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Roadside Assistance


It's easy to understand how as a society we lack faith and trust in each other. Especially in light of what is taking place around us, both at home and abroad. I too have fallen victim and find that I am untrusting.

My job takes me to places on the road with names that you either can't spell or pronounce. And they're almost impossible to find on a map. It makes the journey more of a challenge than the actual job itself. And what happened to me recently puts a whole new spin on trusting.

During a recent study I was asked to do I had to spend a few weeks in the rural outback. I was totally surprised though at how friendly people were. Fully willing to help out or assist you. I mean you still get the oddballs and weirdo's but they're everywhere. It's safe to say that there are all kinds of kooks in this world and they're all spread out.

While working, I study the flow of traffic as well as the density and types of vehicles. Once the data has been downloaded into my computer it's converted into a data file that I can put into graph form and print out for the client.

Anyways, I was at the side of the highway at an intersection in the middle of nowhere. Basically I was doing a truck safety survey for a residential developer interested in building a sub-division but also concerned about traffic in the area.

It had just gotten dark and as I sat there a pair of headlights came from behind. Instead of driving by, the vehicle slowed down and pulled onto the shoulder behind me, the headlights blinding me for a second before the driver shut them off. If it was the police I was used to that. Though usually they know ahead of time that I'll be in the area.

I watched the car door open and with the faint light of the interior I saw two feet, clad in high heels emerge. As I heard the car door slam shut I at least knew it wasn't the police. I hit the button on the door and lowered the window down. To my surprise it was an elderly lady. A very attractive elderly lady, wafting heavily of expensive perfume. She leaned towards the window, "Are you alright young man?" she asked.

I was surprised by her concern and that a lady such as her would even think to stop and talk to a strange man. It told me that she was quite obviously a very confident and capable women regardless of her seniors status. "Yes I am Ma'am and thank you very much for stopping and asking!" I said, answering her with a big smile.

She placed a hand on the door of my car and leaned closer, "Please young man, Ma'am sounds so old. makes me feel my age, please call me Alice." she boldly told me. "Well Alice it's a pleasure to meet you!" I offered her my hand. As we shook hands, I told her "My name is Ronald but Ron is what I go by."

"Well Ron it shall be then. So, Ron tell me are you working for that builder? You are aren't you?" she said with an informed tone or voice. "Yes Alice I am as a matter of fact. But how may I ask did you know that?" I queried. "I'm on the local residents committee and played a big part in having this survey done in the first place."

"Ah, I see..." I responded. "So when I saw you here for quite some time and then still here when I returned home I figured that to be the case." she wittingly replied. "Well I must say I am impressed! And also very lucky to meet a woman who is not only confident but also very logical, a very rare species these days. Very rare indeed!" I told her as a quick breeze blew open her coat and I caught a glimpse of her cleavage that quickly turned into an embarrassing stare. "I live just over there," she said pointing,"see the red barn mailbox? Well that's my house. Can I offer you a coffee, tea or perhaps something a wee bit stronger when you're done here?"

"Aaaaaah ..... well ....." I stammered and was all I could mumble. "We can discuss the results of your study in more detail?" she insisted. "I suppose there's no harm done by stopping in for a moment or two." I said accepting her invitation.

Both the car and my senses were full of her heavy and heady perfume as I watched her walk back to her car. Her high heels disappeared back in and the door shut. She flashed lights as she drove by and I did the same in return. I watched her as she turned right, parked her car and walked to the door of her house.

When 9 pm finally came I packed up my laptop, made a quick call and a few entries before driving down to the red barn mailbox. I parked beside Alice's car and went to knock on her door. Before I could knock the door opened and there stood Alice to greet me. "I heard you pull up..." she said smiling, "Please come in Ron."

I was spellbound and stood there for what seemed like forever. Alice was something else! She had on a long, light blue silk Kimono. The belt was loosely tied and the collar was open showing much more of Alice's cleavage than I'd seen earlier. Good Lord she was beautiful and talk about endowed! Again she caught me staring at her, gawking at her breasts hoping to see more. She took my jacket and up it up in the hall closet. I watched her every move and how that silk garment was sliding along her body when she moved. As she turned I followed her into her "front room" as she called it.

