Road Head

bySean Renaud©

Karen had spent the whole day smiling the entire day in anticipation. She'd even gotten up extra early to make sure that her hair was done into those beautiful crimson curls that always got compliments. She'd chosen a pink and black camouflage patterned strapless top and a short netted black skirt for the occasion. The caramel hued beauty didn't normally wear any make up but today she had her eyes done up in a green eye-shadow named sage and glossy red lipstick as well.

The occasion was her knew friend, Mark, was coming over to detail her car. That was his plan at least but she had other intentions for the six-foot two slender blond with the cool blue gaze. Karen was pretty sure that her car would be involved with whatever happened but it was probably going to be more dirty than clean.

She'd been sitting at her computer, idly exchanging instant messages with her boyfriend and master; Kris when the doorbell had rang. She'd literally knocked her chair over in excitement as she shot up and bounded to the door.

There he was, exactly how she'd hoped he would arrive. A black wife beater hung loose around his narrow frame half tucked into a pair of jeans that had been black in a former life but now were closer to gray. His blonde hair was done up into gelled spikes that made his hair look almost brown. "Ready?" He asked with a smile stepping into the house and pressing a gentle kiss to the top of her brow.

It was difficult to see the blush that rushed over her body but it was impossible to conceal the cheesy grin that came with it. Her voice had temporarily fled as she looked down over his body chewing on her lower lip. "Yeah, well I was mostly gonna watch and organize my CDs." She said finally bringing her finger between her lips.

"Alright." Mark smiled turning and walking back toward her black Jetta. "Where's the hose?" Karen pulled her finger from her lips to point before quickly returning it. She couldn't believe how much she wanted this; it wasn't like she needed sex. She'd been with her Master only the day before. She needed him. There was something about the way he stared at her, something about that icy blue gaze that captivated her.

Mark glanced over at Karen and half smirked as he picked up the hose and started toward her car. He knew the look on her face, it was the same look she'd had when they'd gone out to eat with his friends. It was the same look she gave him when they'd been sitting in the back of his best friend's truck getting drunk off cheap beer. It was the same look she gave him whenever he walked by and he knew exactly what it meant. Mark knew he wasn't there to clean the car. Oh that would get done too, he'd already decided he wanted to see how far he could push her but that wasn't why he'd come over.

He turned the hose on and slowly worked his way around the car. "Wait!" Karen screamed running up behind him. "I need to get inside." She said waiting till he pointed the water from her car to climb into the passenger seat and grabbed her CD's. "D12, Eminem and Obie Trice all belong together. Then MA$E, P. Diddy and Lil' Kim." She muttered as she organized her CD's according to label. She was about to start in on her rock when she looked up.

Only the glass was separating her from him. He was already soaked through from cleaning the car, the shirt clinging to his smooth stomach. His nipples were poking through the shirt and the thought of tasting them already sent a quiver through her pussy. Her jaw almost dropped at the sight of his cock, now perfectly framed in dripping denim. He was definitely well endowed, probably as big as her boyfriend from the look of it.

She hadn't noticed that she was staring until he tapped the glass and setting her already fluttering heart to a racing speed. He motioned for her to roll the window down and slowly she cranked it down. "What?" She asked.

"I'm done." He replied with a sweeping motion. "Wanna look it over?"

She did want to look something over but her car definitely wasn't on her mind any longer. Karen hoped he couldn't see her grinding her legs together desperately trying to relieve the excited ache between her thighs. "Get in the car."

"But I'm all wet." He grinned stretching slightly and leaning over. Karen bit down on her lip again watching the tip of his hard cock peek over the band of his pants.

"Put down a towel. I'm hungry." Karen replied reaching into the backseat and draping a towel over the driver's seat. Mark pretended to consider it for a moment as he savored the fire in her eyes.

Then he just shrugged and consented striding around the car and climbing in. "What do you want to eat?" He asked as he adjusted his seat all the way back leaning back and starting up the car.

"I dunno, you choose." She shot back coyly trying her best hide behind her cascade of curls covering her face. Of course it served more to make her look like a vixen than shy, it didn't even conceal her eye as it continued to roam over his flesh.

"Go on." Again he gave her that lopsided grin without completely turning to face her. "And just so you know we're eating at Subway." There was only one Subway and it was a good fifteen minutes away on the freeway.

Mark was too busy driving to see the mischievous smirk creep over her painted red lips. Karen quickly unfastened his pants and tugged them open enough to get a better look at his cock. It was a shade darker than the rest of him; almost the color of caramel and pushing free of his still soaked boxers. That evil smile only widened as she wrapped her fingers around the piece of flesh and started slowly pumping her fist over it. Karen's tongue slipped between her lips moistening them again as she stroked him.

This wasn't Karen's first lover, she'd bedded a few before coming to him but this was her first Caucasian. It was the first time she seen a white dick and it amazed her. Already the tip was starting to turn purple from the blood and glisten with pre-cum before he even acknowledged her. He was doing a pretty good job of ignoring the black woman to his write until she started concentrating entirely on the tip rubbing his pre-cum around for lube and then more squeezing than pumping. His organ slipped easily through her grasp faster than she could pump finally drawing a light gasp from him.

Mark only turned slightly towards her his lopsided half smile becoming a full smirk as his body tensed up. You wouldn't know he was getting a hand job by the look on his face or the way he continued to weave through traffic. The only real indication was his stomach, tightened so much that his abs had become a barely visible six pack. "Bet you won't give me road head." He teased throwing right arm back over the seat to get it out of her way.

