tagLoving WivesRoad Tales Ch. 02

Road Tales Ch. 02



Eugene was in the rearview mirrors when I joined the northerly flow of traffic on I-5, at around noon, the day I dropped off Jen. She would call her grandparents to come and pick her up at the Student Union, on campus, and return to her life as a young academic.

It was good thoughts that planted themselves in my brain, concerning her. I wish her well, she's a very nice young woman.

Portland is not quite a two-hour drive from Eugene, my destination campsite, on the edge of the western 'burbs of Oregon's largest city. From there, I would be less than a thirty minute drive to Red and Teri's home, my friends of many years.

It was another uneventful drive, and those are best, and I was checked in, parked, and 'set up' at my site by four that afternoon. I had called Red and gave him directions to the RV Park and, the gate code that visitors were supposed to use. We agreed that he'd drive out, after work, and pick me up for the drive to their place. I fixed myself a drink, and took a trip into my memories.

Red and Teri. Where to begin?

We've been friends since the mid-70s, having lived next door to each other in Denver. When we first met, I was divorced, living with a then, girlfriend, and the four of us partied a lot, took turns with cook-outs and dinner dates, all the things that young couples did.

The girlfriend didn't last, but the friendship with Red and Teri did. When I met and married Connie, they welcomed her into their life with open arms. Connie was aware of some of the special times that I had shared with them, when they were involved in the swinging lifestyle. I was their first threesome with another guy, an honor I accepted as such. Over the years before Connie, the three of us enjoyed a rather hedonistic relationship, including some time with Tara when Red wasn't present. It was all good, jealousy wasn't an issue that the three of us ever had to deal with.

When Connie was alive, our relationship with them evolved into a sexual one as well, the four of us enjoying many nights of sexual delights and romps. They were as devastated by her sudden death as I was, I believe.

My reverie was broken by the sound of a closing car door, and stepping outside, I met Red at the foot of my steps, and hugged him tightly, in a warm greeting.

I fixed him a drink, and we caught up of our lives since I last saw them. Our conversation was interrupted by Teri's call to Red, asking him to pick up a couple of things at the market when we drive over.

We finished our drinks, continuing our conversation as we made the short drive, and market stop, to their place, an attractive condo in a secure complex. When both of the kids had moved out, on their own, Red and Teri sold their larger home, and downsized to the condo. They love it! No yard work, a communal pool, and surrounded by other empty nesters in their age bracket, which is the early fifties. As I told them before, try as hard as they might, I will always be eight years older than them.

Tara was still attractive at fifty-two, slightly built, very small-breasted, something she's always hated, something I've always liked about her body. Tastes. Go figure.

Dinner was a delight, her cooking as good as ever. The three of us had the dishes picked up and in the dishwasher in a flash, and we retired to their deck with fresh drinks, and some of my 'special stash' for us to enjoy.

"Anyone care to wager a guess on how many times the three of us have done this?", Teri asked as she took a huge hit of the fat doobie.

"More than once, less than a million?", Red answered, taking the passed doobie between his fingers.

She playfully slapped at him, choking on the smoke she was holding in her lungs.

"Damnit, Red, you made me lose my smoke! I'm 'bogarting'," she laughingly said, intercepting the doobie being held out to me by Red.

"Be my guest, girlfriend, be my guest," I said, "I'll wait my turn."

They asked about my trip out, and I told them. I told them of my hitchhiker-turned-lover, of our wonderful trip across the country, of my becoming young again, if only for a few days. They listened closely, intently, smiling when I finished the short saga of my trip west.

"Good to know you're still in 'loving' shape," Red said, afterwards.

"Actually," I chuckled, "I was surprised myself," I admitted, adding, "but, it was a wonderful experience after all this time."

All this time referred to the year since Connie passed.

There was silence among us, partly because of the 'zone' creeping into us but partly because of my truthful statement.

Jen was, indeed, my first time making love with a woman since Connie's passing, and, it was surprisingly easy to get into that mind-set, once again. Having a twenty-year old partner didn't hurt the situation, I might add.

Red volunteered to fix us another round of drinks, taking our glasses and going inside the condo.

"So, how's your love-life, kiddo," I said in a light-hearted tone to Teri.

