I was finishing supper when Heather, my wife at the time, informed me that we were going over to Mike and Susan’s for drinks that evening. I was not overly thrilled by the news but knew better than stand between Heather and a drink by that time in our marriage and reluctantly agreed.

Things had not been going very well for us for some time now. Heather’s personality seemed to have really changed for the worse since her drinking had increased. Sober she was cold and indifferent, drunk she was as mean a bitch as ever walked the face of the earth. Just the right amount of alcohol however, and she became the biggest slut I had ever encountered. Going out meant that there would be no way to take advantage of her alcohol intake and I would likely end up with my cock in my hand.

As we changed to go out I still had to admit that Heather had an effect on me. At 5’-5” and 125 lb. she did not have a models body but she was tight and firm. Slipping on a pair of white lace panties and matching half bra my cock hardened as I watched her, remembering the woman I had met and married.

Mike and Susan greeted us at the door and ushered us into the living room, immediately asking us for our drink order. Over my beer I watched them settle in for another in a long line of uneventful evenings. Mike was tall, dark, handsome, muscular and too macho for any real conversation. Susan, Heather’s best friend, was tall and thin with the fashion model build that all women seemed to like and I found so unattractive in a woman. I sat with my beer and hoped that it would not be to long or boring a night. How wrong I was on both counts.

After a few drinks the girls started talking about their Valentine’s day gifts and Susan mentioned that Mike bought her an adult board game called risqué. Heather, having just enough to drink to begin feeling friendly, asked if she would bring it out and show us. It was a typical board game with dice. Roll the dice, land on a square and pick a card. The cards instructed the players in what action they were to carry out. The instructions noted the player to the left, right or across and ranged from kissing, stripping to making out all within a prescribed thirty second time frame. Once stripped however the player was to remain nude for the duration of the game, which since I could find no finish line could be for some time.

After some discussion Susan and Heather asked if we could play, with some minor rule changes. The men would have to strip down completely while the women could keep on their bra and panties and no card counted if they were instructed to do anything together. Mike agreed right away but I felt that it was a little boring and at 5’-9” and 127 lb. not all that comfortable stripping down next to Mike’s muscular build. After some persuading however the game was on. Candles were light, the lights dimmed and off we went.

For the first half hour the game was ever bit as boring as I thought it would be, although Mike and I were both stripped down by then there had been no contact between the players. Finally Susan got a strip card and peeled down to a cotton bra (totally unnecessary) and panties. At that Mike got a hardon and although at 8” I am not the biggest in the world I felt much more comfortable when it was revealed that mister stud had 5.5 to 6 inches of cock at best. The game seemed to change however when it became Heather’s turn to strip. As she took off her blouse she bent over allowing everyone a good view of the tops of her tits in her half bra, the nipples clearly visible through the lacy cups, then stood with legs opened after dropping her pants displaying her trimmed pussy though the lace panties. I had thought of myself as jealous and possessive prior to that but as she stood in the candlelight, Mike staring at her hungrily, I was never so proud of her or found her as beautiful as I did at that moment. A quick look at Susan however let me know that she was not as happy about Mike’s reaction.

The cards seemed to improve at that point and I quickly found that I was getting more pleasure from watching Mike kiss and feel my nearly naked wife as I did by kissing or touching Susan. Heather had become the center of attention and from her reaction was loving every minute of it. So much so that the next time she received a strip card she stood dropped her bra and panties. She was incredible standing in the candlelight, her 34C tits on display as well as her trimmed pussy. An audible groan from Mike voiced his approval of what he saw before him. At this point I stated that if we were going to continue then we should play properly and all cards apply no matter whom they are dealt to. Mike quickly agreed, as did Heather leaving Susan the now reluctant partner. Mike asked about cards between the two of us and in response I told him that the same would have to apply to all players.

The game now progressed to my playing with Susan while counting the seconds to the bell then sitting back to watch Mike kiss and caress my wife’s tits and pussy while delaying the bell. Often he would just lie on her and kiss her as he rubbed his body against hers. It was during one of those sessions that Heather’s eyes suddenly opened large and Mike seemed to stiffen up suddenly. At first I thought that he had cum on her but then I realized that his cock had just side into my wife’s pussy. Heather opened her legs for him then and allowed him to sink the length of his cock into her before the bell was rung repeatedly by Susan. After a few quick strokes Mike very slowly and reluctantly pulled his cock from out of Heather’s cunt. A quick look over at Susan told me this might be a good time for a break.

