tagNovels and NovellasRites of Passage Ch. 02

Rites of Passage Ch. 02


As this woman continued rubbing her hands over my body, I took in her features. Beautiful face, huge ass, and those titties? They had to have been at least 44DDs. The more aroused I became, the less I struggled to hide it. Once she noticed my cock starting to get hard, she took it in her hands and began to stroke it until I was fully erect. "Wow," she exclaimed softly, "they sent a good one tonight..."

I knew something was up; maybe now I can find out what. "Who sent who a good what?"

She jumped back, obviously startled that I was indeed awake. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you..." Her voice dropped off some as she left, but I asked her to stay. We talked for a while and I managed to find out a great deal about her. Her name was Monica, and she was a pharmacist in town, which is the only reason she was in on this. For the rite of passage, she said, some different types of drugs are required. She wouldn't tell me what they were or what they were for, only that she was paid extremely well to procure them, but I still got the impression she felt she was being cheated. I encouraged her to stand up to whoever it was that wasn't doing her right, and to make sure she got what she was owed.

In the midst of our conversation, I hadn't noticed that she still had my member in her hand. While we had talked she had been fisting it slowly, but now that both of us were fixed on it, it had become fully erect. Her eyes seemed a little glazed over, like she had never seen one that big before. I don't mean to brag, but at 10-1/2 curved inches she very well may not have! She glanced nervously at the door she had come out of then giggled, "Try to keep quiet." I nodded in agreement, but had I known what she had in mind, I might now have been so quick to agree. She dropped her mouth around my head and began practically inhaling it. She was better than anyone I'd ever been with. She gradually worked more and more of my cock in her mouth, getting the first five inches down. I felt the tip hitting the back of her throat. She kept at it for a few minutes, giving me the best blow job I had ever had.

I laid back and let myself enjoy being so well serviced by this stranger, who was getting hornier by the minute. She worked my shaft with her mouth and one hand, and worked her pussy with the other. The hotter she got, the faster she started sucking, and she was pushing me further and further to orgasm. She thoroughly enjoyed sucking me off, and I was all too eager to reward her with a mouthful of cum. I noticed her look up at the door once more then pull up, leaving just my tip in her mouth. She took a deep breath, opened her mouth as wide as it would open, and lowered herself back onto my dick. I could only watch as she made more and more of it disappear into her hungry mouth. She got the first five inches down easily, and then worked the rest in inch by inch. Six... seven... nine... all ten and a half inches!!! Now I was in a state of disbelief, as my mushroom was lodged successfully in the throat of this lovely ebony girl. She was on the verge of her own orgasm, which I could tell from the muffled moans that vibrated against my pecker. This was a good thing; I had been straining to hold my own orgasm in. Eventually, I busted my nut, which threw the hand on her pussy into overdrive, frigging herself into an orgasm of her own.

Once I was drained, she got up. She truly was amazing; she hadn't wasted a single drop, letting it all flow down her eager throat. She let out a little laugh and moved over to a box on the far side of the room. She was had just opened it when the door behind us slammed shut. I kept still and Monica jumped to her feet as a female voice spoke up in a sarcastic tone of voice: "What have we got going on here?"

Monica answered with a bit of trepidation, "I was just getting ready to prick him."

The owner of the voice came into my field of vision before she spoke again. She was white, blonde, large firm tits with long legs that met in the most perfectly shaped ass I'd seen in some time. She, like Monica, was also nearly nude. "Did we tell you to prick him?"

Monica dropped her head ashamedly. "No."

Another voice piped up: "She thought she was gonna get some for herself this time, Christy."

Christy now took a very condescending tone with Monica. "The way things work around here is like this: you supply us with the drugs we need, and you get paid cash. Cash. Nothing else." What else could there be for payment, I wondered. "That way, everybody's supposed to be happy: we do the ritual, the guy gets accepted into his squad, and you get paid. Am I clear on that?" By now I'd had enough of her putting this poor girl down and threw my own two cents in: "Leave her alone. I'd be willing to bet money that none of you... how many of there are you, anyway?"

"Five." Now it was my turn to be thrown for a loop. You mean to tell me I had been 'kidnapped' and was being held hostage by six naked women? This was gonna be a very interesting rite of passage, I determined. I continued: "I bet none of you could deep throat me the way she just did." All of a sudden, twelve eyes were locked on me; Monica's for busting her out like that, and the other ten for my brazenness in doing so. Christy sent Monica to the back, but she only got a few steps before stopping. "I'm not going anywhere."

Christy was taken aback. "What?"

"I said, I'm not going anywhere." I sensed her courage rising. "Listen, you pay me to help you get these guys here and then you broads have your way with him, but never let me in on the action. Want to know something? I haven't had sex in fifteen months! And I refuse to go another damn day! Either you let me fuck him, or your whole operation is through." She stood with her arms crossed, waiting for a response.

