tagGay MaleRivers to Follow Ch. 07

Rivers to Follow Ch. 07


Hey, friends. Thank you for your kind words; I'm sure many of you suffer from your own demons, and it's nice to be met with such understanding.

Hopefully y'all will find the narrative labels practically and stylistically acceptable. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about them. I can't promise updates particularly soon, but I have the story completely mapped out now, so I can promise that it will unfold. :)

I sincerely send to you all warm and happy vibes for the end of your 2017. For me and many others, this year has been some real shit, but I hope that you still try to make the best of these last few weeks. You cannot pour from an empty glass.

- Leon xx



Ah, everything was shit in December. Just cold weather and final exams. I hadn't realized how much it snowed in Ohio when I moved there. And, yeah, there was Christmas, but that was only one day. And then came New Years, and then...

Well, I had Matty.

I was a bit worried about his reaction to my finally having made plans with Adam. I believed that Matty wanted me to spend time with Adam— that is, that he hadn't just suggested it to be nice— but that didn't mean that the idea wouldn't feel different than the reality. The brief look of horror on Adam's face after he realized he'd asked me to the cinema was reassuring. We compromised on some comedy-drama-something or other and worked the rest of the day in a comfortable silence. He seemed relieved to be free of my constant efforts to befriend him, which was amusing.

Fortunately, Matty agreed to come over later that night. He was really such a sweetheart when it came to our work schedules. Mine was clearly the more difficult of the two, and my classes meant that I couldn't just pop in for lunch whenever I wanted (though up until recently that would've consisted of Matty renting out an entire office building to convince me that it was the site of his accounting firm). But he made efforts to see me at all hours of the night and put up with my somewhat-frequent inability to sleep during normal hours (and consequent penchant for late-night adventures). They were just a few of the hundreds of little things he did that meant the world to me but weren't even on his radar. Like with Ruby: he seemed to think that he was inconveniencing me in his efforts to become comfortable with her. I didn't want to push him, but I did wish that he could see how much he did for others. I mean, his job alone.

Ha. Accounting.



"Hi, Juli," I chirped, pressing a sweet kiss to his cheek before patting the furry beast that was attempting to wrestle me to the floor. I dropped my bag by the door and skipped toward the TV room.

"Well, aren't you in a good mood?" Julian said, sounding slightly wary.

"Why do you sound so scared?" I asked, half-teasing. He crossed the room to sit on the other side of the couch.

"Well, Ruby's head is in your lap, and you're actually petting her." I shrugged and smiled. "Do you mind if I move her so you can pet me?" I laughed at the stupid joke and shook my head. He shot me another suspicious look before ushering the dog away.

"I had a good day, God," I said, pulling him by his arm down to me. "And now I get to finish it with you." That seemed to melt him a little bit, and he nuzzled my chest and kissed me. "Mm."

"If you say so, beautiful," he replied, and he left another small kiss on my lips before pulling away. "I made food, if you'd like some."

I laughed. "It's one in the morning, Lili. I've already eaten."

He rolled his eyes as he made his way to the kitchen, and he pulled out two plates anyway. I flipped onto my stomach to watch as he piled stir-fry and rice off of the stove.

"Ooh, real food? For little ol' me?"

He shot me an incredulous look. "Seriously, loulou, what is up with you?"

I laughed out loud. Of course he wouldn't know. "You are so dumb sometimes," I replied cheerily, and I hopped up to retrieve my second dinner. He growled and pulled me into his arms, and I giggled through a mouthful of veggies.

"That doesn't answer my question, babe."

He reluctantly accepted the forkful of rice that I brought to his mouth. "You sent me your class schedule earlier, and you said it meant you couldn't go home for the holidays like you normally would."

And see, here's where I FREAK OUT because oh my God Julian didn't mean that we should spend the holidays together I just thought that because I'm a lovestruck idiot!

Oh, c'mon. No!

Julian loved me; his dumb ass just hadn't realized that he'd already told me we were spending Christmas together.

"Oh!" He swept around to face me. "You want to spend the holidays together?"

I nodded and chewed happily. He snatched the plate from my hands and returned it to the counter as he spoke, and then I was in the air in his arms.

"Juli! You are not big enough to carry me like this!"

"But I love you!"

"That is not sound logic!"