A cloud briefly crossed her face before she beamed that gorgeous bright smile of hers and said, "Truthfully, it could be better but I'm dealing."

Continuing, she added, "Red's medications since his heart attack have taken their toll on his libido, I'm afraid. We were told that those side-effects were possible, you know?, but you always hope they won't occur, but they did; so I'm dealing, you know?"

"Yeah, sweetie, I do," I replied. What else could I say?

Red showed up with fresh drinks and we moved on to the upcoming engagement party for their son and fiancée, the main reason for my trip out here. I've watched their two kids grow up and feel more like an uncle to them, rather than a family friend, so when invited, there was no way I would not attend.

They drove me back to the motorhome, both of them, and we said goodnight around midnight, none of us feeling any pain.

Into bed I went, and was asleep before my head hit the pillow, I think.

Five Days and Nights in Portland

While Red worked, I squired Teri around, running errands and getting ready for the party. It felt good to laugh with her, again, she and I continuing the free-flow relationship we had always had.

I ate with them every night, either at their place or out at a restaurant. We shared much laughter, much weed-their Oregon home-grown being very nice-in short, a great time together.

The party went off without a hitch, their son's future in-laws sparing no expense for their only child, the obvious apple of their eyes. A lovely young woman, who seems to adore Mikey. He'd, of course, would prefer to be called Michael these days, but after 20 something years of calling him Mikey, it was a hard habit to break, but I tried, I really did. By the time I was ready to head to Denver, my next stop, I think I almost had it down.

At the party, Red and I were sitting off to ourselves, enjoying some very smooth Kentucky Bourbon, watching the festivities around the pool.

"I've got a proposition for you," he said, breaking the reverie of the moment.

"No offense, Red, but if one of you is going to proposition me, I'd really prefer it to be Teri," I laughingly said, "No offense, as I said."

"No offense taken," he said as he laughed along with me, "if you didn't, I'd be sitting a lot further from you, no matter how good a friend you are."

"No, what I've got in mind, is this:" he said, getting back on track.

"Teri's Mom died a couple of months ago, as you know, and her sister has finally gotten all the 'legal' stuff out of the way," he said. "So, one of the things is this; Teri has to fly out to Denver and pick up her Mom's car, which her Mom left to her."

Teri's Mom drove a five year old Buick, top of the line model, that had less than twenty thousand miles on the odometer! The definition of a "Cherry" automobile.

"So, since you're heading to Denver anyway," he continued, "I was wondering if Teri could catch a ride with you, saving us the one-way airfare?"

"Of course she can," I replied, "I'd like the company."

He grinned a bit sheepishly, saying, "Don't answer so fast, there's a bit more to the favor requested."

"Okay, hit me with it," I said, taking a sip from my tumbler of Bourbon over ice.

"Well, she's also needs to make a stop in Boise and take care of some stuff at the University for Nancy. It wouldn't take her but about an hour, but if that's too much of an imposition, I could have her do it when she drives back to Portland with her Mom's car.", he finally finished saying.

"Consider it done," I said, clicking my glass against his.

"You don't know how much I appreciate this," he added, "and I'll split the fuel costs with you to Denver."

"No, you won't!", I said firmly.

"Red, I'm driving to Denver anyway, and Teri's 115 pounds won't even be noticed," I said.

"So, no, you won't."

I stood, tousled what remained of his hair on his head, and rejoined the festivities before he could argue with me about it. I made my rounds, thanking my hosts, shaking Mike's hand and congratulating he and his girl again, and kissed Teri goodbye, waving to Red, still sitting on the chaise lounger by the pool. I had driven myself there, following Teri's directions, and climbing into my tow vehicle, began the drive out to my rig.

About ten minutes into my return trip, my cell rang.

"Are you really going to let me ride with you to Denver," she wanted to know.

"Well, duh, shit-for-brains," I chided her, "would I have said so, if it weren't a done-deal?"

"How long will it take us?", she wanted to know.

"Normally it would be a two-night run but counting the extra stop in Boise, it could take us three nights, arriving on the fourth day, around noonish," I answered her as I drove towards the RV park.

She was silent for a bit.

"Are you still there?, did I lose you?", I said after awhile.

