tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRita's Bus Ride

Rita's Bus Ride


Rita had just turned 18 so her parent let her start taking the metro bus to school alone. She was happy that her in senior year she would finally be independent. Even though Rita was thick she still looked younger than her 18 years. She had jet black hair, deep dark brown eyes and by her a natural dark tan you could tell she was Mexican. Rita was thick, by no means was she fat but she was not petite. No matter how big her shirts, sweaters, or jackets were, they could not hide her incredible 30dd. Men loved watching her walk away because they could admire her firm thick hips and that tight Mexican ass. In her catholic school uniform, Rita was the dream of every man's desire. It was for these reasons her mom and dad were overly protective of her. Rita was very smart yet so naïve.

Rita's first day on the bus was memorable. It was the first time she was alone in public without family or friends. She was a big girl and now independent. Rita did not enjoy the ride much because she was standing in the back of the bus which was too crowded. Through the entire hour, she kept wondering why she would be squished in a bus with so much room. The week went by and she repeated the ordeal to and from school. Things changed slightly the following Monday and Rita go the answer to her questions. As she made her way to her spot, there were the same men she had been riding with all week long. They all seemed friendly enough but none had talked to her. As the bus jerked to a start, Rita felt a hand on her able ass. She figured it was an accident and as the man regains his footing, it would go away. The seconds ticked by and when the hand move it was to explore her bottom. Growing up sheltered Rita did not know what to do. Her hesitation encouraged the hand to continue its groping in a bolder fashion. Soon one was joined by another and finally a third one. Rita's face was flush with embarrassment but she did nothing. As the bus dropped off people at their locations the hands that left were replaced by others. Rita was grabbed, groped, and rubbed all the way to school. She was still hot with embarrassment and breathing hard when she finally got off the bus.

Throughout the school day, Rita thought about her ride to school. Fluster at first Rita began to notice some excitement in it all. She found that she liked those strange hands on her ass. It felt good and she wondered if it would happen again. When the last bell rang, Rita ran to her bus stop. Mixed feeling ran through her body as she moved to her place.

She did not recognize anybody and she was standing alone. Her head was down and she did not see the new passengers when the bus picked them up. As she was struggling with her dilemma, Rita felt a hand run across her ass. She froze. Rita wanted to know who was touching her but she felt that any sudden movement might make him stop. The hand moved up and down back and forth taking in Rita's full firm Latina ass. Rita even adjusted herself so the person had full access to any area he wanted.

She felt another hand a few moments later. This one started right below her knee, slightly below her skirt. It moved up and down rubbing her over her knee high stockings. This hand seemed to slowly and carefully be making its way up the back and inner parts of her thigh. Rita placed her right hand on the back of the seat closes to her for support. All these new feelings were rushing through her body and she felt like passing out from the excitement. The hand kept moving up. She could feel the searing hot flesh touching her own skin.

Rita was bumped when several more passengers came into the bus. She recognized some as they took their places beside her. More hands join the other two. Rita could feel her ass exposed as her skirt was lifted. Her panties are the only thing between their skin and hers. They explored and groped the willing little girl's ass. Hands tugged on her panties which soon fell to her ankles. That's when she left some of the hands moved to her pussy. Hands were roaming her lower body and fingers threaten to invade her virgin holes. Rita squeezed her legs together and nobody refused he silent signal to go on any further. The hands continued to fondler he naked ass and rub over her hairy pussy.

Rita felt all the hands stop at once. Her skirt fell back into place. A hand pushed her from the small of her back.

"It's your stop, little girl. Don't worried we will pick this up tomorrow," said a stranger's voice. "Oh and by the way. You should shave that little pussy for us," he told her.

Rita stumbled out of the bus onto the side walk. She absent mindedly pulled her panties back up and made her way home. That night Rita fingered herself to sleep. It was the first time she ever did it and she enjoyed the sensation of cumming on her fingers. Late at night she awoke. Quietly, she made her way to the bathroom where she shaved her pussy. Rita was like a child before Christmas who is waiting to open his presents. She was excited and nervous. But she was the present that was waiting to be open.

