At night, the bar looked dark and gloomy, but Fran was not a woman to be intimidated easily. As she walked in, the guy working the door looked her over lustfully. At 5'11", and 160 lbs, and long curly blonde hair, she attracted most men within seconds. Her tight tank top exposed the ring running through the nipple of her left breast, and her strained jeans accentuated her long legs. Her feet were graced with tiger print 5" high-heels. She paid her cover charge and strutted into the bar. Fran instantly recognized Mary sitting at the bar, and pulled up a stool next to her.

"Well, well, you little bitch. Why the big meeting? Or are you just trying to waste my time?" Fran rambled, and then ordered a beer.

"Fuck you Fran," Mary countered. "I have just about had it with you seducing Michael. He is about to break, and you and I both know it. I have caught him jacking off to all of the nude photos you keep sending him, and while I know there is nothing I can do about that, I asked you here to see if you would like to place a little wager." Mary was wearing a tube-top, with a short mini-skirt and black high heels. The eyes of every guy in the bar were focused on them.

Fran took a huge swig from her beer, and then looked at Mary. "Oh really? What did you have in mind, kid?"

"We wrestle, catfight, whatever you want to call it, for the rights to Michael. If I win, you will lay off him. If you win, you can fuck him anytime you please. Plus, the winner takes control of the loser's sex life."

Fran laughed loudly. "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean?" she asked.

"Just what it means, you dumb broad. The winner controls the loser, until the next match."

"The next match? How often do you propose we fight?" Fran asked.

"Once per month, until one of us calls it quits."

"You are on!" Fran exclaimed, and the two women forcefully shook hands.

"Are you ready to go to the house, then?" Mary wondered.

"Tonight? You want to start tonight?"

"Yes, right now."

Mary sped up the road, with Fran following in hot pursuit.

Michael was downstairs as he heard the front door open and close. He knew it was Mary, but would Fran be with her? He had agreed to this little plot of Mary's, and he figured it would be worth it either way. Although Fran and Mary were rivals, and he had fucked Fran in the past, he knew that each woman wanted to teach the other a lesson. No matter who won, he would be fucking both women.

Michael had just finished setting up the mats, and as Fran and Mary bounded down the stairs Michael's cock hardened instantly at seeing both women together. He wore only a leather thong, sent to him by his dominant Mistress Leslie.

"Hi Fran, hi Mary. I see you two have agreed on the match," Michael said.

"Yes Michael," Mary responded.

"You bet, Michael. Let's go ahead and get if over with. I want you to be fucking me by eight o'clock," Fran beamed,

"Not so fast, Fran," Michael interrupted. "There are some ground rules that I need to tell you about."

Fran happened to look over at Mary and saw that her opponent had already removed her tube-top, and was unzipping her mini-skirt. It too fell from Mary's body, and Fran just stood dumbfounded as Mary began to do a series of stretches to loosen up. Mary's 34C titties protruded wickedly from her body, and each nipple was pierced with a ring. Fran seemed to be in some sort of trance as she watched the nearly naked Mary move back and forth. Dark pussy hair protruded from her black thong, which barely covered her pussy.

"Fran... Fran... are you listening?" Michael asked.

"Yeah... yes... I am. Go ahead."

"First rule: This is a pantie and high heel match, so if you would... " Michael instructed, his cock pounding in his pouch.

"Sure baby, anything you say," Fran replied. She quickly peeled of her tank top, kicked off her heels, removed her jeans, and placed the heels back on her feet. Now Fran was dressed in only a pair of full animal-print panties and matching heels. Mary continued to stretch, preparing for the fight. She dropped down and did a series of push-ups, continuing until she broke a sweat.

"Very good, Fran. Now, there will be no pulling of the nipple rings, scratching, clawing, choking, spitting, head butts, or eye gouging. No punches to the face, and no open-handed slaps to the face either. Sleeper holds are allowed if you get that far. If either contestant goes nude, the match continues. The winner is by submission only, no time limit. You both know the prize for the winner, and the consequences for the loser. Understand?"