We sat down across from one another. Alice sat with both legs together at the knee, and her hands clutched together on top, "So what can I get you to drink then Ron?"

"Whatever is the easiest...I don't want to be a bother." I told her. ""Don't be silly....it's no bother at all. I feel like a glass of sherry. Would you care to join me?" she asked. "That'll be fine, thank you Alice." I accepted.

She returned from the pantry with two glasses and a crystal bottle with more sherry in it. I stood up and we toasted, "To our good health!" I piped forth. "Yes here's to our good health and the hopes that we stay young forever!" Alice added. "Here, here!" I said as we sipped our glasses.

We sat and sipped our glass slowly while we talked about my work briefly. Before I knew it I'd had 3 glasses of nectar and was starting to feel its effects. "Whew....is it hot in here or is that sherry taking effect?" I asked, "May I trouble you for the use of your bathroom?"

"Why certainly, it's right out in the hall to your right, Ron." she directed me.

I should've known better than to drink that sherry like it was wine. I was feeling pretty warm from head to toe and was quite visibly flushed as I looked in the mirror. "Are you not feeling well Ron?" alice asked as I returned and sat on the sofa. "No, no, I'll be fine, just not used to drinking sherry that's all." I told her. "Oh my .... me too I have to be careful I can get awful giddy and frisky when I drink it." she laughed. We talked some more and somewhere in the midst of it all she poured us another few glasses of sherry. I was feeling pretty loose and quite comfortable with Alice. We laughed and somehow got around to telling jokes which turned into dirty jokes. I told her this one joke and we laughed so hard we both had tears in our eyes. Alice reached out and placed her hands on my arm and thigh and then leaned close and put her head on my shoulder, "Oh Ron you're so funny I haven't laughed like this in a long,long time. I'm so glad you decided to stop in!"

" So am I Alice, so am I." I said placing my arm around her and hugging her. She reacted by lifting her head up, looking me in the eyes and then kissing me on the lips. Stunned for a second I froze. Her tongue pressed past my lips, over and between my teeth and inside my mouth. With Alice's tongue darting in my mouth I came back down to earth and returned her kiss. I sucked on her ruby red lips and then sucked her tongue down my throat. Alice put her arms around me and we fell back into the sofa locked in our embrace.

Her large breasts pressed firmly against me and the temperature in the room rose about 10 degrees. My mouth was dry and Alice had me hot and really bothered. She reached for my shirt and proceeded to unbutton it. Then she stood up and grabbing hold of my collar with both hands she tugged me up and I found myself staring directly at her glorious grey bush.

I was spellbound... "Why don't we retire to my sleeping chamber...? I think we'd be a lot more comfortable." Alice suggested as she continued pulling me to me feet by the collar.

She led me into her chamber by the hand and sat me on her bed. As she stood in front of me she lowered her arms and hands. Her silk Kimono slid down over her shoulders, in slow motion, to the floor. I could feel my eyes were as big as saucers, but I couldn't help it. Alice was so beautiful and in such fine form for a woman of her age. "I hope you approve Ron?" she asked twirling around in front of me, lifting her arms up over her head. Her huge tits sagged and hung down, dangling from their obvious weight and mass. Her nipples were perfect and erect. She had wrinkles on her soft, well aged complexion, in all the right places. My eyes feasted on her sexy maturity and I knew exactly how to answer her question. I placed my hands on her sagging ass and pulled her closer. I latched onto one of her dangling nipples and began sucking on it. Teasing her stiff tip with my tongue, nibbling on it, stabbing an poking at it, I soon had Alice the answer to her question.

I was shaking in anticipation after seeing that tasty grey tuft, I wanted desperately to sink my face into her antique snatch. I brought her beside me and then got her to sit down by my side. I slowly pushed her until she was flat on her back. I got on my knees and between her legs on the floor, getting me first really close look at a senior cunt! Wow! My God, her cunt looked every bit as delicious, every bit as soft and tasty as I'm sure it did when Alice was 19. Apart from the framing of grey hair of course. Her pussy lips were swollen and quite large. They lay parted to either side, exposing her bright pink insides, as if to invite me. "Mmmmmmmm.....so perfectly delectable....so irresistible!" I exclaimed before going down. I licked and flicked her swollen outer lips, exploring each and every tender fold until Alice moaned out loud.