Quickly, Rita bored the bus and made her way to her usual place. She saw the familiar men who she knew were the ones that would soon be exploring her firm ass. As she was trying to get into her stop, Rita was pushed back behind some of the men who now stood in front of her like a wall of people. No sooner were they in place when he felt someone push her forward so she was bent. Rita grabbed onto the closest seat and tried to keep from falling. She felt her skirt being lifted and tied round her waist. Everybody behind her could see her gorgeous ass and Rita did not complain. Her panties were pulled off and her legs were spread apart. She felt so dirty and cheat but she wanted them to continue feeling her ass. Suddenly the hands all stop. She wanted to turn around to see what was happening but she did not dare. Then she felt a single hard thick fleshly member rise up between her cheeks.

"Oh my god, what is it? What are they touching me with?" Oh god. It's a dick," she thought. She could feel the bulbous head between the crack of her ass going up and down. It felt huge, thick, hard and long. The man proceeded to rub it all long between her cheeks then made sure she the felt the length around her firm posterior.

"You're gonna love this," said a man's voice as he grabbed her hips. Placing the head of his cock on Rita's asshole, he started to push it in.

"Oh god no," Rita whispered. "I never please. I'm still a virgin," she pleaded.

"Not anymore," said the voice as he tried to ram it in. She was too tight and tiny. The man was having a hard time getting it through. Finally, he penetrated her. Rita let out a yelp and when quiet. The man with one thrust had shoved his entire cock into Rita's tight ass. Then he stopped so she would get used to it. Slowly and methodically, the cock started to go in and out of Rita's tight ass. The man had placed his head on her shoulder and she could feel him breathing onto her neck. Her low moans and grunts made Rita hot with passion. Rita who never had a crush, a boyfriend or even talked about sex was getting fucked in public by a stranger. Moreover, there was an audience of strangers watching her get fucked like a common whore. She left every inch of the stranger's engrossed cock and he moved in and out. The man's hand moved to her huge tits as he started to fondle them. He pushed her forward so she was bent more. With one hand on her hips and the other playing with her tits, the man fucked her deep and hard. Even though he started slow he began to pick up the pace. Soon she heard the slapping of their flesh and then came a grunt. Rita felt the man squirt his warm cream into her young body. It was over too quick she thought.

Rita felt the man pull out and she breathed a sigh of relief. Then she felt another cock starting to go in her ass. "Oh fuck. No he just finished. No, he's done. Right?" she thought.

"My turn," said another voice. It was easier for this one to slip into her ass. Again Rita was placed in the same position as before as another stranger fucked her young ass. This one was rougher than the last one. He grabbed her hips and fucked her tight ass hard and deep. Rita heard herself moaning and she ass was violated. Again the man came deep her in. Rita was breathing hard when the second man pulled out.

"Your ass hurts, don't it little girl," said a third voice.

Rita was scared. "No not another one. It does hurt," she thought. She wanted to rest. Slowly, she nodded yes.

"It's ok baby. I'm not gonna fuck your ass," said the man and he gently massaged her tired ass.

Rita sighed her relief. The man continued to gently rub her ass and he spread her legs with his foot. Slowly he pushed her forward again. Rita's face was on her hands as she felt the man caressing her ass. Then she left his cock. When she stared to protest, the man reassured her he was not going to fuck her ass. Again she was relieved when the head pass her ass going forwarded. Before she could realize what the man was going to her had already position his cock at her pussy entrance.

Rita started to struggle. His firm grip held her in place as he slowly started to push his thick long hard cock into her tiny bald pussy. Unlike the first man, this one made it a point to slowly penetrate her pussy. He wanted her to feel every inch as it went into her virgin pussy. Her barrier stopped him and they both stood still. She felt his grip get tighter and she bit her lower lip as he broke through. Sheer pain and agony raced through her body. Slowly, slowly it subsided as he began to work his cock in and out of her pussy. With every thrust the man seemed to grow bigger and longer. When he heard Rita stop whimpering so much, he picked up the pace. Harder, faster, longer he worked his dick into her tiny tight hole. Spanking her calling her dirty names as the fucked her deep. Soon he exploded into her. Rita felt the warm cum in her. She placed her face in her hands and rested. She heard some shuffling before she felt another man behind her.

When she opened her eyes she could tell that the men in front changed placed with the ones behind her. He skirt was still up exposing her ass and pussy for anybody behind her. One by one the other men took their turns fucking Rita's ass or pussy or both. When the bus got to her school, Rita was sore, tired and worn out. She slowly walked onto the side walk. As the bus drove away, Rita looked toward the back trying to discern who had fucked her. None of the men were looking out the window. They kept their faces hidden in their newspapers.

Rita made her way into school. "This was going to be a very interesting year," she thought.

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