'Are you sure about this?' He asked playfully, aware that his girlfriend was more than sure. He knew she enjoyed the game as much as he did but he also knew she was always keen to keep her apparent innocence. He would pretend to coax her and give her the chance to bail out, but the result was always the same. She was sure. She was every bit as depraved and lascivious as he was.

She repositioned herself upon the pillow to look at him, their king size bed creaking slightly. 'I suppose so.' She confessed.

They had been together for almost three years and living together for most of that time. Young and energetic, their sex lives had been ample and voracious. They had often explored each other and tested boundaries. Despite her apparent intention to stay angelic, In the last few months, they had started watching more pornography together, searching for new methods and kinks. It was this pursuit that had led to a new game.

He called it "Risk", she called it "Noah's porn roulette of convincing Hannah to do things she normally wouldn't."

The game was simple in its design but opened a whole new world to their sex lives. It caused them both anxious excitement and unparalleled possibility. It was a game that had led to many "firsts" between the pair and they both often wondered what would be next.

'Let's go page 144.' Hannah stated. 'What number do you choose?' She asked her partner.

'Four's always been good to me.' Noah smiled, pinching her butt beneath the covers. 'So, page 144, video 4. You ready?'

The game was simple. On the odd occasion where sex was desired but not spontaneous between them, he would suggest a game of "Risk", where they would open their favourite adult website, known for streaming countless videos of both stars and amateurs alike. The website updated daily with literally thousands of new materials from hundreds of categories. The game involved each picking a number, the first would be the page number of the new content, typically between 1 and 200. The second would relate to the number video on the page. With each page showing twelve new videos, this second numeral was often in single digits.

They would pick their numbers before searching to find the video in question. Then, regardless of the content or methods used, would first watch and then act out the scene as close as possible. It was a game that had led to Hannah being subject to more than a few rough nights. While she always pretended to dread the game, the fact she played so often only fuelled the fire that she was down for just about anything.

Noah opened the page on his phone and teasingly whistled as the screen lit up with various debauchery.

'Page 144.' She reminded him, squeezing into him and looking at the screen.

He clicked the link at the bottom of the site that corresponded with the page numbers. He had to click next several times as the page went up ten at a time. Eventually, he found the page he was after and pressed the button. 'Here we go.' He said. 'Wonder what the fourth has in store for us today.' He again pinched her backside, a fond reminder of the last version of the game where Hannah had spent the night on all fours, her backside prone in replication to the anal video that she had unwittingly picked.

Her eyes scanned the page as it loaded, and she let out a little giggle. The mystery of the game had thrown up an interesting scenario. One, perhaps more favourable than her previous conquest. She read the title out loud; 'Dark Haired Lesbian Seduces Young Blonde Friend.'

Noah groaned. 'Well, what do we do here?' He asked, obviously a little disappointed.

'Rules are rules.' Hannah chuckled, leaning over to press play.

The screen danced into life with a young blonde appearing on screen, already naked and upon the top of a mattress. Ironically, she was clearly watching porn herself on a mobile device and her fingers were caressing her own legs. The camera panned out to show an imitation penis lying beside her, the dark blue device of about 6 inches, resting idle but within reach.

'Isn't yours blue too?' Noah asked, suggestively teasing.

'Shhh.' Hannah replied, playfully slapping his chest.

As the camera panned out further still, you could make out a dark-haired shadow at the door, secretly watching the oblivious blonde before her.

As the bleached-haired beauty studied the screen, her fingers started to wonder. The camera capturing her facial expression and lips as they parted softly, responding to her own touch. In the background, the dark-haired girl fondled her own breasts, eyes glued to the blonde.

The camera zoomed out a little to capture the whole scene more clearly. The blonde, with her back to the mattress, brought her knees up towards her chest and spread her legs, offering a view of her shaved and dampened area. With one hand clutching the mobile, her free hand roamed, her fingers finding the central point. Her eyes closed briefly in an expression of lust.

'And you both have Brazilians.' Noah smirked.

Hannah didn't respond, enjoying the unusually sensual element of the video.

In the background the brunette had moved her hands towards her own pelvic area, she watched intently yet stifled her own foreplay to ensure she remained undetected. Before her, the blonde rubbed a finger down the outside of her lower lips, gently caressing the folds of skin so tightly wound between her legs.

