tagFetishRivals Ch. 03

Rivals Ch. 03


This is an extension of the previous one where the original was written at Seaking's site over 10 years ago and nobody has the contact info for the author (who apparently never wrote anything else).


Ed knew he shouldn't be doing it, but he was here in the bank again. Cheryl had closed the blinds to her office and he was under her desk as she worked, vigorously eating the pussy that dominated his wife's. Cheryl knew she shouldn't have ever entertained the idea either. Bruce had been even more attentive to her since she dominated the redhead, and their sex was better than ever, but nobody had shown the pure desire for her that Ed had since she soundly beat his wife in front of him. He had confessed to her that he never had sex with Dana anymore without thinking about the fight, and that it got him hotter every time. He had wandered into the bank for the first time more than a month after the fight. He even confided to Cheryl that his wife had been in another fight and won, but only just barely against his son's 18-year-old girlfriend.

Cheryl had gone so far as to grant Ed's request to cockfight Bruce for the right to fuck her. While Bruce was definitely bigger than Ed, the husband of her vanquished rival battered Bruce's cock and balls in no time and had the bigger man coming all over himself with ease. They literally fucked on the floor in front of her husband with Dana none the wiser. Cheryl let Bruce know that their marriage wasn't in any trouble, and if he could beat Ed in a cockfight that she would kick him to the curb, but if he decided to tell Dana then Cheryl and Ed would dump their spouses and the two winners would live happily ever after. Bruce seethed, but after getting thoroughly trounced by the smaller cocked man he didn't have the confidence to try anything on that front. And so it began. Ed would come up with the occasional excuse at home to leave Dana for a bit and fuck the blonde who was better than his wildest dreams. He also found ways to get out of work, once every week or so, and gobble up the sweetest pussy he had ever tasted while occasionally having the cum summoned out of him by the superb mouth of the curly blonde banker.

As the little arrangement continued, Ed was amazed that Dana seemed to suspect nothing. Even more surprising was the interest that Cheryl was showing in Shannon, his son's girlfriend whose boobs had beaten Dana's even though her nipples lost to the redheaded mom and her pussy as well. Cheryl started mentioning ways to get Shannon into another fight for Ed to see somehow without getting caught. She had a blonde haired niece named Katie whose body was similar to her own, just with slightly smaller tits that sounded like a good match for Shannon's. She was pretty sure the wild child of the family would go for it as she seemed up for just about any kind of experimentation if the college stories she told her aunt were true. Ed recommended trying to find a way to film it, much like he and Dana had done for the fights at their house, maybe offering the winner a copy while Cheryl would keep one for herself.

Through all of this, neither Cheryl nor Ed was aware that Bruce was hatching a scheme of his own. He loved his wife, and the sex with her after the fight was better than it had ever been, but he hated the idea of Ed being involved and was trying to find a way to end that. He had quizzed his champion wife several times trying to find a way, other than a rematch with Ed, to remove the other man from the equation. He and Cheryl had discussed maybe looking for another opponent for her, and his interest was piqued as he heard of Dana's second fight, but he couldn't figure out how to broach the subject with women whom he thought had a legitimate chance to beat his wife. He did finally get Cheryl to concede to the idea that if he found an opponent who could beat her, then she would cut Ed off. She had two caveats. One, she could veto any potential opponent before a fight but once it started she had to continue. Two, she wanted added stakes at the end where the winner would get 30 minutes to sexually dominate the loser with whatever sex toys she wanted.


Bruce thought it would be more difficult than it was. He was out at a company lunch with the guys from his office, and Hooters supplied the answer to the question of whether or not he would find a woman to fight his wife with her boobs and cunt. A stacked brunette, clearly older than the perky 25 year old "actresses" and "models" that had tucked their tails and come home to a life of mediocrity after failing in one of the bigger cities, had tits nearly as big as Cheryl's and they appeared to be real. He really perked up when he saw her browbeating some younger brunette, and he swore he saw her punctuate her point with a chest bump that sent the teenager scurrying out the door.

