tagMind ControlRiverside Police Department

Riverside Police Department


Big Changes in Riverside

Sergeant Hall walked towards the expensive Mercedes that she had just pulled over. Apparently the registered owner, Mr. Vic Black could afford to drive thirty miles over the speed limit. She could see three women in the car as well as the male driver, who was presumably the aforementioned Vic Black. The window slid down as she approached, and the driver openly checked her out as she stepped up to the window. MEN, she thought with disgust. "Good afternoon Sir, may I see your license and proof of insurance please?" she asked him.

"No problem, Offic-, I mean Sergeant Hall" he corrected himself as he eyed her rank and name plate and passed her the documents. Sergeant Hall noticed the front passenger busy on a laptop. She glanced into the back seat and the brunette there caught her eye and deliberately licked her lips as she stared back at the Sergeant. She gave the brunette a scowl and returned to her cruiser. She ran his name through the computer and it came back clean. Well, Mr. Black wasn't going to have a clean driving record after this ticket, she thought as she walked back to his car.

Damn! What a sexy cop, Vic thought as she walked back to her cruiser. He turned to the front passenger and asked Heather what she had found out about Sergeant Hall of the Riverside PD. She replied, "Sergeant Brandy Hall, 25, single, joined the force at age 18 as a cadet while still in high school. She has a Bachelors degree in criminal justice, as well as one in psychology; both from Riverside Women's University." Vic thanked her and asked if Riverside had a Men's University to go with the Women's. Heather replied after only a few taps of the keyboard with, "No."

"Well, see if you can find out why, that's not very fair." Fingers tapping away, Heather set to her task as the oblivious Sergeant Hall returned. Vic used his rather substantial mind control powers to take control of the police Sergeant. "Brandy, have you written the ticket yet?"

Brandy had a flash of anger when he called her by her first name, but the normally aggressive Sergeant Hall was suddenly confused, tentative, scared. "Um, yes," she replied.

Vic knew that she couldn't rip it up without her superiors knowing about it, he'd been stopped for speeding over a hundred times, he knew the procedures for the tickets. "Well, since you can't rip it up, when we get in court, I want you to drop the charges, understand?" The still bewildered Sergeant agreed with out hesitation. He held out his hand and she passed him the ticket. "I should get going now, and I should drive safely," he suggested to her.

"You should get going now, and remember, drive safely," she repeated back to him.

"Thanks sweetie," he said and drove off with Jasmine and Laura giggled from the back seat, at Vic's Jedi mind trick on the helpless police woman. After a few minutes on the road Heather told him why Riverside didn't have a men's university. Apparently, Riverside had about a fifteen to one female to male ratio, so there weren't enough men for a men's university. "Ah, that's interesting," he commented.

Heather went on to say, "The feds did a big study several years ago, but couldn't find out why. Even more strangely is that the birthrate is also fifteen to one. In fact, it is getting worse. Twelve years ago it was only ten to one."

"Great, I think we found our new home, ladies," Vic announced.

After settling into a hotel Vic got to know more about his new home. He bought property for his business, as well as paid visits to the city council, mayor, and chief of the police; to make sure he started at the top in his take over. All easily fell under his power. Soon he had expanded his sphere of influence to include the entire town. Vic and his staff planned everything. He had experts in multiple fields, all beautiful women and working for him for free. Like any good leader, his girls handled the details, he just gave them direction. A couple of weeks later Vic went to court to contest his speeding ticket. Sergeant Hall informed the judge that she was dropping the charges, much to the judge's surprise, as she usually tried to slam every speeder, especially men.

A week later Sergeant Hall was on patrol and noticed some new construction on Highway 69. The sign out front proclaimed, "Future Home of Platformz Riverside's premiere Gentlemen's Club, Clothing Store, Restaurant, and Gym." She was outraged that the mostly female city council would issue a permit for such a place. Then she laughed. There weren't enough men in Riverside to keep an establishment like that operating. The owner was wasting his money. She glanced back at the sign to see if the owner was mentioned, and it was. "Vic Black." Sergeant Hall recognized that name, he was that speeder that she'd let off the hook. She still wondered why she'd done that. . .

