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Road Trip


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction, loosely based on one of my own personal fantasies. I have, in fact, never been to a club and never met an "exotic dancer", so the depictions here may be completely off base (I'm sure someone will let me know). Any factual knowledge was derived from a couple documentary reports I have seen about stripping, or the book "Strip City" by Lily Burana, enhanced (again) by my own fantasies.


"Road trip!"

Oh my god, what does she have in mind now? Jenna promised me an "extra special" present for my twenty-first birthday, and it looks like she's been her usual creative self. Jenna has been my best friend since early in freshman year, and she's always been there when I needed support or just a good time. She's also my sometime lover, or "playmate of convenience", meaning that we are there for each other physically, too, when the need arises (on a small campus in the middle of nowhere, sex can be the easiest and best entertainment). We both have high sex drives, and both like girls - me exclusively, her just preferentially - so the arrangement works well for us. We're compatible enough that I think we could actually fall in love, but neither of us is ready for that right now, so we control our feelings while letting our libidos run wild - sort of an ironic twist on the advice our parents always gave us.

Actually, I would be perfectly happy if Jenna's birthday present consisted simply of some "extra personal" time with her. It's been a while for me, and at this moment, she is looking just yummy. Her new jeans fit perfectly, hugging her flawless little bottom, just begging for a pat, and the royal blue tank top seems to thrust her boobs right out into the room. Jenna's tits are larger and fuller than mine, and I've always envied her for them, while simultaneously finding them totally irresistible. Jenna's strawberry blonde hair seems to point to them as it falls below her shoulders, framing her pretty, touch-of-freckles face and beautiful, bright smile. Right now, that smile has a devilish aspect to it, which usually indicates some naughty Jenna-thoughts and always gets my blood pumping.

"So where are we headed?" I ask, "There's not much to do on a Tuesday night."

As I expected, I get a complete non-answer in return. "You'll just have to wait and see. It's a surprise! But trust me, you're going to like it."

I grumble good-naturedly, since I know I have no choice. Once Jenna has an agenda set, there's no turning her back. "So do I need to change?" I ask. I'm dressed similar to her - cutoffs and a sleeveless top. "No, babe," she replies, "you're perfect the way you are. They'll all be staring at that cute little rear end." I jump in surprise as she gently gooses me for emphasis.

We hop into her car and hit the road, heading west from campus toward "the big city". It's about a 45-minute drive on the interstate, but driving is fun in Jenna's new little convertible. I slip on a purple visor, which somehow looks cute in my thick, brown hair, and also avoids a tangled mess at the end of the ride. As we near the city, Jenna pulls off the highway, onto a road more industrial than commercial. Just as I'm wondering where we could possibly be headed, she pulls up to a rather seedy looking bar. It's odd because there are no apparent windows to the place. I realize why when I notice the neon words on the front of the building: "Dancers" - "Topless/Bottomless".

"Jenna!" I scream. "What are you doing?" What she's doing is grinning from ear to ear, clearly enjoying the little bombshell she's laid on me.

"Come on, babe, don't you remember when you said it would be fun to go to a strip club, to ogle all the girls and watch the guys get horny? I asked my brother, and he said this place would be cool with us."

Yes, I remembered. I did say it would be an adventure, but I was a little drunk at the time and never guessed I'd have to live up to my words. Now here I am, and not at all sure about the whole situation. That doesn't matter, though, because Jenna is set on going in, so we are going in.

My first impression of the place can be summed up in one word: Dark. While the sun is still bright outside, it could be midnight inside. I can barely see the guy at the door, though he certainly gives us the once over. He's checking our IDs, but I sense he is also sizing us up, figuring we're a couple of "lesbos". Oh, please, spare me. Still, we enter without incident and find a (hopefully inconspicuous) spot at one of the tables.

I look around to check out the scene. I am relieved to see that the place is pretty empty, not surprising for a Tuesday night. There are three guys together who look like college students and a couple older men by themselves. Surprisingly, in the far corner I also notice a single woman. From the extra glass on the table, she appears to be with someone, perhaps her husband or boyfriend, though if my gaydar was correct, I'd guess otherwise. She has a kind of a femme butch look to her - short, blonde hair with an athletic build but a soft feel to her features - an almost androgynous look that I personally find attractive in the right situation. Jenna and I dub her "jock girl" and begin making up fantasies about who she's with and why she's there.