With the camera focusing on the blonde's finger movement, you could clearly see her facial expression, her eyes closed to the content playing on the screen in hand, her mouth slightly agape and pleading.

Behind her, the clandestine voyeur silently removed her top, revealing a lack of any undergarment as her busty cleavage fell free. She allowed her skirt to fall to the floor, stepping out of the fabric and remaining in the doorway, dressed only in a lacy thong and seemingly unsure of her next move.

A low groan of pleasure emanated from within the bedroom and unable to resist, the noise beckoned the brunette forward. She walked to the edge of the bed.

The blonde, startled, dropped the phone and sat up, clearly embarrassed at being caught watching smut and clearly in a compromising position. Her embarrassment gave way to confusion as she glanced over the body before her, realising her intruder wore little more than she did.

The brunette, as the titled suggested she would, took control. She placed a finger on the blondes' lips as if to silence any possible objection. Crawling onto the bed so that she faced her lighter haired friend, she replaced her finger with her own lips, her kiss poised to lure the blonde into the lude acts that would surely follow.

Their passionate embrace lingered while the brunette brought her hands to caress the body beneath her, the blonde's hands fell idle, as if unsure of their purpose or direction.

With her dark brown hair, she removed her lips from their embrace and moved towards the neck, the camera, zooming in to capture her tongue as it flicked into the blonde's ear, nibbling at her lobe. The videographer was able to snare the blonde's reaction, her mouth parting in a hushed sigh as her face showed signs of wanton lust and anticipation. She had yet to object to the stranger's sudden appearance.

'Amazing how no one locks their doors in these things.' Noah giggled.

The brunette's hands now moved to caress and fondle at the chest of her captive, she kneaded and pressed her hands into the pert mounds, her lips seductively petting the blondes' neck as they came to greet her hands. Her lips parted as her tongue flicked over the mounds, her mouth sucking in each nipple deeply while her hands continued their play.

Beneath her, the blonde trembled at the touch, each movement apparently a new sensation.

On screen, the aggressor paused to view her submissive compliant before again bringing her lips to embrace hers. She now knelt over the blonde with a leg either side of her and the camera moved to show the scene from behind, capturing the brunettes scarcely cladded rear while cleverly capturing the blondes spread out and prone positioning.

The brunette brought her fingers on both hands to the blonde's thigh, gently, seductively and slowly she drew her fingers down the legs of the blonde, each hand in unison as they agonisingly inched over her upper leg.

The blonde sighed and arched involuntarily as the tickling on her skin entranced her. A little daunted, she looked at the brunette, shy and unsure.

Slowly the brunette kissed down her body, suckling on the nape of her neck before softly taking up each nipple between her teeth. She continued her downwards trajectory, pausing to kiss and caress the blonde's torso, amplifying the tease and prolonging the inevitable.

Wriggling backwards for the cameras pleasure, the brunette manoeuvred herself so that she now knelt over the blonde's midriff. Backing up slowly and allowing herself to lie down on the bed, she positioned herself between the blonde's legs, the camera moving to an overhead shot to show the brunette now breathing into her friends welcoming pussy.

Her fingers were the first to explore, gentling running a ring around the outer folds, a feathery touch to a sensitive area. The blonde's eyes closed, and the camera captured her right hand as her fingers clenched fleetingly, her body reacting to the tease and aching for release.

The blonde's mouth opened in a silent intake of oxygen as the first finger found its way within her passage. The brunette pushed the digit in firmly, gently curving the finger within, as if beckoning someone to come towards her.

A second finger followed, and the blonde's body arched slightly, taking in the intrusion. Her hands, once outstretched beside her, reached out for the head of the brunette, encouraging her to put her face forward. The blonde's hesitation, by all accounts, vanished.

The brunette resisted the blonde's subtle inclination and continued to use her fingers to stimulate, slowly taking the pair out and then pushing them back forth. Gently she continued her routine, almost withdrawing fully before prodding back forward, each thrust a little deeper and quicker than the last.

The brunette looked down at her pale-haired companion, whose eyes remained shut, a brief sense of satisfaction seemingly appeared on her face, aware she had the blonde exactly where she desired. She brought her face forward and kissed her inner leg, her cheek expertly just brushing the blonde's moist lips and enlisting a hungry, low moan.