The strip club construction continued at a lightening pace. Sergeant Hall drove by it nearly everyday. A few weeks later, as it neared completion, she realized that she wasn't as outraged as she was at first. At least the city would get some tax revenue from it and, she would have a new place to shop until it closed down for good.

God, I hate listening to this fat sexist pig, Sergeant Hall thought as she sat in shift briefing a few days later. The fat sexist pig in question was Riverside's Police Chief, Chief Phil Beavers. I even hate his name, she thought as he prattled on. Finally, at the end, he said something useful. He announced that the owner of the new club on Highway 69 had invited the entire department to the grand opening next week. Sergeant Hall was horrified to see her friends grin at this news. Well, I guess I can forgive them this time, she thought as briefing broke up.

On the way out, Chief Beavers handed her and the other female officers envelopes, telling them that it was a gift card from Platformz for the female officers. Sergeant Hall mumbled thanks and left, opening it in her cruiser. The gift card was for fifty dollars. Sergeant Hall made a mental note to spend as little as possible over that, just to spite the club's owner.

A week later Sergeant Hall showed up at Platformz for the grand opening. The parking lot was packed. She counted eight patrol cars in front, and several of her fellow officers pulling security nearby. Officer Jones waved hello to her as she squeezed in.

Damn, this place is way over the fire code limit, Sergeant Hall thought as she pressed through the crowded complex. She found the clothing store and started her shopping. She really only meant to spend the fifty dollars on the gift card, but she just couldn't stop herself. The store was full of tiny, tight, stretchy things that she just had to have. Sergeant Hall had always dressed rather conservatively, as befitting a police officer and a college graduate, but she just loved the scooped-neck top, thin, tight pants and platform ankle boots.

Her arms were full besides that when she finally made it to the register. The bubbly blonde complimented her choices as she rung her up. The total was $293.69. Terri, as her pink nametag proclaimed her, told Sergeant Hall that if she spent over two-fifty, then she would get a free pair of platforms. When Sergeant Hall gently reminded the ditzy girl that she had already spent over two-fifty, Terri replied that the two-fifty couldn't include a gift card. The lines were long, so instead of spending another seven bucks, Sergeant Hall decided to save her gift card for next time.

Looking at her watch, she realized that she wouldn't have time to check out the restaurant, and some of the other shops before she had to go to work. Driving was a little difficult in her new boots, but she managed.

The next day Chief Beavers called a meeting of all female officers. As the highest ranking one, she sat up front, even though she had no idea why they were all here. Chief Beavers came in late, as usual. "Ladies, as many of you know, the city's budget is very tight. As a result the council has decided to cut several positions." He took a breath and continued, "A lot of positions, including a Sergeant's slot."

"Do you mean we are all getting fired," asked Officer Wade a few seats behind Sergeant Hall.

"Not exactly, I've found out that our department has slots for 25 civilian support staff. I am going to re-hire all of you in those slots. The pay won't be as much, but it's all I can do, I'm sorry about this." Sergeant Hall was speechless. How could the city do this? Most of these women had seniority on at least a dozen male officers, why weren't they getting fired? She would have to call her lawyer again. It had taken a lawsuit to get her promotion to sergeant; it might take another one to stop this blatant sex discrimination.

Sergeant Hall had two weeks to save her job, as well as her fellow policewomen's. She spoke to several of them about joining her in her lawsuit, but they all seemed to be grateful that Chief Beavers would keep them, even at the lower salary. "What? This is the man who introduces himself as Chief Phil Beavers to every woman he meets. Who insists that all officers practice pat searching and handcuffing techniques every week, but, for training purposes only, yet, only video tapes the females? He probably put the mayor up to this, just to get rid of us." Down the line, they would hear none of it.

Sergeant Hall called her lawyer without them. Christina Downing went to college a year ahead of her, and was probably even more feminist than she was. Christina had already taken several cases for the ACLU, an accomplishment for such a young lawyer. "Good morning, law firm of Brinkley, Edwards, and Goldberg, this is Christie, how can I help you?" a peppy voice greeted her.

Where'd they get the teeny-bopper, Sergeant Hall thought as she listened to the voice on the line. "Christina Downing's office, please," she asked her.

"Like, this is Christie Downing," the voice replied.

Sergeant Hall was puzzled, why was Christina answering phones, and calling herself Christie. "Christina, this is Brandy, what's going on?"