She didn't need to be dared to suck. Karen had practically been waiting for permission to escalate things. In just a few seconds she'd adjusted her own seat back and moved onto her knees with her head in against his stomach. Inches from her lips she continued to pump his cock grinning at the glistening tip. It was really her first white cock and for the moment she was enjoying just staring at the smooth piece of meat. Finally she wrapped her lips around the head and started flicking her tongue all around it.

He really was packing and as long as her boyfriend/master but not quite as thick as started slurping her way down over his shaft. As the inches of rock hard flesh slipped into her gullet she could feel his excitement grow. Karen purred lustily as she paused with roughly three inches of a seven-inch cock in her mouth enjoying the perfectly smooth texture before moving on.

Mark's grip on the steering wheel tightened into a death grip as the ebony princess serviced him at sixty-five miles per hour. He knew a few of the eighteen-wheelers and lifted trucks had gotten a pretty decent view of the action from this side. Those on the far side of the vehicle had gotten to stare at her mocha hued ass since that skirt of hers had ridden up the moment she leaned over. It didn't matter to him one bit that he was seen getting road head from a beautiful black woman at eleven o'clock in the morning. His only concern was that he wasn't sure how long he could hold out against those painted lips and he wanted to fuck. He also didn't want her to stop as he brought his hand from the back seat and started running it gently through her hair.

That was Karen's weakness. After four years with her Master pulling, yanking and stroking her hair anything touching her hair instantly turned her on. This time it only served to stoke the flames her pussy so wet that her aroma was filling the car as she sucked. She could literally feel his pulse through his cock pressing rhythmically against her tongue as she pushed the rest of his shaft past her lips.

Karen could never do this for her master, he was just to thick to slip into her throat but Mark was just right. Her eyes were watering and she was consciously restraining a gag but she'd done it and pressed her nose to his stomach. She backed up enough to get a breath and then plunged back down onto his cock again taking it entirely into her throat.

Mark's eyes had drifted shut as he just enjoyed the feeling of her sucking and the sounds of her slurping his cock. He didn't even notice that he was drifting until a blaring horn yanked him back from the edge of rapture. He took a deep breath and stared around him. He'd missed his exit but obviously didn't care. He just exited the freeway at the next off ramp and drove down one of the dozens of dirt roads in the area pulling up along side a tree and leaning back.

Karen smiled as she pulled her lips up dragging them over his shaft the entire way making certain to smear as much of her red lipstick over it as possible on her way up. "Kinda tired."

"Then lets fuck." Mark suggested with his usual one-sided grin and peeled his shirt up over his head tossing it into the back seat. Karen grinned pulling her top off as well then shimmying out of her thong as he dragged his pants down over his legs. As soon as she'd gotten free of her panties Karen scooted up and over so she was straddling her seats.

He climbed up on top of her guiding the tip of his dick into her dripping cunt. "Don't tease." She begged wrapping her arms around him and pulling him down against him. Karen loved the way he felt against her, his smooth stomach and chest crushing her breasts down with each thrust.

The smile had long since melted into a wordless moan of pleasure as he rapidly pumped against her. The entire car was rocking as he thrust into her balancing on the tips of his toes and across the seats. Beneath him he watched as her tits bounced beneath him and her eyes shut as she pawed his back. Somehow she'd managed to remove her shoes and roll down the windows during the action. He only noticed because she had stuck her feet out the windows while they fucked.

"Mmmm I'm gonna. I'm gonna." Karen chanted as she started getting close to her orgasm. Mark could feel it already, her muscles squeezing tight around him and her eyes squinted shut. "I'm gonna cum!" She shouted in his ear wrapping her legs around him and drawing him deeper into her.

Slowly she relaxed and lay back unraveling her legs as she smiled up at him. Her reddish hair was covering her face. "Mmmm don't stop." She purred arching her back as he pulled his cock out of her.

"Turn over." She smiled and obeyed. Still straddling the seats as she got to her hands and knees and let him push back into her. Mark gripped her hips pulling her back against him as he started fucking her again.

"Cum. Cum inside me." Karen begged looking back over her shoulder. She bumped her hips against his meeting his thrusts as she continued to beg him to cum. "Oooh I felt it." She purred the first time he throbbed inside her. Her muscles squeezed back in response. "Cum on, cum." She repeated her eyes glazing over as she approached a second orgasm.

Each thrust pushed her close and closer to the edge but what set her off was Mark's pleasured moan and the sound of his labored breathing. Karen screamed out clawing at the car seats as her own orgasm crashed over her as he sprayed her insides with cum.

"Thanks." He finally whispered into her ear kissing her shoulder and starting to pull away.

"I really hate this part." She groaned clamping her legs together as soon as he was out of her and scooted back into her seat. Karen reached into the glove compartment and pulled out a package of baby wipes taking out a few before handing him the package. "You came a lot." She muttered as she cleaned herself. "Thank you." She smiled leaning over and kissing him on the cheek before tossing the used wipes out the window. "We're still going to get Subway right?"

Mark turned toward her and gave her half a smile. "Of course." After wiping up he pulled his boxers and pants back on and started driving while Karen grabbed her cell phone and started clicking through it. "Who you callin?" Mark asked as he handed Karen her shirt.

"Kris. I always tell my Ma- boyfriend, its part of our agreement. He doesn't mind if I fuck around but I have to keep him informed. And I have to make sure you remember that he always comes first." Mark nodded and went back to driving.

"Hiya Kris, you'll never guess what just happened. . ."

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