Fran gulped so hard it was almost audible. "Yyes... I do," she answered.

"Mary?" Michael asked.

"Of course," she replied.

"Oh yes, one more thing. This mat is heel proof, so don't worry about that. If one of you goes off the mat, the match stops until you are both back on. As you can see, it's quite large, 40'x 40', so there shouldn't be that much of a problem." By now it was all Michael could do to keep from grabbing his erection.

Michael noted how Fran seemed a little worried now. Mary looked confident and ready, and they each positioned themselves in an opposite corner of the square shaped ring.

"Both ready?" Michael asked.

"YES," resounded from both of the contestants.

"Wrestle!" Michael yelped..

And the match began.

Mary had formulated a strategy, where as Fran was just out to grab Mary and beat her to a pulp. Mary knew that although Fran was a good athelete, she was also slower than she was and knew no wrestling holds at all. She also knew that Fran had a sexual appetite like no other woman she knew.

Fran ignored the butterflies in her stomach, and she willed herself to think of nothing but destroying Mary. Fran had been in only a few catfights; most women would not even think of challenging her, but she had never wrestled another woman nearly nude. She felt her nipples harden, and her pussy moisten as the women circled each other.

Fran ran at Mary, wanting to grab her and toss her across the ring, but Mary simply sidestepped her, pushing her right leg out. Fran tripped over Mary's leg, and went tumbling to the mat. Mary was on her in an instant, and she sat on Fran's back as she pulled her right arm around behind her, causing a groan from Fran. She had both of her hands tightly locked onto Fran's wrist, bending her arm in an L shape. Mary worked that arm; she would slowly move it up and down, causing Fran's shoulder to ache. Fran moaned a short "ughh" every time Mary increased the pressure. Gradually though, Fran pushed herself up onto her knees, supporting herself with her left arm. Mary knew what was happening, so she pushed as far up as she could with Fran's arm.

"EEEEEIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH," Fran screamed, and with that, she tossed Mary from her back; she then paused to massage her aching right shoulder. She immediately knew that Mary would be no easy pushover.

Michael was in awe; the sight of his wife and former lover fighting was already driving him wild with lust.

Mary was quickly on her feet, and was ready to pounce again on Fran, but Fran had already gotten to her feet; Mary decided to use caution.

The women began to circle each other. Fran repeatedly attempted to grab on of Mary's wrists, but Mary kept slapping her hands away, frustrating her. Although Fran was the better all-around athlete, Mary seemed to be in better shape. She had already broken a sweat, and wasn't even breathing hard. Fran, on the other hand, was breathing deep already; perhaps too much of the party life was getting to her. She had quickly broken a sweat, and her curly blonde hair started hanging in her face, making it difficult for her to see. Mary's short black hair prevented this problem. Mary kicked off her heels and began to dart and dash around her, at one point succeeding in slapping Fran on the ass. Her plan was to infuriate Fran, and cause her to make mistakes. But it was Mary who made the mistake.

Mary darted to close to Fran, and Fran was able to grab Mary's left wrist. She pulled Mary to her roughly, and as she did she drove her right knee into Mary's stomach. Mary groaned loudly and fell to the mat, her arms spreading wide above her head. Fran saw an opportunity, and dropped her entire body down on Mary's exposed abdomen, totally knocking the wind out of her. She then stood again, and circled her downed opponent.

"Like that, you little bitch?" Fran howled.

Mary couldn't reply; she could barely breath as she struggled to retrieve her wind. She was able to roll over on her stomach, finally getting to all fours. Fran was reveling in the fact that she had taken the upper hand, giving Mary time to regain her air. But Fran soon grabbed Mary by the wrists, and pulled her to her feet. In a swift move she had Mary in a headlock, leading her around the mat, calling her a bitch the entire time.

But Mary stayed cool, riding the headlock, not resisting at all, knowing that Fran wouldn't increase the pressure if she didn't fight back. A full ten minutes passed with Fran enjoying her position.

