tagGroup SexRoad Show 06a

Road Show 06a


Road Show 6 Professional Debut

After passing her audition which ended up as an anal DP, Mickie models extraordinarily revealing club dresses, strips naked, demonstrates a dildo and is auctioned off for her first paid and public sex.

Seduced by masterful oral sex and her own fantasies, Michelle Jarema agreed with the desk clerk to become his whore. Her husband told Michelle he would manage her adventure and told her to use the pseudonym Mickie, which a name they used when she played a bar pickup game on a trip together. Randy then told he desk clerk Jimmy. "I am going to take over from here on. I'll be taking Michelle to the adult dress store. Your uncle can have his licks but I call all the important shots and how much Mickie keeps." Seeing the question on Jimmy's face he continued. "Yes Mickie. That will be her professional persona... Everyone forgets 'Michelle' starting now. "

While Mickie went the long way around the adult complex, Randy took a shortcut and settled most issues with the owner, Anry before he waited in the annex to assure no real harm came to Mickie during the audition. Unexpectedly the county sheriff, Joseph August, arrived for an inspection and was invited to participate in Mickie's audition. Bantering with the men Mickie offered any hole to them, which offer they both took "You are going to get an anal DP.... Just relax as much as you can.... We have done this before and we will go slowly." Joseph reassured the candidate whore.

After Arny had fully penetrated Mickie's anus, Sheriff Joe had smeared his cock with lube and pushed in also. Behind the annex door mirror, Randy had a ringside seat and could see every detail as his 'protégé' was receiving her first anal DP. The speakers in the annex also let him hear her moans of pleasure. Mickie coached the men so she could use the leverage of her feet and generate more movement. The sensations goaded each of the threesome to greater efforts. Mickie Came! "Fuck ... Fuck.... FUCK ....FUUUCK Hold me up you bastards and I'll show you what a whore can do." She screamed. The physical stimulation could not be resisted forever and first Arny then Joseph flooded Mickie's anus with semen. The threesome collapsed on the bench.

OK Whore! You passed! Simply clean us up and then go down to the store and pick out your 'hunting outfit' so you'll attract the truckers to fuck you tonight. One minor detail though. Clean both of our cocks with your mouth." Arny declared.

Oh yeah" Joseph added grinning. "My deputy is waiting in the club. Be sure to satisfy Andy before you go to the store."

Minutes later Mickie headed down the steps to the Road Show club.. Randy opened the door to the annex and started down the shortcut to the store but Arny stopped him. I wanted you to meet our Sheriff Joseph August.. Sheriff this is Randy Jarema. By the way Sheriff, you never told Mickie that your deputy's full first name is Andrea." Anry said as both men laughed.

Randy took the shortcut back to the store and browsed the merchandise while waiting for Mickie to make her re-appearance. "Mickie will need some club dresses for dancing with the truckers at Road Show tonight." He told the store clerk Joe.

"If she chooses the fishnet or these mesh dresses she will have to wear a bra and at least a thong or the law could give us trouble." Joe explained "If she has underwear on what was the point of the mesh dress anyway." He continued "Now a shawl model like this covers everything but the skirt is so short and the halter so loose that interesting bits just seem to pop out spontaneously. Also either of the dance partners can shift clothing fabric out of the way with great ease. The ripped or shredded look is great for teasing but does not give the access that these backless v-necks afford." He finished up. "I would encourage you to have Mickie model any ensembles she thinks will look hot. I would find an erotic 'fashion show' a great way to spend an afternoon, and drum up sales"

After a bit, Mickie walked naked back into the book store, spotted Randy and rushed over. "I passed!" She gushed like a school girl.

"I know, I was a silent witness behind the mirror door. I wanted to be sure you were protected in case this guy turned out to be a psycho but I did not want you to feel inhibited and embarrassed. There is a short cut to the store office that I took. You performed like a champ!" Randy said to an amazed Mickie.

"Well mister know- it-all, I don't know if you heard the sheriff tell me to satisfy his deputy Andy but... "

"Andy is Andrea!" They chorused together.

"Baby, you know I had almost no girl-gril experience before we met, and that was more than 25 years ago in the dorm with my roommate, Phylis. Well we didn't have a clue back then and boys were more to each of our tastes to before Deputy Andrea I was a FF virgin so to speak. Andy really knows the ropes and in less than an hour she coached me into really doing a job on her. So if any of those truckers tonight are women, I feel I can be an all-genders-serviced kind of whore." Mickie finished proudly. "Now where are those club outfits?"

