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There was a time when it was good, when he actually fanaticized about her, dreaming of her breasts, her hard nipples and the wonderful wet promise between her legs. Of course they had just started dating then and she was still a developing conquest for him. He found her stories enthralling and he loved the way she twisted a curl of her hair as they talked. When he kissed her goodnight, just the touch of her lips on his had a dizzying effect and he would be in a wonderful mood for hours. The phone would ring and he'd rush to it, feeling disappointed if it wasn't her and of course, he'd be elated if it was. It was a magical, wonderful time as they got to know each other and in turn got more and more intimate.

The first time he touched her breast at the movies, he got so aroused he couldn't stand up for nearly fifteen minutes afterwards. And later that evening, when he parked his car at the far end of the K-Mart parking lot, he unbuttoned her blouse and kissed her breasts, gently sucking her erect nipples. When he took her home he was still hard as he walked her to the door and he wore the tent in his pants proudly. Kissing her good night, he pushed himself against her thigh and she pushed a bit back. He drove straight home, rushed into his house and made himself come, stroking himself and thinking of her.

In the next few weeks they steadily went a bit further whenever they were alone together. She let him slip his hand into her pants, opening her legs and letting him push his finger into her. A few nights later, after slipping his fingers into her wet pussy, he moved them up to her clit, where he caressed her until she came, moaning loudly for him. A week later she touched his cock for the first time and a few days after that, she stroked him until he came, spurting his warm cum in her cupped hands.

During this time, when they weren't alone, they remained very affectionate, holding hands, giving each other quick, pristine kisses and talking. Whatever she said to him grabbed his attention and he was continually amazed at how witty she was, she always had him laughing. They progressed to where she was always on his mind. If they were together, he felt contented, when they were apart, he pined for her.

When she finally invited him into her apartment, he wasn't sure what her plans were, but then she stepped out of her bedroom in just a sexy bra and panties and he was all over her. They kissed as he unbuttoned his shirt and she unfastened his pants. She eased his underwear over his cock and kneeled down to take him in her mouth, sucking him as she ran her tongue over his head. He savored the sensations, but before he came, he stopped her, wanting to please her first.

They moved onto the bed, where he moved his head between her legs and pushed his tongue into her pussy, enjoying the tangy taste of her. Moving up to her clit, he circled his tongue over her nub while he pushed two, then three fingers into her. He continued licking her clit and pushing his fingers in and out of her until she spread her legs wide and came, her pussy squeezing his fingers again and again.

Climbing on top of her, he felt her hand on his cock as she guided it into her pussy. Slowly entering her, he felt the wet warmth of her as he pushed in deep and then withdrew. Moving faster and faster, he slid in and out of her, feeling her softness fold around him until he couldn't hold off any longer and he came, shooting his cum into her cunt. They remained entwined together even after his cock slipped out of her, falling asleep in each other's arms, sated in the ecstasy they had just shared.

He spent the next night with her and they made love with a passion that neither had experienced before. After that he stayed with her again, but by the fourth night, he had to get home and take care of a few things. He returned a night later and spent the night, again having sex. Over the next week, he did spend one night at her house, but strangely, when he looked at her naked, he noticed a distinct sag in her breast, and instead of going down on her, he kneeled in front of her and pushed his cock into her, avoiding a strange odor coming from her crotch.

Now after sex, he would get up, go into the shower and wash her off of his cock and pubic hair. He'd quickly dress and find an excuse to go to his apartment. He told her he was working late a lot and so only saw her maybe twice a week and they might have sex on one of the nights. When his cell phone screwed up, he got a new service and let his number change without telling her. Running into her later that week, he merely told her his phone was bad and he would be getting a new one.

When she didn't hear from him in over a week, she came by his apartment and although his car was there, no one answered the door. A week later, when she tracked down his cell phone number and called him a "pitiful heartless fuck" on the phone he really didn't care. He had met another woman who completely enthralled him as they talked for hours on end.

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