But then, Mary got a break. Fran, still in her heels, tripped over her own feet in the center of the mat. As she still had Mary in her clutches, she could not break her fall, and landed squarely on her face, her lock on Mary's head failing as she landed. Mary, fully recovered, pounced on Fran's back and locked her fingers together around Fran's chin, initiating a camel-clutch. Fran's arms were trapped between Mary's elbows and thighs, and they flailed wildly as Mary began to work the hold.

Michael could hold out no longer. He stripped off his g-string, and began to stroke his cock. It seemed as if it had never been so hard. He was sweating also from the sheer sexual nature of the situation.

Fran was whining at the pain in her neck and back from the clutch. Mary alternately applied and released the pressure to cause the maximum amount of wear and tear. But it was soon apparent to her that this hold, although excruciatingly painful for many women, was doing little to Fran. She released Fran's chin, and watched as her head plopped down to the mat. Mary stood and spun, grabbing Fran's ankles, and locking them under her arms, pulling up hard. Mary then leaned back, and the Boston crab was completed.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck! What the hell are you doing? Oh fuck! That hurts!" Fran screamed.

Mary ignored her, just working the hold. Fran's body was bending back in a lying down "U" shape, stretching her abdominals and thigh muscles. Fran was screaming at the top of her lungs from the pain. Her failure to loosen up before the match was costing her now. She was pounding the mat in agony.

Mary worked the hold for what seemed like forever to Fran. She was now sitting on Fran's ass, and although still working the hold, the feeling of Fran's ass against her own was erotic.

Soon Fran's muscles finally stretched, and the effects of the hold were wearing thin. Mary pulled one last time with all her might, upon which Fran bellowed in pain. Mary then released her legs, and in one swift motion, Mary ripped Fran's panties from her body, revealing an incredibly hairy, wet pussy.

Mary then rolled Fran over with her right foot, and began a series of kicks to Fran's mid-section. Fran's soaking wet hair was all in her face, and it blinded her again. Mary then stood over her, and dropped the entire weight of her body onto Fran's stomach.

"OOOOOOOOOOF," Fran roared. Again and again Mary stood and straddled Fran's mid-section, hitting her ass-first with all 130 pounds of her body. Fran's big titties jiggled madly as Mary landed on her. Then Mary fell to her side, sliding her left leg underneath Fran, grabbing Fran's right arm and ankle, pulling her closer, and then locked her left ankle to her right, completing the leg-scissors.

Fran used every last ounce of her strength to break the hold, but to no avail. Fran was now the fly, Mary the spider, and Fran was caught in her web. Mary began a series of squeezing and releasing movements with her powerful legs, breaking down Fran's weakening abdominals. Fran groaned loudly each time Mary tightened, her eyes glassy, her body now drenched in sweat. Mary knew she had to go for the kill.

Sex was Fran's ultimate weakness, and Mary knew it. Fran was tossing her head back and forth as Mary squeezed ever harder, and Mary propped herself up on her left elbow. Her right hand swept down and cupped Fran's hirsute pussy; the pad of her hand landing right on Mary's clitoris. Fran's head shot up, her eyes rolling back in her head.

"You like that, don't you, you slut?" Mary taunted.

Fran's eyes glared at Mary. Her legs spread wide, and her legs began to shake, finally flicking the heels off her feet.

"Fuck yes... I hate you, but I want to cum soooooooooo bad!" Fran retorted.

Mary again applied full pressure to Fran's stomach. Fran's head flew back, spanking the mat. Minutes went by as Fran groaned in pain and moaned in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Michael was on his knees before the two women, stroking his cock with his right hand, massaging his balls with his left. He was drooling at the spectacle before him.

Once more Mary addressed Fran; "Do you want to cum, you bitch?"

Fran was now totally spent. She did not have any further strength to resist.

"Yes, oh gosh yes. I need it so bad," she panted. Mary began to work Fran's clit between her thumb and forefinger, and she knew now that Fran was quickly climbing the ladder to an orgasm. Fran was frantically pinching her own nipples in search of added stimulation.