"On the racks behind you. Most stuff is one size fits all. I agreed that you will parade your body around the store showing all the customers in the store your tentative selections. Something tells me you will see this as a positive aspect to your shopping, because you enjoy showing off." Randy said.

Blushing, Mickie began sorting through the racks and returned quickly with a fishnet mini-dress. As she held it up in front of her Randy marveled at how transparent the garment actually was. Even through two layers of the fabric, every detail of Mickie's lush body could be clearly seen. "Go ahead and show the boys how you look in this. I am certain they will approve and when you get back I'll render my decision." Randy said knowing full well Mickie would not want to wear a thong or bra which regulations would seem to require.

Mickie put the fishnet mini-dress on and was about to walk around the main store when the clerk raised his hand to stall her momentarily. "I want you to wear this golden slave collar. How does that sound?"

"Let me announce your fashion show so customers in the back will not miss your parade." Joe said, and the stepping into the main show room called for attention. "In a moment Mickie will ask your assistance in picking a club dress so let us help her out. The first is a pink fishnet item zk3311 which is on sale for $50. One size fits most guys so think of someone you would like to see wearing this. Our model is wearing a collar accessory package which is part of a set. The collar wrist restraints and leash are all color coded. The compete package includes a white set, another in red, and this golden set. For the very truly adventurous lady, a faux diamond set can also be acquired. The colors are significant. White is intended to indicate that the lady can be looked at to your heart's content but not touched. The red color is supposed to signal that the holder of the leash invites the audience to touch the wearer's body including her erogenous zones but externally only. "

Mckie was standing proudly before this small crowd relishing the arousal that came from anticipation of the sexual gauntlet she would shortly be led through, as Jimmy continued his 'orientation'. "The golden collar and leash indicate an offer to the audience to actually digitally penetrate the vagina and anal cavity of the submissive with fingers or toys." Joe finished.

"What about the diamond collar?" One of the males in the audience called out.

"Unlimited public penile penetration! Condoms at the option of the leash holder!" Joe calmly announced. "Diamond are for gangbangs."

Mickie's knees almost buckled at that moment because the sudden vision of her being led to a gangbang on a leash threatened to cause her to climax right there and then. She did manage to keep her composure as Joe led her around the show room offering salacious comments to the bookstore patrons about the possibility that they might purchase the sexual services of the model at the conclusion of the show.

The next ensemble was a form fitting lace mini dress that gave glimpses of her figure teasingly exposed. Cutouts totally exposed her breasts. This was followed by a rather extreme halter dress that plunged in the front below her navel and then made a tenuous connection to an apron-skirt. The skirt fell in tiers toward her knees but even with all tiers deployed ended well up above mid thigh. The tiers were designed to be folded under raising the 'hem line' an inch at a time. The fabric narrowed from top and bottom as it wrapped around behind so there wasn't much ore that a band of fabric that not only exposed the clefts between the model's buttocks on top but also the bottom inch or so of her bouncy ass. Before parading back to the showroom, Mickie folded up the two bottom panel tiers in the front so the very lowest part of her pussy was on display and almost everything flashed if she moved quickly.

"Imagine that you are dancing with this vision, gliding around the club." Joe's spiel rang out. "She expects to be held and fondled. The ensemble is designed to you can display your dance partner. The halter straps move easily aside so that the treasure chest can be discovered and uncovered. Tonight the knights of the road may be lucky enough to find their dance partner so attired. Remember she is ready to perform with you this afternoon."

Back near the clothing racks Mickie looked for something to top the sexual impact of the last ensemble, and on a swimwear rack she found a net fabric 'cover up' ensemble that did nothing of the sort. Worn without the bikini or thong for that matter, Mickie's pussy was on perfect display and the top was just a vest made of the same net material. She did add a chain non-thong as further decoration of her vaginal area.

During her parade, Mickie first stripped the net top completely baring her breasts, and then unwrapped the bottom and stood completely naked. She weaved her way through the hushed audience, stopping frequently to look more closely at one or more of the video packages or sex toys on display.

Stopping at a locked display case she bent at the waist and examined a large glass phallus. "Let me see this one Joe." Mickie demanded.

