tagTransgender & CrossdressersRite of Passage Ch. 04

Rite of Passage Ch. 04


Jamie looked down at his shoes concentrating, they were new, like the rest of his outfit that he now wore, new and unfamiliar, but somehow comfortable, like the whole facade he was now displaying to the world. The slight heels on them demanding focus on walking to save himself from any danger of falling, or twisting his ankle. His old clothes, like his old life, lay discarded back in the changing room, stained with his own cum, his own admission.

He walked alongside Kelly, making his way through rows of clothes wearing his own new style, though they fit him so naturally, Kelly could've sworn he'd been wearing them his entire life.

Meeting with Lucy at the tills she priced the items and they set about removing the tags, Lucy's eyes, wide with curiosity and excitement were drawn to Kelly, despite the immediate attraction of Jamie.

After Kelly had paid she had excused herself rather swiftly, leaving Jamie in Lucy's temporary care, much to Lucy's obvious bemusement. Kelly, bless her, looked a mess. Her makeup was smudged, her hair wouldn't stay straight and her entire outfit looked a little disheveled. She would need to 'freshen up' as she had said, though still seemed perturbed with just how pristine Jamie looked, even with an ass full of her cum he just looked so naturally beautiful, a picture of innocence.

Lucy, obviously taken with curiosity vanished only briefly to speak to her manager, managing to clock out of work early and join Jamie in waiting outside the shop. He still, embarrassed, looked at his new shoes. While he wasn't ashamed of what he had done with Kelly, it had felt so good, he wasn't sure how he felt with Lucy knowing. While he had only known Kelly from a distance, Lucy was a complete stranger to him.

She ushered him to a bench and sat besides him silently, smiling gently, eying him over. He, in turn, looked up at her, a blush on his cheeks. He hadn't paid her much heed before, so swept up in Kelly's rush to get him inside a cubicle his only thoughts had been in the then and there. She was cute, youthful, slender and lithe, quite pale skin, strawberry blonde hair cut short with light green eyes and a smattering of freckles.

"Trying to count them?..." she asked, smirking slightly, her general outlook seemingly innocent but her eyes swam with mischievousness.

He started a little and looked at her uncertainly, "Ex... Excuse me?..."

"My freckles. You were sorta staring. I figured you were trying to count them." She explained, her smile deepening.

He blushed slightly and shook his head, looking down. "I just sort of spaced out... Sorry..."

She laughed a little. "Cute. So uh... How do you know Kelly?"

"She's my..." he hesitated, remembering Caitlyn briefly and quelling those thoughts from his head. "My best friend."

Lucy pursed her lips and clasped her hands together, looking towards the mall's bathrooms where Kelly was likely fixing herself up. "Nah you see, I'm her best friend... Me and Gems anyway. She never mentioned you before?"

Jamie frowned. That stung a little, had he meant nothing to her before today? Thinking back that honestly wouldn't surprise him, after all he was the younger brother of her, he thought, lover Caitlyn. He sighed a little. "She's just a friend..." he said unsure even of that now. What was he to Kelly?

"Mm... Lover more like." She replied with a wink. "Or girlfriend? I wish I was that lucky. She always gets the cute ones."

He looked at her, looking and recognizing the desire in her eyes, an expression that was becoming all too familiar and felt himself blush slightly. It was weird, having a girl checking him out like that.

He shrugged a little, feeling embarrassed.

"You're not used to people checking you out are you?"

He looked up at her and shook his head a little, "Sorry this is... This is all sort of new."

She chuckled a little and waved a hand vaguely out towards the streams of people walking past, going here and there throughout the mall and passing the bench they were seated on. "Look see, half the guys walking past are checking you out."

He looked up, having never considered that, the people passing seemed regular and normal enough, but Lucy was correct. Where the women would glance at her casually, taking in her dress, makeup, style then looking away, the looks from many of the men would linger, trailing up and down her figure, drinking her in before walking past. Some even glancing back over their shoulder to steal another glance at him before moving away.

He felt his cheeks flush brighter at that realization. It was odd enough being eye candy for Lucy to enjoy, but everyone else too?

It only took a few minutes longer before Kelly walked from the bathroom, appearing refreshed and seeming more herself. She smiled as she spotted Lucy and Jamie, making her way towards the two of them.

"Hey! Hope she's looking after you hm?" Kelly asked with a smirk, glancing between them with an amused suspicion, seeing the embarrassment shadowing Jamie's face.

