tagGroup SexRiver Cruise

River Cruise

byGrey Eagle 286©

I sat behind the wheel of the pontoon boat waiting for my party to arrive. I usually enjoyed giving the scenic river tour. The usual trip was four hours but the party was running late already. I wanted to be some where else, I wanted to be in a bar sucking up some suds. I had caught my girlfriend screwing another guy a month ago.

I would be alone tonight and as big a pain as the girl was, she was company. Life is a real bitch sometimes.

An SUV pulled into the parking area and six girls got out. They started walking my direction and they were carrying coolers and pick nick baskets so I knew this was my party.

I greeted them and helped them stow their gear. When everyone was aboard I showed them the life vest storage then demonstrated how to use one. I had to keep my mind on other things. All of the girls were really good looking. One, a little red head, was absolutely stunning. I got them all seated and started up the engine. I untied the lines and stepped back aboard and latched the gate. We were off. I motored slowly out the channel to the twisty river. I pointed out alligators, and various birds as we went along. When we were in the river I picked up the speed and cruised right along. All the girls wore short shorts and T tops. Little nipples poked bumps in the shirts. My shorts were becoming way too tight.

We got to the area of the river I liked the best. It was beautiful with the river turning and twisting through a forest of cypress trees. Spanish moss hung in swatches from the tree branches. Water lilies bloomed bright white against the dark water. The water extended back as far as one could see between the crowded trees. Cypress knees grew between the trunks of the trees. It would be impossible to travel through the jungle. I gave my regular talk about all the sights of interest identifying trees, plants, birds, and animals we saw. We passed a area where the bank was very steep and rose high above the river. We came to an area where there was a beach and the girls all clamored for me to stop and let them swim. There were no people at the swimming area so I pulled in. I ran the bows up on the beach a little ways and shut the engine down. I showed them where they could swim. I warned them about getting out where the current was swift. I told them how dangerous it was to get out in that current, I explained that the water would push them back up under the trees where the boat could not go. It would be almost impossible to rescue them under those conditions. I told them we would be on our own because cell phones didn't work in the area.

I turned my back while they changed to bathing suits. Very small swim suits. I was afraid to get out of my seat. There was a lot of female flesh on display. I knew I was going to be in trouble, these girls were hot, hot, hot. They were soon in the water and on the beach, tops came off. I tried to keep track of what was going on. I kept counting girls. Suddenly I was one short I jumped to my feet. I searched the area. I was still one short. Maybe she went in the woods to relieve her self. I looked around again and thought I saw a swimmer in the current. I screamed for everyone to get out of the water. I had to start the motor before they listened. One girl, the red head, was climbing up the ladder as I backed off the beach. I screamed at her to pull the ladder aboard. She did as I requested. I backed out of the little cove and looked for the swimmer. I thought I saw a splash along the bank down stream. I yelled at my companion to hang on and shoved the throttle forward. The boat lurched ahead. I screamed at the girl in the boat to get a line out of the front locker. She found the rope and brought it to me. I asked her to get me a life preserver. I tied it on to the rope as I tried to find the swimmer.

Then I saw her, she was under the brush along the bank. She was hanging on a branch. I slammed the throttle ahead and the boat jumped in her direction. I yanked the control back and spun the wheel. I grabbed the line and preserver and rushed to the bow. I could still see her, I threw the preserver to where I thought the current would take it to her. I missed and pulled the rig back. I looked over my shoulder and saw the other girl at the wheel. I screamed, "Can you get me to the right some." She nodded and spun the wheel. I felt the boat kick ahead and got ready to throw again. This time I was on target. The swimmer grabbed the life preserver and hung on for dear life. I looked back. "Can you back us out of here?" She grinned and nodded.

I held the line and watched as the swimmer slowly eased out of the brush. I pulled her hand over hand to the boat. I looked back and yelled, "Out of gear." I dumped the ladder over the side and went down it to get hold of the swimmer. I pulled her to my chest and carried her up on to the deck. I sat her on a seat and checked her out. She appeared to be tired but otherwise in good condition. Her bare breasts with pointy nipples shook my concentration. She said she was alright. I turned and looked at the other girl. She was sitting behind the wheel. She was using the throttle to keep us out of the brush. She was completely nude. She was absolutely gorgeous. Large but perky breasts, large nipples, flat belly, and lush hips. I walked to her and handed her my T shirt. I grinned, "You were superb. I would not have been able to save her with out you." I pulled her to me and kissed her very thoroughly. She grinned at me when I finally let her go.

