Anna is 32 years old, divorced and has two small children. It wasn't easy to find time for love and above all, passion, but she has recently made contact with a guy she worked with a long time ago. There has always been a tingling in Anna's body when he smiled at her, but it was never anything more. Now she wants love and especially sex.

They discussed sex a lot when they chatted and in just a few weeks it feels like she knows him, although she has not even met him.

They seem be turned on by exactly the same things and she got more and more horny for him. She has always fantasised about how it would be to have an extra guy or girl in the game, but dared not implement it yet. She has never had a partner who was interested in such adventures, but Peter seems to be entirely into such a scenario. Anna also likes it when a man can take her a little hard, but it should not be too dominant, a fine line that.

They have decided that Peter should accompany her when she goes out to visit some customers in Mora.

She drives her old Audi to where he stands waiting for her in the sunshine, more beautiful than in his pictures. He smiles at her, she gets out of the car and they embrace and kiss passionately as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He lifts up her shirt a little and she feels his hands on her waist, a shiver of anticipation of what is to come runs through her body. An elderly man walks past with his dog and Anna gets embarrassed and pulls down her shirt.

They set off to drive from Stockholm towards Mora. Sitting so close to him as she drives, she feels her heart pounding and occasionally she looks at the handsome man next to her. He is a bit older than her, nine years to be exact, although it doesn't seem that he is older. He has a small amount of blond curly hair, green eyes and thick dark eyelashes.

Suddenly, she feels his rough male hand on her thigh and then he slowly slides his hand up under her skirt. She smiles at him and he continues to move his hand further up her bare thigh. He begins fondling the outside of her already damp panties and she moans unconsciously. His fingers pry under the damp material and probe gently into her wet slit. She spreads her legs a little more so that has better access. He massages her clitoris and her opening in exactly the right way and she is finding it a little difficult to concentrate on driving. As they are still driving in the city, she has to steel herself not to lose control.

He enters a finger into her warm innermost centre as she stops at a red light next to a truck driver, who, if he were to look down from his elevated position would surely be able to see what is happening in the car next to him, but it only makes her hornier. The lights turn green and the car rolls again, Peter begins to massage her clitoris with definite yet dainty movements and she feels a wave begin to wash over her. The sensations get stronger and stronger until she comes with a deep groan, and Peter has to take the steering wheel so that the car won't swerve.

When the orgasm has subsided and she gets control of herself, she looks at Peter who gives her a big smile. He takes his hand away from her very wet pussy and puts one of his fingers in his mouth and she feels another ripple of longing inside her thinking that as soon as they come to a place where there is a bit more forest, he must fuck her senseless.

They continue their journey north each wondering what Peter should do with her when they reach a quieter place. They are becoming more and more agitated and eventually he asks Anna to turn off the highway to try to find a place where they can fuck.

They turn onto a minor road and are suddenly in a forested area with a narrow, almost overgrown dirt road off to one side, that she turns into and parks the car. They get out and walk in a bit further along the track until they find a small grove where the sun shines through the trees and onto the grass. Peter leans down and kisses her. They caress each other and start tearing off each other's clothes. Peter finally stands naked with a very nice, almost hairless body and a cock of just the right size.

Anna kneels, puts his hard cock into her mouth and starts sucking. She sucks and licks while she jerks off his cock and Peter groans. She looks up at him with her deer eyes and he looks to be even more attractive. After a little time being sucked, Peter reluctantly pulls his cock from her mouth, pulls her down onto the grass and they look into each other's eyes as he enters her.

She feels when he is deep inside her and her centre feels like one big erotic point. She never thought that to be penetrated by him would be so incredible. She feels his weight and his movements when he's humping hard, his balls hitting her bottom. She pressed him even closer against herself and everything but their movements disappear. She feels that she is about to come again and starts moving her hips to match his thrusts so that his cock will touch exactly the right point in her hot interior. The waves wash over her and she feels the vibrations throughout her whole body which curves upwards in an arc when she comes. She gasps and looks up at Peter who meets her eyes and starts kissing her hungrily. Their tongues meet and it feels like their hungry mouths are made for each other.

