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Risky call girl


My eyes opened and scanned the dark unfamiliar room momentarily forgetting where I was before recollection sank in. I had travelled all day yesterday after coming off night shift, and I could faintly recall crawling into bed mere hours before. I glanced at the glowing red numbers on the alarm clock beside me.


‘Welcome to the joys of shift work.’ I muttered to myself as I got out of the strange bed and surveyed my surroundings. It was a sparse room in a small apartment owned by a sweet kindly elderly woman I had dined with the evening before. I was in town to help move my great aunt’s belongings now that she was now permanently in a care home and there was a mountain of furniture I needed to somehow cram inside of a U-haul later today. This room I was staying in belonged to her neighbour Beth who had nicely offered me a place to crash while I was in town. I got dressed and considered my options. There was next to no chance I would be able to get back to sleep, and it being hours before I’d expect Beth to wake up I might as well head down to my truck and explore the city I found myself in. Finding keys to get back into the apartment building was simple enough, and taking care to slip out the door quietly to avoid waking Beth I made my way to my awaiting truck.

I had been working in camp for the last few weeks and during that time I had made a few visits to a personals site more out of curiosity than anything else. I’m definitely not a bad looking guy, early 30’s, tall, muscular, and I never really had an issue attracting women. Retaining them though was a different story, and after a couple of bad relationships with a few women borlerlining on the side of crazy I definitely could see how paying for a NSA encounter could have its benefits. I opened the browser on my phone and searched call girls in my current location, and soon my screen populated with ads and profiles depicting women of all shades and sizes. Unfortunately I soon began to realize nearly all of them were either in the larger adjacent city about an hour away, or strict about their hours of operation. Starting to feel like I was out of luck, my eye was caught by an ad.

‘Sexy Candy’

The pictures showed a few pics of a curvy girl with a pretty face who promised a mindblowing experience. I wasn’t desperate and I didn’t necessarily find this particular woman irresistible, so it almost came as a surprise when I found myself actually hitting the send button on a text message.

‘Hi, interested in service.’

I had barely placed my phone down before it vibrated signalling I had gotten a response.

‘Hi babe, I’m available, would you like incall or outcall?’

My heart began racing, and even the thought of seeing a call girl gave a stirring in my pants. ‘Incall preference, what services do you provide?’

‘$40 for a bj, $100 for a quickie, $200 for full Greek service. I’m next to the 7/11 on the south side of town, I can meet you there.’

A quick check on my phone and I could see it was only a few minutes away. My hands shook a little bit as I began to text back, but I quickly made up my mind. If I were to enjoy myself I might as well go for the full package, Greek or whatever.

‘Ok, I’ll take the $200 one. I’ll be there in 10 minutes, black Dodge.’

“Perfect babe, meet me at the gas station.”

The drive to the gas station took me to the older part of town, and I could see houses in the area that looked a little run down. I parked in the parking lot of the 7/11 and surveyed my surroundings. About 50 feet away were a group of party goers laughing and standing around a car eating some greasy food from inside. They gave me a curious look probably wondering why I was just sitting in my truck. I ignored them, flipping through Facebook.

In the back of my mind something was bugging me about that word Greek she used in her text. I was meaning to google it, but then I glanced up and saw a woman crossing the street towards me. She was short, was wearing tight jeans and a green hoodie. We made eye contact as she walked past me and into the store. Watching through the window I could see her buying a pack of cigarettes and a red bull before she walked out again and towards my truck. I could feel my heart pounding in my ears as she walked to my passenger side, opened the door, and sat in the seat.

“Hey babe,” she purred casually, “I don’t suppose you mind driving back to my place would you?”

I nodded quickly and put the truck in gear pulling out of the parking lot, my nerves must have been showing as she smiled and put her hand on my leg.

“Relax babe, I won’t bite. Unless you pay me to.”

We pulled up to a rundown apartment complex and as I parked the truck next to her building I started to wonder exactly what I had gotten myself into. It was obvious that this was low income housing in a rough part of the neighbourhood, and this setting definitely wasn’t making my nerves any better.

“Is my vehicle okay here?” I asked as I walked around it to follow her up the stairwell.

“Oh yes sugar, none of my clients ever have any issues.”

“You keep busy?” I asked out of curiosity suddenly entranced by the sight of her big round butt as she walked up the stairs in front of me.

‘You’re my second client tonight.” She replied taking out her keys.’

Wow another guy I marvelled, yet I actually felt marginally better as I followed her down the dim lit hallway to a her door. She unlocked and opened it, and flipped on a light to reveal a tiny apartment crammed with belongings and a bedroom separated from the living room by a curtain.

“I know it isn’t much to look at, but please make yourself at home.” She said taking off her sweater which allowed me my first chance to really get a good look at her. She was a little on the chubby side with thick meaty thighs and ample breasts. Her hair was short and she was probably approaching her mid to late thirties if she wasn’t there already. She had a real pretty face though, and that bubble butt of hers was one of the nicest I had ever seen. Despite all my reservations, I could feel my cock twitch in anticipation at the sight of her.

“$200 correct?” I said reaching into my pocket and handing her the bills.

“Yes, perfect babe, allow me to go freshen up and you can undress and go lie on my bed.”

I quickly obliged folding my clothes neatly on her nightstand and had barely had time to lie down before she came out wearing a black corset.
She looked pretty sexy I had to admit. On her left breast I could see a faded tattoo of some kind and another on her hip.

“Ooh babe nice body,” she purred kneeling down beside me and picking up my cock in her hands, “looks like you’re already excited too.”

