tagLesbian SexRoad Trip!

Road Trip!


And so, it begins...

"A road trip?"

"A road trip!"

The questioner was Marni, my neighbor and friend of a few years who lived directly above me, her loft a mirror image of mine, floor-plan wise.

The answerer was moi, Julie or 'Jules', a twenty-eight year-old, second-year attorney in one of the prestigious law firms of Portland.

It was the beginning of a long-overdue vacation for me and I really didn't want to do it alone. 'It' was a road trip I had been planning and looking forward to for several months, a reward for the ungodly hours of the past few months at the firm.

Marni was an Art Instructor at a local fine-arts school. She was on the last few weeks of a sabbatical she had taken from her duties to work on a privately-funded project for one of the older, 'old-money' couples of Portland's Social Set.

"To where?" Marni questioned, holding her glass for me to top off with the Merlot we had been drinking.

"Don't know yet," My reply obviously not what she was expecting judging by her scrunched-up, confused look, "the plan is simply no-plan, other than to tape a map of the country to a wall and to throw a dart at it."

"That's rather chancy, don't you think? What if your dart lands on Akron or Topeka, for God's sake?"

"Then I would call a fault and issue myself a re-throw," I replied with a smirk.

"Aaah, got it. Sooo, basically, you're going to pepper your wall with dart holes until you hit something you like," Marni correctly surmised.

"How long? She asked further.

"Three weeks, give or take...you in?"

"Only if I can have a throw if I don't like yours," She replied with a smirky smile.

"Done! Now, open up another bottle, fill us up while I tape up the map."

Marni smilingly stood from her seat on my couch, stretching as she did so which pulled her tee shirt tight across her smallish, but firm, breasts.

I noticed. Oh yes, I noticed.

I had not had a relationship, sexual or otherwise, for several months, not since I kicked my ex-fiance out of my apartment and, my life.

He said I was "over-reacting."

I said he should've thought of that possibility when he decided to fuck his secretary in my bed, in my apartment.

Over-reacting? Fucker's lucky I don't share my father's love of firearms.

I threw myself into my career, drawing notice from the senior partners with the billable hours and sucessful lawsuits I had rendered. I was rewarded with a very nice year-end bonus that allowed me to treat myself to a new ride, a BMW 700 Series, with all the bells and whistles.

I didn't miss the sex, at first. But as the weeks, then months rolled by, I began noticing that I was noticing things I hadn't before. I found myself sneaking peeks, as it were, at crotches, men's crotches. Then, I found myself admiring women, noticing their curves, their cleavages, and their asses. I became obsessed with other women's asses.

Strange, to say the least, because before this sexless period of my life, I had never, ever entertained the thought of a romp in the Land of Lesbos. I mean, seriously? I was all about guys and cocks.

No matter, I did nothing beyond masturbation for relief during my self-imposed period of doing without.

Marni was thirty-two, divorced, five-five'ish to my five-ten'ish, one-fifteen or so to my one-thirty'ish. We were both runners and had shared many a mile of huffing and puffing along Portland's jogger-friendly trails.

No boyfriends, or girlfriends, that she spoke of. In fact, for all I knew, she was asexual. Didn't really know her preference, sexually, but I have to admit that she was a star in quite a few of my porno-mind movies when I satisfied myself.

Did it bother me that I entertained Sapphic thoughts when getting myself off? Nope, for me, masturbation is all about the destination, and not so much about how you get there.

Did I ask her on this road trip in hopes of getting into her pants? Highly unlikely since I'd never had sex with another woman but, I don't know.

I do know that I had a 'fleeting thought' of the possibility of sex with her when the idea first popped up in my head. But, I rationialized, by that time in my period of abstinence, I was entertaining mind-fantasies of sexual interludes with almost anyone.

But, in the end, I adopted a "Ke Sera" attitude; I enjoyed Marni's company first and foremost, and if something happened between us? It wouldn't be the worse thing in the world...

"Gulf Shores, Alabama?" Marni announced when she peered at her dart-throw's results.

"Better than Minot, North Dakota (my first)," I chirped in.

"Or, Milford, Nebraska (my second)," Marni opined.

"Okay...Gulf Shores it is," I declared, "On the Gulf, has beaches, near Florida and New Orleans, not a bad choice at all."

"When do we leave Sherlock?" Marni asked, "I have to make a few calls to reschedule some shit."

"Day after tomorrow? Give you enough time?" I replied.

"Can I bring a few 'doobies'?"

Marnie liked her weed.

"As long as you don't get us busted," I acquiesed.

"I'll be good," Marnie promised with a snarky grin.

"Well," she amended, "a 'little' good, anyway."