Peter turns her over so that she is resting on her hands and knees and takes a firm grip on her hips. He presses his dick hard and fast into her and she feels a thrill every time he bottoms out deep inside her. He fucks her hard and determinedly. She glances back at him, and sees he has a cloudy, unfocused gaze. Sweat beads starts to flow along his forehead. He looks almost obsessed and it makes Anna even more excited. She whimpers as he takes hold of her hair while he thrusts hard in and out of her. He lifts one of her legs to his waist, fucking her now fast and bestial. She sees that Peter is in another world. Anna enjoys being taken so hard and it feels wonderful to feel her pussy so full of his hard cock. Peter starts breathing heavier and increases the rate of his thrusts so that Anna is really bobbing in the grass. He suddenly pulls out, opens his mouth to moan and with a little jerk of his head, comes over Anna's bare back. Spray after spray of hot cum lands on her back, one of these reaching the top of her hair. Peter slowly finishes jerking off and snorts a couple of times, before throwing himself down beside her, breathing heavily. The wind caresses their sweaty bodies and Anna is happy.

After a few hours more in the car, they check-in at the small hotel in Mora and go to their room.

Anna felt Peter's arms around her waist. He was breathing onto her neck, gently biting and kissing it, making her heart rate increase. They embrace and kiss each other hungrily. Anna doesn't want to get carried away this time so she reluctantly pulls away from Peter's arms and suggests they go down and have a bite to eat.

They sit in the hotel restaurant / bar. They are the only guests besides a man sitting on his own. They sit in a booth by the window. The waitress is a little light-headed and inexperienced, but once they get the food it is better than what they expected. They share a bottle of wine and talk about everything, as time and space disappears around them. They sit close together and look deep into each other's eyes and Anna thinks that she understands now the meaning of the lyrics 'when we two become one ...'.

They start to kiss and realize after a while that maybe they are kissing a little too passionately, as the waitress keeps looking in their direction.

They pay and go quickly up to their room.

While Anna unlocks the door, Peter pulls up her dress, pulls down her panties and she feels his cock pressed into her as she opens it. He pushes his cock inside her and fucks her hard leaning against the wall, with the hotel door half open. She is wet already, so it almost runs down her thighs as she pushes out her shapely ass so he can get even further inside her. He pulls out of her and throws her onto the bed, quickly taking off her clothes, pulling off her panties as she takes off her dress, leaving her in just her black lace bra.

Peter moves his head down to her moist pussy and licks her wet juices. He moves his tongue against her opening, and she feels a shiver down her spine. He circles his tongue around her clitoris over and over. It feels so intimate and wonderful, he is really enjoying it.

Anna signs for him to come up to her head and they meet in a salty kiss. She feels his warmth and weight on top of her and while they gaze at each other intensely, his hard cock slowly penetrates her. She spreads her legs wider so that he can get inside her even deeper. She follows his movements and their breathing becomes heavier. He kisses her neck and puts one hand over her breast, massaging her nipple with his fingertips giving Anna a shiver of pleasure.

Pulling out of her, he turns her over onto her back and she sits down on him, taking his dick deep into her innermost place. She rides him steadily, while not fast, not slow. She leans over him. He pinches both of her nipples with his forefingers and thumbs. The combination of that and the fact that she can control exactly how deep his cock is in her, makes her feel she is exploding from all sides The orgasm is so strong that she feels she might faint and almost blacks out as she starts crying, for she never believed the whole experience could ever feel like this.

Having taken a little while to recover, they are lying on their sides, Peter's dick is inside her from behind, as he kisses her neck. He moves inside her deep and hard and it's as if it triggers the last traces of the orgasm and she goes completely crazy.

She begs him to take her even harder, so he puts her on all fours and fucks her animalistic and forcefully. Sweat is dripping on their bodies. He takes a firm grip on her hair so that she has to tilt her head back. She feels it is wonderful to be completely in his power while making love, hard or soft. He moves her onto the edge of the bed and fucks her standing up, her legs against his chest, watching her intensely. He is sweating profusely as he bangs in and out of her. She sees how near he is to coming and tells him she wants him to come in her mouth. It becomes too difficult for him to carry on fucking her pussy any longer without coming, so he pulls out and puts his cock between her waiting lips. Almost immediately, he pumps warm salty sperm into her open mouth. She looks up at him and he jerks and moans almost as if he is unreachable.

When he has finished filling her mouth with his cum and has calmed down, he looks at her and meets her in a kiss, tasting his own juices on her lips.

They lie for a long time, just holding hands and both realize that better than this, it will never be ....

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