Road Warrior: Barcelona Ch. 02


I slid down to her breasts, one in the sun and one in shadow, sucking one, then the other gently, making it last. I felt her nipples grow hard in my mouth as I gently nibbled them. I slipped on down, my feet now off the bed. I wanted all of her, my tongue flicking out, this secret spot, that concavity, tasting her as I passed her belly.

I heard her gasp in anticipation as I kissed along the inside of her thighs, enjoying the silky texture, kissing them, and barely touching the softness. She shivered as I reached where we both knew I had been heading for, delays in route as the curves of her body provided this taste, that smell.

I moved to the crease between her legs rubbing my face over her hair, enjoying the feel, smelling her unique scent. I parted her outer lips with my fingers and slowly moved my tongue from the bottom to the top flicking her clitoris as its small hood valiantly tried to protect it from the depredations of my tongue.

Feeling her hands running though my hair then pulling me tightly against her as I breathed hotly on her sex, slowly licking in long strokes from the bottom to the top in one motion, always ending at her clit. She shivered as I repeated this over and over until she shuddered, crying out, "Now, Charlie, now, love me, come with me."

I moved up and slowly entered her; languidly stroked, wanting it to last, for me, for both of us. Her vagina rippled with aftershocks as I drew in and out; established a rhythm with her. Feeling my need ... and hers, I increased the pace until with a long, almost violent lunge I came in her, felt her squeezing me tight.

We collapsed on the bed, spent. The sweat of the exertion now cooling as our bodies dried under the tender ministrations of the air conditioner. Pulling a sheet over us we fell into a deep sleep. Hours later, knowing we had to pack for the morning debarkation in Miami, I woke her with a kiss and whispered sweet silly nothings in her ear until she started laughing and then tickling me, she climbed out of bed.

We took a shower and packed, ready for what the morrow would bring. We were excited by the possibilities, scared of the problems that might arise, but comfortable in our love.

That last night of the cruise we had dinner with Captain Jens again, this time in one of the main dining rooms with a mixed coterie of staff and passengers. It was a wonderful meal with wine from Jens private stock. He asked Ana and I to meet him in the engine room for coffee. We did and had a pleasant discussion. He was a fascinating man with a command presence.

He was gracious with Ana and I felt he would be a friend. He had had a picture of him, Ana and myself at dinner and signed it and said we would get it in a nice frame before we departed.

After dinner we danced for a while in one of the lounges, feeling quite mellow. Ana seemed to be in a happy, almost playful mood. She kept teasing me, pushing her hips into mine as we danced.

Finally, I looked at her and asked, "Ana, would you like to go back to the cabin?"

She smiled her agreement, probably thinking I was a bit slow on the uptake. When we got back to the room I wrongly thought that she would have been satiated. Where the afternoon was slow and sensuous, that final night she was wild in her need with an almost desperate air about her. She seemed worried but I assured her of my love and she calmed down.

The next morning we were standing on the deck looking at the clusters of people standing behind the fence. Ana saw a small group off to the side and waved to them ... they were all obviously Latin, an older couple, a man with a woman standing close to him, a younger woman, maybe early twenties that looked like she could be Ana's sister, and two little kids, girls, about five.

We turned to each other at the same time, Ana looking nervous. I'm sure I looked confused.

"Charlie ... I never told you about my girls. Because of what happened to Aitor I am extremely protective of my little angels. Then ... when I fell in love with you I was afraid that I might lose you, that you wouldn't want children ... another man's kids. I didn't know what to do. It was tearing me up!"

"Ana, you are crazy wonderful. I love children and maybe that is what was missing from my life ... Candy didn't want to give up her career." Looking at the girls, I was suddenly scared; what if the girls wouldn't accept me?

Ana, reading my mind, smiled, "Charlie, they will love you. Ana Argiñe Galvéz is on the left and María Ariñe Galvéz is on the right. Aitor gave them their first names and I picked their middle names. Argiñe and Ariñe both mean 'light' in Basque. When I first saw them it seemed like God's light was shining on them and those seemed like the right names. Are we okay, then?" she added nervously.

I gave her a hard hug, my heart going out to her. We walked down the dock, went through customs and picked up our luggage. As we walked back outside I stood back a little bit while she was swamped by her family, especially by the two girls. She was crying and so were the little Ana and María and I didn't want to intrude on such a private, intimate moment. The crush of people trying to get in to customs was heavy and I started getting pushed back.

I heard a loud squeal, shouting, "Charlie," and so did everyone else. Ana and her family turned to me, curious, as this blond bombshell I recognized as Candy came flying at me, her arms and legs wrapped around me like a leach in heat, and her tongue doing it's best to give me a tonsillectomy. I had a flash of a horrified Ana staring at me as I lost my balance and fell.

I felt something hard hit behind my ear then my nose exploded in pain. A sudden dizziness overwhelmed me ... then blackness enfolded what small awareness I had left.

A dark period took over my life.

(to be continued)

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