tagErotic CouplingsRoad Trip Rogue Ch. 02

Road Trip Rogue Ch. 02


Ch. 2: Backseat Hanky-Panky

I slid my hands under Sharon's dress and pressed against the skin of her legs. Similar to before, I moved my palms over her thighs. This time she did not stop me. The closer I approached Sharon's pussy, the faster she breathed. When my fingertips arrived near her exposed vagina, Sharon spread her knees slightly apart. But instead of going directly for Sharon's pussy, I slowly dragged my fingertips up across her hips and belly. She groaned with a mixture of relief and disappointment. But I could tell she liked that.

Sharon straightened in my lap, relaxed back into me, and then spread her thighs apart. My heart began to pound so hard that I could hear it. Using just the fingertips of my right hand I explored Sharon's soft inner thigh, circling closer and closer to her groin. Now instead of trying to stop me she was fidgeting her hips to help. I came across the thrilling feel of her pubic hair so I knew I was close to her outer lips. But I controlled the impulse to dive my fingers into her vagina because I now understood that Sharon liked things slow and sensual.

I could barely feel the rise of Sharon's outer pussy lip. I made sure to take plenty of time exploring her skin. By that time I really had her squirming. She could tell that eventually I would place my fingers exactly where she wanted me to. She just didn't know when.

Finally I tracked my fingertip over the middle of her pussy lips and over their full length. This was still torture for her because I did not apply enough pressure to slide in and get to the pleasures beneath.

"Oh, fuck," she quietly drawled.

I moved my fingertip slowly, repeatedly up and down the center of those lips. Gradually and imperceptibly I increased the pressure. Finally my fingertip fell between her pussy lips into a well of moisture.

Sharon inhaled sharply and her pelvis just about vibrated in my hand. I took my time even though I really wanted to hurry. Sharon kept fidgeting in my lap pushing her pelvis up toward my hand so I was able to easily find her clitoris. She breathed out and all her fidgeting stopped.

Playing with Sharon's clitoris became easygoing fun, my fingers pressing in a rhythm with her pelvic movements. I really wanted to get my dick in on this action but decided there was no way that was going to happen. I had to agree with her implied strategy to get close but not quite. Aside from cheating on our mates who were just inches away from us, we had no form of birth control.

I decided I would be happy and even privileged to bring Sharon as close to an orgasm as possible with just my fingers. And we could quit for the night. Bad yes, but we would always be relieved and proud of the fact that we hadn't actually had sex. We would always wonder how far we would've gone if we had birth control.

The time had come for me to locate Sharon's G-spot. I knew better than to make a drastic switch from clitoris to G-spot. First, I warmed her up a little more by using the fingers of my left hand to stretch apart her pussy lips and give my right fingers better access to her clitoris.

Oh, yeah—she liked that too, her body twitched with the increased stimulation. She kept trying to caress me but the spaces were too tight. I concentrated on pleasuring her and finally slipped my middle finger into her vagina. Sharon exhaled a long deep breath.

But the G-spot wasn't that easy to find. Sharon's pussy seemed different from Ellen's so I alternated between caressing her clitoris and looking for the G-spot. I inserted two fingers and decided I must be close. Sharon gasped and took over strumming her own clitoris, leaving me to concentrate full-time on her G-spot.

I used two fingers and tried to match Sharon's pace. She scooted around on my lap in time with the movements of our fingers. After a while I indulged myself and began to prod my dick against that soft ass of hers. Sharon made a couple of weak attempts to reach back for my member, but I didn't make it easy for her because I was already having plenty of fun. Besides I had resigned myself to this being the limit of our erotic misbehavior.

Sharon abruptly shook her head in an attempt to gain control of herself, and ceased all movement. She leaned back to place her lips against my ear, and seemed almost angry as she whispered, "Goddamnit Dave this has to stop!"

Of course I knew she was right. Our marriage partners were right there in the front seat. But I was more aware of her bare skin against my lap and her lips gently touching my ear as she breathed fast and hard. I complained by groaning and pulling her against me.

"Well okay, but just a couple of minutes more."

Sharon seemed to think about our situation and then she surprised me. Without warning she lifted her ass up, reached between her legs, and pulled my naked dick forward. She moved with purpose and I realized she had something specific in mind. She leaned her shoulders back into my chest and raised her butt up so that the shaft of my cock ran along her pussy lips.

