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Ritual Impregnation Ceremonies


One of my most erotic fantasies is the idea of a ritual impregnation ceremony. I have often wondered why this idea is such a strong and powerful image for me. The whole idea of making babies as a spiritual or religious experience is something I find intriguing and an incredible turn on.

There are scenes in a number of movies that bring that image out for me every time I see them. The scene in "The Di Vinci Code" where a group of people are standing around in monk robes watching as a man and women have sex. The last scene in the movie "Clockwork Orange" with a couple having sex and a group of people standing around in tails and top hats dress liked they are at a wedding. The scene from the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" with a group of people wearing masks watching a couple having sex. These movies always bring out that erotic fantasy from deep within my own subconscious no matter how many times I see those scenes.

I also enjoy reading erotic stories with rituals and some sort of offering up a sexual sacrifice as a part of the storyline. I always enjoy impregnation stories but when you add in some sort of ceremony or ritual it peaks my interest and just takes it to a whole new level for me. Occasionally I run across articles like "The Scared Whore" and others that touch on this subject and I always find the material engrossing.

Where did my fascination with this activity come from? Is it rooted in my religious or cultural background? I am an American but my ancestors came from the Highlands of Scotland. I thought that this particular part of my cultural background might be a good place to start looking so I started there with my Celtic background. I did some reading and a little extrapolation and speculation on my own and came up with the following thoughts.

In the "old religion" or the Celtic religion the Druids, Stonehenge and so forth, the first of May is the festival of Beltane which is a Celtic fertility festival. There are many references to this festival throughout traditional English literature, it is found among other places in the King Arthur story. In that story Arthur attends one of these festivals, has sex with his stepsister Morgause whom he does not realize is his stepsister. She has an illegitimate son Mordred who the end of the story mortally wounds Arthur and Arthur ends up killing him.

The festival of Beltane is similar to the festivals of Mardi Gras or Carnival. People wore masked and costumes they had a King and a Queen just like Mardi Gras. The festival involved a lot drinking, partying and group sex. These festival among other things functioned as a Celtic fertility clinic. If a married women could not get pregnant by her husband she was permitted to go to one of these festivals and try and find some else who get the job done. Since they were both wearing masks no one knew who they having sex with.

The festival also included a number of rituals and ceremonies. One of those rituals was similar to the modern day wedding ceremony except that at the end where the Priest would normally say you may now kiss the bride; he would instead say you may now impregnate the bride. This was a Celtic ritual impregnation ceremony.

When the Celts converted to Christianity they practiced both religions together, they did not see a conflict between the two. Like most pagan religions when they converted to Christianity they also transformed some of their old rituals to reflect Christianity. The impregnation ritual, at least for a short period of time was transformed to reflect the reenactment of the "Immaculate Conception", the impregnation the Virgin Mary by God and the conception of Christ. Just as we celebrate the birth of Christ, they also celebrated the conception of Christ which in many cases was considered to be even more miraculous than the birth of Christ.

The whole story of the "Immaculate Conception" is something I find interesting. Mary and Joseph are possible the most famous cuckold couple in history. The Virgin Mary by being impregnated by another man (God), by receiving the seed of another man in her womb not that of her husband she became one of the most famous, admired and sainted women in history. The kind of thing the Church would have stoned her or burned her at the stake for doing if she were any other women. Her husband Joseph by giving up his is martial rights as a husband and accepting his wife being impregnated by another man he allowed her to ascend to Sainthood and to become the religious icon that she is today and he also became a Saint himself as a result.

When the Normans came to Britain they brought with them the practice of jus prima noctes which allowed a noble to have sex with women on her wedding night allowing the noble to bless and consummate the marriage instead of the husband. There are references to this activity in the movies "Brave Heart" and "The War Lord" and I don't know how many other places. I suppose that this is also a form of a ritual impregnation ceremony if you want to stretch it a little. For some reason I am not as turned on or even interested in this concept probably because I have no great love for the French.

I would speculate that for some of us participating in the hot wife or cuckold lifestyle is not something done to rebel against religion but in fact is a way of conforming to our religion upbringing and a way of celebrating our Christian heritage. For some of us maybe it connects us to our pre-Christian pagan ancestors in ways that we never truly understand but never the less desire and crave.

I have been thinking about writing an erotic story of own about a wife breeding party at a swinger club with a ritual impregnation ceremony as the central theme. I am not sure if it will be posted but I may go ahead and write it anyway for my own benefit if for nothing else. I hope you liked sharing my thoughts and I hope I didn't upset too many people or at least the ones who believe in freedom of speech. Thanks for reading.

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