tagFetishRiviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 04

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 04


I was spent but had the biggest smile on my face as I sat on the edge of the lounger, I had just had the most amazing sex with Virginie, was surrounded by four semi naked women and obviously up for all sorts of fun and games.

My cock was glistening with Virginie's juices and leaking my cum when Lucy pushed me back so that I was lying down again, then leaning over me took my cock in her mouth, licking and sucking, trying to bring it back to life. I wasn't sure I would be able to perform again as I was so utterly drained after Virginie! Surely I wasn't going to be expected to service each of these women this evening, was I?

"Move aside young lady this will need experience and finesse to get Simon ready for action again!" Olivia purred as she gently pulled Lucy off me.

"Oh really Mummy that's not fair!" Lucy moaned.

"Life isn't fair sometimes, now move over Lucy I have work to do."

Standing over me Olivia reached behind and undid her bra, finally I was going to see her breasts in all their natural splendour, slowly letting her bra slide down to reveal two large firm and glorious globes with dark erect nipples. Leaning down to kiss me her nipples brushed my chest, her hand expertly handling my balls and cock which to my surprise were showing slow signs of recovery. Gradually she moved down my chest kissing and licking my nipples then stopping as her breasts were brushing my cock, and at the same time using her nails to softly trace tracks up my inner thighs sending small shivers of pleasure. The blood was now rushing to my cock which was twitching and growing under Olivia's soft breasts as she moved them over and around my cock. I lay there with my eyes closed enjoying the sensation until I felt her hot breath on me as she took my manhood in her mouth working her tongue around my now rapidly swelling cock.

I was desperate to get my hands on this wonderful woman but Olivia was in full control of me at this point and if she carried on much longer I would lose all control. Sensing with impeccable timing that I was approaching a point of no return, Olivia let my cock slide out of her mouth, straddling me she moved up so that her legs were either side of my head allowing me a view straight up at a conspicuous damp patch on her satin covered pussy.

"Now it's time for you eat my pussy Simon, rumour has it you are quite adept at it!"

I didn't need telling twice as I grabbed her arse and drawing her sweet smelling pussy to me, I licked and lapped the damp satin, nibbling the bud of her clitoris, the front of her panties becoming soaked with a combination of my saliva and her juices. Then pulling the leg of her panties to one side I buried my tongue in her sopping pussy, her lips were swollen and I could feel her trembling a little as she rhythmically moved her pussy up and down as I sucked and licked her clitoris.

I was sure she was about cum when she suddenly pulled away moving back down my body, and holding the leg of her panties to one side positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy, slowly lowering herself down and taking me fully inside her soaking, warm love hole.

"Oh my! That feels good, so absolutely fucking good."

I couldn't have agreed more it was divine! I pushed myself hard into her as she ground her hips into my groin, her breasts were hanging just above my face, I took one in my mouth and kneaded the other enjoying finally being able to give some attention to these beautiful orbs. Olivia was getting into a rhythm now, my cock sliding in and out of her warm sloppy pussy, her breathing becoming more ragged by the minute as she moaned and grunted towards her orgasm. I was fascinated by this beautiful, refined woman slowly descending to a base and animalistic level as all her control slipped away. I was being well and truly ridden now her breasts swinging and slapping together, her eyes glazed and staring into space until with a guttural moan her body tensed and she threw her head back letting out a groan as she was enveloped in her orgasm. I made no effort to hang on any longer and thrusting frantically emptied myself into her, we continued to buck and twitch for a few minutes until she collapsed on me panting and mewing, her back slick with sweat.

"Holy shit! I needed that! Oh fuck did I need that!" Olivia panted as she laid on me her breath coming in short gasps.

All Olivia's previous decorum had completely vanished which was really endearing, to see this real woman behind the very proper façade that was normally shown by her. Despite having had a huge orgasm I remained semi hard and Olivia kept moving on me as we came down from an intense fuck.

Finally she moved herself off me, my cock slipping out of her sopping wet pussy, slowly and carefully standing up and adjusting her panties she stood looking down at me at the side of the sun bed the front of her sodden panties just inches from my face. Without taking her eyes from mine, she put her hand down the front of her panties and feeling her wet pussy removed it running a wet finger around her lips licked it sensually.