For the first time I notice the "stage" - really just a platform with a low level bar around it. As I watch, I pick up the routine: A girl dances on stage, and the guys sit around it, staring up at her and placing tips on the "bar" as she takes off what little clothes she's wearing. "Dance" is a liberal use of the term, since the real emphasis seems to be on shaking her tits in the guys' faces and spreading her legs in front of them (I wonder to myself how they can do that so easily). After a couple songs, the dancer is completely nude, and she collects her tips and leaves the stage. On the way off, she invariably bends down to whisper to one of the guys. I find out that this was usually an invitation for a "private dance".

The first girl up is announced as "Azure", and I must say I am impressed. I expected the dancers to be pretty sleazy, like the place itself. I pictured biker girls, or dopers, or old, worn-out women with no other options in life, but I was wrong. This girl is beautiful, with luxurious, long brown hair and an absolutely pretty face, and while she's obviously several years older than me, she has a totally hot body. Moreover, far from a doper or burnt-out type, her eyes speak of intelligence and self-confidence. Surprisingly, if I had to choose one word to describe this woman, it would be "elegant".

I nurse my first legal drink and just take in Azure. She's wearing a wispy black caftan over lacy bra and panties. As Jenna and I watch, the caftan rather quickly comes down, seemingly vibrated off her body by the rhythmic motion of her hips and ass. By the end of the first song, she has pulled her bra up, then down, to display her breasts. And very nice breasts they were - not terribly large, somewhere between by little mouthfuls and Jenna's minijugs, but perfectly shaped, with dark, supple nipples that stand out, begging to be sucked. I look over at Jenna, and she flashes an "isn't this great?" smile at me. I have to admit, this is fun.

The second song starts, like the first one a raucous, pseudo-sexy number, and Azure continues her strip. In no time, she is bare on top, holding her pretty boobs and wiggling them in the face of the one guy sitting by the stage. He hardly seems to notice. I wonder why he's even there.

Jenna suggests we get up and move to the stage, whereupon Azure immediately turns her attention to us. I hear snickers from behind us and understand at once. The dancers aren't stupid - they know that girls make a good show. Azure pushes her tits right in our faces, making us both blush and giggle. She places one leg up on the rail, so that I'm suddenly looking right at the crotch of her panties. My god, she is sexy. I can feel the heat rising in me. She gives Jenna the same treatment, which gives me a perfect view of her perfect butt. Jenna is her typical bold self, staring right between her legs, then looking up and winking at her. I have to laugh, but I my eyes stay riveted on her pretty rear end.

By the end of the song, Azure has removed the rest of her clothes. She stands before us completely, wonderfully nude. Jenna and I plop down a couple dollars in tips, thinking her act is over, but then another song starts, and Azure continues to show us her body. Another man comes down to the stage, and though she manages to get to everyone, she continues to focus on us. She waves her butt in my face, just inches away. It's a lovely butt, smooth and round, and I find it excruciatingly hard not to touch her, but it's been made very clear that it's not allowed. She moves to Jenna, who's clearly having a great time, then to the guys before coming back to me. Now she gets more overt, spreading her shapely legs in front of me and humping up and down. She's completely shaven between her legs, and I can actually see between her delicate lips, into her pussy. I'm amazed at the audacity, but nonetheless very stimulated. I can easily imagine that we are together and I'm about to taste her.

When the song ends, she comes around to get her tips. As she picks up my dollar, she leans down to thank me, adding that she really likes dancing for the ladies. Her smile is warm and inviting, and I feel my insides starting to melt. I wonder if she can tell.

Next up is "Jazz", a statuesque black girl. Her hair is thoroughly braided, giving her a regal look, the proverbial Nubian queen, except for the four-inch platforms on her feet. I've always been very attracted to black women, so she has my attention right from the start. Jazz's routine is similar to Azure's, but more overt. Once she's naked, it's all about showing body parts. She doesn't just spread her legs, she reaches down to open her lips for our view. She's also clearly proud of her booty, which she sticks in our faces repeatedly, even pulling her cheeks apart to make sure we see everything she has. Jenna seems to think it's hilarious, but while I laugh with her, I'm also moving quickly up the arousal scale.

