tagBDSMRita Ch. 01

Rita Ch. 01


Disclaimer: The following short story is fictional. No resemblance to any person, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

It was bound to happen; it was a form of the "manifest destiny" for the orient. The People's Republic of China ensured its hegemony over the South China Sea by invading and occupying the Philippine prefecture of Palawan, consisting of the large island of Palawan and hundreds of tiny, smaller islands. Thousands of poor Filipinos fled to the safety of the large island Luzon, crowded into refugee camps. The United States, routed and dismayed by the Chinese advance was only able to offer humanitarian aid to the refugees.

Robert Clay works for the meat processing giant Khannibal(tm), a food exporter of meats to the orient, principally to China and Japan. His friend and co-worker, Sebastian Puso, engages Robert in a conversation while they wait for a meeting to begin.

"Here is your opportunity, Bob," Sebastian states. "There are many young ladies displaced and willing to marry or work has a Domestic Helper to get out of the refugee camps in the Phils. You have an opportunity here."

"Sebastian! Marriage isn't my desire. I am saving up my money to buy a female android, a gynoid," Robert retorts.

"But imagine a living, flesh and blood female willing to please you," Sebastian says. "You could even negotiate to own her outright. Of course, to obtain a visa you would have to be 'engaged,' but that isn't the same as married. And you can write a pre-nuptial as well."

"Get Thee hence, Satan," Bob bellows. "Must you always have such a dark side? For sure I want a cook, housekeeper, and a pleasure object. But isn't this just 'Trafficking in Humans' on a barely legal façade?"

"Are you naïve or ingenuous?" Sebastian shouts. "Look here, I printed these files this morning. They are gorgeous girls willing to sacrifice for their families and themselves. Just look under 'Slave Girls Looking for Masters.' Here, see this one: 18yo, 5'4", light complexion, 140 lbs, 35(B)-25-35, Virgin. You only need to write a letter and make an offer. Of course there is a small fee to the agency for its referral."

"You are teasing me. Well, let me see those printouts," Bob begs. Sebastian smiles; he knows that Bob will soon be on a path to his heart's desires.

The "Agency" that Sebastian referred to wasn't cheap, but it was well within Robert's discretionary income. They laid out the steps to acquire a girl. Bob was to write, inclosing some small sum of hard currency (US dollars, Euros, or UK Pounds Sterling) to pay for the return postage and give the recipient a little spending money as well. The Agency, in return, would forward the letter and thus make the connection. Of course, the Agency would check out Robert Clay to ensure that he wasn't a criminal or sex offender.

Bob Clay was surprised at the alacrity with which the girl replied. She gave a Red Cross camp number and her name and refugee number. It was almost like corresponding to an inmate in a prison. Her letter was long and detailed. She indicated her personal details and her situation. Uprooted from a middle-class existence, she and her family were refugees. The shame of begging necessities and the constant hunger embarrassed her. She claimed to be a submissive female. She would gladly become the fiancée of an older man in exchange for his supporting her family. She quoted an amount of monthly stipend. Bob considered the offer over night.

The next day at work, Bob drops by Sebastian's cubicle. "I got a reply, Sebastian," Bob boasted. "Look, she even sent a picture." The picture showed a sultry brunette in a skimpy bikini. She was absolutely gorgeous.

"Go for it," Sebastian suggested. "Aside from a few dollars and a little time, what do you have to lose?" Bob nods. Sebastian has a smirk on his face.

Bob went by the bank and secured a money order. He was hesitant at first, fearing the letter would be lost in the mail; however, the Red Cross was efficient and the first payment was made. A few days later he received a second letter from Rita, the girl he was courting. She indicated more details about herself: no tattoos, no piercings, no scars or birthmarks. Her teeth are in good repair and she is, as indicated in her ad, a virgin.

Robert Clay was excited. He could only begin to imagine an eighteen-year-old beauty serving him and submissive to his desires. Sebastian dropped by Bob's house after work with some words of sage advice. "You should keep the beauty a virgin---if you can," Sebastian stated. "Use her mouth and ass but keep her hymen intact. Then you can easily 'trade her in.' If she says, as you indicated, that she is submissive, then you should accommodate her in role play as well. For sure she is into bondage and punishment." Robert blanched at the words. Yet deep within his heart of hearts he knew that this was the "deal of a lifetime."