I looked her in her beautiful green eyes and said "my name is Jack, what is yours." She smiled and put out her hand and touched my lips with her fingers. I felt as if she had touched my soul. She said, "I am Francesca. Francesca Gordon." I smiled, "Please, Please do not leave me with out giving me your number. Please!"

We motored back to the little cove. I rapidly counted heads. Six. I slumped beside Francesca and shed a few tears. I felt her lift my head. She looked in my eyes and kissed me softly on the lips. I felt my toes curl. Wow! I took her little hands in mine, "You were just great little girl, just great. You know boats don't you?"

"My family has always had boats, I am glad I could help." I gazed into those green eyes again and I knew I had lost my heart to this little girl. "Will you help me with the rest of the cruise, I am still shaking over that last deal."

"Sure, just tell me what to do."

We went on up the river and I continued my spiel about the sights and about the history of the area. I kept looking at this girl. At last I took a deep breath and asked her, "Are you married, do you have a boyfriend?"

She smiled, "Not right now, to both questions." I grinned back, "Me too! I volunteer for either job."

She laughed, "I'll think about it."

"Will you go to dinner with me tonight?"

"I will think about it."

I think she saw the disappointment in my face.

"Yes, I would love to have dinner with you to night."

"Where do you live?"

"Right now I live with my parents on Southeast Fort King street. Let me get my purse." She wrote her phone number and the address on the back of a card and gave it to me. She looked at me and asked, "Seven?"

"Make it between seven and seven thirty. I live near Fort McCoy, I have to clean the boat and get it ready for a trip tomorrow. Then I have a few other chores to take care of for the business."

"Do you run the boat every day?"

"No. Only when someone needs to get off, like today, the regular man called in sick. I own three of these boats. Oh! We passed the turn to the ramp. Turn around little girl."

When every thing was unloaded the girls came over to me. The swimmer put her arms around my neck and kissed my lips, "Thank you for saving me, I was a fool, I didn't listen to you." She put her head on my shoulder and pressed against my body. She stepped back and looked down at my shorts. She looked up and grinned. Another girl did the same hug and kiss thing. Three more kissed me longer and hugged me tighter. Francesca was last. She walked to me and looked down. She looked in my eyes and giggled. She pulled my head down and kissed me with her lips parted. I accepted the invitation and French kissed her. I could have stayed like that all afternoon. Finally she pulled back and whispered, "the girls all checked you out and you got a unanimous approval. They all say you have an interesting package in those little shorts. See you about seven." She walked away laughing. When she got to the SUV she stopped and looked at me. She wasn't laughing. She slowly blew me a kiss and jumped in. I could hear the giggling as they drove off.

I knocked at the front door of the large house. A gray haired gentleman opened the door and looked startled.

"Jim, Jim Murphy? No it has to be Bill or little Jack. Right?"

"Yes, I am Jack Murphy, Sir."

"Oh! I am so glad to meet you Jack. I am Ron Gordon. I knew your father very well. You look just like him thirty years ago. Come with me." He led me into large living area. A very lovely older lady rose and extended her small hand. I took it and brought it to my lips and brushed them across the back of it. She smiled. She said, "This young man looks very familiar, who is he?"

"He is Jack Murphy."

She grinned up at me. "I haven't seen you since you were a first grader. How is your mother, we were once dear friends." I told them Mom And Dad were doing well.

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned and saw Francesca standing listening to us. I stopped in the middle of what I was saying. She was with out a doubt the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in person. She took my breath away. Ron Gordon laughed, "She does that to me sometimes and I am her father." Francesca walked toward me and held out both hands. I had enough control to gently hold them both. She lifted her face for a kiss. I wanted to devour her but was able to just brush her lips with mine. She held one of my hands and turned for me to see the little bra dress she was wearing. It was adorable with her feet in high heeled slides. Right out of the pages of a Victoria's Secret catalog. I felt my blood start to flow and gave her hand a quick squeeze.