"No, sorry, I was just doing some thinking, I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize," I assured her.

"OK, then," she said, "when do we leave?"

" Day after tomorrow," I answered, "we'll be in Boise early enough that you can do your thing at the school that afternoon."

"OK," and we said goodnight.

I was on my second cup of coffee when my cell rang, the next morning.

"A problem has come up," Red said into my ear, "I've been called out of town to a meeting and I have to fly out tonight." "I was going to drop Teri off at your rig tomorrow morning so that we wouldn't have a problem with her car being out there," he continued, pausing to take a sip of his own coffee, I supposed.

"So, I'm thinking, if it's alright with you, can I drop Teri off at the motorhome tonight on my way to the airport?", he finished.

"Of course you can, Red," I said.

"I mean, it's not like you guys have never slept together or anything," he said, laughing as he said it.

I laughed with him and agreed that his point was a valid one.

He'd drop her off around six or so, and I told him that I'd have a light dinner ready for her and I, so make sure she didn't eat.

He agreed and hung up.

I had just turned down the fire under the gumbo I was cooking to a low, simmering flame, when I heard car doors close outside.

"Got time for a drink?", I asked Red as he took a couple of small duffels out of his trunk.

"No, I really don't but thanks for the offer," he said, handing the bags to my outstretched hands.

He gave Teri a kiss on the cheek, and opened his car door.

"I'm going inside, guys," Teri said to us, "have a good meeting.", she added to Red and, blew him a kiss.

Red looked at me with a slight smile on his face. Breaking eye contact for a moment, he wiped his nose on his sleeve, and met my eyes, once more.

"Thanks," he said, adding, "take care of our girl, will you?"

"Like she was my own," I simply replied.

"I know you will," he said, starting his car, waving goodbye, and driving off.

I stood there, her two bags in my hands, watching him drive down the lane, to the exit.

She had found the Bourbon and mixed us both a drink. She asked if we could have an after-dinner toke or two; well hell, you know the reply to that!

We finished our drinks, and I served us a Chicken and Sausage Gumbo that was to die for!

"Damn, I miss your Cajun cooking," she said, between bites and sips.

"Good to know," I said.

"Actually," she went on to say, "I miss you in a lot of ways, and I don't just mean in the sack," she quickly clarified.

"No," she continued, "I really like being able to just hang out with you, doing stupid shit, talking about 'deep' shit, you know?"

"Yeah, I do, I miss those days as well sometimes," was all I could say.

She insisted on doing the dishes, and while she did that, I opened the pull-out double bed from the couch.

"You got someone else coming over?", she wanted to know, eyeing what I was doing.

"Err, ah, no," I stammered, "I just thought………"

"No, Cajun," she laughed, "you really don't fucking think!"

"Unless you don't want me to," she went on, "I would rather sleep with you; not fuck you, not suck you, but sleep with you, OK? Can you fucking-handle that?", laughing at me.

"OK," I said, beginning the process of putting the bed back into the couch.

And sleep is what we did, the after dinner drinks and smoke putting the lid on the night for us. Admittedly, it was not a bad feeling at all, having her next to me, in my bed.

Day One

Teri had no problems regaining her 'sea legs' in the RV. She'd been there before and done that on trips in the past, the four of us.

The hardest part of the trip to Boise, that first day, was getting across Portland, in the morning rush hour. Good thing that city isn't any larger; it couldn't handle an L.A.-type gridlock.

Teri and I played the game of catch-up that morning, along with the game of 'Do you remember when?……"; lots of water has flowed beneath our respective bridges.

She bared her soul about her and Red; rocky times for a few years but things have worked themselves out, the road in their life, much smoother these days.

She confessed to being the instigator of their involvement with swinging, all those years ago, she 'pushing' for it during after-sex 'sweet talks' in their bed. He finally acquiesced after 'catching' her giving a blowjob to the husband of another couple that they had gone to Vegas with, one weekend.

She said the wife was downstairs, feeding the slots late one night, and Red was at the Blackjack tables, so she and the husband sort of starting walking around the Casino together. One thing led to another, and they went back to her and Red's room to 'watch TV'.

"The truth is," she said, "I'd been having the hots for him for quite a while, and you know how I get when I get the hots," she laughed.

