tagGay MaleRoad Trip with Mike

Road Trip with Mike


"Ten full minutes. You gotta lay there, on your back, totally nude. Hands behind your head so you can relax."

"Relax, right."

How Mike and I wound up in this bizarre, slightly hilarious situation was fueled by very cheap beer and overactive 19 year old hormones. Well, Mike was 19, I was 18, and we'd been buddies since sophomore year of high school. Mike was a bit of a paradox. He was a soccer player who wasn't a jock, a metal head who wasn't a burnout, and a good student who wasn't a nerd. I also found him incredibly hot. Mike was a pretty low-key guy, soft spoken, constantly dipping tobacco (without being a redneck -- like I said, paradox) and almost always with a girl on his arm. I wasn't usually that into his girlfriends, both for obvious reasons and also because they just always seemed kinda trashy. I felt like he deserved better.

The only time we had a double date -- mine with my ill-advised, desperate to prove them all wrong virtuous girlfriend, and him with Debbie. We were staying at his grandparents cabin upstate. The first night I could hear Mike and Debbie having sex in the other room. My girlfriend was doing her best to pretend to sleep, and I was doing my best not to jerk off listening to Debbie's moans and the squeaking of the box spring. I definitely got the impression Mike was well hung, because Debbie all but shouted it from the rafters. Weirdly it sounded like she was both into it and not, because it sounded like she made him stop when she couldn't take any more, and I heard him walk into the bathroom to "take a shower."

It was on that camping trip that Mike and I first saw each other naked. The girls wanted to go into town to hit outlet stores, an idea that struck Mike and me as beyond boring. After they left he punched my arm and said "Let's go swimming dude."

I got up to follow him and was a bit surprised he was headed straight outside, rather than to his room. "Aren't you gonna change?" I asked.

Mike was already pulling his tshirt over his head. "Nah. It's just us. We're skinny dipping."

I'm pretty sure at that moment my heart stopped beating. Was I seriously about to get to see Mike naked? I started tugging on my shirt, and was so perplexed and excited by this prospect forgot I was wearing a button down.

Mike was already out of his jeans and down to his underwear. And I was struck totally speechless. Mike, being a bit of a metal head, was almost always dressed in baggy black concert tees and baggy denim. One time we did get into an impromptu wrestling match during a sleep over at my house, entirely over a Nintendo controller, and I did... feel something. Not THAT, get your mind out of the gutter. No, I definitely felt muscle. And god knows he was able to pin me pretty easily. So I suspected he was in good shape.

I had no idea at all that he would look as jaw-droppingly perfect as he did. He was muscular but not over built, just perfectly defined in every way -- arms, chest, legs. He was surprisingly hairy for being as young as we were, but not overly. A dusting of dark hair on his pecs and arms, leading to what I'd later learn was a treasure trail. The front of his tighty whiteys (another surprise) were... well they were clearly well packed. I couldn't believe Mike was hiding this rockin' bod under shitty hair metal logos.

"Earth to Ollie," Mike said.

I snapped out of it and hoped he didn't think I was weird. I wasn't out to anybody at this point, and was mortified that it would cost me friendships if anyone found out. As I was trying to get my jeans down I tripped and fell, making Mike laugh.

"Damn dude, you into me or something?"

"Wh-what? No." I said, turning crimson.

"Ollie, relax man," his grin was infectious, and also... slightly knowing? I must be imagining things. "Come on, let's get in the water. It's awesome this time of year. Cold as hell at first but then awesome."

He slipped his hands into the waistband of his underwear. "Besides, if we're gonna backpack Europe in a few months you might as well get acquainted with this."

With that Mike lowered his underwear. I just about fainted. His cock was, like the rest of him, perfect looking. Easily 4 inches long dangling soft over his nuts, and looked thick as hell too. Even his nuts and pubes looked perfect on him.

Mike put his hands on his hips, which made his entire body look like it was chiseled out of marble. "You just gonna stand there and drink in the eye candy? Let's see what you've got."

I sheepishly pulled the rest of my clothes off. I'm not a prude by any stretch, having parents from Europe I didn't have any hang-ups. But I still felt small around him. My dick is about 7.5 inches hard and well shaped, so I'm comfortable with that, I just wished in that moment that I exercised. My slim frame wasn't exactly sexy, at least not to me. What I was most worried about was possibly popping a boner around Mike.