With her darkened hair draped across the inner leg of the blonde, she used her mane to create a feather-like touch before recognising it obscured the vision of the camera and pushed the follicles away, unhampering the lens's view.

The camera zoomed in as the brunette finally gave way to temptation and plunged her tongue forward, her appendage flicking over the outer skin folds before her, then, with her tongue flat out, she forged forward in a lapping motion, licking in long strokes.

With her tongue occupied, she used her hands to grab at the blonde's ass cheeks, her grip fierce and allowing her tongue to work hard and feverishly. The blondes head rolled back into the pillows, her knees arching towards her and her hands grabbing at the instigator's hair.

The camera whirled above, giving a bird's eye view of the commotion below before cutting to a secondary close-up scene. From time to time the production would concentrate on the blonde's face as her body lay prone to the treatment it was willingly receiving.

As the camera passed back towards the brunettes tonging actions, the viewers could clearly see as the dark-haired girl used a well-lubricated finger to gentle circle the blonde's rear hole. With her tongue still lapping eagerly, her finger circled the rear passageway, gently prodding and tapping and rubbing.

The camera captured the moment when the brunette plunged her finger forth, her knuckle disappearing into the tight puckered hole. The blonde gasped but offered no resistance.

What followed was several minutes of tongues and fingers working in unison. The brunette even brought her oral endeavour to include both openings, a squeal of delight escaping the blonde as her backdoor received the delicate, sponge-like tongue attention.

The brunette was soon back in a kneeling position and brought her lips to meet that of the blondes, her hands wandered the bed and soon found their destination. When the camera zoomed back, the brunette brought the dark blue dildo to her lips and sucked provocatively, wetting the device.

The pretend blow-job lasted only moments before the brunette brought the replica device between the legs of her captive, she paused in hesitation before sliding the silicon forward. The blonde arched back as her passageway filled.

Instantly, the brunette resumed her previous position with her tongue eagerly licking at the blonde's sensitive button. Her hands, trusted with the dark-blue phallus, thrusted back and forth.

The camera lens zoomed in on the imitation cock and a finger pressed against a button, causing the dark blue phallus to oscillate and vibrate. A soft humming reverberated around the room while the addressee moaned deeper.

With the device pulsating and wriggling, the brunette altered her oral attention, lapping over the openings, paying special attention to her tight ass opening and then back to her little love button. All the while, the blonde moaned and groaned, her hands clenching and tightening.

With her free hand, the brunette upped the ante by putting two fingers at the blonde's rear passageway. With the blue imitation still filling one opening, she doubled the pleasure and pushed forth. With both holes now penetrated, she turned her attention to the clitoris. Using her tongue to push through the skin folds, she found the reclusive love button and zeroed in, the camera showing a close-up view of the blonde's passages occupied while a tongue lashed for her pleasure.

The blonde's body was reacting to the torment, her back arched and her legs trembled. With her body on the breach of orgasm, the brunette pulled the imitation from within her and aiming a fraction lower, propelled it forwards. The 6-inches effortlessly plunged forward and filled the blonde's rectum. The camera caught what could have been a groan or grimace but as the brunette's tongue resumed control, the blonde lost hers.

With only the mock-penis penetrating her but with the tongue working frantically upon her delicate button, she tensed up before the camera caught the moment she went over the edge.

Her face contorted, and her eyes clenched shut, both hands clenched at the bedspread, grabbing handfuls of quilt and sheets. Her head snapped back, deep into the pillow and her legs quivered. A loud and continuous groan escaped her lips as the orgasm washed over her. The brunette, ever insatiable, continued to drive the dildo forward, the device now completely subjected to the blonde's rear passage. The brunette's tongue diligently flickered back and forth with no rest up or release. The blonde shook, attempting to alleviate the sensation as her body overpowered her, wave after wave of pleasure shot throughout her until she grabbed the brunettes head in both hands and forcefully pried her free.

The camera zoomed out as the two passionately brought their tongues to greet each other. The blonde seemingly satisfied and converted into a whole new game, the dildo still languishing between her cheeks.

The camera slowly faded away from the pair, the corners of the screen darkening until the screen was black and the show concluded.

'Well.' Said Noah, switching off his phone and turning to face his lover. 'I guess I'm the brunette. You ready?'


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