When Jazz finishes, she talks one of the older guys into a private dance, which, I discover, is done in a small room with a curtain across the door. Jenna and I are dying to know what goes on in there, but we can't see anything.

Jazz is followed by a really cute little blonde named "Melody". She's petite, about my size, in perfect proportions. Maybe it's the liquor, or the cumulative stimulation of the previous dancers, but Melody is suddenly the girl of my dreams. Everything about her looks soft and feminine, all peaches and cream. Throughout her three songs, I'm obsessed with how much I want her, how her body must feel, how much I would like to make her cum. She must see it in my eyes, because she seems to zero in on me, which only exacerbates my frustrated arousal. At one point her pussy is so close, it takes all my willpower to keep from reaching out and licking her.

True to form, as her sets ends, Melody asks if I'd like to "come play in the room" with her. I politely decline, though in truth, it's the most tempting invitation I've ever received. She walks off, either disappointed or pissed. I can't tell. Jenna gets up to hit the restroom, and I'm left with my regrets for not being bold.

I'm sipping my drink, wishing I had more courage, when once again Melody is at my side. "Looks like you get a private dance, after all," she says. Seeing the perplexed look on my face, she explains, "Your friend is paying. You get two."

I look around and find Jenna, who is looking like the cat who ate the canary. I give her an impish smile and let Melody lead me off, a little shaky, to the private room.

The room is tiny, probably was a closet in a previous life, with a single chair, which is obviously for me. I sit and Melody explains that there's still officially no touching, but she conspiratorily adds that no one can really see in here. Her implication is clear when she tells me that she likes girls, and she thinks I'm cute. I can feel myself getting wet at the unstated possibilities.

The music comes in from outside as the next set begins, and Melody gets to work. She's put her thong back on, but otherwise she's already nude, so this will obviously be about displaying her body for me. I soon find that the rules and style are different in here, and Melody is very good at working them. She makes lots of contact, rubbing her legs against my bare thighs, her bottom against my upper arm. Jesus, I was horny when I came in, and I'm going nuts. Her thong comes off and her bare bottom is right in my face. She spreads herself, showing me the pinkish tan circle of the anus, and I groan with frustration. Then she lowers herself, rubbing her bare ass on my upper thighs until my resistance breaks and I run my hands up her sides. She slaps them away, but turns to smile, showing me she really did like it. She pushes her breasts in my face, coming closer and closer, until finally, briefly, her nipples brush against my open mouth. I give a little cry as they slip away, and she turns again to show me her ass. I reach out to caress it, and she lets my hand linger oh so briefly, then drops down again, this time catching my hand between my leg and her crotch. I get a quick feel of her fleshy lips on my fingers and then she rises again, turning to open her legs and show me her pussy.

Her cunt looks delicious, and my excitement is becoming more intense each second I stare into it. My god, I want to eat her, but I know it's not possible, not allowed. She's teasing me unmercifully. That's what these places are about, what she's about, and she's damned good at it.

I close my eyes for a second, trying to ward off the arousal and frustration. Suddenly I feel a hand on the back of my head. My eyes open and I look up at her, confused. She looks around quickly to make sure no one is looking, then gently draws me forward. "Go ahead, sweetie. I can tell you want it bad."

It's crazy, stupid, but by now she's pushed me over the edge, beyond control. I utter a low moan and mash my mouth into her. She's dripping wet, creamy-delicious. I take one luxurious lick and then jam my tongue all the way inside her. I hear her gasp, and just like that, she pulls me away, leaving me to lunge forward like some street urchin begging for food.

"Sorry, honey, but I'm afraid someone will see."

I'm dying now. I've tasted her, gotten what she offered, but so little, so short! Jesus, she's cruel. She goes back to her previous routine, grinding just out of reach, then turning around to spread herself and give me another glimpse of her asshole. My hands reach down between my legs and rub, beyond shame now, just seeking satisfaction.