Holding her legs apart with both hands I moved in, licking her gaping hole from her asshole to her clit before dipping my tongue deep inside her hot, juicy hole. "Oh, oh, oh Ron.....oh my goodness!" she whispered loudly.

I could tell by how she pressed her cunt against my face that Alice was having a good time. I flicked and poked, delving deeper and deeper into her tasty old honey pot. I had her cooing, moaning and groaning, twitching and quivering, Alice was like butter in my hands. I kissed my way down between her pussy and ass until I was kissing her quivering anus.

I kissed, flicked and sucked and the skin at her tight opening. The moisture from my mouth giving my tongue a smooth, slippery entrance into her warm asshole.

Alice tightened up. Her ass cheeks squeezing my face and her sphincter clamping down on my tongue. "Oh Ron! Oh my! Oh my goodness Ron......no one has ever done that to me!" she told me excitedly. I pushed legs open wide again and she seemed to relax while I went back to eating her ass. I was glad to see that she liked what I was making her feel. I could've eaten her ass and pussy forever, for the rest of my life! But I wanted fuck Alice too. I wanted to see the look on her aging face when I shoved my middle-aged cock inside her granny pussy. I wanted to watch her and see her reaction once my cum started pumping deep into her forgotten hole.

Slithering my way between her thighs, over her moist grey bush and over her wrinkled tummy I stopped at her nipples. Lifting both of her flat lying tits up, I pushed them together until I had both her stiff nipples in my mouth. I lifted myself up until my cock bumped up against her hot wet cunt. Alice reached down and guided the tip of my cock inside her pussy lips. She moaned out loud as I pressed forward and slid half way in. "Oh Ron ... that feels so good! Your penis feels so big and so hard inside me!" she purred. I sucked on her tits and continued to fuck her. I felt my balls tighten almost immediately, the shaft of my rigid prick throbbing and pulsating more and more with each push into Alice. I released my lip lock on her tits and planted my mouth on hers. I shoved my tongue into Alice's mouth and we kissed. We kissed deeply and passionately, our hot tongues lashing and fighting like two serpents inside of our horny mouths.

Suddenly I felt that familiar rumble in my balls, it's rippling effect traveling the length of my throbbing shaft. I fired a hot burst of cum deep into Alice's hot cunt. It exploded against her cervix like fireworks, only to be followed with a cock-burst of squirting sperm that washed her cuntwalls. Squishing sounds filled the air and Alice was grinning from ear to ear. She held her legs open further and wider than I'd ever seen any woman do. I bet a woman half her age couldn't get into the positions that Alice got into while we made out! "Ah Ron your hot sperm feels lovely! So hot and so creamy...Oh Ronald, you make me feel wonderful. You've made me laugh and smile. And now this! You're such a dear Ron. You made me very happy tonight." she whispered in my ear and we held each other tightly.

We lay there for some time embracing and hugging each other before Alice got up. She stood beside me as I sat up and reaching down, placed one hand on each side of my face. She kissed my forehead, my nose and then my lips.

She took my hand and walked me into her bathroom where she had me sit in the chaise lounge while she drew a bath for me. Alice gave me the most relaxing and sensual sponge bath I've ever had! I felt wonderful. She made sure to clean my cock and ass too until I ejaculated for her again. She said she wanted to se me cum and cupped her hands and opened her mouth for me. Sucking and licking all of my creamy load, she licked me clean like a kid licking her fingers after an ice cream cone.

I was really late by this time and since we had gotten along so famously, I gladly accepted when Alice suggested I stay overnight. I did, and have gone back to visit Alice on many occasions since.

Though Alice restored my faith in people by coming to my aid at the roadside I did learn a few other things from her. She showed me that you are only as old as you let yourself feel and that regardless of the wrapping it's what's inside that may surprise you!

Thanks to Alice I now look at older women and seniors with a whole new frame of mind and respect. In fact I often find myself pre-occupied with thoughts of Alice every time I see a grey haired babe.

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