Francisca said, "Momma and Daddy, we need to get going. I want to learn all about this man. I love you. See you later." I made it out the door with out embarrassing myself. I opened the door to my Beamer and put her in. I climbed in and held on to the steering wheel for a second. I looked at her, "Your folks made me feel right at home, they know my parents. You look delicious tonight little girl, I could just eat you up for dinner."

"You look handsome and very edible too."

"What would you like to eat?"

"I would really like to get some take out and eat at your place."

"Sounds great, how about fried shrimp, french fries and slaw?

"Oh! That sounds real good. Let's do it."

I picked up my cell phone and hit a speed dial number.

"Hi! Dave, Jack here. Yeah, Listen, I have the most gorgeous girl I have ever seen with me. We want two of your special fried shrimp dinners to go. Can you help me? Right, yes, yep. If you bring it out you can hand it to her. We'll be there in fifteen minutes." I looked at her, "Would you like the top down? It may be a little too cool."

"I am fine like this. I like your car."

"Thank you, I like every thing about you."

She laughed, "You are a real BS artist aren't you?"

"No, I meant it."

We pulled up in front of the restaurant and I beeped the horn. The door opened and my buddy walked out. His wife was with him. They each carried a large bag. Dave leaned down and said, "young lady, would you please step out so I can put the bags in the back seat."

Francesca opened the door and stepped out. Dave put one bag in the car and got the other one from his wife, Jill. Jill grabbed Dave's arm, She said "Dave, he is right, she is really, really beautiful."

Dave turned and his face lit up with a huge grin, He stared at my date and said, "Please turn around." Francesca smiled and turned gracefully. "He was right, she is gorgeous." Jill went to Francesca and she whispered in her ear. She pulled back and the two girls grinned at each other. Dave smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. "Get out of here before my shrimp get cold. Get!"

I backed out and drove the couple of miles to my house. The driveway was long and twisty. The area was very dark. Not a light could be seen. I reached up and pressed a button on the visor. The landscaping lights came on and the effect was lovely. Lights shown on huge old oaks festooned with Spanish moss, groups of palms and pine trees were illuminated. The house sort of blended in. The garage door opened and the light came on inside. I pulled on in and the door slid down. I looked at her and said, "You are in the beast's lair now, there is no escape. You must obey my every wish or be kissed to death. That may take several years. Seriously, come on in. I am sorry you have to enter through the kitchen." I grabbed the bags and opened the door. As we entered the lights came on. I put the bags on the kitchen table. I pulled her to me and gave her a tender kiss. "Do you want to eat or see the house first?"

"Let's eat, I have all night to see the house." I couldn't breath, did I hear right. Damn. I stilled my rapidly beating heart and set two places. I placed the covered dishes on each place. There was still something in the bags, I reached in and brought forth a bouquet of roses from one bag and a chilled bottle of wine from the other. We enjoyed a very fine meal. Francesca was amazed with how good everything was. I smiled at her, "I love your name, what do your friends call you?"

She looked down, "Fran, Kitten or Kitty. Mom and Dad call me Kitten. You may call me Kitten, or Sweetheart or whatever you want."

"I want to call you lover and have some validity to the name."

"Wow, that is an original line, I like it."

"Come on Kitten, let me show you around." I took her little hand in mine and we went into the living room and the lights came on in there and went out in the kitchen. She looked up at me. "It does that it's self doesn't it?"

"Yes it does, it also adjusts the heat or air conditioning to the room you are in."

She looked around and said, "I love this room, it has a lot of you in it but it is not too much, just right."

I pulled her to the drapes along one wall. As we neared the drapes they opened and revealed sliding glass doors. Lights went on out side and softly illuminated the screened in swimming pool and patio. I had to admit it was breathtaking. Kitten looked up at me. "Wowie! You really know how to live."

"Kitten, Dearest girl. I built this dreaming of you. Where have you been?" She looked up at me for a long time. I thought I saw a tear in her eye. She said , "where is the master bed room."

"Right this way."