Ruby barked her agreement with me, and Julian set me down. He held my face in both hands and planted a kiss on my lips.

"Matty, I am obsessed with Christmas. You have no idea how much this means to me."

I grinned and held his cheek in my hand. "Yes, I do, dummy, it's like the third thing you told me when we met."

"Oh," he said, sounding a bit crestfallen. "Was this the time you were drunk off your ass and I had to pour you into my car?"


"Bite me," I replied shortly. He raised a brow and lunged to bite my neck but I shoved a plate into his hand. "Eat, young bartender. Then we shall play." With a fork in hand and a sigh, Julian followed me back to the couch.

"Ruby's going to beg if we sit here," he complained.

"And who's fault is that? I wasn't the one watching Top Chef with her and feeding her Takis."

He threw his hands up and began to eat. "Mm," he groaned, licking his lips, "I am the Top Chef." I smirked and watched him as he ate, his chewing interspersed with moans and commendations of his own kitchen prowess. In all honesty, it was kinda working for me. Those noises were not un-sexual. He licked his fork at one point, which made my cock jump. To my amazement, he continued to lick the fork, running his tongue down and over it before pushing it into his mouth. My mouth grew dry as I watched him, and when I looked up, he shot me a wink.

"Julian!" He doubled over laughing as my face flushed. "You're such a jerk." Still laughing, he motioned for me to come sit between his legs. And, yeah, I was annoyed, but I hadn't seen him all day. So I unfolded my legs and scooched over to lean back on his chest, and, when I'd settled in, I pinched him.


I kissed his cheek. He held a glare for about two seconds before kissing me.

"You taste like stir-fry," I mumbled.

"So do you," he replied. "Plus, I thought you were into that."

I shoved his chest but made no moves to resist as he pulled me closer. In fact, I shifted so that I could drape my arms around his shoulders.

"I missed you," I murmured, and his pretty face lit up with a smile. He brushed a kiss to my lips, and I took advantage of the gesture and caught his bottom lip between my teeth. He moaned as I used his lip to pull the rest of his mouth into a real kiss. His moans were so sexy, so irresistible, that I found myself turning completely to wrap my legs around his hips and straddle him as his back bumped against the couch. I dug my fingers deep into his hair, wrapping my hands up in his waves as he finally started to return the kiss in full. A few moans of my own escaped into the hot wetness between us as I started to feel his cock rise against mine. I think that we both heard the jingle approaching, but neither of us was willing to pull away until a third, slobbery, heinous-smelling tongue was on our faces.

"Julian, of all the terrible things about you having a dog, that is the worst." He scowled at me a little too seriously for my comfort, and I kissed his temple. "Just take me to bed, silly man."

He paused to give Ruby some grade-A loving, just to spite me, and I had to drag him by his shirtsleeve to get him into the bedroom.

"I missed you," I repeated, trying not to sound hurt but failing miserably. He swept me into his arms.

"Hey, baby, you can't just come for my pup like that and expect me not to console her." I scowled at him this time, but my eyes quickly widened to circles as he pressed me up against the door and dropped to his knees.

"Oh, fuck," I sighed, arching my back against the unforgiving wood as he freed my cock from the layers that held it back. I pulled the elastic from his wrist to tie his hair back, and he looked up and smiled at me. Fuck, the sight of his sweet lips playing off of the head of my dick, hair thrown back, spine arched. "You are so fine," I whispered, and he pressed his hand against my stomach and lowered his lips to my crown.

He swirled around me as his mouth traveled, thoroughly wetting me before beginning to bob up and down. The pressure of his tongue under the head of my cock sent waves of pleasure through me, and I began to meet his movements with gentle thrusts of my hips, riding the rhythm set by his lips.

"Babe," I breathed. I began to writhe as his tempo picked up. The ribbed muscles of his throat contracted around my glans, squeezing a moan from deep in my abdomen. "Julian, please..." He met my eyes, waiting for me to say it. He knew what I meant, the bastard, but he didn't want me to be embarrassed to ask. "Please," I moaned again, grinding my hips against him. "Finger me."

I could see the small smile on his slick, dripping lips as he pulled off of me just long enough to wet two fingers. I whimpered as he returned to my shaft with stronger suction than before. His open hand nudged my legs apart, and I slumped a little as his fingers pressed between my cheeks. I decided to keep speaking; I'd already begged, right?