"Oh yes, gosh yes. Getting close... please Mary," Fran begged.

"Michael, if you cum, I will be really pissed," Mary told him. So Michael slowed his stroking to hold off.

Fran arched her back, ready to explode.

"Oh no, not yet you whore," Mary exclaimed. With that, she withdrew her hand from Fran's pussy.

Fran head shot up, her eyes wide, and her mouth agape. She frantically began searching for her pussy with her own hands, her clit needing only a further touch to launch her powerful orgasm. But Mary quickly grabbed both her wrists, preventing her from finding her pussy.

Fran now looked at Mary with pleading eyes through her locks of blonde hair. She was rocking her hips up and down, searching for stimulation for her enflamed pussy.

"Do you submit?" Mary asked.

Fran nodded her head weakly.

"Say it!" Mary screamed.

"I... submit!" Fran cried.

Michael slammed the mat with his right hand. The bout was officially over, and Mary was victorious. She unlocked her ankles, and pushed Fran away from her. Standing, Mary peeled off her own sweat-soaked panties, tossing them at Michael. She then quickly ran to a nearby cabinet, and pulled out a digital camera.

Fran was lying on her stomach, both hands plastered to her pussy. Her right cheek was on the mat, her hair covering her face. Her mouth was held tight as she moaned in the heat of masturbation. Mary handed the camera to Michael, and she sat on Fran's ass.

"Think you can keep your hands off of your cock long enough to take some pictures?" she asked Michael.

Just then, Fran's orgasm ripped her in two. She shrieked in a delicious agony, her mouth open wide. "Ahhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhh... Gaaaaaawwwwwwwddddddddddd... OOOOOOOOOOOO... FUCK!!"

Michael began clicking off the photos, his cock bobbing in the air as he moved about Mary and Fran. Fran's firm ass was rising up and down as she orgasmed. On and on Fran climaxed. Mary took advantage of Fran's healthy ass, and she rode Fran's right ass-cheek with her own sopping pussy, stimulating her clit wildly. She came in seconds, spraying Fran's ass with her orgasm. She recovered quickly though, and motioned Michael over to her.

Fran lay in a heap, not moving, trying to recover from her two-minute orgasm. Mary then took Michael's cock in her mouth, which sent him into dreamworld. As she felt Michael's erect cock in her mouth, she reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Fran's hair, pulling her head back and upright. She also pulled her lips off Michael's cock.

"Ready to cum, baby?" she asked him.

Michael could only nod.

"Kneel in front of this slut," she told him.

Michael knelt where his cock was right in Fran's face. She vainly tried to take him in her mouth, only to have Mary pull her head back at the last moment.

"You want his cum, don't you Fran?" Mary clamored.

"Yes, please, anything you want, let me suck him," Fran begged again.

"Ohhhhhh... poor baby. Not this time. It's all mine!"

Mary fell forward onto Fran, and held her head close as she once again took Michael in her mouth. She worked her enclosed lips up and down his shaft, wiggling her tongue ferociously.

"Plllleeeeeeeaasssssse Mary, let me have some. I am begging," Fran said quietly.

Mary shook her head, still sucking on Michael's cock. Michael began to whine louder and louder as his orgasm swelled in his balls. With one last tight suck, he came.

"AAAaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhh" he bellowed.

A river of cum flowed down Mary's throat as his cock throbbed in her mouth. Fran could only watch enviously as Mary drank all of his cum. His cock finally popped out of her mouth, and Michael fell back, exhausted.

Mary stood, and licked her lips.

"Fran, on your feet. You belong to me now," Mary told her. Fran stood on rickety legs, and raised her head to Mary. Fran was in a sexual dream-state, and she couldn't resist her commands.

"Now, follow me upstairs. You are going to give me a bath," Mary proclaimed.

Michael watched as the two women climbed the stairs. His cock was already semi-hard again.

"It's going to be a fun month," he mused.

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