"Yes, yes I do," laughing along with her.

"We began kissing and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling on the floor in front of him, his cock in my mouth when Red walked in on us," she continued, " and it was not a pretty scene, let me tell you."

They spent the rest of the weekend holed up in their suite, yelling, crying, talking; a gut-wrenching time, I'm sure.

"In the end," she quietly said as she finished her story, " I was totally honest with Red and told him of the thoughts I had been having about multi-partner sexual encounters, of my fantasies about sex with strangers, with women; I held nothing back."

"So that's when we approached you about having a threesome with us," she added, "do you remember that?"

"Like it was yesterday," I said.

"That was good, wasn't it?", she mused, staring at the scenery sliding by our coach as we moved down the highway.

"One of the best times I've ever had in bed," I answered truthfully.

"Yes, yes, it was," she said, and grew silent, eyes still staring out of her window.

We arrived in Boise, at the campsite, around one in the afternoon, checked in, and hooked up at the site. We had already decided that Teri would take my tow vehicle and drive to the University, get her business done with the Registrar's office, and drive back to get me for dinner.

All of that done, we returned to the coach around eight that evening, after stopping to pick up some wine. We locked the coach and proceeded to get a nice stone going, deciding that we'd save the wine for the next night.

She had changed into a long Tee-shirt to sleep in, as she had the night before, and we continued our 'stone' talk about life and it's mysteries. We always had these 'deep', philosophical, conversations when she and I got stoned.

She was right. I have missed that more than I thought.

Again, all we did was sleep, after getting into bed and snuggling against each other, my arm holding her to my chest, her arm thrown over my stomach.

It felt good.

Day Two

It was a quiet drive, the second day, as we headed east towards Utah and Wyoming. She hadn't been in western Wyoming in years, so I decided to take I-80 to Cheyenne before heading south towards Denver. We wouldn't make Cheyenne that night but we'd make the western mountains of The Cowboy State.

She read, we had a couple of tokes, we listened to XM, but we didn't talk a lot. It was as if we were trying to avoid admitting that we both saw the 800 pound 'gorilla' that was riding along with us in the coach.

It was that one moment when we finished dinner, and the wine, that evening; when we looked up from our glasses, into each other's eyes, that we both knew, that this night, we would be lovers, once more.

There was no pretense from either of us from that point forward. We both fell into the role of lovers, a role we were all so familiar with, one that we were comfortable with.

Our lovemaking was slow, deliberate, neither of us wanting to rush the moment. She was welcoming of my kisses, of my touches, as I reacquainted my senses with her body, her taste, and her smell. We said nothing, but spoke volumes, as our passion took over our bodies, our actions.

"I've missed that magic tongue of yours more than you can know," she said, stroking my hair as I lay between her legs, my head resting on her thigh.

Her climax had been mighty, her moans filling the coach, her pelvis grinding her pussy against my mouth. Finally, after several orgasms, she called 'uncle', pulling my head from her crotch, resting it on her thigh, her smile lighting up the darkened room.

Teri will be the first to tell you that she is a great! Cocksucker.

"Don't know why,", she once told me, "but I've always been good at sucking cock, ever since my first one, when I was fourteen."

I don't know why, either, but she is certainly one of the best I've ever had, and I've had some really, really, good ones!

Once more, as in the past, her oral talents brought me to a heart-pounding, body-shaking orgasm, and once more, she swallowed it all, licking her lips when she was done.

Our sleep was deep, our bodies, naked under the bedspread.

Day Three

"Any regrets about last night?," she asked, after bringing me a fresh-brewed cup of coffee as I drove us into the rising sun.

"No, not really," I said, but adding, "I am conflicted, though, about whether or not we should tell Red," I finished.

"He knows."

"He knows?" I answered her.

"He knows!" she repeated, adding, "What was the last thing Red said to you when he dropped me off?"

"That I was to 'take care of our girl," I replied.

"He knows," she said.

"Red knew that I would fuck you on this trip," she continued, "Red knows when I have an occasional romp in the hay back home, Red knows and Red is OK with it," she ended.

She went on to explain that when the medications began to affect his abilities to gain an erection, they found that he was of that small percentage of men who can't take Viagra, or the like, because of his heart medications.

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