Joe responded immediately and soon Mickie was holding the glass dildo and measuring it against herself.. It was about as long as her forearm and just about as big in diameter with nobs and ridges scattered along the surface. "Do you people think that I could take something like this?" She teased her rapt audience. "Joe, add this to my 'shopping cart' I am sure these fine men will find a way to help me pay for toys. But right now I'd like a bottle of lubricant."

Leaning back on a covered bench Mickie lubricated the dildo and worked the tip into her vagina, spreading her legs and stretching her vaginal opening. Then she pushed the device further and further into her cunt until 75% of the 18 inch total length was buried in her pussy. Panting with exertion and arousal she looked around at the stunned audience. "I didn't think I could do it either." Mickie laughed.

"Do any of you think that you have more than I can handle?" Mickie said. "I really doubt that any of you can dish out more than I can actually accommodate. Well no matter. It is time for me to pay for my shopping so those of you that want to have a really close encounter of the "triple X'' kind please let Randy over in the corner know."

Randy now took center stage. "Well gentlemen and ladies, to get things started I want all of you to know that the order in which Mickie satisfies your demands will be up for negotiation because this is her first professional encounter; her debut so to speak. The high bidder will always know he (or she actually) will be Mickie's first 'john' or 'joan.' The bids will be for 30 minutes of service. Your choice of positions, holes, toys and restraints. You can also elect privacy or public sex. As many as three can team up but each team member pays the bid price." Randy outlined the auction process.

Standing up, completely naked and hear potential customers offer steadily increasing cash amounts for thirty minutes of her sexual services really turned Mickie on. It took a focused effort of will not to twitch with each new bid and more concentration to stop her hands from reaching between her legs or up to her nipples for self stimulation.

When the bidding slowed to a stop a man and woman team bid $225 each. The couple planned to use a padded platform in a sex show room surrounded by peep-show booths. Joe, ever the entrepreneur, offered the ladies a wigs and Mardi Gras masks to disguise their identity if he could let the other customers use the booths on a pay-per-view basis. The couple was offered one quarter of booth receipts with another quarter to Mickie and the remaining half was kept by the house.

In the sex show room the couple disrobed, and gave Mickie directions. "Jack is my husband and this is Jack's gift to me so I will call the shots. You may call me .... Jill. First, Jack will lay on his back and you will straddle him facing his feet." Jill said. "Jack, I want you to lube up that tool of yours so when this delightful creature straddles you, she can take your cock up her ass. Then I want to see you bounce on him honey so your boobs shake."

In just a few moments, peep show window blinds rose in most of the surrounding booths. Seeing this sent a thrill down Mickie's spine. "I wonder if Randy is behind one of those one-way glasses" Mickie speculated as she positioned Jacks cock at the entrance to her backside and slowly sank down taking him in. "This is way easier than my audition." She realized. "But both being paid and having a paying audience really turns me on."

In fact Randy was watching, but not from a booth. He was in front of a series of four monitors showing the video feed from cameras fixed around the sex show room. Since the system was the same as in their motel suite, he was practiced enough to zoom and pan to capture the action in detail as DVD's saved the feeds for later editing.

After getting her feet and arms placed to ride Jack. Mickie picked up the pace till her tits really did start to bounce. Lost in these sensations Mickie almost missed Jill next directive. "Enough of that! Keep him rammed up your ass and lean back so he can grab your boobs and pinch your nipples. I also want you to lift your legs and hold them elevated and apart."

Mickie could imagine the salacious view that Randy might see if he was in a booth this command would produce, so she responded enthusiastically. Jill approached the couple holding a duplicate of the huge glass dildo she used before the bidding started. "I am going to break my new toy in on your snatch. " Jill said.

Jill pressed the glass phallus up against Mickie's waiting vagina and pushed the tip past the new whore's vaginal lips. The dildo slid smoothly deeper and deeper up Mickie's vaginal passage. Mickie groaned as the glass phallus added to the pressure of Jack's cock rammed up her ass. Mickie was once again experiencing the extra sensations of a double penetration. This time She could simply relax and enjoy the moment because Jack and Jill were doing all the work.