"Not bad for a first effort young man." She said smiling. "Not bad at all."

Up to this point I had been blissfully unaware of what any of the others were doing while Olivia and I fucked our brains out. Now looking over I saw Lucy and Chantal sitting on the edge of the pool drinking Champagne their legs dangling in the water, they were both topless and wore just their panties.

Olivia turned and as she started to walk towards the villa, "I'm going to bed it's been a long and tiring day, I shall sleep well now thank you Simon."

"You are more than welcome Olivia." I replied unable to hide my grin.

She looked magnificent dressed only in her panties, stockings and suspenders, her wonderful round arse encased in satin, moving beguilingly away, what an amazing woman!

"Earth to Simon! If you are able to take your eyes off my mother for just a minute would you like some Champagne?" Asked Lucy.

"Yeah that would be nice." I said. "I could do with a drink right now!"

"Well best you go and get yourself a glass over there and while you are at it bring a bottle back with you and top us up." Giggled Lucy.

I sorted a glass of champagne for myself and a bottle to top up the girls and wandered back over to the pool. Sitting down next to Lucy and letting my legs hang in the cool water asked where Virginie and Isabelle had gone as they were nowhere to be seen?

"Your little performance with my mother just now got Isabelle so worked up she grabbed Virginie and they disappeared to the cottage to shag each others brains out I should imagine!!" Lucy said.

"Now that's something I'd like to watch, it's every man's fantasy to watch two women making love or better still be part of it." I said grinning.

The thought of watching those two beauties eating each other's pussies had me drooling and who knew? If the first day of this holiday was anything to go by anything was possible.

"Do you not think you've had enough sexual exploits today?" Chantal asked laughing.

"Maybe, but two women together, all over each others bodies, now that's a picture I'd love to see!!"

At this point I decided to put my glass down and drop into the pool for a freshening swim.

"Hey come on girls, come for a swim, it's not cold at all."

"No thanks." Chantal replied. "It's been a long day and Lucy and I are off to bed, we'll see you in the morning." With that they both got up, holding hands and giggling they strolled into the villa, again, just like Olivia this gave me the most wonderful view of two bottoms sashaying away from me, pert, young and encased in pretty panties. Even in the cool water of the pool my cock twitched a little as I enjoyed the view.

Just as they reached the French window they both turned and waved goodnight, then, giggling ran into the villa. I waved back and continued to swim for another ten minutes or so, when I got out of the pool I went in search of a towel in the pool house, finding a plentiful supply I dried off and wrapped one around me and set off for my room.

There were four rooms downstairs, two either side of the main living area above which Olivia had her room. The main living and dining area had two huge sofas facing each other with a large low coffee table in between. Each sofa was easily capable of seating five to six people and at the other end of this huge room there was a dining table with twelve chairs. In the middle between the seating and dining area was a huge open fireplace open on all sides and with a wide seating area all around it. I couldn't imagine needing a fire at the moment but obviously the temperatures must fall during the winter months. The art on the walls and all the furnishings were understated but exuded an air of luxury.

As I stood taking in the room and wondering what it must be like to have the sort of money necessary to own a place like this, I could hear some muffled sounds coming from the direction of my room, although I was sure I was alone on that side of the villa as I had helped Marc earlier take the girls luggage to the two rooms on the other side.

I stood still to listen more carefully, however, now I could hear nothing at all! "I must be hearing things." I thought to myself as I padded down to my room.

There was no light coming from the room and the door was ajar as I had left it, so I had obviously allowed my imagination get the better of me.

Stepping in and switching on the lights, I was greeted by the sight of two naked young women entwined and exploring each others bodies whilst kissing each other urgently and passionately. Their panties lay discarded by the side of the bed and I could not resist picking them up and holding them to my face, I could smell the sweet aroma of two highly aroused young women. There was no question they knew I was there but they did not miss a beat when I turned turned the lights on, and they continued to kiss and fondle each other paying me no attention at all.