"That wasn't so hard now was it?" Mike said. "At least not unless you can stop drooling."

"Fuck you."

Mike laughed and ran toward the dock. I followed him and leapt into the water, and holy fuck he was right. It did feel amazing. And it was cold as hell. We messed around, swimming and throwing stones, and it was all pretty chaste, just two dudes hanging out. Nude. In a lake. With no one around. I wasn't sure if we'd be murdered by a maniac or wind up fucking. Neither wound up happening.

Which brings us to tonight, three months later. We'd just graduated high school, and Mike was pissed that his dad's mechanic's shop wasn't doing so well, so we would have to delay our trip to Europe. Instead Mike decided we'd load up the car with beer (he knew people), weed (he knew a lot of people) and CDs and do a random road trip.

We wound up inexplicably in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Which was a colossal mistake because there were literally no hotels available within 20 miles in the month of June. We finally found a cheap motel in the middle of West Nowhere. It was late, there was nothing to do, and we were stuck.

That was when Mike decided we'd have a little party. Out came the shitty beer, a bit of pot, and a deck of cards. Looking back on it... that was the moment everything changed.

We played a couple rounds of blackjack (poker wouldn't be in vogue for a few years yet), literally playing for peanuts. That's when Mike got the idea to "make things a little more interesting."

"We each draw a hand, whoever wins the loser has to do whatever he says."

Now I know you're reading that and thinking, "typical, I know where this is going." However this is, in fact, what Mike said. It wasn't unusual for us to make random bets on things, usually resulting in one of us having to do something embarrassing. So I told him "You're on."

I won the first round. I sat back in on the bed I had claimed and thought about what challenge I'd give him, like I was a Bond villain. "Alright Mikey. You need to get us some more ice. And you have to do it naked."

Mike downed the rest of his beer, took a deep drag from his joint, and stood up. He shucked his clothes faster than I thought possible considering we were buzzed. He ran out the door with the ice bucket and was back like a minute later. Pulled his clothes back on just as fast and I was really disappointed he wasn't giving me more of a show.

Next round. I won again, despite actually trying to lose. I was feeling like this could get kinky, or at least interesting, and was more than willing to submit myself to his demands. If anything it might give me a better idea if he'd be down with hooking up, or was at least curious.

For his second challenge I decided to step it up and go for what I wanted. "That ice you just got? You've got to rub it all over your body for 3 minutes."

Mike grinned. "You're gonna pay for this."

"Uh huh, sure I will. As soon as you manage to win."

Mike put the bucket of ice on the floor and shucked his shoes and socks. I started humming a striptease song, probably from Gypsy, because oh my god you guys who did anybody not know about me?

Anyway, Mike took the hint. He started stripping out of his clothes and really took his time this time. Teasing pop of the shirt here, teasing flash of the ass there. Finally he stepped out of his underwear and faced me. My god he was breathtaking.

He reached into the bucket and picked up a hunk of ice. He slowly started rubbing it against his skin, which was turning pink. He muttered "Jesus" a few times, but he's a trooper, and was very thorough, making sure to get every inch of skin in contact with the ice for at least a moment. When he put it behind his back I expected him to turn around, but instead he continued to face me, his taught abs and pecs straining from his arms "cleaning" his back. His waist was thrust forward slightly. It was almost like he was presenting himself to me. As my eyes slowly studied his body, made hazy by a few beers, I realized that the entire time Mike was staring at me. If there was any doubt in his mind that I just thoroughly checked him out it was gone.

Instead of looking away I stared back. Trying to read his mind. He finally dropped the melting hunk of ice back into the bucket.

"We're not putting that in our drinks."

Mike erupted with hearty laughter and pulled his shorts back on. No underwear, no shirt. He cracked his knuckles and started shuffling the deck. "Let's make this more interesting."

"Really? Because I've found it pretty damn interesting." I said as I cracked open a fresh beer.

"Yeah I could tell." Mike didn't look at me, but he smirked in this sexy way he does. "Double or nothing."

"How are we going to double nothing? We're not really betting anything."

"That's where the more interesting part comes in. Besides, statistically speaking, I'm bound to win the next round."

"Actually, statistically speaking, you're not."

"Whatever, Brainiac. Loser... has to do whatever the winner wants."

"How's the different from what we were already doing?"