It took some asking around, trying to be discreet without arousing suspicion of his motives or punishment for the waitress, but he was finally able to get some info. Her name was Erin. She was single mom in her late 30s. The younger woman she boob bullied was her 18-year-old daughter. Erin obviously had her very young and had focused her time and effort on making enough money to raise her daughter in an area where her future wouldn't be limited. She didn't like her daughter's boyfriend, especially how serious they seemed to be, probably out of fear that she would make the same mistake Erin did and be forced to abandon her dreams. Also, Erin still had a bit of a wild side. She hadn't been in a serious relationship for years, but apparently she was experimental and open to many things. Lastly, and this is what Bruce was really hoping for, there were rumors of her having physical confrontations with coworkers and customers a few times.

Over the next few weeks Bruce found more and more reasons to show up at the boob themed restaurant, carefully navigating his way into having Erin as his waitress nearly every time. He started working on forging something akin to a friendship, finding that he really liked what he knew of the woman, in hopes of making things comfortable enough to ask the one question he really wanted an answer for. The problem was, how do you ask a woman you've just recently met to titfight and sexfight your wife and beat her so that another man will stop fucking her? There's no damned guide for that and one day Bruce grabbed a small table by himself and decided to just go for it.

"Erin, I've got something I have to ask you."

"Sure thing hon."

"The first time I saw you here, I noticed that you use those (he looked right at her tits before returning to her face) to boob bump someone and make her leave."

"You saw that, huh. Is that why you've been asking to be seated at my table?"

Seeing her skepticism, Bruce still forged forward. "Yes, but there's a bit more to it." He spent the next 30 minutes adding more and more to the story as she made the rounds for her tables but always worked back to the hunk who was telling her one of the hottest stories she had ever heard. "So, there you have it. I'm in a tough spot and I need to find a woman with the attitude and equipment to beat my wife so I can have her all to myself again. What do you think?"


Ed put his head down, hoping not to be recognized. The moment the brunette walked in, he felt like he had seen her before. After she started talking he realized that he had met her, though only once or twice for a few fleeting moments. Her name was Erin, she was amazingly well built, and her daughter was dating his son. Thankfully she seemed so thrown off by everything that was going on, especially the contest she was about to have with a stranger on behalf of the other woman's own husband, that she didn't register the fact that she might know the other man in ther room.

Erin had been convinced by Bruce, over a few more conversations and a video of the second fight between his wife and that redheaded bitch Dana who thought her son was too good for Erin's daughter Shannon, to go ahead and participate in a nearly identical battle solely to help him get the other man out of his life. The only change, which was apparently suggested by the other man, was going nipple to nipple instead of pulling on them. She wouldn't let on, much less actually say, that she was harboring a bit of hope about winning him from his bitch wife after besting her body.

"Bruce is off limits bitch. Just because you tricked one man into fucking you that doesn't mean you're going to get his pestle pounding your mortar while I'm still around." It was almost as if Cheryl could read her thoughts. The dirty blonde's curly hair was done up perfectly, as was her makeup, but her face held a derisive sneer on it as she stared at her new foe. She saw a woman near her age, dark hair and dark skin, wearing a Hooters waitress outfit with clearly no underwear on. The new woman's tits looked to be nearly as big as her own, her ass looked like it might be better, and her labia were practically fighting their way out of their short orange prison.

"Don't worry blondie, I'm not the one who has to do this just to keep my man interested. What he does after my body beats yours is his business."

"I'm not doing this to keep him interested you ignorant slut. I'm doing this because he wants to have me all to himself again and I have another man who wants me because my body beat his wife's big tits and meaty cunt easily. Adding your body to the list will be fun."


One last check on the camcorder showed that it was ready and the night's events were ready to begin.

Erin and Cheryl knelt in front of each other, waiting for the word to start the battle. As it came they both leaned in and covered the few inches between their juicy tits, allowing their large engorged nipples to greet one another. Cheryl again found herself more endowed than her opponent, both her nipples and her breasts were bigger, but the confidence she derived from Dana's nipples shrinking away from battle was not felt this time as Erin's slightly smaller pinkish red nipples seemingly rose to the occasion.