I touched Sharon where I could but she was in total control. I could feel the warmth and moisture of her luscious vagina on the shaft of my cock. She slowed her upward movement and obviously relished the feel of my dick's head passing over her clitoris as her body quivered.

Sharon took special care to situate my cock head in exactly the right spot. Her manner was so sensual I didn't mind how frustrating it was. She took a deep breath, and ever so slowly she raised her hips so that the head of my dick slowly passed below her pubic bone and seated firmly at the entrance of her soaking wet vagina, causing both of us to practically pant.

All my instincts and past experience told me to immediately jam my throbbing member up into Sharon as hard as I could. Every muscle in my body was flexed and focused on that hot wet point of contact. But my recent realization that Sharon preferred gentle lovemaking caused me to hold back. This was her show.

And just as I thought, Sharon was painfully patient and delicate. She didn't move even a fraction of an inch until her breathing and mine had calmed. Then with just fingertip control on my cock she gently moved her hips around in order to massage her sensitive opening. At no time did she exert pressure. The touching was so light it was almost a tickle. It may have been the most erotic experience of my life. I was on the verge of coming and she was just getting started.

Sharon seemed to get a lot out of this grinding-the-corn. I would've gotten a lot out of it, too, if I hadn't been gritting my teeth trying to hold back on having an embarrassingly quick orgasm. She got even sexier by moving her hips around more, the whole time controlling the position of my dick to be right at the entrance of her hot, pulsing vagina. It was too much for me and I gripped her hips hard.

Sharon understood and expertly pulled the head of my dick away from her tempting vagina. She delicately handled me until my breathing calmed down. Then she placed me back on target. Our heads lolled back as we again triggered that intense sensation between our legs. After a few deep breaths Sharon gradually started moving her hips again so the head of my dick was thoroughly exploring the moist surface without going under.

Son of a bitch, Sharon was sexy! That pelvis of hers was rotating all over the place and the head of my cock was the center of her universe.

Without consulting me Sharon straightened up then relaxed just enough for the head to separate those hot, soaking-wet pussy lips. My hands flew to Sharon's ass not only to help support her weight but also to gain some control. She slowly rotated her hips so the head of my cock explored just inside her pussy's entrance. It occurred to me this technique must be part of the Rhythm Method and Sharon was an expert at it. We would languish at the entrance to her pussy where things were relatively harmless.

Sharon eventually placed a little more weight in my hands but this confused me and I stopped her descent. I was trembling with desire to get in there, but I felt sure that was not what she was doing.

Finally Sharon used her finger to trace a design on my thigh. At first I didn't know what she meant so she repeated the movement and I realized it was a G. I got it. She wanted me to go just a little bit deeper to stimulate her G-spot. That would be my pleasure; my dick was designed to sink deeper into hot, enthusiastic pussy.

We were both careful, which made it very exciting. All I had to do was rotate my pelvis up a little bit. The distance traveled was less than an inch but it was wonderful. I could actually feel the bottom ridge of my crown pass over her G-spot. She squeezed my leg to let me know that was far enough as we both tensed and shivered in pleasure. It felt like fireworks were going off in my brain and in my cock. I knew it would be damn difficult when I had to pull out without completion.

I had less than an inch to work with, but it was enough to go in and out somewhat. And the whole time Sharon exercised those sexy hips around and around.

"Watch out for that truck!" Ellen screamed, causing Robert to slam on the brakes, bringing the car to a screeching, jerking halt.

Of course Sharon and I were not wearing seat belts so when we lurched forward my dick sank halfway into her grasping pussy and by the time we fell back into our seat I was almost all the way in. We both yelled in surprise, which Robert and Ellen thankfully misinterpreted.

"Sorry, everybody," Robert said over the music, "nothing to worry about." Ellen glanced back briefly to make sure everyone was okay and then cleaned the windshield as Robert accelerated up the highway. Paula and Ozzie appeared to have slept through it.

Sharon and I were frozen in position breathing heavily as we gathered our wits. It didn't take me long to realize how great it felt for my dick to be buried in Sharon's hot, twitching pussy. However I didn't know how Sharon would react to our new situation. I figured it couldn't get much worse, so I pushed just slightly further into Sharon. She did not respond and stayed frozen. I gently bumped her again.