"Oh, Hey Brandy," came the perky reply. "Like what do you mean what's going on?"

"Why are you answering phones, and going by Christi, I thought you hated that name?"

"Well, it's kinda complicated. A few weeks ago I just got tired of being a lawyer and all, so I talked to the firm's partners, and one of them suggested that I could stay on staff as a receptionist."

Now Brandy was floored. This was the woman that graduated summa cum laude. That swore to have her own law firm by age thirty. "What about having your own firm by thirty?" Brandy asked, trying to make some sense of what her lawyer, her friend was doing.

"Like I want to be stuck is some stuffy ol' office all day, or in some court room. I want to have some fun; I want to have a life." Brandy kinda felt the same way lately, without the lawyer references. "Oops, I gotta go, Mr. Brinkley needs me to um, take some dic-tation for him." The lawyer turned receptionist quickly hung up without waiting for a reply.

Frustrated, Sergeant Hall hung up the phone. She would have to get another lawyer. Maybe she would wait to see if the city actually went through with it first. Yea, that's what I'll do, she thought. Having reached a decision on that matter, Sergeant Hall decided to take her mind off Christina by doing some shopping before work. She could use that gift card from Platformz.

Brandy walked out of Platformz a couple of hours later with several bags in each hand. She had spent well more than the fifty dollars on her gift card. There were some adorable little mini skirts that she just had to have, and then she needed some tops to go with them. Then she realized that she only had three pairs of heels over two inches, and she had gotten all of them just the other day. So she had to get several pairs of platforms, from Platformz. She giggled to herself when the pun occurred to her. Her old shoes just didn't go with her new outfits. The currents trends around town seemed to be hemlines that were well above the knee, tight tops that showed plenty of cleavage, and shoes with lots of heel on them.

After shift briefing Sergeant Hall was called into the Chief's office for a meeting. Phil Beavers, it was sorta funny she thought as she walked into his office. "Hello Sergeant Hall," Chief Beavers greeted her. "Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Vic Black. His clothing store, Platformz, is kind enough to donate the uniforms for out new civilian support staff." Sergeant Hall shook Vic's hand with a smile. God, I can't believe I didn't see how gorgeous he is, she thought. Chief Beavers continued, "Mr. Black has brought a few samples over for us to see, and since you are . . . were a Sergeant, I thought that you should get to try yours on first."

"Thank you Sir, but you really don't have to, I'm sure one of the other girls . . . I mean officers would be happy to do it," Sergeant Hall replied.

Mr. Black spoke up, "Nonsense my dear, you'd be perfect. Besides, the uniform is just your size. We used your measurements from the store when you came in."

Mr. Black's words were like thunder in her mind. "Well, if you want me to Sir," she replied sweetly.

"Good, everything is in my private bathroom," said Chief Beavers with a nod to the appropriate door. "Leave your equipment belt here though, you won't need them." Silently, Sergeant Hall removed her equipment belt and set it, gun and all on the coffee table.

As she walked into the Chief's bathroom, Mr. Black called after her, "Only wear the uniform, nothing else, not even your underwear." For some reason she had no problem with a virtual stranger telling what underwear she could wear. "Yes Sir," was her reply as she closed the bathroom door and started changing.

Once naked, Sergeant Hall started putting on her new uniform. There wasn't much to it. The tiny black thong went on first. There didn't seem to be a bra, so with a shrug, she put on the uniform. It was a one piece, black, with a wide silver stripe down each side. Tight short shorts made up the bottom part, and the top was just as tight, with a zipper on the front. The zipper stopped just on the underside of her breasts when she put it on. The sleeves came down just over her shoulders. On the left chest, the words "Property of RPD" with the first two words in smaller print over the much larger initials. The same words were printed on the back of the uniform, over her ass in much larger print. The boots that went with the uniform were glossy black knee-high boots with a couple inches of platform, and several more of heel in the back. A dozen silver bangle bracelets on each wrist completed the uniform. She wondered why the bracelets were necessary, but couldn't bring herself to question Mr. Black's choices. Except for the name tag that is, which was misspelled. I'll have to get that fixed, she thought as she stepped out of the bathroom.

Chief Beavers whistled when she came out. Mr. Black had a wide glossy black belt in his hand. "This goes with it, Brandy," as he handed it to her.