"Yes, Julian, fuck me with your fingers," I panted, pressing his head down ever-so-slightly. "I need you inside me with your mouth around me." He looked up at me, eyes wide with surprise and eyebrow raised in amusement. Apparently, the look meant that he'd decided to tease further. The tip of pointer finger brushed over my hole and travel down to apply pressure to my perineum. I whined and rocked back before crying out "Yes!" as he pushed one digit into me. I groaned and ground against his knuckle, basically masturbating in his mouth and at his hands, but if the look on his face was any indication, he didn't mind at all. My next groan was longer and louder when he added another finger and began to pump in and out of me. His lips and tongue elicited groans of sweet agony from my own.

"Juli, baby, I'm gonna cum soon," I warned, and after he'd found something to catch my load, a t-shirt or something, who cared, his fist replaced his lips. I threw my head and cried out, and he massaged the inner walls of my ass until his fingers brushed against my prostate and I exploded. I looked down to see his neck and chin covered in my cum.

"Shit, Lili, sorry," I panted, dropping down to wipe him. "Shoulda given you a final heads-up. You look hot like that though." He chuckled and pulled me into a sticky, sweaty kiss. I cleaned his face as best as I could before sitting back on my heels to rest. "Jesus, babe, thank you."

His eyes sparkled. "I missed you too," he whispered.

Then he popped up and extended a hand. "Shower?"



"I really resent your ability to distract me so easily, Matt," I said, snatching the cum-soaked t-shirt from the ground and tossing it into the laundry basket. Matty's shirt followed the tee and then mine his.

"I feel like there's so many possible ways for me to dispute that statement that I'm just gonna let you sit with it yourself," he snorted, and then his briefs flew into my face. I sputtered and swatted them away as his naked little arse pranced into the en suite.

By the time I was fully stripped, Matty had already adjusted the water to his liking— the lovely temperature of molten lava— and was washing his chest with his minty body wash. He was always going on about how nice I smelled, but he refused to use my lavender soap. Apparently the scent was "just for me" or something. He was an odd one.

As he faced the water and rinsed his chest, I slipped in the shower behind him and leaned over to adjust the temperature.

"Why do you want me to freeze to death?"

I ignored him and ran my hands along his sides, his skin still slick and sudsy. He sighed and leaned back against me, and my dick slid fully between his cheeks. I gasped at the sudden sensation and he moaned and arched into me.

"Juli, maybe we should..." Matty trailed off as I tightened my grip on his hips and thrust my cock along his crack. I lowered my lips to his ear and tickled him with my tongue, causing him to rotate back against me. He looked gorgeous, his mouth parted and panting, his skin shining under the spray.

"Bed?" I murmured, and he steadied himself against me and took a deep breath before nodding. He turned off the water as I grabbed a towel. I offered him my hand and he took it, sending me a cute little smile that fluttered through me and left little goosebumps behind. My lips returned to his ear as I futilely attempted to wrap us up in one towel. He giggled as we stumbled back into the bedroom, and we hit the sheets with our limbs thoroughly tangled and our tongues at play. He immediately pulled away to grab our little bottle of lube and a condom, and I smirked.

"I just didn't wanna have to stop later," he explained, blushing, and I gave him a small nod and a smile to indicate my appreciation. Christ, he was beautiful. We resumed our activities, slippery and once again naked, as we'd lost our towel along the journey to bed. My mind swirled with Matty: the messiness of his soft blond hair the night we met, his fingers forever tracing the hair tie on my wrist, the little red hickies I liked to leave along his collarbone. His breathless whispers urged me downward, and I bit his right nipple as I eased a finger into him. As I increased in speed and pressure, he hummed and moaned, apparently already driven to a state of postverbal pleasure. I used a little bit of lube to add a second and then a third finger, and his voice was gone altogether. Only little pants and gasps remained. The grip of his hot flesh was so obscenely erotic that I was almost disappointed to remove my fingers and wrap my prick. But I gazed into his pleading, smiling, loving blue eyes and knew that he wanted my dick as much as I wanted to give it to him.

