Rival Nails Wife


"This is your lucky day, Robert," Victor said between gasps for breath. He was fucking furiously now. "Not only do you get to watch me fuck your wife, you get to watch me knock her up."

Shit. But too late. Victor bucked and groaned as he shot his sperm into my wife's unprotected pussy. I could see his ass cheeks clinching and his body jerking as he unloaded shot after shot into her.

Finally he stopped moving as he knelt there with his cock still in my wife while he worked to catch his breath. After a few moments he looked around to see me on my knees next to him stroking my fully erect cock. "Okay, man," he said as he moved away. "Your turn."

But as I moved to position myself between her legs, Louise reached down with a hand to keep me away. "No. Not that. I need to cum."

I looked down and her pussy. It was red and swollen and cum had starrted dipping out of it. "You kidding."

"Please," she asked. Her face was flushed and serious looking. "Make me cum."

"Shit." At first, I didn't think I could do it, but when I leaned down close I caught the odor of his cum. What a turn on -- I loved the smell of it. And when I put my lips to her pussy I found that the taste was not that bad. The only hard part was when I sucked on her clit. His cum came into my mouth in big stringy globs and sort of slithered down my throat. That was hard to take.

But she started moaning and bucking. "Oh yes. Yes. Suck Victor's cum out of your slut wife's cunt."

She moaned then and her body shuttered so I knew she had cum. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and moved back into position to fuck her, but she slid away from me up onto the center of the bed. "No," she said. "Come here and lay down beside me. You too, Victor."

We lay down on either side of her and she rolled over to face Victor and began kissing him. "Hey, what about me?" I asked.

She rolled over on top of Victor and kissed him again before looking at me. She was still breathing heavy, but I could see her smile start to return as she said, "I want to watch you jack off while I neck with Victor."

So I laid there beside them and resumed stroking myself. After a while, she sat up straddling Victor so that he could fondle her tits while she watched me.

Victor, who had been silent while he rested, spoke up. "So you like getting fucked in front of your husband," he asked.

"Yes," she said then added. "You asshole, you probably knocked me up."


"Well," my wife said as she grinned at me. "I do want a family. And Robert can't cum in me. So maybe we can fuck some more?"

That did it. I shot my load into the air.


Actually things worked out pretty good for us. I got the Nova job and now Victor, Andy, Leo, and Mike all work for me. I think they like it. The work is good, and after all, it's not every boss that lets his employees fuck his wife.

We will have to take a break soon though -- Louise is about to deliver our first baby. I'm looking forward to her recovery because we have decided to have at least one more child. And we're thinking another black child will be best.

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