Erin's nipples slashed and cut well, bending the bigger, thicker pair over to the side before releasing them to bounce back, a rewarding grunt being heard each time. Cheryl's nipples worked on the base of their opposition, causing the skin to pucker and redden at the contact, occasionally hitting them head on and forcing the smaller nipples to give way as the blonde's big dark nipples forced their way down the shaft of the lighter colored ones and drew verbal admissions of pain. The first few maneuvers from each woman were aggressive, seeking to end things quickly, but reality set in fairly soon with each combatant realizing their plight would not be an easy one.

The room was eerily quiet except for the sounds of the two gorgeous fighters. Ed was still trying to remain anonymous, unwilling to give the brunette the slightest clue about who he might be. Bruce wanted the brunette to win, but only for the purposes of getting rid of Ed, and could not bring himself to verbalize his desire into cheering against his wife. Neither woman noticed, as they grunted and moaned their way to an increasingly intense battle, giving the room an aura that would likely baffle anyone unfamiliar with the circumstances that led to it.

Erin was the MILF of your dreams. Cheryl could easily be a cougar if she wasn't married. Both buxom women continued their onslaught of the other's superlative tit toppers, hoping that they were right in thinking they were wearing the other nubs down. After what seemed like forever, the end came rather abruptly. One pair of nipples took a direct hit at their base, pointing straight up as the other pair ground into them. The massive rack they sat on heaved as they began to quickly soften and shrink, the constant stimulation proving to finally be too much. Their disappearing act was accompanied by a squeal as their counterparts refused to release them from their painful predicament. Before they were completely gone, the losing woman spared her nipples a visible total domination. For the first time Cheryl had proof that part of her fabulous body wasn't as good as someone else's and she sheepishly suckled Erin's better nipples.


The ambiance remained odd, stilted, and awkward for everyone in the room. Even after a winner was determined for the first part of the proceedings, there was still little interaction other than the voice announcing the winner and the sound of the better nipples being sucked. Both men were comfortable enough to whip their cocks out and show them some attention as they strained in response to the spectacle in front of them. The women were still on their knees, inches apart, one with a smile and the other with a scowl as they waited for the word to go at it again. Erin wondered if having her arms on the inside would be an advantage, Cheryl wondered if having hers on the outside would be a detriment.

Tits mushroomed out, the blonde's extra size making up for a slight lack in firmness. Again, this wasn't going to be the complete crushing of another woman the way she dominated Dana. Cheryl already was battling the creeping doubt in her mind that she wasn't that great and that beating the weak redhead had artificially boosted her ego. The waitress had worn her nipples down and now her smaller, firmer tits felt like they were piercing the banker's 38D bombers. Cheryl wasn't sure what to do, at first, but she felt relief at the fact that the brunette didn't either.

Ultimately the more experienced woman used her slight edge in familiarity with the situation to start trying things to break the stalemate and giver her tits the best chance she could to win. She borrowed a move directly from her first opponent and dropped down slightly to slam an uppercut into the brunette's orbs. Erin wailed at the impact and seemed to freeze in place while Cheryl went to work titboxing the waitress' rock hard rack from every angle. Uppercuts, slams from the side, head on breast butts, and drops from above to make Erin carry the weight of both sets of tits were used with little time between each blow.

Erin was tough physically and emotionally. As a single mom she had to be. As a busty woman working in a restaurant that flaunted her tremendous globes she had to be. As a combatant in this intimate contest she had to be. What she wasn't was an experienced titfighter who had partaken in the kind of combat that she was currently embroiled in that required her to fight through immense pain in one of her most intimate areas and use the aching tits to fight back. She started trying to meet the aggressor with similar blows, but the pain was clouding her judgement and slowing her reactions. Additionally, her remarkably firm tits were flying all over the place and they both felt and looked softer to her in the precious few seconds when they settled back onto her chest before her opponent struck again.

What would have been an epic confrontation in a different setting or with more equal prior experience was instead a slaughter. Cheryl pummeled Erin's tits ferociously, not letting up for a moment. The men, and the women, expected a long, protracted battle where four great tits battled each other for supremacy with one pair barely outlasting the other. What they got was the blonde assaulting her rival's chest nearly from the get go, the single mom's battle orbs turning into sloppy, floppy hangers in barely five minutes.

