Road Trip: Beach Blanket Anal


At some point, while I was lewdly sucking the cum out of Jill's tasty ass, Bill crawled between my own spread legs and began to lick the precum off my semi-hard cockhead. Despite what I had conveyed to Jill, my cock had begun to stiffen. I guess I thought her ass was really was all that.

Eventually, Bill maneuvered his body around, so that his one-eyed monster, which had just fucked in the ass, was only inches away from my mouth. Unhesitatingly, I wet my lips, opened my mouth, and leaned forward. As if on cue, Jill sat up.

As Jill watched me gobble up her man's cock, her left hand began working her clit and her right hand began kneading both of her full breasts. Occasionally, she would squeeze her swollen teats.

I shivered from the excitement when I saw milk squirt out. Amazingly, Jill dabbed it with her finger, then put her finger in her mouth, and began sucking it like a cock.

To his credit, Bill never released the hold his mouth had on my cock as I began to spurt, without warning. I know I filled his mouth with my semen.

After I came, Bill quickly turned my limp body over, spread my hairless cheeks, and began to tongue my asshole. I was at his mercy now.

It was obvious where this was going and I had no qualms about it. I just sighed loudly as his cock eased into me, for the second time today.

Once Bill had managed to penetrate me completely, we both groaned in pleasure and then remained still for a few moments. Jill took advantage of the opportunity, and squatted down next to Bill.

I heard them smooching and then heard Jill whisper, "Fuck both our asses with that big cock."

The next thing I knew, Jill was lying on her side, right next to me. Her pretty face was just inches away from mine. I could only hope my breathe was as sweet as hers.

With Jill staring right into my eyes, her hubby began slowly moving his cock in and out of me. I tried to keep my eyes open, but I was soon overwhelmed by pleasure, as Bill and I got into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

At some point, I felt Bill lean over toward Jill. Moments later, her eyes opened wide and her body began to move.

Hubby's fingers had penetrated Jill's ass. He was fucking us both now.

After a few minutes, hubby mounted Jill and the fingers from his other hand went into my abused rectum. We went back and forth like this for a while, until he wrapped his arms around Jill's big belly, and began lifting her up and down.

Jill grabbed my hand, when her hubby started grunting. She was taking her fourth load up that ass.

Regardless, when hubby pulled out of Jill, I mounted her and began rubbing my limp cock up and down her slick ass crack. It did not take long for my semi-hard cock to harden.

I fucked Jill's squishy anal hole rapidly and, again, came quickly. I then collapsed by her. I was exhausted, but for some reason my cock wasn't. It remained hard and in her ass.

A few minutes, later, hubby was hard, again. He gently rolled Jill and me over, so that she was kneeling over me and then turned her around.

Jill and I were almost back, to where we started. I was, again, looking at my cock in her ass.

As hubby slowly pressed his cock all the way into Jill's pussy, I could feel his every move. I had no idea that the membrane separating our cocks was so thin.

Jill immediately began grunting and groaning, when hubby started fucking her. I was pinned to the beach blanket, so I just held onto her hips lightly, as my cock bobbed up and down in her rectum. Hubby was doing all the work.

Suddenly, hubby pulled out of Jill's pussy and with a great deal of effort, forced his cock, alongside mine, up her ass. Jill really squealed this time.

I felt Jill trying to move her hips underneath me, but she couldn't. All she could do was layback on me as hubby loosened her bowels.

About a minute or so later and with my own cock still in Jill's stuffed ass, hubby groaned, and began emptying his balls. I felt his warm sperm flood Jill's ass and bathe my cock.

As soon as hubby pulled his spent cock out of Jill's ass, my own cock slipped out, along with a huge glob of cum. As it oozed down my scrotum, I heard a small murmur behind us. I turned to see a small group of men and a couple of women watching us.

Hubby pulled the weakened Jill up and kissed her passionately. Then they took turns licking dry sperm from each other's face.

"Are you okay, Baby," Jill said turning to me. "You...both made me very happy. I came at least six times... Thanks for helping out..."

"No problem. My pleasure. Couples always turn me on...especially, you two."

"Why don't come visit us Friday. It's my birthday and we're going to have a party... You might like that... Look for the blue RV on the couple's side. You can't miss it."

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