Usually at this point I’d wager that it’s pretty standard an escort would put a condom on before she starts. Expecting this my eyes bulged a bit when she suddenly just started sucking my cock raw. Almost immediately I discovered a tongue ring I hadn’t realized she had before and my eyes rolled up in bliss as she kneaded my cock head with it.

“Holy fuck you are good at that,” I moaned.

She chuckled, took my cock out of her mouth, and dribbled a wad of spit on the tip. She used it as lubricant to start jerking me while teasing my head with her tongue ring.

“I love to suck cock, best part of my job,”

An involuntary moan escaped my lips as she took my entire 8 inches into her mouth and I was in bliss. I lay back, staring blankly up at the cheap stuccoed ceiling and enjoyed her extremely talented mouth on my cock. I felt her adjust her position and I looked down to see she had slid her panties off and was playing with herself while she sucked me.

The pleasure I felt from her mouth on my cock blocked any thoughts I had of a condom out of my mind. I was so distracted that it barely registered in my brain what she was doing before she straddled me, pulled my cock to her cuntal mouth, and impaled herself on it.

My cock being so slick from her previous attention slid in with little to no resistance. Almost immediately I was balls deep in his woman and our pubic hairs were mingling together.

“Oh my gosh,” she moaned, it’s so big’.

“Holy fuck.” I grunted, and reached at her with the thought of pushing her off. Almost involuntarily though my hands hesitated when she started to slide up and down wetly on my cock. Her pace quickened, I moaned and lay back again struck by the craziness of it all.

I was fucking a hooker in a cheap room bareback right now. I could feel her pussy so acutely on my bare cock, and each bounce she made drew me closer to that reality. If I was her 2nd guy tonight, what if she fucked the first guy bare too? Is that why she feels so wet right now? Am I fucking another guy’s leftovers? Every ounce of my better judgement screamed for me to stop, but her bare pussy felt simply amazing.

All my reservations ended, and my hands found each of her chubby ass cheeks. I planted my feet and started thrusting up into her and she squealed as I found a rhythm. I could hear the wet sound of my balls slapping into her with each thrust that I made. My orgasm began building, and at this pace I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“I’m going to cum if I keep doing that.” I warned her.

“Ya?” She said coyly, “what if I do things like this instead?” She pushed my legs fat, planted her knees, and started bouncing up and down on my cock. With each movement I could feel the depth of her pussy slicking down around my entire shaft. She smiled down at me.

“Give it to me baby, I love it when my clients nut inside me. Gets me off every time.”

I couldn’t believe my ears, it occurred how dirty of pussy this probably was that I was was currently fucking bareback, but I was already beyond the precipice. I could feel my balls tense and she could too and she started to grind on me with my cock buried deep inside her. Her nails dug into my chest.

I’m gonna cum,” I grunted through clenched teeth.

“Oooh yes do it, cum in that pussy, give me your load.”

I lost control, and a huge splurt flooded into her, her eyes widened and I could tell she could feel my cock erupting inside of her. She kept grinding on my splurting cock while using some of the cum accumulated on the shaft as lubricant on her clit and she began to finger herself feverously.

“Oh like that, just like that, I’m cumming!!”

I felt her pussy tighten in her orgasm. She arched her back and squealed clenching my cock tight in her throes before collapsing onto my chest. She lay on top of me breathing heavy while leaving my cock to soften inside of her. Soon it slipped out with a glob of semen and landed on my stomach.

My sense started to return to me, and I became aware again of the surroundings I was in. The cheap room, the mountains of clutter, and the fact I just fucked a hooker without protection and blew my load in her. Oh my god what the hell was I thinking? What about STI’s? In my realization though, something else happened, my cock twitched. It was almost like the ultimate taboo, and covered in this hooker’s juices I started to get hard again.

Fuck it, it was too late now, and I wanted more of this woman. I’d probably being visiting a clinic in my future, but I wanted to fuck that pussy again.
Feeling me stir, she smiled, slid back and started sucking me. Her tongue ring on my sensitive head had me hard again in moments. She sat up and pulled me off the bed.

“Is this still covered under the $200?” I halfway joked as she took my cock in her hand, laid down on the bed, and pulled me down on top of her.

“Bareback service, zero restrictions on number of shots,” she smiled guiding my cock into her. I watched my cock head part her cum slick pussy lips and it slid in just as easily as it had before. She wrapped her legs around me as I thrusted into her burying my cock to the hilt.

“That is what Greek means after all.” She whispered in my ear.

By the time I left her dingy apartment complex an hour or so later, I had pumped a second and a third load into her pussy before my cock finally was fucked out. As I was getting dressed her phone vibrated and I watched her answer it. It seemed guy number 3 wanted some time with her too. A morbid thought crossed my mind: if he were to get the $200 special as well, I wonder if he’d also marvel at how wet she was, and how easy it is to just to slide right in.

I numbly crossed the parking lot to my truck and I drove back to Beth’s in a daze. I immediately jumped into the shower and scrubbed my cock and body while lamenting how stupid I had been. I crawled into the bed and fell into a deep sleep. The next day I smiled fake smiles, laughed distractedly, and loaded the uhaul and left Beth’s as early as politeness has allowed. I needed to get out of town and back to reality.

These last few weeks since that night I’ve felt no ill effects yet, so I hope that means she was clean after all.

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by Anonymous01/22/19

I love risky hooker sex

I ve fucked a few prostitutes bareback and it was so great, you instantly regret it but love being in them during sex. I want to pay a hooker to fuck other clients then let me eat her out after.

I wishmore...

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by Anonymous12/05/18

Greek actually means anal is included in the service, it has nothing to do with whether covered/uncovered or limitation on number of shots.

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