"Works for me, sweetie, works for me," I answered with an equally snarky smile...

Day 1...

"Okay, before you press that button, let's make sure we're on the same page," Marni said as she held my hand from starting the car, "total Va-Cay...whatever happens, including if nothing happens, stays between us, pinky swear," Marni said further, holding her pinky up to me.

"Pinky swear," I promised while hooking her pinky with my own. Pressing the start button of the new ride, off we went, the final destination being the Gulf Coast of the good ol' U.S.A...

I love driving. Always have.

Being raised on a cattle ranch in Wyoming, you learn to drive early in life. Nothing is close. Everything is far.

And that's on your own property!

Move the cattle to new grazing land? A two-day job with one overnight in the process.

The Beemer performed as the ads promised. Held the road, comfortably, at that. All functions a mere finger-flick away.

And fast!

Did I mention that I like fast?

"Slow it down, Jules," Marni cautioned as our speed approached a hundred, "We might be in the middle of Bumfuck, Utah, but if we get stopped for speeding, we run the risk of a search and finding my stash."

"Fuck that! I'm an attorney! Probable cause, sweet-cheeks, probable cause," I averred while lifting my foot from the accelerator at the same time.

"Trooper's got a dog with him? That dog'll give him 'Proable Cause'," Marni correctly opined.

"Hmm....You're right. I'll set the cruise at three over," and then, did just that, "We'll be in Salt Lake City in a hour or so anyway and we need to find us a bed," I said further.

"And a beer?" Marni asked with everlasting hope on her face.

"And, many beers," I agreed.

I valet-parked the ride at the downtown Hyatt, both of us pulling only our overnight bags behind us, IPads in the shoulder totes.

"Nice view," Marni commented when she opened the curtains of the balcony doors, the view that of the nearby Wasatch mountains.

"Yeah, we'll be in 'em tomorrow on the way to Denver," I replied.

"Room service okay with you, Jules? I'm beat and I didn't even drive today...you must be fucking exhausted," Marni asked.

"Nah, not so much, just a little crimped up from sitting so damned long...but, room service sounds just about right to me," I said, "Order us up something, don't forget some beers, I'm jumping into the shower and get the road shakes off of me," I directed.

"What..." Marni started to ask.

"I don't fucking care, Marni, order me something, anything, I'll eat it," I said over my shoulder as I entered the large bath/shower area of the suite.

Yes, Suite. Both Marni and I have a 'taste' for good things. We can afford it, so we indulge ourselves.

Not a bad thing.

"Ooooh, anything? I like the sound of that," She answered, the sound of her voice not betraying whether she was teasing or serious.

Interesting comment, I remember thinking as I stood under the almost-steaming water of the large walk-in shower.

"They'll have the food and drink up here in exactly a half-hour," I heard Marni say, followed by the sound of the heavy glass shower-door opening, " Move over,I want to clean up before we eat also, so.....you do me and I'll do you."

"Ummm, okay but be forewarned...I haven't had anyone else touch me in any way other than a handshake in months so I'm not responsible for my reactions," chuckling after I said it.

Marni snickered along with me and began soaping up the soft washcloth, turning me around in the shower to begin washing my back and such.

I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning the contentment I felt as her hand glided across my back, down my spine and over my ass. My eyes popped open when I felt the washcloth slide between my thighs, close to, but not touching my promise land.

And yes, I would've let her touch that and anything else she wanted in that moment. Her hands glided down my legs and when she reached my ankles, she stood and turned me around, handing me the washcloth.

"Now, me," She said, turning her back to me.

I did her backside as she had done mine, the feel of her muscled back and butt sending little jolts of electricty to Ms. Kitty.

"How long has it been for you, sugar?" Marni casually asked as I stooped to wash the insides of her thighs, coming close to but not touching her promise land.

"Not since I threw out the asshole," I replied, the asshole being, of course, my ex-fiance.

"Hmmph," was her only comment.

We each did our own fronts, finishing and in the hotel-provided bath robes with three minutes to spare when room service knocked on the door.

"Damn, good choice, Marni-girl," I said as I finished the last bite of the biggest Club Sandwich I'd ever had.

We were sitting on our patio, the full moon having risen over the mountains, the spring night air feeling clean and wonderful.

"Last of the beers, babe," Marni said as she handed me a Corona from the iced bucket of beers that she had ordered, "Enjoy."

We did just that, quietly enjoying the gorgeous moon-lit scene off in the distance, both of us in quiet reflection. Hearing the flick of a lighter, I turned towards Marni just as she lit one of the small doobies that she had pre-rolled for the trip.