"For ten minutes. No complaining. No questions. If I win, I basically own you."

"For ten minutes."

Mike chuckled. "A lot can happen in ten minutes."

I think I got a little light-headed. I know my hands were shaking a bit.


Mike dealt the cards. No matter what happened I was going to keep hitting until I busted, because there was a noticeable electricity in the air and I for damn sure wanted to find out what it meant. He deals me a King. He gets a four. Mike just stared at the cards, dumbfounded. I flip my other card over. Ace.


Fuck. Me. And Mike thinks this isn't working out well for him?

Which is how, a few minutes later, we wound up in the bizarre, slightly hilarious situation that began this story. I was drunk, a little high, very horny, and Mike was definitely putting off signals.

He stood up, looking a bit dejected for losing every hand. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of his shorts. "I'm assuming you want these off?"

I was a bit surprised he just offered it up like that.

"Ollie?" as he said my name he was slowly lowering his shorts until his full, manly bush and the base of his cock was visible. "You want me to take these off? Since you made me get naked both other times."

"Ah, yeah, sure," I said. My mind was racing. Mike smiled and yanked his shorts down and casually stepped out of them. He put his hands on his hips again. God again with that pose that made me hard as a rail every time I thought about it.

"You going to set your alarm? Ten minutes."

I switched on the stopwatch on my phone.

"Ollie? Before you start the clock you want to tell me what you want me to do? I don't want you to miss out on anything." There was that smirk again.

"Ten full minutes. You gotta lay there on your bed, on your back, totally nude. Hands behind your head so you can relax."

"Relax, right."

"Nothing to be shy about, I've seen it already."

"Oh I am not shy dude."

"We'll see about that."

Mike stretched out on top of the sheets and folded his arms behind him. I was transfixed. His body was just so perfectly proportioned. I slowly eyed my way from his feet to his head, and it was obvious he clearly didn't have any problem putting himself on display like this. When I finally looked into his eyes he was staring at me with that sexy smirk.

I got up to put the second part of my plan in action, but first turned back to him. "One more rule, the lasting rule. You're not allowed to move your arms anymore."

Mike cocked an eyebrow. "Whatever floats your boat Ollie. I'm just gonna lay here and think up how I'm going to get you back when it's my turn."

"Your turn? I thought this was the last round?"

"Like hell it is. We're going to keep playing, all night, until I win your ass."

I turned on the television and picked up the remote. "Don't worry dude, I'll pay for this." I turned on the porn channel.

Mike gasped. "Oh you fucking asshole."

I grinned. "Ten minutes, and you have to watch the TV. No moving onto your stomach, and no moving your arms."

"You are most definitely going to pay for this," Mike replied.

The video was pretty much standard fare porn that was badly edited because hotels seem to have an issue showing too much. A pretty blonde woman was trying to catch her breath while getting railed from behind. Her moans were incredibly sexy.

I sat on the edge of Mike's bed and chuckled. "Wow, she is really enjoying herself. Look at the way she's pounding back at that guy. Are you enjoying yourself buddy?"

I looked at Mike, and his eyes were glued to the screen. I watched as his cock rapidly filled with blood. As it got harder I realized he was both a shower and a grower; Debbie clearly wasn't kidding when she told him she couldn't take any more. Like the rest of him his cock was perfectly proportioned. Uniformly thick from base to tip, with a large head. He had at least an inch on my 7.5, possibly more. Once his cock was fully hard I noticed how huge his balls were too. They were slowly moving around in his sack and were clearly full.

"Damn dude," I said. "Now I know why the girls are always after you."

"Not really." His eyes remained glued to the screen, the sounds of the blonde getting fucked six ways from Sunday filling the room.

"Not really what? Of course they are."

"Most of them are until I try to stick it in them. Then they freak out. I go home with blue balls more than I score. A lot more."

Minutes went by as we continued to watch the movie. I was hard as a rock myself, but not because of the video. I kept stealing glances at Mike's bod, and my mind started reeling trying to think of other ways I could keep this going. I was becoming more and more lusty, and my desire was to make Mike cum.

That's when I caught him absentmindedly moving one of his arms, his hand going to his chest. His breathing had sped up and I noticed his feet kept clenching for some reason. His hand wasn't going further down, instead I saw him pinch one of his nipples.

"Uh uh, dude. No using your hands."