Claiming I had to take a piss and refresh our drinks I called a halt to the game for a few minutes. After using the washroom, always fun trying to piss with a rock hard cock, I went to the kitchen for the drinks were I found Mike working on them. Alone in the kitchen Mike asked if we should change the rules again so that we would not get any cards together. I reminded him that there were only a few cards like that and asked if he would like to watch Susan play with Heather’s tits or they girls kissing and maybe even eating each other. He told me that he would love that but was not sure what would happen if he and I got the same cards. I told him that I would do almost anything to see the two girls together. When he asked like what I reached out and cupped his balls in my hand. Not getting the negative reaction I had expected I bent over and took his hard cock in my mouth. It was amazing to feel his hard cock slide into my mouth but at the same time to taste the familiar flavour of my wife’s pussy. I took a few moments to suck his cock, removing all Heather’s juices and feeling him start to pump his cock in my mouth before straightening up and steeping back from him. Picking up the drinks I then returned to the living room.

I wasn’t really all that surprised to find that Susan was not there. Heather said she had gone to bed in a huff. Turning to Mike I said that the game was over then only to have Heather say that the three of us could still play if we wanted. Mike agreed right away and I went to reshuffle the cards. In reality what I did was to load the deck so that I would get to enjoy the show that Susan had stopped.

The first card up was to Heather and she was to choose Mike to make out. Lying back on the floor with her legs closed Mike lay on top of her. As he kissed her and played with her tits her legs slowly opened until once again Mike slid his cock into my wife’s pussy. This time there was no counting and soon Heather’s knees were bent, legs wide as she started to cum. Mike fucked her harder then and tensed up as he filled my wife’s cunt with his own load. I could take it no longer, as he rolled off of her I dropped between her legs and pushed my own cock into her wet pussy. I was so excited I started cumming as soon as the head of my cock entered her driving my cock deep into her through his sperm to blow the rest of my load. As I got up Heather just lay there, eyes closed, legs open, cum dripping from her pussy. Mike and I stood to stare for a few minutes before I said I was going to clean myself off.

I was just finishing wiping off my cock in the washroom when Mike walked in. I told him that there was no need to worry about him and I know that Susan was gone to bed. At that he asked what I felt like when we were in the kitchen together, did I like it. In response I sat on the toilet and asked him to come here. As he stood in front of me I again cupped his balls and took his now soft cock into my mouth. The taste of his sperm was now mixed with the taste of my wife’s juices as I sucked his cock clean. I kept sucking his cock until he was hard and pumping into my mouth, knowing he wanted to cum. I then pulled of f his cock and said let’s go fuck Heather again.

She was lying just as we left her when we returned. Mike dropped between her legs and started sliding his cock into her. Heather immediately lifted her hips up off the floor allowing him to fuck her while on his knees, giving me a great view of his cock moving in and out of her and her pussy lips wrapped around his cock. I knelt beside Heather and while playing with her tits, slide my cock into her mouth. The feel of her tongue on my cock and the sight of my neighbour fucking my wife my own cock quickly became rock hard again. It didn’t take Mike long to cum in her a second time and once he finished cumming in her I took his place. He cunt was hot around my cock and filled with cum. I started slowly fucking her, feeling the cum pour from her with each thrust. Heather started grinding her hips up into me as she got closer to cumming. Her moans were cut off as Mike dropped his now soft cock into her open mouth as she started sucking him. At the site of his rapidly hardening cock sliding in and out of Heather’s mouth I started pumping into her hard and deep feeling my own load building up. Feeling her cunt tighten as she started cumming I blew another load into her.

Pulling out of her I slide down and ran my tongue along her pussy. This seemed to set her off again. Lifting her hips up into my face and grabbing my head in her hands as I licked the cum from her pussy she came again. She then pushed the two of us away from her, struggled to her feet and staggered down the hallway to the washroom. Kneeling on the floor with Mike beside me I could see that he had not managed to cum in her mouth and watched the precum drip from his cock. Grabbing his cock I pulled him to me and started sucking his cock. The idea that this cock had just been in my wife’s pussy and mouth kept running though my mind as he started pumping into my face. As his strokes became more intense I grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep into my mouth. This was all he needed to start pouring his load into my throat. I continued sucking him as his cock softened and the last drops of cum were gone.

After awhile Heather rejoined us long enough to gather her cloths, dress and say goodnight. Kissing Mike she thanked him for the game and headed home for bed. As I dressed to follow Mike asked if we would like to do this again. I told him that I would wait to see how Heather reacted once sober in the morning and let him know. He then asked if we could repeat what we did together. That we could do again I let him know and then went out after my wife.

As it turned out Heather was not happy the next morning and we did not repeat the game in the time we had left in Calgary. Mike and I get together a number of times after that for some more of the same and more.

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