Lucy grinned cheekily and nodded. "Yuh huh. I just pointed out to her how many boys were looking her way." she winked.

Kelly rolled her eyes and laughed too, "Pfff, don't worry about them, you're with us, we'll..." she glanced at Lucy and smirked herself, "We'll look after you..."

Jamie nodded a little and made himself smile a little. It did make him feel better, to be with these two, safety in numbers. He sat up a little straighter and tucked his hair behind his ears, looking between them as they watched him, he broke the silence, "Alright... So, what now?"

Kelly beamed brightly and didn't so much as hesitate, "Nails!"

Lucy cooed and clapped her hands together standing up, "Usual place?"

Kelly nodded and took Jamie's hand, pulling him to his feet but holding onto his hand all the same.

Lucy nodded, "I'll catch up with you two, I'll go grab Gemma, get the squad together!"

Jamie watched as Lucy walked away, trying to figure her out and all together failing. He looked up to Kelly and found her looking at him with a smile.

"You're so fucking beautiful Jamie... And that was just... That was just amazing... I think I want to keep you all for myself..."

Jamie felt a pang of both amazement and fear at the thought of that. "I... I would love that... But..." he trailed off, looking down as Kelly tugged him into walking along side her.

"But Caitlyn, yeah. Don't worry about her too much. I'll try and figure something out." She pursed her lips in thought then looked at him, tilting her head some, "So what did you think of Lucy?..."

"She seems nice, I suppose?" he answered somewhat meekly.

Kelly grinned. "Glad you think so. You owe her a blowjob after all. For watching out for us."

"I... I thought you were kidding when you said that?" Jamie asked, conflicted. Hadn't she just said he was all hers?

"Mm I thought about denying her you, but that just doesn't seem fair." she shrugged a little, continuing to lead him through the mall.

"But... I'm all yours? Just yours?"

She smirked playfully. "Well yeah... But you're one of the girls now. You've got to look out for your girls?"

He looked up at her with worried eyes, this beautiful dark haired vixen that had shown him a new side to himself he didn't know existed was sounding a lot like Caitlyn in her eagerness to pass him around.

Kelly smiled reassuringly, "Hey, don't worry? I'll look after and take care of you. You'll love what you do when you're with me. Just be my good little girl and I promise you'll enjoy every second."

Jamie just nodded a little, unsure how else to respond. He knew it had been too good to be true, him being hers and hers alone. But still, Caitlyn, his own sister had been cruel, he had to do what she said or be hurt. Kelly, his crush, still made sure he did what she told him to, but with the prospect of rewards.

He had the choice between the carrot and the stick, and while he'd prefer not to be the packhorse in either scenario, having to choose between the two wasn't such a hard decision to make. He walked a little closer to Kelly, squeezing her hand.

She smiled and nodded happily, taking his squeeze as a sign that he was okay with the everything, for now at least.

She led him through the mall stopping at a juice bar to get back some much needed bodily fluids. She ordered for the both of them, ordering them the same thing. She paid and handed him his cup, winking playfully as she took a sip, beckoning for him as she started to walk again.

He eyed his drink curiously, a warm yellowish color and took a sip. Pineapple. He blushed and looked up at Kelly.

"For later!" she laughed, grinning broadly.

They arrived together outside the nail salon having finished their drinks and found Lucy and Gemma waiting, talking casually. Lucy spotted them first and raised her hand smiling.

Gemma smiled in greeting, placing her hands on her hips and eying Jamie over. She had been the one to do his hair, but his outfit would be new to her and it seemed well received.

"Damn she's gorgeous... You did a good job." Gemma observed in her usual reserved manner, nudging Kelly as they moved to stand in a circle.

Lucy scoffed and folded her arms under her breasts. "Yeah, that's not all she did a good job on."

Gemma shifted her gaze from Lucy to Kelly, raising an eyebrow. "Ooh?"

Kelly looked up at the ceiling, innocently.

"Railed him in one of my changing rooms." Lucy filled in helpfully.

Gemma looked to Jamie and raised her eyebrows together! "Oooh?"

He blushed and looked down shyly.

"Well couldn't have hated it, she's still here." Gemma patted him on the arm. "Wasn't so bad huh?"

He blushed and chewed his lip, "Well... Um..."

"She came like a girl." Kelly said proudly, interrupting Jamie.