Sebastian Puso speaks to Robert Clay in a deep voice: "Tell her to stop shaving her armpits. She should comply. If she doesn't, then drop her like a hot potato." Robert is ashamed to make such a request, but Sebastian is experienced. She writes back to tell Bob that she is honoring his wish and sends photos of her hirsute underarms.

Letters are exchanged and Rita is able to open a bank account. Her family moves out of the refugee camp and she asks about joining Bob in America. They communicate about an engagement ring. Bob insists on buying a ring and sending it registered mail to Rita. He goes on line and requests her fiancée visa via Internet. There are many such visa applicants, but a clean police record and a stable job move them to the top of the list. With the issuance of a visa, Bob mails Rita her ticket information. The wheels are set in motion.

Robert Clay sees Rita Defensor coming out from the customs area. She is wearing a T-shirt over a white cotton bra, Levi(tm) blue jeans, Nike(tm) tennis shoes, and white socks. Her white cotton panties aren't seen. That is, they aren't seen yet. She is carrying a wicker suitcase and no checked luggage. Rita recognizes Bob from his photos. She notices him but makes no effort to smile. They greet and Bob takes her suitcase to the short-term airport parking.

"How was your flight, Rita?" Bob inquires. She hesitates then answers.

"It was OK. I have never flown in an airplane before." She replies.

"Are you hungry?" Bob asks. "There is a Chinese restaurant near the house."

"Yes, Master," she responds. Bob is extremely excited by her response. "Feed me, Master," she begs.

They stop for take-out and go directly to Bob's house. They eat without saying a word. Bob looks over his prize and considers Sebastian's advice. This eighteen-year-old virgin should be carefully trained.

"May a girl use the toilet, Master?" Rita asks after finishing most of her meal.

"Of course," Bob responds, startled.

"Would Master like to watch?" Rita queries. "A girl is submissive in many ways." Bob's heart throbs as does the irregular veins in his erect penis. Bob leads Rita to the bathroom and watches her unbutton, unzip, and drop her blue jeans. She then pulls down her panties and sits on the toilet. "May a girl defecate and urinate, Master? Or would Master prefer to permit only one or the other?"

Bob gasps. "Both, of course," he orders. He can imagine the thrill of having a girl defecate without urinating and be forced to hold her urine until permitted. She has a flat belly and striking underpinnings. She defecated and urinated. Bob realized that she was waiting permission to perform her ablutions and left her to her feminine cleansing. A few moments later she returned from the bathroom.

"What is my Master's pleasure?" She softly asks. For the first time she is smiling.

"Start with fellatio, girl," Bob commands as he drops his britches and briefs and gives freedom to his engorged, tumescent, and erect member. Rita quickly kneels and cups her hands under his balls and pulls his strong shaft into her mouth. In a matter of minutes he cums.

"Shall a girl swallow, Master?" she inquires.

"Please," he responds. "Now undress completely and masturbate Rita!"

"Yes, Master," she replies and obeys. Soft sensitive hands work small breasts to firmness. Then one hand glides over her bush and finds her tiny clitoris, rubbing it with circular motion. Her almond eyes roll back as wave after wave undulates through her body. Her pubococcygeal muscles tense and relax as her vulva becomes engorged and moist with the crass carnal cravings and dark, depraved desires. She rocks back and forth on lean, lanky, lissome legs and toned, muscular hips. Slowly her honey nectar forms along the slit of her pudenda and droplets streak down her soft, creamy inner thighs. She moans and exhales. Her warm moist breath is rife with the scent of arousal. Her hairy armpits trap her perspiration of arousal and she blushes as her female fragrance fills the bedroom.

Rita cums; she experiences a total clitoral orgasm. Bob is well pleased but now exhaustion from the trip to the airport and all the excitement of the day has left both exhausted. Naked, side-by-side they slip into a sensual, sensuous slumber.

The dawn breaks. It is a Saturday and Bob has the whole weekend to enjoy his new fuck toy, Rita. She is submissive as she said she was. Now, as he awakes and surveys her naked body he is well satisfied. She is gorgeous, young, and thin. Who could ask for more?