Mickie starred up at Jill's face. "That gal is really into this." Mickie realized. "I'll bet she wishes it was her laying here, taking it in both holes." In a whisper she tried to get Jill's attention. "Honey, you have no idea how wild I feel right now. Your man's tool is wedged up my ass and you are ramming that huge toy up my cunt. I feel like a sex goddess!" Louder. "Keep it up Honey. I want all you can give me." Louder yet! "Oh please don't stop either of you. I am getting close." Very Loud Now! "Please fuck me both of you. I really want to come! You are driving me out of my mind!" Shouting! "Oooh Fuck! Fuck Me! Ohhh FUCK ME HARD" Mickie screamed just before her whole body twitched in orgasm.

Coming down a bit Mickie reached down and grasped Jill's wrist holding the dildo at full penetration. "Honey, Thank you. You and your man have given me an experience I will never forget." Seeing the glazed expression on Jill's face Mickie was struck by an inspiration. "The only way for me to thank you properly is to return the favor... Help me up and lay down in my place!" Mickie coached the distracted Jill. Jack do you have enough lead in your pencil to ass fuck Jill here?"

In the office, Randy had put fresh DVD blanks in three recorders for Jack and Jill and only kept one for continuity of Mickie's own adventure.

In a daze Jill responded to Mickie and found herself impaled on her husband's cock which, encouraged by the eroticism of the turn around, had developed new lease on life. Jill pulled her legs apart so Mickie could lube her pussy and put a fresh coat on the dildo. As Mickie started pushing the giant dildo into Jill, she noticed the count-down timer had only five minutes left. "Fuck the clock!" She decided. "Jill is going to have the experience of a lifetime, and my next appointment will just have to wait."

In the end. Jill was able to take all but the last couple of inches of the Dildo. Since this was the first time Jill experienced a DP the extra sensations brought her to a screaming climax after only fifteen minutes but by the time everyone had become untangled and Mickie was ready for her next 'appointment' slightly less than an hour had elapsed.

Mickie caught Randy before he demanded extra pay for extra time. "Baby, I believe in customer satisfaction as a primary business criterion, so if I want to spend a bit of my time to make the experience stand out, that is my choice. Agreed?" She laid down the rule for her hubby/pimp.

The second place in the bidding went to a team of two men, who used the interval to discover a padded bench, similar to that in Arny's office, in a storage room where sex furniture was displayed and sold. Both ends of the bench had independent elevation controlled by a foot pump and relief. Using this control the "Breeding Bench Model SR" (for split roast?) placed the ladies head and crotch at the best elevation for each of the men standing at the ends of the bench. Led to the storage room Paul and Peter helped the new whore lay down on her back. She grasped handles on each side to position her body so her head hung off the Paul end supported by a sunken pillow and her crotch lined up for Peter to enjoy at his end of the bench.

Paul adjusted the elevation and allowed Mickie to control the sliding of his cock into her deep throat. This was a first for Mickie. She had orally attended to Randy a number of times but leaning her head back line her throat up she could focus her attention so fighting the gag reflex at the oral end of things and count on her instincts to give Peter's peter a proper fuck with her vaginal muscles. After a few minutes Mickie realized that instinct served well as Peter came with considerable satisfaction. Paul was still turgid.

By agreement the johns switched ends and Mickie took Peter into her throat while Paul took her pussy. Paul had remarkable stamina but he ended up climaxing while the re-inflated Peter was still rigid. After the second switch Peter was back at her crotch , but this time he adjusted the table elevation so he was lined up with Mickie's asshole. Peter took Mickie anally while she focused her oral efforts on Paul once again. "These guys seem to be using my mouth as a place holder. I am keeping their cocks stiff or getting them stiff so the each can have two cracks at the other end. Damm these guys have thought this through!" Mickie concluded.

After several minutes, Peter came for the second time but she still had an erect Paul deep in her throat. After the third switch Paul shoved his cock in her ass while she concentrated on sucking on Peter's twice satisfied cock. This last session took a long time. Paul was pounding away and Peter had finally stiffened completely when Mickie realized she could take both ends on auto pilot and focus on the stimulation she was receiving. Since Peter's cock prevented coherent speech she had to be satisfied with moans and grunts along with a twitching of her body to signal her increasing stimulation to the team of johns split roast fucking her. Her first real climax of this session surprised her by its intensity but the evidence pleased the john team greatly. Her response stimulated her lovers so they upped their game and plowed the new whore with increased vigor. That in turn upped Mickie's level of stimulation and all three reached a climax within seconds of the others.

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