Road Show


Road Show

A straight laced wife begins a journey to whoredom with a bit of showing off. Teasing her husband he challenges her to make good on her teasing.

Randy and Michelle Jarema knew they would be driving up and down Interstate 75 for the next four years because Southern Ohio University had awarded a full scholarship to their daughter Melanie. Melanie was not only an all-state gymnast but an honor society member at her high school. Southern Ohio University made Melanie the best of several scholarship offers that she received, so two days after her 18th. Birthday Melanie signed a commitment to attend SOU. One of the school rules was that no personal cars were allowed for freshman or sophomore students.

Michelle knew she was going to miss having Melanie around, and worried that 'Mel' would have home-sickness problems so she convince Randy that diving the 300 miles to SOU and back was going to be a frequent weekend sojourn.

On this August weekend they were headed to drop Melanie for the fall semester. She had already spent two weeks in the dorm for an orientation. Randy and Michelle had no definite plans for the week as Michelle insisted they be ready to swoop down and rescue their daughter from the pit of homesickness. Randy believed in his heart that is was Michelle not Melanie who would be anxious over the separation but wisely kept his council.

Truth be known, Randy could not have been prouder of his daughter. She had inherited her mother's athleticism, intellect, graceful figure, and competitive drive.

In her own youth, Michelle had focused her energies on dancing in campus musicals and enjoyed many leading roles both in high school and university. This was because she 'developed a bust line' to a greater extent than performance in either ballet or gymnastics rewarded. Randy never knew just how many times Michelle had to comfort Melanie about her small bust line because Michelle herself was really built!

About a 36 D!

The girls did share long strawberry blond hair and deep blue eyes and exceptionally attractive facial features. They made a striking sight walking through town or the mall. Either was a real head turner together they stopped traffic.

At about 4 in the afternoon the parents had delivered Melanie and her autumn wardrobe to the dormitory, picked up the summer duds and saw she was well settled. They left SOU and headed home. It was marginally possible to make the round trip in a day, but the parents planned to stay in a motel so when the gas gauge approached E at about 6PM it was a good time to get re-fueled a good nights' sleep and a simple meal. Immediately at the next exit the couple could see elevated signs promising regular gas for a good price, and the informational road signs showed a few accommodations and a variety of restaurants.

Sure enough there was a truck stop / gas station complex with parking for big rigs and a chain brand coffee shop. Paying for the fuel Randy was told about a motel about 2 miles closer to town and a bar, restaurant, night club establishment a few blocks further.

Returning to their car Randy said, "Michelle there is a small motel a couple of miles down this road and a place to eat and have a drink nearby. How about an early evening for us?"

"Did they say it was clean and the food good?" Michelle replied. "Because I would not object to an early night."

"If we don't like the looks of the restaurant we've only burned a few miles and then we can decide if we want to sleep here or go further toward home." Randy offered.

Driving to assess the restaurant, they passed the motel which was a classical two story exterior entrance design that seemed well landscaped and had modern signage out front. "That seems to pass muster." Randy said as he continued and drive past a private campground that appeared well wooded and maintained. On the other side of the campground a steak house was located adjacent to a bar with other shops around the back. The parking lot was spacious and well maintained.

"Let me make sure we have a room at that hotel and then we can eat." Randy suggested.

"I'd like to wash up and get out of these moving-in clothes and put on some fresh makeup." Michelle added

After Randy checked them in and pulled around to their room Michelle pulled a clothes bag and her cosmetics bag out of the back of the car and disappeared into the bathroom. Randy was checking out the cable TV lineup when Michelle emerged. To say Randy was stunned would be an understatement. Michelle had retrieved a short demin skirt form the summer clothing Melinda sent home and topped that off with a frilly white blouse that showed off the brassier clad 36D bust line. Michelle's make up was flawless and very attention getting.

"Wow! Are you sure you want to get something to eat... I could have pizza sent over...." Randy offered hopefully.

"Later Big Guy. I am hungry. You will have better luck if you feed me first." She relied merrily

Climbing out of the car in front of the restaurant they couple walked hand in hand to the entrance. "Are you here for dinner or the show?" A well turned out hostess asked.