"Look at them cunt. Look at your weak, pathetic, floppy whore tits. Look at what I'm doing to the sacks of goo you're so fucking proud of. Look at the only thing about your pathetic body that gets you any attention. Look at the pitiful bitch tits that pay your rent. Look at the only thing about you that any man would ever find desirable. Look at them getting beaten to nothing by the tits of a real woman. Give up now before I permanently deflate them."

Erin had never felt the kind of physical and emotional domination she was currently experiencing. She broke into tears as the blonde bitch verbally destroyed her spirit while her tits did the same to the MILF's formerly magnificent tits. "Oh fuck, I give!" She screamed it so loud that both men jumped a bit as they were shaken out of their revelry of the events unfolding before them.

Cheryl pushed the loser over and dropped her tremendous rack on top of the face of the beaten brunette. "How you doing down there bitch? How's it feel to meet a real woman with really great tits? How are you going to feel when my pussy eats yours alive whore? I bet Bruce won't ever walk back into that skank restaurant again after I'm done showing him what a second rate slut you are. In fact, I don't want you to have any excuses about the pussy fight so I'm going to let you up early cunt." With that Cheryl released her titsmother of the other woman after barely 90 seconds and quickly sat back and spread her legs, exposing her lightly glistening pussy.


Erin recovered fairly quickly and mirrored the other woman. Everyone could see the irritation and concentration of her face as it contrasted the smugness and anticipation her opponent. Cheryl was beaming, her nipples fully erect again from the excitement of destroying two great tits, occasionally licking her lips as she waited for the final phase of the battle. With a single word the women enjoined the final part of their fight.

Two already aroused pussies immediately began slurping each other, vaginal lips sampling the delicacy between another woman's legs. Arousal came quickly to both women, leading the men to think the battle would be another quick one and leading each woman to think that all she had to do was hold out for a few moments before her foe began gushing. All four were wrong.

Two sexual camels fucked each other like lovers. Pounding each other with wild abandon at times, slowly and sensually rubbing clits together at others. Erin's confidence returned every time it looked like Cheryl was about to lose control, only to ferret away again whenever the blonde professional began to overwhelm her. Cheryl, sure that she was going to dominate this woman after smashing her hard boobs flat in no time, was trying not to let the circumstances dictate her emotions. The wife tried to ride the ebb and flow of her feelings the same way she was riding the waitress MILF. The single mom tried to treat the offending labia and clit like an asshole customer who she just had to endure until they were gone.

"Fucking white trash whore. Your sloppy tits and worn out pussy will never get you another tip at the whorehouse restaurant again!"

"Cheating bitch. Your husband and your man bitch are going to see you for the miserable cunt you are after I fuck your gaping whore hole off!"

"Wannabe man stealing cocktease. I'm going to fuck you so hard your little girl is going to cum when she hears about it."

"Fucking bimbo skank. I'm more woman than your saggy old ass will ever be. Both men in this room are going to think of me fucking you out every time they see you after this."

The inside of all four thighs were slick with sweat and leaked arousal. Two stunning mature women fucked like animals with a sheen of sweat covering their perfect bodies. Two men, a husband and a fuck toy, watched in awe as the most epic erotic battle they could ever have conceived of unfolded before them. Both women were making the kinds of sounds that precede a wave of orgasmic pleasure. Both men were barely holding their own loads in as they watched, unsure of who would win. Both women had eschewed trash talk as they clearly focused on controlling their own urges at least as much as they tried to send the other one to defeat.

Finally, the dam broke and one woman gurgled out the most intense orgasm of her life before lying back and covering her face in shame with her hands as her whole body shook with the fitful tears she was crying. The winner laid on her own back, stunned that it had been so close and realizing her need to regain her composure before receiving the prize of the other woman's face between her legs as she was eaten out to her own orgasm. Feeling composed enough to enjoy a few minutes of cunnilingus, the winner grabbed the loser by her hair and pulled her face into the awaiting victorious pussy. The loser licked, kissed, sucked, and nibbled the winner for barely two minutes before bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm.

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