Gemma and Lucy both seemed surprised, looking to Jamie as if seeing him in a new light.

"No way? For real? Without being touched?" Lucy asked.

Jamie swallowed and simply nodded, feeling the embarrassment wash over him.

"Oh my god that's so fucking hot." Lucy said eying him up and down, "Where have you been hiding this treasure, Kelly?"

She tapped her nose and shrugged! "Secret!"

Lucy pouted at her and seemed curious still, though the not knowing was clearing bugging them both some, through they seemed content to just enjoy their time with him, for now at least.

"Aw don't look so upset... Today's on me! After we get our nails done I was thinking we take in a film? My treat?" Kelly said, her arms open wide in a peace offering.

Gemma still seemed a little skeptical but nodded amicably, Lucy seemed far more excited at the idea of a freebie.

Jamie as before didn't get a say in things. Before he could so much as muster the courage to voice his thoughts he was pulled inside the salon, flanked by Kelly and Gemma, Lucy off to the side of Kelly probing her for more information about him, though she was evading her questions masterfully.

As they talked, gossiped and generally made conversation Jamie was sat down opposite a woman, young and pretty she had long black hair which she kept tied back and her features were delicately Asian, she smiled beautifully and he had a sinking feeling in his chest.

He looked to Kelly sitting in the next seat along, her own nails been tended and hesitated, watching her. She looked to him, briefly glancing at his nail expert then back to him, smiling before turning back to her own.

He let out a sigh of relief. This wasn't one of her girls, another such potential woman packing heat.

"Um... Hi?" he ventured to her, utilizing his disarmingly attractive smile.

"Hi!" she replied, a smirk on her delicate features, "First time?" she asked, holding her hands to his, her own smile warm and genuine.

He nodded and placed his hands in her own, unsure but not afraid or anxious. "Um... Yes. I'm getting a bit of a makeover, her idea..." he nodded to Kelly who grinned back.

"Yeah, she was a bit stuck in her ways... New hair, new dress, new nails." Kelly explained to the young woman who nodded along, turning Jamie's hands over in her own.

"Her nails are beautifully looked after, and such soft hands! I wish I had hands like yours." she laughed playfully as she placed his hands down and got her equipment.

Kelly pursed her lip and shot Jamie a jealous look. It wasn't fair how much better he was at being a girl than she was. But at least he was hers to do with as she pleased. Almost.

"Just give him some extensions and paint them red, match the lipstick." she instructed, a little to the point. The young woman looked to Jamie for his approval and he gave a resigned nod.

"Sounds good!" the young woman said as she got to work.

It wasn't at all like he expected. Shy as he was he wasn't much for joining in on the conversational threeway that was Kelly Gemma and Lucy. Instead, he was off in his own little world with this woman, Jin, according to her name tag.

He had done many lewd and crude things for the first time in the last day, but this was a much gentler experience. This girl's expert hands caressed over his own as she worked, gently holding, guiding turning and inspecting. It felt nice and he couldn't deny she was a cute girl.

He looked from her to the other experts, they were all seeing to the giggling girls with a warm professionalism. It seemed to Jamie that Jin's touch was lingering more than theirs. He looked to his hands then up at her her. She was looking at him. She winked.

He blushed brightly and hesitated, he wanted to look down, look away, withdraw shyly. But instead, he smiled just a little brighter and held her gaze.

After a moment had passed between them Jin glanced away towards Kelly, then down, innocently once more towards Jamie's nails.

He looked across to Kelly to find him eying him, with a mounting suspicion.

Jamie smiled brighter at her too, then winked.

It was Kelly's turn to blush, her concerns washing away as she laughed, utterly disarmed by his charms.

With Jin concentrating and carefully painting his nails and the three girls lost in their own little conversation Jamie had a moment to think about everything that had transpired to him in the mall today. He had changed, in more ways than one.

Physically he had been altered virtually beyond recognition, but he knew he could undo all of that within half an hour. What concerned him were the other changes. He was acting like a girl, talking like one, walking like one. And now even, he was using his beauty to his advantage, disarming Kelly with just a wink.

It was with a sudden realization that Jamie realized what he was. He was a hot chick. He thought about all the things in life that had been closed off to him and just how open the world seemed now. A smile and a wink could go a long way, especially if he was as hot as it seemed he was in the eyes of others. It was a powerful weapon, one he could use to get what he wanted. But it seemed every time he used it he drifted further from his masculinity.