"Dinner!" Michelle replied. "What show are you speaking about?"

"Dinner in the restaurant satisfies the cover charge for the show in our Night Club behind the restaurant." The hostess explained. "Early seating's get an admission stamp on the bill so you can come back later tonight if you choose."

The menu proved moderately priced and they had an excellent wine list, so the couple found a very nice Chilean Red to go with some very well prepared Omaha steaks. As they ate a number of truck drivers and business men began to fill the dining room. It was already a long day on the road so Michelle left the table while the dinner was being cooked to go to the 'Ladies.' When she returned Randy noticed Michelle seemed distracted.

"Wasn't the restroom clean?" He asked.

"No! It was very clean and fresh smelling, but that was not the only fresh thing in this place. I was passing a table of truck drivers and they asked if I was part of the show, because they would be cheering for me. I could not understand what they were talking about so I asked what they meant. It seems the show is a strip tease, and these guys offered to form a fan club for me."

"Strip tease? Fan Club?" Randy blurted. "Oh they thought you were a str... performer?" He lamely finished. "You certainly have the body and dancing skills..." He tapered off.

"I was really pissed as I took care of business in the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to see why they thought I was some stripper bimbo. I don't think I look like some easy piece." Michelle continued.

"No! Not at all!" Randy interjected. "But you know I always say you are gorgeous, and you always say that is because I married you, well now we have the open admiration of some 'knights of the road' to lend support to my opinions."

"Yeah! I actually thought I do look pretty good for just sending my kid off to college." Michelle admitted. "So on the way back to our table I stopped and told the truck drivers that I was afraid they would not get to be my fan club as I was not performing."

The waitress brought the salad course and opened the wine, which shut down the line of conversation, but Randy could see Michelle was still a bit distracted. The wine was awfully good and a second bottle was ordered before the steaks were eaten. The Jaremas enjoyed a modest glow as the main course dishes were cleared.

"You really look great Babe." Randy said.

"Thank you kind Sir." Michelle replied. "It is amazing how some fresh banter from a table full of truck drivers has made me feel young and attractive. I know you always tell me how good I look but those guys really thought I was hot." She continued. "They won't ever see me again and they had to know I was here with my man so they weren't going to get anywhere but they complimented be anyway."

"That unselfish admiration deserves a reward." A slightly tipsy Randy offered.

Michelle just looked at him half exasperated and half puzzled. "What are you driving at/"

"Go to the bathroom again and take your bra off." Randy started. When she didn't hit him with a dinner role he continued. "Walk back past the table and let em bounce as you walk. Then stop and tell the guys you hope they have a good evening and bend over so you show a bit before coming back to the table."

"I could never do that in a public place you Perve." Michelle quietly objected as the waiter arrived to take the dessert order.

Randy parsed his wife's objection carefully. Not "I would never do that" but "not... in a public place."

While waiting for the cherries jubilee to be cooked at their table, Randy observed. "The truck drivers are sitting against the wall so that would be the only table that would have any view at all when you bend over." He said as the waiter rolled the trolley up to their table and began preparing dessert. Michelle watched the proceedings with a thoughtful expression on her face. Then as she finished the last of the brandy syrup on the cherries a drop fell in her blouse. "I better get this sponged off before it sets." She said standing to walk to the restroom.

Michelle was a little unsteady after two bottles of red and cherries jubilee so her walk to the restroom was a little erratic Randy could see the truckers waive her over and she seemed to point to her blouse. And she then leaned over close till the table nodded seeming to understand. "Probably showing the cherry stain." Randy realized.

It was several minutes later Michelle re-appeared and stopped at the trucker's table leaning way over. Randy could see that all eyes at the trucker table were riveted on Michelle and everyone seemed pleased. After several an animated conversation of several minutes Michelle straightened up and walked toward their table. Her face was flushed and she was none too steady on her feet so it took Randy several moments to notice a pronounced sway under her blouse, which also had two buttons unfastened. "She did take her bra off." He realized. As she got closer he could also see that Michelle's efforts to get the stain out had compromised the opacity of the blouse material so everyone had a much better view of her breasts as they moved enticingly, the sway emphasized by Michelle's unsteady stride.