We entered the room and soft music began. The lights were very low. Drapes along one wall slid back to reveal the pool area again only with much softer lighting. The huge bed was in the center of the room. I showed her the master bath with it's twin lavatories and hot tub and separate showers. Large walk in closets were on each side. They were mostly empty. She looked at me, "Now this is what I call a bachelor pad. How can any woman resist this place?"

"I don't know, you are the first woman to see it."

"You must be kidding me. You don't live here?"

"Sure I do part of the time. I have a small but nice apartment in town where I spend most of my time. I built this place as my home when I get married. No other woman has seen it. Like I said, I built it for you."

"But you didn't know me, you still don't know me."

I put my arms around her and kissed her with every bit of passion in my body. She slumped in my arms. I placed her on the bed. I looked in her eyes. "May I make love to you?"

"Yes, sweet man, please hurry." She stood and dropped her dress to the floor. God, she was perfect. She wore thigh high stockings and panties. She kicked off her heels. I stripped as fast as I could, as she lay back on the bed.

Her eyes widened as she saw my erection. She held her arms out to me and I crawled between them and over her body. Our lips met and our tongues played. It felt wonderful. She held my face between her little hands and moved it so she could kiss my eyes, my cheeks and nibble on my ears. I rolled us over so she was on top of me. She sat up and leaned forward so her nipples just brushed my lips. I let her do that until the desire overwhelmed me. I sucked a nipple in as hard as I could. She gasped and pressed her breast to my face harder. She squealed with delight and moved the other breast to my eager mouth. Her nipples were perfect for me, they were long and thick and rubbery. I sucked them until most of her areola was in my mouth then started an undulating suction that seemed to really turn her on. She was moaning and sighing. I lifted her body up over my body and sat her on my face. She almost went into orbit as my tongue slipped between her inner lips. I roamed around with my tongue and she threw her head back and yelled an unintelligible phrase or two. She pulled away and moved down, then she pulled me so I was on top of her. She guided my cock into her hot wet pussy. She was very tight. I pushed an inch or two into her and she smiled with her eyes shut. She whispered, "Please love me, Jack. Love me hard and deep."

I did my very best and she did not complain so I could hear it. Her eyes flew open as I pushed another couple of inches into her. Then another couple. Then the last two. Her legs began to jerk when I started stroking slowly in and out. It felt so damned good I knew I would not last long. God, she was hot and juicy. I could feel her ass was wet with the overflow. I held my breath and quickened the pace. Her head was flopping back and forth as she screamed "Yes, Yes, Yes." I slowed and stopped. She looked up at me, "Please don't stop, Please, I love it."

"Kitten, I am going to cum inside you if I move at all." She put her hips in gear and rubbed against me rapidly. My cock sliding back and forth, in and out. My yell drowned out her screams and we came together. I fell beside her and pulled her to me. I put my lips on hers and licked her lips then ran my tongue in her mouth. She sucked gently on my tongue. She pulled back and said, "That was intense. I didn't know it could be that good. I loved every single second of your loving, I can't get enough of you. Can we rest and do that again?"


She looked at me. "NO?"

"That's right, No, we will try something a little different next time. I didn't last long enough, you felt so incredibly good I lost control and came too soon."

"That was too soon? It seemed just right to me. I hate to compare lovers but I have never had anyone who was even remotely in your class. You are magnificent, amazing. You lasted much, much longer." Suddenly she sat upright. She covered her face with her hands and began to sob. I pulled her down to me. "Please do not cry, It upsets me, I can't stand to see you cry. What did I do. Please tell me. How can I make it better. Talk to me."

"Jack, you just don't know me, I know you think I am no good the way I jumped right in your bed on our first date. Sob, I just couldn't help it, you were so sweet today on the boat. Then you were so nice at dinner. I felt I had never wanted anyone so much in my whole life. You really swept me off my feet. You had me wet all afternoon and all night. No body ever did that before. God you are sexy. I love every thing about you, how you smile, how you look at me, how you smell. Everything turns me on. I think I just plain love you, Jack, I just love you. What am I going to do. What can I do, I hate for this to end. I never should have gone out with you. I didn't want to fall in love, I didn't want to get hurt."

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