I moaned as I curved my back and entered him to the hilt while he was still opened enough from earlier for me to go all at once. He snaked his arms around my shoulders, the silken touch of his hands making me shake with need. I pulled out slowly and watched the shiver that ran through him. His eyes were closed, his beautiful brown lashes touching his skin with an ethereal delicateness. He was not unlike an angel in that moment— light hair strewn across his face, skin aglow in the ecstasy of making love.

My strokes were relaxed. I thrust beautifully, brutally, perfectly slowly. His gentle kisses and caresses added to the tenderness of our lovemaking, and I found my heart feeling so full that I thought I might burst. The feel of his breath on my skin was excruciatingly intimate, and, without a bit of preamble, I found myself at the cusp of my climax. Matty's attentive care to my body alerted him to my impending finish, and he leaned up and nibbled my ear before whispering, "Don't worry about me." I crushed my lips into his before being struck by an orgasm that could only be described as vengeful. I shuddered and shook as images Matty's cum on my face flashed through my mind as the hot velvet of his skin gripped my cock. Matty's nails clawed valleys into my spine as I buried myself inside of him, and then my full weight collapsed onto his body.

After a long minute of recovery, I murmured, "You don't need to finish?"

Kisses met my hairline. "Don't think I have another in me this soon. But, trust me, I thoroughly enjoyed myself." His soft, soothing tone melted sweet and sexy together.

Didn't I have some other reason for seeing him tonight? Awh, but he looked so peaceful.

Ugh. My conscience strong-armed me into admitting to myself that I had used sex as an evasion tactic and into talking to Matty about Adam. When I told him, I was overwhelmed with admiration and affection at the genuine excitement in his voice. I could barely hold back a snarl when men eyed him in the bar, but there he was, encouraging Adam's and my friendship out of the goodness of his own heart. God, I loved him. Interrupting his rambling on about the importance of gay role models and positive influences in adolescence, I tackled him into the mattress and squeezed him tight. He let out a surprised little "oof" but otherwise didn't question me; he simply returned my love.

"You've been talking in your sleep, you know." I pulled back to look at him.

"Really?" He nodded. "Huh. I've never done that before." I paused to think. "What do I say?"

"I don't know— you're speaking French. I can tell you're repeating yourself a bunch though."

"Hmm. Okay. Well, write it down next time." He smiled and nodded before nuzzling into my chest with a contented sigh. I was beaming.



I hadn't told Julian, but I kind of hated Christmas. Going from roasting chestnuts on an open fire to warming my hands over a burn barrel kind of took the magic out of it. Now I spent Christmases with my Silver River family, of course, but most of them shared my outlook, so it was hard for it to feel like a happy day. But this year, Julian would be there. The kids had taken to him, as he, once acclimated, is endlessly charming, and I had real hope that the holiday might be a little cheerier this year.

I told Phoebe and Tali the next day once the kids had all filtered out for school.

"That's great, Matty," Phoebe cried, trapping me in a tight embrace. Tali laughed and agreed. I snuggled into my best friend's arms. "We'll still be doing our Christmas tradition, though, sir."

I feigned offense. "I would never forget, woman! It's our ten year anniversary!"

Tali whistled. "Damn, that's right."

It was December 23rd of my sixteenth year, about a year and a half into my homelessness, that Phoebe came into my life. I had been living with a man whose name still makes my stomach churn for a few months before finding grabbing a spot in a local shelter. The shelters usually tried to take more people during the winter because of the cold, and I had actually made it into one a couple weeks prior, but then I made the mistake of coming out to one of my fellow residents and was promptly kicked to the curb. That's where I was, literally sitting on the curb outside of the youth center, when Phoebe found me.

"Hi!" I looked up, already irritated by the stranger's chipper tone, and found a further irritating smile shining down on me. I turned back to the street. "Did they kick you out?"

I looked back up and reexamined the woman, whose face had turned serious. She looked around 20 or 21, with a round face and poorly-dyed hair that bared her brown roots unabashedly. Her cheeks were pink from the cold, but I could still detect a dusting of freckles which I would go on to see clearly the following summer. She settled down next to me, planting her jean-clad butt right into the snow.

"Yeah," I responded finally. "I'm gay." Bash or dash? I asked her in my head. She did neither. Beaming at me, she set down her clipboard and swiftly wrapped her scarf around my neck before I could protest.

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