"Well, how do you like it, sweetie?" Chief Beavers asked her as she was buckling the tight belt around her waist.

Sergeant Hall dismissed the sweetie remark, even though she would normally be furious if someone called her such a sexist name. "Well, it's nice and all, but my name tag is misspelled," she responded while pointing to the nametag just over her right breast. "My name is Brandy, not Candy."

Mr. Black addressed that problem. "Oops, that must have been a typo in the computer, but Candy is a much better name than Brandy for such a sweet little thing like yourself, don't you think?" Somehow, when Vic suggested this, she didn't think the name was sexist and degrading, like she did before.

Candy blushed and giggled and the compliment. "Well, if you say so, Mr. Black, I can be called Candy at work."

"That's great Candy. I'm glad that you like it, it looks good on you," Chief Beavers said.

"Um Chief, there is one more question I have about the uniform, though."

"Shoot Candy," Chief Beavers replied.

"Why do I have a radio, two pairs of handcuffs, and nothing else on my belt?"

"Well Candy, the radio is so an officer can call you when he needs you, and the handcuffs are in case an officer needs and extra set in a hurry." Chief Beavers glanced over to Mr. Black, "and since you mentioned the cuffs, Mr. Black wanted to try out a pair while he was here. You wouldn't mind if he tired them out on you, would you?"

Candy locked eyes with Mr. Black. "Not at all, Chief," she said with a smile.

"Good, I have some stuff to do, so I'll leave you two alone then," Chief Beavers announced. He shut the door as he left.

Mr. Black smiled and told her to come to him and turn around. Candy obeyed him without hesitation. She felt a pair of cuffs being taken off her belt and him grabbing her left wrist. The bracelets were pushed up her forearm, and the cuff snapped tightly onto her wrist. Then Candy felt him repeat the process with her right arm, and she was securely handcuffed. She tired to wiggle her wrists, and discover that they were hinged cuffs. Then Candy felt him pull the other set of cuffs off her belt and snapping them onto her wrists under the first set.

After handcuffing the former police sergeant, Vic temporarily returned her mind to normal; mostly normal anyways. Her reaction was instant. "What the fuck did you do to me?" she asked him in a soft voice as she tried to move, anywhere that was away from him. Her feet stayed firmly rooted to the floor.

Laughing, Vic replied, "Nothing that I haven't done a thousand times before, Candy." Walking slowly around her, he went on, "By the way, thanks for pulling me over that day, if you hadn't, I might have never found out about your wonderful little town." He ran a finger from her shoulder down her arm as he walked. "I've been looking for a place to take over, to re-make into my own vision of paradise. I thought that I'd have to get rid of a lot of men, but Riverside is just about right."

"Please just leave me alone, I promise I won't tell anyone, just please let me go," Candy begged him in the still soft voice that he had permitted her.

Chuckling, he stopped in front of her, looked into her trembling eyes, and said, "I know you won't tell anyone, even if I let you go, no one would believe you. At best, they'd ignore you; at worst they'd lock you away in a mental hospital for the rest of your life." He set his hands on her shoulders as he said this. "Now, I want you to go out there and model your new uniform for everyone, and you're going to enjoy it, understand, little Candy?" Vic returned his influence to her mind.

Smiling, Candy replied, "Of course I'll enjoy it Sir, I look totally hot in this." Vic gave her a playful swat on the ass as she walked out of the Chief's office in her new uniform, still handcuffed.

There was whistling, clapping, even some degrading comments yelled. Some might even have come from the handful of criminals that were being processed, or doing various janitorial duties. Candy didn't mind; she smiled, and let everyone get a good look. Everyone loved the new uniforms, and the other female officers wanted to know when they would get theirs. Candy directed them to Mr. Black, who told them that they would arrive with in a few days. Eventually, Chief Beavers unlocked the handcuffs on her wrists so Candy could get some work done.

A few days later all the female officers had their new uniforms. They were still a few days away from being officially civilians, but they already seemed to be into their new roles with the department. Candy cheerfully brought one of her former subordinates coffee while he looked over a report that Tabitha had typed for him. All the officers wanted to practice their handcuffing techniques on the new office girls, including Candy. Pat searching for contraband was also a popular activity. Jenny had even been stripped and given a cavity search by two officers in the inmate processing area.

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