"Want some?" She asked as the pungent smoke surrounded her head.

"Yeah, sure, why not?"

I rarely smoked ganja but was not opposed to sampling every once in a while. Light-weight that I was with the shit, two small tokes had me in la-la land in a heartbeat.

"Oooh Marni, the food, the beers, the drive and now, the weed, I believe I'm ready to crawl between the sheets," I said to her with my head swimming.

"Not a bad idea, babe, you're due for some rest...still crimped up from the drive?"

"A bit, but nothing that a good bed and night's sleep can't handle," I replied, standing a bit unsteadily as I did so.

Grabbing onto my arm so that I wouldn't fall, Marni led me back into the suite and to the King-bed. Removing first my robe, then hers, we were both in over-sized sleep-tees. She helped me into bed, telling me to lay on my stomach.

"Just lie there, babe and let me massage those shoulder and back muscles for you, get the crimps out," Marni said as she sat on the edge of 'my side' of our bed for the night.

Damn, I thought, for a small woman her hands are incredibly strong, her expert hands kneading my sore muscles into instant relaxation. Slowly, but surely, she worked her fingertips across my shoulders and down my back, her thumbs pushing towards each other when she reached my hips and her fingers gripping and working my hips at the same time.

Feeling a shift of weight on the bed, I felt her boobs press into my back just about the same time I felt her breath on my ear, followed by her voice, soft and relaxing, almost hypnotic.

"Just relax, babe, don't do anything, just relax," She breathed into my ear, the warmth of her breath sending shivers to my spine.

My eyes had been closed while she had worked my sore muscles expertly, but when I felt her fingers slide under my briefs, they popped open and before I could react or say anything, her hand slid over the curvature of my ass, and cupped my snatch, her fingers sliding softly between my pussy-lips which produced an instant flood of arousal.


"Shhh....shhhhh, babe, just go with it, let it happen for you," Her hypnotic voice whispered, followed by a small 'nip' to my earlobe.

I'd be lying if I said that what she was doing to me felt anything but fantastic. A very small part of me wanted to stop her but that feeling lasted only a nano-second. The larger part of me wanted her never to stop what she was doing.

"Mmmmmmph....ooooh, damn, damn," I heard myself cooing into the pillow that I was biting, the impending climax just below the surface of my very being.

"Let it happen, Jules, just let it happen, baby," Marni whispered again, following her words with small butterfly kisses to the nape of my neck, her expert hand squeezing and kneading my ever-so-horny pussy, a finger rolling my hardened clitoris in small, slow circles, her hand surely drenched with my juices I was sure.

"Oooh, mmmmmph, oooooh fuck," I moaned into the pillow, my sighs of contentment seemingly causing Marni to squeeze tighter, to finger me faster, all the while nipping at my skin with her lips and teeth.

It happened. Oh God, did it ever!

The orgasm burst from within me, producing a quaking of my body that I couldn't ever remember feeling before in my life. It exploded, settled and just as she was uncupping my pussy with her hand, exploded again, smaller but oh-so-satisfyingly so.

I lay there, my face a little damp with sex-sweat, my breathing coming in hard, shallow gasps. Hearing what sounded like small sucking sounds, I turned to look at her and saw her sucking my juices from her fingers, licking them from her hand, her eyes closed and a smile on her face.

Quietly, she stood from sitting next to me on the bed after kissing me one more time on the side of my face as my breathing struggled to come back to normal. I heard her padding to the bathroom, heard the water running in the washbasin and felt her weight as she crawled into bed, on her side.

She pulled me to nestle against her, my head in the crook of her shoulder, her arm around my back and her fingers tracing lines on my back.

" 'Night, babe," She whispered, followed by a peck of her lips to the top of my head, "Sleep tight."

I lay there, snuggled close against her, my eyes wide open, my insides a jumble of emotions and feelings, my mind doing 'flip-cards' of moments in my life that I hadn't thought about in years.

That girl in high school? The one who always seemed to wind up next to me in the showers after gym class? The one who seemed to sneak glances at me as we showered?

Was 'this' what 'that' was all about?

My first-year roomie at college? Betty what's-her-face? Always walking around in front of me half-clothed or full-butt naked? Was 'that' really something else going on that I was just too obtuse to see?

I was trying to sort things out as to what had just occurred. Did I really just let another woman touch me, let another woman get me off? I did know this; I was feeling confused, but yet, aroused.

Finally, I let it go and closed my eyes, accepting what had just happened with no thought of anything but how great it was to get off by someone else's hand other than my own.

What else would happen on our road trip?

Would anything else happen on our road trip?

I didn't know but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that, in that moment? I was open to whatever...

to be continued...

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