tagNovels and NovellasRites of Passage Ch. 03

Rites of Passage Ch. 03


The five other women watched in disbelief as Laura limped her way to the back room. The others talked quietly amongst themselves for a few moments. I did some stretching while keeping my eyes and ears on all five of them. Finally, they broke out of their little huddle and stripped naked. Monica did keep her negligee on for some reason, not that it mattered. I have to admit that I found her the sexiest out of all the ladies there, dressed or not. She would have to wait her turn however, as the other black girl of the group pushed me down onto the bed and started sucking my cock. She was the one who went by Joi, I was able to gather. She had a good technique going, mouthing what she could and fisting what she couldn't. After she had sucked enough, she got up and sat on my dick with her back facing me. She felt much better than Laura, like she had already been stretched out by something. Yet no woman that small (she couldn't have been more that 5 feet tall) is naturally that loose, and I was curious as to how she had done it. Perhaps my salvation was that the beautiful thing about a girl this hot gliding effortlessly up and down your rigid shaft, and you tend to stop thinking altogether.

I forced my brain to shut down and just leave my body in control of things. (Granted, I know how much trouble that can get a person in, but I figured I was in as much trouble as I'd find myself in tonight.) This broad was fucking hot. She had my pecker lodged firmly in her hot box, with her feet solidly on the floor while her muscular legs pushed her up and down. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, and she apparently took great pleasure in being able to bring me to the edge of orgasm and just keep me there. She had to have held me to that edge for a good few minutes, until I just could not stand it anymore. I grabbed a hold of her hips and relentlessly thrust myself in and out of her womanhood until I felt my member swell up, then unload a torrent of sperm into her vagina. That one left me gasping for breath, so I struggled to get out from under her and get some air in my lungs. Joi gave me a little peck on the cheek before heading towards the back.

Once I had gotten my composure back, the brunette moved towards me. "It's Courtney's turn now," she said before placing her hands on the bed. I took that as my cue that she wanted to be fucked by me, as opposed to her fucking me. I did not disappoint, placing my tip against her slit and pushing just slightly inside, just enough to draw a light moan from her lips. I gave her the common courtesy (as if there was place for any in this environ) of asking her how she wanted it. She answered, "Fuck me like a little slut, big boy. Make me scream with that big piece of man meat." The magic words there were "make me scream." I grabbed her hips and yanked backwards for all I was worth, eliciting a one-of-a-kind scream that echoed off the walls. You know the kind of scream that makes other people cum? That kind of scream.

It took my a few moments to find a good rhythm, one that would keep her cumming while keeping me from cumming, but once I did, it was like a beautiful symphony; the sound of flesh slapping at a frenzied pace, combined with her moans, screams and even demands made for a melody that was music to my inner nymphomaniac. This bitch wanted me to make her mine, and I had no intent of doing anything else. I was going to leave her leaking cum out of her snatch, she had that kind of effect on me. I no longer had to worry about dropping off, so I began to fuck the unholy hell out of her. She was extremely appreciative: "Oh yeah, give me that big dick, baby, this pussy deserves to be fucked right tonight... I can't believe you, you're so big, you're filling me up, oh my god, I'm gonna cum so hard, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I-M CUM-M-M-M-M-M-IN-N-N-G... *ahh...*" I slowed down a little bit to let her savor her own climax, then followed in suit, leading her through an unknown number of orgasms before finally allowing myself to my own. I pushed my rod inside her until she tried to lean forward, almost like she was begging off, but to no avail. I felt myself fill her with so much seed that I worried she might pop from the pressure! I was actually shooting so hard that I was pushing her away from me just by sheer force. Eventually I was empty (hah, empty) and I sent her off to the back with a smack on the ass. All that remained were Christy, Marianne, and Monica.

Courtney and I had gone at it for quite a while; I guessed that I had spent forty-five minutes each with her and Joi, and half an hour with Laura. It had somehow escaped my attention that Marianne and Christy were on the floor 69ing each other. Marianne looked up at me, then removed a dildo from Christy's twat. Now I realized why Joi and Courtney had been able to handle my dimensions easier than Laura. This dildo was nearly as big as I was, and I can only assume that they used it to stretch themselves out. But, when a chick is holding her face over another chick's pussy and inviting you to insert 14 inches of flesh into it, you're not really interested in asking questions. I slid my cock into Christy, fucking her while Marianne continued to tongue her clit (and my shaft at the same time, interestingly enough). Marianne was a big fan of using the very tip of her tongue, so I went to great pains to leave an inch or two out to lick on while I screwed her companion into delirium. Christy had by far the best sex out of all the group, crafted seemingly to custom fit me, and no one else. I found myself short of breath at one point, and reared up on my knees, when I felt my tip jump, like I had hit a spot that felt... well, different. I slid back in, then back out; Christy let out a small cry, unlike any I had heard that entire night. Now, every male who's had sex more that three times knows what that sound means.

I positioned my head right on Christy's G-spot, then started fisting the length that was beyond her lips. I don't care how hard a woman tries, there isn't one alive than can resist a vibrating sensation like that on her G-spot, and I don't know if Christy was even trying. I do know that she was a squirter, because just as I prepared to blow my own load, her cunt just gushed against my chest. That was as wet as I got, because Marianne's mouth thirstily accepted the rest. I put my tip on Christy's clit while I shot my cum against it, which triggered another series of orgasms/eruptions, and Marianne was left the daunting task of licking her lesbian lover's slit dry, which she eagerly accepted (and completed).

Now I was left with a moral quandary: what to do now. Needless to say, I did what any respectful gentleman would have done: switched ends and skewered Marianne. This time I may have been in over my head, because juices from two different cunts plus my own cum were more than my cock could handle. Marianne's cunt got flooded early and often, and within minutes Christy was a total mess, as I was pumping my own jock juice out of Marianne's overflowing pussy and onto Christy's face. Marianne was pretty undone as well, as she was simply unable to absorb any more cum. Her hole was gooey and sloshy, but it she was still pretty tight so I still got a decent feeling out of fucking her.

Finally, I reached the point where I could take no more. I stood up and got the two girls to their knees. I put my dick between their mouths while they swapped spit over it. I came eventually, and like the respectful gentleman that I am, painted both their faces white with what had to have been my biggest load of the night. They licked each other clean as they directed my attention to a shower. I washed up, which felt good since I was covered in the bodily fluids of five different women, plus my own. (Not that I'm complaining how I got there, mind you.) I came back out just as Marianne and Christy were heading to the back room. I managed to glance at a clock as they passed through the doorway; it was now 2:45 am, almost six hours before I had departed on my mission. I still had a full eighteen hours to go, and the only people left in the room were my freshly-cleaned self, and Monica, who I could tell was extremely turned on by the display I had just put on!


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