A redhead stepped in front of her. "You wouldn't really do that to us, would you?"

"I'm as serious as a heart attack." I finally understood what was going on here. These women had drugged me, brought me here, and were now going to use me as their personal fucktoy. Wow... you talk about every man's fantasy come true. Christy had built some gumption back up, so she said, "Don't get us wrong, Monica, but nobody we bring here ever really wants to fuck you. I mean, look at us, we've got some of the best bodies these guys have ever laid eyes on, then look at you; you're...well, you're you."

I couldn't help but laugh now. "Please. I've yet to meet the white chick that knew what to do with this," motioning to my stiffening cock. The redhead was the first to step forward. She threw her lips onto my pecker and began sucking it furiously, even getting the whole length in her mouth. The problem was that I wasn't fully erect when she started; only about seven and a half inches, and just as she mouthed, "This isn't that much," it filled her mouth with the other three. "MMMMMMPH" she growled as my head pushed on the back of her throat. She had to relent some, and I just lay back, satisfied at being right. She was really getting into the rhythm when a brunette pulled her off. Everyone was puzzled until the blonde snapped her fingers.

"The Alprostadil, duh!" Now she allowed Monica to get into the box, from which she produced a bottle and a syringe. She gave me an analytical look, then filled the syringe with 25 cc's of the liquid. I had been racking by brain trying to remember where I had heard of that particular substance, when Monica moved over to me. Without so much of a word of explanation, she took my penis in her hand and stabbed me with the syringe. I yelped in pain as she hurried to empty its contents into my cock. I had never had a problem with needles, as my eleven tattoos can attest to, but this latest experience may well traumatize me for life! Once I had gotten my wits about me again, I noticed my dick swelling up again, but much bigger than it had ever been before; it looked to be at least a foot in length by the time it finally stopped growing. I was completely bewildered. "What the fuck did you stick me with, you crazy bitch?"

Christy laughed. "The disappointing thing about gang raping a guy is that he goes limp after every nut. Laura, Joi, Maryanne, Courtney and I don't have the patience to wait for a guy to get it up again. That's where Monica comes in. She is paid, handsomely enough, I might add, to supply us with Alprostadil, the sole purpose of which is to keep a cock from going limp." She grinned at my cock. "And in some cases, it causes an erection to get even bigger. How long the effects last depend on the amount injected, and given the size of that shot, you may not make it back to the clubhouse by sundown tomorrow." Holy shit, were the only two words that came to mind. I was about to be torn to pieces by this group of women for perhaps a full 24 hours and there wasn't a fucking thing I could do about it. (Not that I was complaining, mind you.)

Another black girl came out with a ruler to measure my dick; I guess they kept some sort of records of the guys they fucked, I don't know. What I do know is that my drug-induced hardon measured 12 full inches in length! I think that it was the one Christy called Laura who was most excited by this, because she wasted no time impaling herself on it. People think that having such a big dick is a blessing; these are people with small dicks. Those of us with big dicks know the pain that can be associated with being shoved into a pussy not properly prepared to take it, and then collapsing in orgasm when it does. And to top it all off, the poor child had only taken the tip in! She lay down on top of me and worked her hips up and down, trying to progressively work more and more of my manhood into her pussy. When she realized her relatively virgin sex wouldn't support more than eight inches, she began slowly screwing me, moaning her lungs out at the intense pleasure she felt. She did have some good pussy, just not very accommodating (though this can hardly be called her fault; it's not every day you find yourself with a 12-inch cock between your legs).

Laura was thoroughly enjoying having my dick in her, as she had come three solid times since we had started making love. The problem was that I wasn't here to be massaged, or made love to; I was here to be fucked. By now, I'd found the latch to the handcuffs that kept me bound to the bed. I waited until Laura put her arms around me to release myself. I grabbed her by the waist and shoulders and sat up with her in my lap. She immediately tried to writher away, sensing she was in danger of being torn to pieces. She was right. I hammered her pussy ruthlessly, forcing my entire foot of length inside it. Man, she had some good pussy; so tight, so warm, and the harder I thrust, the wetter she got. She, meanwhile, was in the throes of what we in the business call a never-ending climax; she was an incomprehensible mass of flesh being pounded by my raging cock. I was close to cumming, so I pulled her as far down onto me as I could and just let loose a gush of semen.

I felt genuinely sorry for Laura; I hadn't even shot twice in her and she was already leaking cum, she was that full. I finished pumping about a pint of man juice into Laura then pushed her off me. She fell to the floor, breathing heavily and her eyes seemed to have a little trouble focusing for a few seconds. Once she came to, she picked herself up off the floor and put a hand over her dripping cunt. "Ya'll are all better bitches than me if you can take that whole thing!" she spat venomously before limping off to the back. I said nothing, merely reached down, undid the cuffs on my ankles, and stood up. I flexed my massive, muscular frame and grinned. "Well...who's next?"


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