tagExhibitionist & VoyeurRiver Cruise Adventures Ch. 01

River Cruise Adventures Ch. 01


Author's Note: The following story is mostly fictional, but it is based in part on my own personal experiences. I'd like to thank texancowgirl1827 for reading my previous attempts and providing appropriate corrections and invaluable suggestions for story development.


Our overnight flight arrived at the De Gaulle Airport in Paris around 9:00 AM. After collecting our luggage, we were met by the cruise line's agent who directed us to a bus to take us to our river cruise ship. Our river cruise ship would be at Chalon-sur-Saone and our coach ride would take us through the French countryside stopping for lunch at Dijon. After lunch we had about 30 minutes to wander about the town and do some shopping. It was then back on the coach to take us from Dijon to Chalon on the Saone River.

Upon arriving at the docked river cruiser, our luggage was handled by the staff for delivery to our stateroom. Meanwhile, we checked in at Reception, got our room keys and proceeded to the Lounge for an afternoon snack. After our refreshments, we went to our stateroom and were happy to see that our luggage had been delivered. We spent the next 30 minutes putting our things in the closets, the appropriate drawers in the dressing table and in the desk area storage.

At this point it would seem appropriate to understand the layout of a river cruise vessel, especially as it varies from a typical ocean cruise ship. Even at first glance the river cruiser is quite long, low and narrow, perhaps even pencil shaped. This typical river design must consider the available width and length of the locks that the vessel must pass through during its journey as well as low bridges. In fact the pilothouse has a system to lower itself in order to clear under a low bridge. This type of vessel has but three passenger decks with staterooms plus a "Sun Deck" on the very top containing lounge chairs and perhaps an awning shade area that also may be lowered to clear a bridge.

Our stateroom is small and contains two couches on opposite sides which convert into twin beds by the stewardess at night. In between the couches is a large window with a sliding pane that can be opened. Just below the window is a table of elliptical shape containing a small lamp and a small flower vase. Next to the entry door is a double closet and on the opposite side is the bathroom door. Next is a dressing table with mirror and padded stool and on the opposite side is a small desk with a mirror and storage shelves.

The vessel got underway during the night and we stopped in the morning for a shore excursion to a village and winery in Burgundy. Back aboard in time for a late lunch, we then headed for our cabin. Upon entering, Trish announced, "I want to get out of these panty hose!"

I responded, "Don't stop there I want to get some pictures!"

She gave me a surprised look which soon changed to a sexy smile. She asked, "What do you intend to do with those pictures? I don't want them shown to anyone, so don't plan on putting them on some web site!"

I told Trish, "I will only download them to a CD for viewing by you and me only after we get home."

Pausing before removing any clothing items, Trish asked, "Do you promise?"

I gave her the standard, "Of course I do!"

Checking my expression to determine my sincerity, Trish began unbuttoning her blouse. As the blouse was slipping from her shoulders, Trish suddenly realized that the drapes were pulled wide open and that she noticed the movement of a passing cargo barge. She quickly ducked and said, "Close the drapes or somebody will see me!"

I responded, "So what? We are underway and anyone that just happened to look this way and spot you will soon be way beyond us! Also, we're on a French river and there isn't anyone that would recognize you as we cruise by. Of course they might think to themselves, I just saw a beautiful women getting undressed. Trish seemed to have trouble seeing the intended humor in my last statement. Trish, this is about the only time I can think of that I would enjoy sharing a view of my beautiful nude wife!" I exclaimed in a more serious and sincere tone.

Trish thought for a moment and said, "I suppose you are right, but the idea of being naked in public makes me very nervous!"

I stated in a low key and calm tone, "If you think about it, we aren't in public, we are in our floating stateroom and the only view any outsider might have is a brief one. In fact, seeing your lovely and very sexy body is causing my hormones to surge and you know what that can lead to?"

She smiled and replied, "That is no surprise knowing what an ever-ready kind of guy you are!"