I stood watching, fascinated and excited to see these two gorgeous creatures pleasuring each other. To be honest my balls were aching a little from my earlier exertions with Virginie and Olivia and had no thoughts or expectations of any further action tonight! However, watching Lucy and Chantal was sending wake up signals to my cock, so I took it in hand stroking it using the two pairs of warm damp panties in my hand. Lucy was finger fucking Chantal and as Chantal's breathing became more ragged she stopped to move down her body kissing and licking all the way down until kneeling between her thighs her face was buried in her pussy, her tongue lapping like a thirsty dog.

My cock had started to harden not just because of Panties I was using to stroke it with. Lucy's arse was in the air her hand had snaked back between her legs long fingers playing with her glistening pussy as Chantal raised her hips off the bed pushing her pussy onto Lucy's eager tongue.

My cock fully hard now I decided to put it to good used and moved onto the bed behind Lucy positioning my cock at the entrance of her pussy, sensing me there she moved her hand away and with no thought other than to be inside that warm and inviting pussy, I thrust my cock hard and deep into her. She raised her head and groaned "Oh my god! Fuck me Simon, fuck me hard, now Simon fuck me now!!" She rasped almost desperately.

I held her hips and thrusting in and out of her my balls slapping against her arse we were like a pair of rutting animals both grunting as I rammed into her. I could feel her body starting to quiver as she approached her orgasm which came as she pushed firmly back into me and with a sharp exhalation of breath and a guttural moan her body convulsed, beads of sweat glistening on her back as she came and came, finally collapsing on top of Chantal panting and muttering "Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh my fucking god! I have never cum like that before, never! Fucking hell that was amazing!"

This was a first for me, three times in one night and I was still rock hard and had stayed deep inside Lucy.

"Hey what about me? Lucy wasn't finished with me when you decided to fuck her!" Chantal grizzled.

Lucy moved away from me, my cock sliding slowly out of her until with a small gasp as we disengaged she lay down beside Chantal and I.

My cock was till standing hard and proud as I was left kneeling above Chantal with my cock glistening with the juices from Lucy's pussy. Chantal sat up and took me in her mouth licking Lucy's juices off my cock then laying back and spreading her legs wide for me to see her swollen and dripping pussy lips.

"I want you inside me Simon, I need you to fuck me till I cum."

Not needing a second invitation I positioned myself between her legs my cock teasing the lips of her pussy, she was desperate for me to be inside her but I continued to tease as she pushed herself toward me my cock just pressing against the entrance of her Pussy. Then without warning when she was losing all control I entered her hard and fast, her pussy was incredibly wet indicating just how ready she was, she gasped her eyes wide and wild, then she wrapped her legs around me as I drove myself deep inside her again and again, she was bucking below me and in no time was panting, moaning, kneading her breasts as she came closer and closer to orgasm. With a final and powerful upward thrust of her hips holding me so that I couldn't move her pussy gripping my cock like a vice she came her whole body rigid and shaking then relaxing she allowed me to move in and out of her as she continued to orgasm in waves of pleasure. I gave up any pretence of control and joining her as my cock exploded into her, my body shaking uncontrollably as I came.

We lay there totally shattered our bodies' slick with sweat, taking deep lungfuls of air as we recovered slowly from our orgasms. With some effort I moved myself off her, my semi hard cock slipping out of her sodden pussy as I flopped on to my back.

"Oh mon dieu Cheri that was beautiful! Now let me clean that beautiful cock of yours." She said running her tongue up and down my cock.

"I want some of that." Giggled Lucy as she joined Chantal with her head over my groin the pair of them licking and sucking me.

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a stud and I thought I hadn't done too badly tonight? But in truth, I was utterly spent and exhausted and couldn't contemplate anything further with these lovelies. I felt warm, sated and just wanted to curl up and go to sleep.

As I was thinking this both Chantal and Lucy obviously thought my cock was clean enough and lying down either side of me arms resting on my chest started to drift off into dreamy and satisfied sleep. I smiled to myself as I realised I still had their panties in my hand and was firmly of the opinion that this was looking likely to be the best of holiday of my life!!

To Be Continued...

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