Sharon sighed and slightly shrugged as if to say, Oh, fuck it and gradually ground her butt down onto me, completing the last inch of our union. I pressed back against her and we strained to get as much penetration as we could.

Sharon moved up and down slowly at first to get used to me. But it didn't take long before she was gripping and rocking with feeling. I had never been able to slide that easily into my wife's pussy. Sharon was a little bigger, which meant I could really force myself deep without having to worry about her being uncomfortable. And wow, what a difference from earlier. Before it had been all slow and tender. Suddenly it was hurried and hard. I gripped her hips as she rode my lap while she stroked her clitoris.

I really didn't think she would be able to have an orgasm in those surroundings but she proved me wrong. She turned her face to the ceiling with her eyes and mouth wide open but made no noise and pushed down against me with short hard movements.

That did it for me and my come began blasting into her. As I ramped up to a full explosion I ran my hands up her rib cage under her dress and grabbed those big naked tits. I rose up on my heels and ground my pulsing cock as far and as hard into her as I could and she pushed back. I must've sounded like I was choking.

I remained frozen with hips flexed upward and my dick jammed into Sharon's pussy while my hands pulled hard on her bare tits. Sharon jolted down on me several more times still facing the ceiling open-mouthed and with her hands in her crotch.

Sharon's dress was up around her rib cage when I looked to my right and made eye contact with a shocked Paula. Sharon seemed to be going through a full body shake as I lowered my ass back to the seat. Paula did not avert her eyes, but looked up and down between me and our throbbing genitals.

Carefully and slowly Sharon rose up off of me, and as she did my semi erect dick finally plopped over onto my thigh pointing directly at Paula. I heard Sharon make a deep-throated groan that was way too loud and I placed a hand over her mouth. She politely shrugged me off.

While Sharon's exposed and quivering genitals still hovered above me, a large dollop of come dripped from her pussy and onto my still pulsing cock. Paula watched the whole thing in wide-eyed fascination.

Sharon eased down onto my lap, exhausted, and I spread out her dress. We acted as if nothing had happened. I looked over at Paula and she pretended to be asleep.

Sharon turned her head to me and said quietly, "I'll call you."

No one said another word the rest of the trip. We simply dragged our tired bodies home.

Sharon called me the next day and arranged for us to meet for coffee in about a week. It was a short and uncomfortable call and neither of us mentioned our unprotected sex. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew how wrong it would be to try to continue some sort of affair. However, part of me was thrilled at the idea of getting together with that sexy wench again.

When I got to the coffee shop Sharon was there waiting for me. We were awkward with each other until we were able to joke about the fact that we were awkward with each other. I thought she looked fantastic without even trying. I guess once you've sampled the forbidden fruit you always want more, no matter how dumb an idea it is.

Sharon got right to the point as soon as we were seated. "I just spent a week in hell worried that I might be pregnant. The good news is I started today."

"Thank goodness." I said with a sigh of relief.

I gently placed my hands on the table, and Sharon responded by pulling her hands back to her coffee cup. With that, I knew there would be no affair, no goodbye sex, or even phone sex.

She sipped her coffee in a businesslike manner but I could see her hands shake with emotion. She looked down at the tabletop and continued, "The worst part was I couldn't even talk with my husband about it." She lifted her face for brief eye contact. "I can never do that again!"

Sharon shook her shoulders to emphasize her last statement. Of course, that made her gorgeous tits bounce, but I controlled the impulse to let my eyes drop.

"Yeah, I know," was all I could say, "So we should keep this a secret?"

"I want to try," she said.

I told Sharon that Paula had seen us. Tears sprang to Sharon's eyes but she shrugged, powerless to control what Paula might say or do. She sipped her coffee then exhaled a long breath. "Well, here's the bad news. It's about that same night in the backseat of the car. You remember when you put your hand over my mouth because I made too much noise?"

I nodded.

"That wasn't me. It was your wife and my husband groaning like that."

I felt like someone had just poured a bucket of ice water on my head.

She continued. "When I heard them I looked in the front seat and saw that they were sitting closer together than before. Their faces were red. And Robert was driving with only his left hand." Sharon paused, "I think they were both having orgasms."

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