tagBDSMRita Ch. 06

Rita Ch. 06


Robert Clay finds himself in a frustrating situation. A meddlesome, right-wing organization known as Citizens Reporting Asian Sex Slaves (CRASS) has been harassing him. His mail box is full of propaganda, he had to get a new, unlisted land-line telephone number, and there is a steady parade of do-gooders knocking on his door. His fiancée, Rita Defensor, is being kept at a co-worker's Goth mansion. The friend and co-worker, Sebastian Puso, is heavily into BDSM and is enjoying the use of Rita. From time to time, Bob calls Rita on a disposable cell phone and asks her how she is doing. She doesn't indicate any problems. Despite what she says, he has suspicions about her care. Sebastian has been acting strange at work, avoiding eye contact and rarely visiting Bob's cubicle.

Bob sends out resumes. He feels that a new job in a new city might solve some of his pressing problems. He also feels that his job at Khannibal(tm) Meat Products, Inc. is a no-brain, brain-dead, dead-end, end-game job. He would like to bring Rita back to his house; however, the constant scrutiny and harassment from CRASS is an inhibitor. He decides that a vacation is in order. He quietly puts in for eighty hours paid vacation. He will be able to travel with Rita while interviewing for other jobs. With any luck he will avoid detection by CRASS. Moreover, he decides to drop by Sebastian's without prior notice. This way he may check on his girl as well as minimizing the chance of detection.

It is early Saturday morning. Robert pulls into Sebastian's long driveway and parks to the side of the house. He walks to the front door and rings the doorbell. After a few seconds Sebastian appears. He has clearly just awakened. "Bob," he asks, "why didn't you call?"

"Those fascist swine CRASS are on my ass," Bob answers. "I have put in to take two weeks off. I'm going to fetch Rita and we will travel." Sebastian is oddly silent. "Is anything the matter?" He asks.

"No, no," Sebastian replies. "Do come with me. I hope that you don't mind that I've had her caged?"

"You haven't hurt her, have you?" Bob retorts. Now he is concerned.

"No," Sebastian utters embarrassingly. "She is still a vaginal virgin."

"Good," Bob states. "I would hate to rearrange your face." Sebastian grimaces. Bob served in the Army Infantry before joining Khannibal Meat Products and had occasion to survive close fire fights and Real Life hand-to-hand combat.

Sebastian leads Bob down flights of stairs to a dungeon where Rita is housed. She is naked in a concrete room with only a heavy brown wool blanket. Hearing a double-set of footprints approach, she rises and drapes the blanket over her body. The door opens and she rushes into Bob's arms, hugging and kissing him. Then, realizing who she is she kneels in front of him in a "cutie" position. This position is similar to the Nadu, except that the feet are splayed widely apart putting tension on her hips and groin.

Bob would like to spend some time getting an accounting from Sebastian, but he wants to stay one step ahead of the CRASS until he is on the open road. Sebastian had been away for a minute while Bob and Rita were reuniting. He returns with her clothes. She dresses rapidly and the three return to the main upstairs foyer. Good-byes are exchanged and Bob and Rita drive away.

Robert Clay drives with total concentration, saying only a few words to Rita: "We need to look for a new job and a new place of residence. The CRASS has been harassing me. They are trying to meet you and poison your mind with their philosophy."

"I am yours, Master," Rita responds. "You are supporting our people in the Phils."

"Yes," Bob responds, "that is true. We need to make some changes. The CRASS web site describes you and your unshaved armpits. We need to alter your appearance. Maybe color your hair as well."

"Yes, Master," she replies, "a girl understands."

They check in to a motel and go to their room. Bob checks the cell phone for messages. He has had it turned off during the road trip. There is a text message from Sebastian. He has sent a Western Union(R) money order to Bob. This is unexpected, but may well be a matter of conscious. Now Bob is even more curious of Sebastian's treatment of Rita.

"I need to go to a large drug store and Western Union(R) office, Rita," Bob explains. "Sebastian sent us some money. This will avoid using our plastic with electronic signatures. He did not rupture your hymen, did he?" Robert asks.

"No Master," she replies, "not my maidenhead."

At the Western Union(R) office Bob is surprised at the size of the money order. The cashier says that it is too large to pay out in cash. She offers a large in cash and a cashier's check for the balance. Bob agrees and hastens to the nearest Super Walgreen's Drugstore for various and sundry supplies.

Bob returns to the motel and hands Rita shaving stuff. She disappears to the bathroom. After a while she returns with shaved armpits, legs, and hypogastric triangle. Bob is so horny. He quickly slips on a lubricated condom and mounts Rita doggie-style. While his massive member pounds her comely rosette his hands massage and knead her small, firm teats. His fingertips feel the infrastructure of her breasts. She frees a supporting hand to gently rub and massage her engorged, tumescent clit. She arouses herself further stroking her damp, warm vulva. They come together.

They lie in bed a while, exhausted after hard driving, shopping, shaving, and sex. Bob retrieves the speculum, slides the duck beaks into a large condom, and lubricates the device with K.Y. Jelly(tm). He slaps Rita's ass signaling that he is ready to insert the speculum into her rectum and spread her anus.

"Why do you want to do this, Master?" Rita asks.

"Because I can, girl," he replies.

Rita grimaces as the speculum is inserted and Bob starts to widen it. "Why not just fuck my cunt?" Rita interjects as she feel more and more uncomfortable.

"You are a virgin," Bob retorts.

"I give you blow jobs and you butt fuck me," Rita laments. "How would anyone say that I'm a virgin?" She writhes and squirms as Bob twists and pulls the expanded speculum.

"Rita," Bob explains, "You are not some princess or homecoming queen. I enjoy sees you sleep on your belly with a speculum up your ass. You know what it means to be a BDSM girl and you can appreciate the lifestyle. If it were just missionary sex and virtual reality, then I would join the yuppie hoard and buy a gynoid. I guess one could get a gynoid with unshaved armpits, but a machine can only simulate blushing and embarrassment. You, on the other hand, are the genuine article. And I hope to keep you." Bob notices that Rita is drifting off to sleep. Tomorrow Bob will interview with Krispy Koronarie Kritters(R), an oriental concern specializing in exotic American flora and fauns.

6 Aug 2011 Taunus Trumbo

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