"I will get another heater to dry your nails, this one is broken." Jin said softly, interrupting his reverie. He just smiled and nodded, looking down at his lengthened nails with their beautiful red hue.

He watched her curiously as she moved to the reception placing the faulty heater down and sorting something else out. He watched as she picked up the faulty heater and returned, sitting down and smiling plugging it in.

He looked at her with obvious confusion as she positioned the heater to dry his nails, noting his expression and biting her lip. Hiding it with one hand she showed him a piece of paper.

The piece of paper read, 'Jin' followed by a mobile number. She let him see it then folded it in half, slipping it under his right hand, where Kelly on his left wouldn't notice. She smiled again.

"So... Where are you going after this?" she asked curiously as the red nail polish dried quickly.

"To the films with them." he nodded to the three girls, "Though I don't know what we're going to see."

She nodded some curious and smiled, her voice lowering to a whisper, "Well maybe if you're free later, or tomorrow... Or the day after, we could grab a cup of coffee somewhere?..."

He blushed and smiled, "I'd like that..." he said back softly, glancing towards Kelly, though she hadn't noticed, fortunately

He felt a little guilty. He was a starving man who had just been invited to a buffet. He was so unused to female attention that even though he was wildly attracted to Kelly, not as put off by her additional assets as he should be, and virtually her lover, he couldn't help but accept the attention of Jin. That, and perhaps Kelly's remarks earlier about him being hers had made him desire for something a little more... Mutual, seeing this as maybe an opportunity to achieve that.

With his and their nails now dry he stood, unsure of where he could possibly hide Jin's number. After a few moments of hesitation, while Kelly's back was turned he tucked it into the lacy band of his thigh highs. He glanced back to Jin who was smirking, she at least had seen.

As they moved to pay Jamie moved to Kelly's side, she looped her arm around his and nudged him, "You're such a flirt... You can't put out your charm to anyone and everyone you know, you'll be inundated." she chastised lightly.

He shrugged a little, "Sorry, I'm not used to people... You know... Looking at me like they are."

She grinned and squeezed him. "No kidding. Hell, sometimes I wish people looked at me like they're looking at you."

He smiled warmly and leaned against her gently as they paid and walked from the shop as a troupe.

He spared a glance back towards the shop and saw Jin, blowing him a kiss even as he hung off of Kelly's arm.

Jamie smiled and looked forward. Today wasn't turning out so bad.

They walked and talked through the mall towards the cinema, admiring each other's nails, inquiring fruitlessly about Jamie and generally just enjoying the company of each other.

Jamie Lucy and Gemma stood around chatting as Kelly purchased the tickets from an automatic machine, returning to the group and proffering four tickets with a smile. "Back row seats!" she said, excitedly, grinning at them.

Lucy grinned and reached out for a ticket but Kelly withdrew her hand, shaking her head, "Nuh-uh, assigned seats... I've had my fun... Your turn..." she smirked knowingly as she handed them each a specific ticket.

Jamie took his ticket and looked at the three of them, curiously, "Their turn?"

Lucy raised her hand to her mouth and moved it back and forth, poking the inside of her cheek with her tongue, mimicking a blowjob.

Gemma smirked and rolled her eyes, "Crude but right... You won't be watching the movie hun..."

Jamie flushed with color, but Lucy took his hand and started pulling him along. "Come on!! I can't wait."

He looked to Kelly, but she simply shrugged, "You'll love it!"

Jamie bit his lip but allowed himself to be pulled along by Lucy, eying her look of hunger with no short measure of hesitation. He had loved his time with Kelly, he couldn't deny that, but now she was so casually passing him off for her friends to use he wasn't sure how that made him feel. She was supposed to be his salvation, albeit not one from this new lifestyle, but at least from Caitlyn. Would he prefer this? Having no less than three gentler lovers to Caitlyn? Would Lucy and Gemma even be that gentle?

They stopped off at concessions, Kelly buying in bottles of pop for everyone and a box of popcorn for herself, Gemma and Lucy passed and it seemed Jamie didn't get an option but to pass.

Before heading into the theater Gemma excused herself to the bathroom, leaving Lucy and Kelly to fawn over how dainty and wonderful Jamie looked. Though they seemingly waited forever for Gemma, the other two didn't seem to mind. They seemed to enjoy the anxiety once more plaguing Jamie as his mind was awash with thoughts and visions of what was to follow.

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