My response was, "I'll try to control myself. Let's get back to the photo session?"

"Ok, Trish replied, How do you want me?"

"Walk over to the side of the window and hold the edge of the drape, as if you are pulling it further open and checking the scenery as we cruise by."

Trish went to the window and assumed the pose as requested.

"Place your left arm back around so that you are touching your left hip and look like you are concerned that someone might see you."

Trish moved her arm and replied, "That's easy as I am worried that someone will see me!"

I clicked off a couple of shots while shifting my position to get different angles.

"Trish, your left breast is beautiful in silhouette against the window and I love the angle of your hip in that position!"

Trish suddenly jumped back away from the window and quickly sat on the couch. She stated before I could ask, "There is a barge coming!"

Just then the barge went by in the opposite direction without even a glance from the man in the pilothouse.

"Trish, do you think it would have made any difference if he had seen you naked looking at you through our window? After all, he's by us almost as soon as you spotted him!"

"Well, Trish replied, I'm not used to this sort of thing ...... being an exhibitionist!"

"In my opinion, not only are you a lovely, sexy and beautiful woman, but being an exhibitionist in this situation certainly doesn't change your moral standing. Personally, the idea that your nudity might be momentarily observed by another person while I watch is a real turn on! Trish, isn't there some element of sexual excitement by being seen in the nude? In fact, I'm really getting turned on to the extent that I'm about ready to join you sans clothes!"

"OK, Trish said, it does excite me ..... as well as making me very nervous...but I like the idea of my near public nudity turning you on. So, Jay, take off your clothes so I can see if you are really getting excited!"

Without any verbal response, I pulled off my T-shirt, kicked off my shoes, and dropped my trousers and boxer shorts. Sitting on the other couch, I pulled off my socks and stood up which instantly revealed my cock in full erection.

Trish said, "You were obviously sincere about my nakedness exciting you! Do you have something in mind for us to do, or do you want to continue the photo shoot?"

"Trish, let's take a time out for a good fuck? How do you feel about that plan?"

Trish responded by stepping over to me, reaching out and grabbing my cock and pulling my head toward her for a passionate kiss. "Jay, how do we get the couch converted into a bed?"

I responded, "Let's not mess with the bed ...... let's try doing it on the stool. I pulled her dressing table stool into the center of the narrow room, sat down and said, Trish, face me, step over, straddle me and put it in!"

This she did and, without any foreplay, there was still enough wetness for my cock to easily slip in as she lowered herself. She paused for a moment totally impaled on my erection with our groins firmly locked together and we kissed a full very romantic kiss. With her arms wrapped gently around my neck, Trish began that very erotic forward and back pelvic rotation that met all the sensuous fuck criteria. I reached around her body and held her ass with both hands while pulling her toward me, timed with her fucking motions.

"Uuunnh, uuunnh, uuunnh!" sounds were made with each of her thrusts. In just a few more motions, I was soon joining her with my own sounds of thoroughly enjoyable sex!

"Wow! Trish, you can really throw a mean fuck!"

"I can't do it without you, my Love!" Trish responded.

We continued our mutual groin grinding actions until I reached my climax, preceded by, "I'm about there ..... Now! uunnh, uunnh , uunnh!"

Trish responded, "Give it to me, unload in me, yes, yes, yes, oh I love you!"

We held and comforted each other as we regained our breath and emotional stability.

Trish finally said, "I was so into it that I didn't notice if anybody out there was in a position to see us! The thought that they might have seen us fucking is a very exciting emotion... and, I think I might want to perform again with that exciting possibility. How do you feel about that?" she asked.

"Well, doing it in full view when we are underway is an idea that I find really stimulating! I responded. However, I'm not recovered enough from our last wonderful fuck to try it again for awhile, but I have no doubt that I will after a nights rest. Can you wait that long you beautiful, sexy and wanton woman?"I asked.

"OK, even though I did the most work, I could also use some rest and recovery time!" was Trish's response.

(To be Continued)

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