"Pay the bill and take me to the motel! " Michelle hissed. "I can't believe I did that! This blouse gets awfully transparent when it gets wet." She said as they hurried to the exit. The hostess doubled as the cashier and put a big red "Road Show" stamp on their receipt. "You can come back later. The first show does not start for 45 minutes and there will be another show at 10 PM."

In the car Michelle caught Randy's hand before he started the ignition. "Baby, I fibbed a bit back there. In the washroom when I had the stain out I put the blouse on and saw right away it was pretty sheer. I thought about what you said and decided to give the truck drivers a thrill so I took off my bra. I put the blouse on again but it was drying fast. I actually wet it down pretty good before buttoning only two buttons and walking out to give the truckers a show. I asked them to check and see if I got the stain completely out knowing they could see a tit through the fabric. My blouse did dry out a tad so when I straightened up I already was slightly more decent. I sure got stares from the guys in the room anyway and I admit that it felt good."

"You really are a hot minx aren't you? You could get in real trouble teasing a bunch of guys that way." Randy said while starting the car. "I think I am going to insist you show off some more, but when and where I say."

With that Randy pulled into the campground and walked to the office. He emerged and Michelle could see a smirk on his face. "Why aren't we going to the motel, Honey? I really would like you to take me to bed." She softly murmured.

"I want to go parking like we used to when we were dating. The guy said that there is nobody back at sites 24-30 so we'll have more privacy than we did at the 'lookout'. Randy said as he pulled deeper into the campground. Site 26 seemed to have the most 'line of sight' privacy from the access road and Randy backed the car into the campsite. "Get out baby." He commanded "It is warm enough to lean against the hood of our car and I am too old to twist up in the back seat."

As a bemused Michelle swung her legs out of the car Randy directed. "Get that skirt off, but put your sandals back on so you don't step on anything." Reaching out Randy pulled Michelle to a standing position and led her to the front of the car. Standing by the car, the couple hugged and kissed as Randy sought to recapture the romance and passion from their courtship days. Wearing no brassier and no pants there was not a lot standing in Randy's way as the embrace of Michelle heated up.

"I don't know what I expected." Michelle thought. "Randy seems both unusually aroused but also awfully sweet and tender. I think he is really trying to recapture romance..." Out Loud Michelle encouraged Randy "Sweetheart you make me feel so special when we hug and kiss, you certainly have not forgotten how you swept me off my feet all those years ago."

"I had to put out my best effort." He mumbled nuzzling her neck. "All those other guys were poised to swoop down if I gave them any window at all. You were then and are today an incredibly beautiful lady, and If I don't bring my 'A game' you could fall into the clutches of some super stud."

"That would never happen!" Michelle countered. "I might get a kick out of pretending to be naughty, but I am yours and will never be anything else but yours. ... Did you get mad at my fooling around in the restaurant? "She murmured.

"Hell no! Baby! You are as sexy as all get out. I was clearly the envy of all the guys in the joint. The hottest babe in the place walked out with me. "Randy growled in mock macho. "I love it when you are the center of attention. -- Buuuut that does remind me never take anything for granted and that I better treat you right because you turn every male head." He said as he continued to let his caresses become increasingly intimate.

Before too long Michelle was breathing heavily and squirming Randy knew all the touches and which were the most effective and arousing his wife. He also knew that Michelle had a lively fantasy life and narrating sexy scenarios would further enflame her passion. "It is a good thing the cherry juice did not fall into the opening in your blouse..." He whispered.

"Why/" Michelle moaned.

"Because after you cleaned the juice spot up, your bra would be too wet to wear, and the truckers at the table would still want to see that the spot is cleaned." Randy narrated. "When you leaned over the table. The trucker drivers could not see the juice spot was cleaned unless they unbuttoned a few buttons. Isn't that right.....?"