The second song ends and I sit there, dazed. Melody stoops down so we are eye to eye. "Sorry about that, hon. I wanted it, too, but we just can't here". Her eyes dart from side to side, as if she's trying to solve a problem in her head. She leans forward and I feel her warm breath in my ear as she whispers, "Meet me in the restroom after I change - over there". Still dazed with lust, I can only nod my head. Melody smiles and runs her finger suggestively around my lips, then turns toward the dressing room.

I wander back to the table where Jenna is waiting to see my reaction. "How was it?" she asks, a lecherous grin aglow on her face.

That seems a silly question. I know my breathing is abnormal and the heat in my face tells me I'm flushed with passion. "Good," I say succinctly, "Really, really good."

That gets a big smile from Jenna - obviously what she was hoping for. The smile turns to amused shock when I tell her about the bathroom invitation. "You're kidding! Realllllly???" I assure her the invitation was real, though I'm embarrassed to tell her how much I want to accept it. Silly me - she's way ahead of me. "You are going in there, aren't you? That girl is hot!" Jenna has always been the adventurous one.

Egged on by her approval, I smile sheepishly and admit that I want to.

"Well go, birthday-girl", she laughs, "and I want a full report later - details, details!!!"

I get up and slowly walk to the "Ladies" door, feeling not at all lady-like. What I'm feeling is horny and slutty and incredibly self-conscious, irrational doubts running through my head, absolutely sure that the whole place is watching me, that they all know I'm going in there to dyke it up with one of the dancers. As I near the door, I pick up my pace, nearly running the last couple steps to slip inside.

I sigh in relief as the door shuts behind me. The restroom is nicer than I expected - clean and bright, almost comforting after the sleaze outside. It has three sinks and four stalls, which seems oversized for this place, but I guess it's kind of a sanctuary for the girls.

I'm alone (for now) and wonder what to do. I freshen up, wash my hands and face, all I need since I'm not wearing make-up. A perverse thought crosses my mind that my face will soon be washed in a different fluid, sending a pleasant little shiver up my spine. I'm the only person in the room, but I feel oddly conspicuous, like I need a place to hide, so I duck into the last stall to wait.

The moments linger painfully and I wonder if I've been played for a fool, when I hear the door creak open. I freeze, dead silent, until I hear Melody's voice. "Hey, sugar? In here?" She seems to have a thing for these sweet names, and since right now I'm not feeling too "sweet", I don't mind that at all.

I crack open the stall door and reply softly, "Here I am." I can feel the blush fill my cheeks and ears.

An amused smirk crosses her face. "Oh, you know the place", she says, making me wonder if this is a regular occurrence, taking a horny slut into the restroom for some extra fun. I blush even deeper at the thought.

Melody slips into the stall with me and latches the door. She's wearing her dance costume, which turns me on again, partly for the way it displays her body, but mostly because it reminds me of our previous encounter. I sit, while she leans back against the door and slips off her thong, leaving no doubt as to why we're there. Once again her crotch is right in front of my face, and while I try not to stare, it's absolutely captivating.

Her finger runs gently under my chin, raising my eyes to hers. "You want some of this, don't you, sweetie?" It seems like a taunt, but it's sweet, too. She's used to being in control like this, using her charms to get what she wants. I can only nod agreement, entranced by her body and the situation. "Well, you can have it, but you gotta be quick. I have to dance again soon."

Once again I feel her hand on my head, urging me toward her cunt, but I chicken out and detour slightly, kissing her belly instead. I run my tongue into her navel in a sort of mock foreplay. It's an attempt to make it feel better, less tawdry, providing for me a facade of lovemaking, though I know inside that this is just me servicing her, raw sex, down and dirty cuntlicking for a girl I don't even know.

She humors me for a few seconds, but then her hands are pushing down, down to business, down to that wet place where she wants to feel my mouth. My lips slide over her shaved pubis, over the ultra small tuft of blonde hair that she's left in place, until I'm right there. I inhale deeply, absorbing the sweet aroma of sex, the odor of girl, the intense smell of hot, wet pussy. She leans farther back and raises one leg, resting her foot on the toilet tank behind me, so I can see the glistening moisture there between her lips. I cup her butt in my hands and bend forward to eat at her luscious trough. The act draws a simultaneous moan from both of us, though mine is muffled in the steamy folds of her cunt.

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