Rita awakens to see her new Master examining her. She folds her legs back into the lithotomic position, exposing her privates and inviting entry. Bob remembers Sebastian's advice. He slaps Rita's thigh and commands her to roll over and spread her glorious hemispheres, revealing her Glory of Glories, a tiny, tight, taut pink rosette. He exits and returns quickly wearing a condom smeared with K.Y. Jelly(tm). Robert Clay wastes no time in sodomizing Rita Defensor. Her bladder is full and she is both hungry and thirsty. In fact Bob is likewise, but lewd, lecherous lust drives him onwards. He cums. "Is a girl able to have an anal orgasm?" He asks.

"A girl has not been trained, Master," she responds. She smiles and says: "A Master may train a girl if he desires." Then, after a brief pause she asks: "Does my Master wish to bust Rita's cherry?" She stretches her arms displaying her wet, smelly hairy armpits.

"Not now mine," Bob retorts, frowning. It is time to clean up and get some breakfast. Rita always asks permission for every bodily function as well as eating or drinking. He notices her kneeling in the uncomfortable "Nadu" position, with her legs spread apart. He tells her to stand, for convenience sake.

The weekend passes in total bliss. Rita fellates Bob and Bob butt fucks Rita often. Sunday morning Bob enjoys making Rita hold her urine until salty tears streak down hot pink cheeks. He then commands her to masturbate and cum before being permitted to use the toilet. He cannot resist studying and examining her pussy, paying close attention to her intact hymen. He takes a clipper and cuts away her bush, leaving a rough stubble. Rita is not permitted to sport the soft, oriental bush or the shaved, smooth hypogastric triangle. The underarm hair and stubble are both dark brown and coarse.

At work Monday morning Sebastian Puso comes by Bob's cubicle. "How was your weekend, Bob?" He asks.

"Better than my wildest dreams," Bob replies.

"I have something for you and your girl," Sebastian utters. It is a stainless steel slender speculum. Bob examines the device carefully. The two flanges look like duck beaks. "Vaginal or anal, it works in either. You can spread her and lock it open for pleasure or pain."

"So, when do you want to come over?" Bob asks.

"How does Saturday sound to you?" Sebastian answers.

"Good, we will try out the speculum then. By the way, her hymen is still intact. That was a good idea." Bob rambles on.

The week passed all too fast. Rita was sore from being sodomized, but she did not resist and continued to allow Bob to ravage her rosette. By Friday she had grown accustomed to being butt fucked first thing in the morning. Saturday came and she expected the morning drill, but things were different. Bob gave Rita an apron and told her that there would be a guest for breakfast. Rita was to prepare the typical American breakfast, wearing only the apron. It would cover her nipples and her pussy, but leave the back open.

The doorbell rings and Bob answers the door, admitting Sebastian. They sit and eat breakfast. Sebastian can't keep his eyes off of Rita. She is embarrassed by her body odor and hairy armpits, as well as the show of skin that the apron allows.

After breakfast the three go to the bedroom. Bob orders Rita to remove her apron, bend over the bed, and spread her ass cheeks. Rita obeys and Bob inserts the speculum, smeared with petroleum jelly, deep into Rita's rectum. Slowly he turns the screw opening the device. Rita groans and, after some time, tears form in her eyes. Bob stops spreading her and commands her to stand and masturbate and cum for himself and Sebastian.

Rita stands with difficulty and begins working her breasts and clit. She is clearly uncomfortable and has great difficulty in arousing herself. Not only is the speculum a hindrance but the lecherous, lascivious, lewd eyes of the stranger humiliate and embarrass her. It takes her a very long time to cum. Her nipples and clit are sore from rubbing when she is finally able to climax. Once her oils of submission are visible, Bob closes and removes the speculum.

"Wonderful girl you have, Bob," Sebastian says, congratulating him.

"Yes," Bob replies, "She is gorgeous. Tomorrow morning she will be sore but willing to please. Nothing is better than a hot beautiful girl with a wet pussy and a sore asshole." Sebastian nods agreement and bids the couple farewell.

26 Jul 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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