"I guess so..." Michelle admitted

"Did you think those guys would not want to see more...? They would not have stopped with a few buttons would they? ... They would have completely opened your blouse up and exposed your breasts....Am I wrong?" Randy challenged.

"I guess not..." Michelle moaned visualizing her breasts on display in front of a half dozen macho characters.

"The guys on the far side of the table could not see very well so you would have to bend over and lean on the table to keep you balance so your breasts would swing free and hang down over the table. " Randy continued. "In order to see in between your breasts the truck drivers would have to tug them apart. They would tug on your nipples. That drives you crazy doesn't it?"

"Yes it does make me crazy." Michelle moaned as her husband painted the erotic picture in her imagination.

With her blouse open and off the shoulders, Randy let his hands roam and tug Michelle's nipples as he embellished is fantasy narration. "I'll bet your panties would be soaking wet leaning over the table. Of course you are wearing is this short skirt so the guys could find out for themselves how wet you get. Could they press your hands on the table and still slide fingers between your legs...?."

"I suppose they might." Michelle panted.

Randy slid his hand down Michelle's front, over her panties and down between her legs. "They would find that you are soaking wet just like you are right now wouldn't they?" He whispered "I really doubt that they would only run fingers over the fabric outside ... What do you think these rough truck drivers would do?"

"Touch me under my panties?" Michelle admitted tentatively.

Sliding his hand under her panties Randy eased Michelle's panties down her legs and took them off. "If the steakhouse wasn't so public, they would love to pull your panties down so they could see everything. Any man would love looking at your naked body ... Especially those great tits!"

"You know, they would just entice you to leave with them so they could take you to a private spot like this campground...Your blouse is gone...So are your panties... They are pretty strong and can take what they like ... "Randy continued to weave the fantasy details as he pushed the physical stimulation his fingers produced.

"They would feel how wet and slippery you are.... And someone one would be able to find the magic spot..." Randy whispered as his probing fingers reached her G spot.

"You would not be able to stop from coming ......" He said

"Yess... "She hissed and her abdominal muscles trembled as she bit off a scream.

Randy could wait no more so he plunged his cock into her warm and slippery snatch "You feel wonderful Baby, I can never get enough of your lovin body." He panted as he thrust himself repeatedly into her. His pace was reckless as the fantasy he spun had captured him also so he pounded away and she pushes to meet him driving his cock deep in her pussy.

"Fuck Me Mack! I am a great fuck! Tell all your buddies at the truck stop about me. I am so Horney I could take on the entire convoy!" Michelle growled as she bore down on Randy's cock expanding their joint erotic fantasy to inflame her husband.

Goaded on by Michelle's erolalia Randy came, flooding his wife's pussy with his seed.

The lovers hugged as they both slipped down off their orgasmic high. When their breathing returned to near normal Randy helped Michelle around to the passenger door. He spread a towel on her seat and helped her into the car and tenderly fastened her seat belt. It was not until he started the car and pulled out of the campsite park that Michelle gave any thought to the fact she was stark naked and her panties and blouse were out of reach in the back of the car.

"Honey?" She started. "Shouldn't you get my stuff so I can get dressed...?"

"Why?" He responded. "You won't have anything on once I get you into our hotel room. Putting clothing on would be counter-productive. Besides the guys in the convoy ought to get a preview of your charms so they are motivated to bid the price for your charms up to the maximum the market will bear. You won't need any clothing for the rest of the night and maybe tomorrow" He finished as he turned into the Motel parking lot and pulled into a dark place near the office.

"Don't go anywhere while I get us a late checkout. Maybe they have rooms with mirrors over the bed..." Randy said as he walked into the motel office. He emerged a short time later but to Michelle sitting naked and vulnerable it seemed to take forever.

Parked in front of their room, Randy got out and opened the motel room door. He helped Michelle out of the car but told her to stand outside the room door while he brought the overnight bags into the room. Returning to her side, he closed the trunk and kissed her passionately standing on the sidewalk outside the room. He then swept her up in his arms and carried her into the room and lay her down on the bed.

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