which is good," Graves says with a slight smile.

"Is that sarcasm?"

"Not at all. This way," he says opening a door.

"So, what's so special about the Pentagon?" she asks.

"Is that sarcasm?"

"It certainly is," Sam replies with a laugh.

It felt good for her to laugh and release a bit of the tension that had been building. She thought of Spencer everyday and she felt she'd never have a chance to find him once the investigation began. Graves filled that hole with hope.

"Please have a seat," Graves says closing the door.

Sam doesn't sit until Graves does. In front of them is a table that has several folders and papers strewn all over it. "So what happened to the information sharing?" she asks briefly looking through the pile of papers.

"Doesn't apply to Military Intel, but since you've been brought in on this, you'll get to see it."

"It's a wonder we can keep the terrorists out," Sam says putting as much sarcasm in her voice as she can.

"Or not at all."

She referred to the kidnapping of the President's daughter and the attack on America's power plants in the northwest.

"All that aside," he continued, "we have an idea where Special Agent Reeds is being held and we can get you in on the ship that will take you to him."

He hands her an aerial photo showing the island of Madagascar. The photo has a red circle over a building two hundred meters from the ship docks. "And what's it going to cost?"

"Not much, at least for someone with your training. This ship," he hands over another photo, "Gidra or Hydra, is disguised as a cargo ship. We believe it is carrying supplies and troops."

"If you're not sure, why hasn't anyone been sent in?"

"We're not supposed to be involved."

"Since when has that stopped the government from doing something they're not supposed to?" Sam questions, not really sure she wants to hear the answer.

"It doesn't, but you provide us with a reason not to send and risk losing one of our soldiers. Sorry to be blunt, but that's just how it works."

"Hey, no offense taken. You may be a dick, but that's your prerogative."

If Graves took any offense to the remark, he didn't show it.

"What we will need is for you to get us information. Anything from troop movement and location, supply list, shipping manifests, wea—"

"Basically, anything and everything that will give you a lead. Don't worry Graves, I don't know if you know, but I'm in the Intelligence business as well."

Unperturbed Graves continues, "You'll parachute in, landing on the deck. After that you are on your own."

Now Sam is perturbed at Graves' calmness. "How do I relay the information to you?"

He hands her a USB Flash Drive. Sam looks at it inquisitively. Before she can ask, he provides an answer. "It's a nifty little device. It holds up to twenty gigs of data. You stick it into the computer and the program will automatically pull whatever data it deems necessary to take. Then with a push of a button and," he pauses for effect, "Whalah! The data is speed burst sent to a satellite then here. The device will then send a virus into the computer then destroy itself."

"Whoa, there's something you don't see in any store."

"Not likely to either," he replies with a smile.

"What about Spencer? Where is he being held?

"That information will be providing to you upon transport."

"When do I leave?"

"You leave out 1600 hours. Get your gear and whatever else you'll need. The transport will take you where you need then pick you back up at said place at 1500 hours. Understood?"

"See you then."

The door opens at that precise moment with a guard stepping in. "Private Kindelson will be your escort," Graves states, looking at the man.

"Ma'am," Kindelson says with a nod.

As soon as Sam is out of ear shot, Colonel Peirson walks into the room. "Cute thing. A little sassy too. Let's hope she gets the job done."

"She's one of the best sir, she'll get the job done."


Good afternoon gentlemen," President McKinsey says as he walks into the Oval Office.

The Secretary of Homeland Security, Andy Petroff and the Secretary of Defense, Henry Rylings stood as the President entered. Both men had been waiting for almost thirty minutes, but didn't show any displeasure in having to wait.

"Good afternoon Dave," Rylings says as he shakes hands with McKinsey. Petroff follows suit with the hand shaking and greetings.

"Sorry to keep you waiting. What is the situation?" McKinsey walks to his desk and takes a seat. Petroff does also, but Rylings remains standing.

"We're concerned about the welfare of the country now that CATU has been taken out of the equation. Sure we have the FBI, CIA and others but CATU has been the best line of defense from terrorists for years now," Rylings states.

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