Mike groaned and put his hands back behind his head. "Fuck you Ollie. I wasn't trying to cover up."

"You play with your nipples?"

Mike sighed. "Yeah. Feels good."


"Yeah. If I pinch them right before I cum, well... I cum a ton anyway, but when I'm playing with my nips I shoot like a fire hose."

"That seems like an apt description for that big cock of yours."

"Yeah?" He was looking at me now. The smirk was gone, replaced by something else. Curiosity? Lust? "You think my cock is big?"

I nodded. "Yeah dude. It's big."

"Bigger than yours?"


"Because you know you're getting naked when it's my turn."

"I figured."

That's when I noticed a small dribble of precum oozing from the head of his cock. The woman in the video was now getting double teamed, but neither Mike nor I were paying much attention.

I gingerly reached out and brushed my fingertips across one of his nipples. His cock jumped and Mike moaned and closed his eyes.

I chuckled. "I think you liked that dude?"

"Fuck yeah."

Feeling a little bolder I massaged his pec a bit. Solid, warm muscle. I tweaked his nipple, harder this time.

"Fuuuuck," Mike moaned. "Your hands are cold."

"Sorry dude."

"Not complaining man."

"I'll stop."

"Like hell you will."

"I think you're enjoying this too much," I said teasingly. Meanwhile I tweaked his other nipple. His cock jumped again. He was leaking precum like crazy now, it was pooling around his belly button and abs.

At that moment the buzzer went off on my phone. Ten minutes was up. My hands were hovering over his chest. Mike had broken out in a mild sweat which made his body gleam in the dim light of the hotel room. I gently massaged his chest again. Mike sighed.

"Time's up," I said.

"Finally, fuck," his arms swung around and he started to stroke his cock. We had clearly crossed a line somewhere, probably because of my filthy mind, and now one of my closest friends was jacking off in front of me. Hell, not just in front of me, with me kneeling beside him with my hands on his chest.

I grabbed his wrist. "Not so fast dude."

"Ollie, I need to get off."

"Ten minutes might be up, but I didn't say you were allowed to use your hands."

"Oh fuck you man."

"You want to make it double or nothing?"

Mike was desperately trying to stoke himself but I was holding his wrist steady.

"Fuck the card game dude. I gotta cum."

"Double or nothing. You're not allowed to touch yourself with your hands for the rest of the night."

He glared at me like a trapped animal.

"And in return... I forfeit the next 5 rounds."

We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. We'd already crossed one line, and I just pretty much leaped across the rest of them with one sentence.

Mike let go of my wrist and sighed. I wasn't sure if it was resignation or contentment. He made a big show of stretching his arms out, lacing his fingers together, and placed his hands back behind his head. "You got a deal."

The last of my breath fueled by nerves left me. I couldn't believe this was actually happening.

"So, what would you like me to do first dude?"

Mike nodded toward his suitcase. "There's oil in there."


"Massage oil. I use it on my leg in case it rains."

"I'm not sure if I'd be any good at giving you a massage."

Mike eyed me directly. "Well we're going to find out."

I got up and went over to his suitcase and fished out the bottle of oil. I heard Mike start laughing. "Something funny?"

"That tent in your shorts looks uncomfortable as hell."

I looked down. I knew I was hard, but in the excitement of taking the game up a notch I forgot about it. My cock was obscenely stiff and jutting straight out, creating a comical effect.

"Oops," I said.

"No worries, I'm flattered."


"Drop 'em."


"Drop. Your. Shorts. Shirt too while you're at it. I wouldn't want you get oil all over your clothes. And I shouldn't be the only one here stark naked with a huge boner."

I self-consciously pulled my shirt over my head. I pulled the drawstring on my shorts and they fell to the floor. Mike was staring at me the whole time. And his cock was still hard as a railroad spike. I yanked off my underwear and headed back to the bed with the bottle of massage oil. My hard-on was bobbing like it was attached to springs.

Mike settled in, the sexy smirk back on his face. I poured some of the oil into my hands and breathed on it to warm it up. Then I carefully placed my hands on his abs and deeply stroked up toward his pecs. I could feel each muscle in his chest tense and then relax. Mike groaned.

"Was that okay?" I asked. My desire to please him was growing stronger.

"Hell yeah that was okay."

I poured a little more oil on his chest. Some got caught in his hair, and some trickled down his sides onto the sheets.

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